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Azothath's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Texas—Dallas & Ft. Worth. 1,264 posts (1,328 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 33 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.

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Excellent roleplaying scenario but GMs must prepare

****( )

this is a complex roleplaying scenario where GMs need to emulate 5 NPCs (besides the intro) and go through a table wide 4-5 step process of rolls with each to gain information and influence to reach the PC's goals. There's a plot twist which affects the party as a whole.

While NPCs have specific skill interests, there is some flexibility in home play and GMs should widen the list in a reasonable manner (as med-hard-hardplus to reduce results, or just reduce results) to involve the PCs with small skill sets. PCs with few skills can still assist and it's the GMs role to elicit their involvement and opinions in this generally non-combat scenario. This encourages PCs to be well rounded by investing in some skills.

One star was subtracted due to complexity but in a home game it would be 5 stars as this will take 6-7 hours to fully enjoy.

FYI - Alabastrine means like alabaster(translucent white mineral, plaster of paris).
As with all social interactions some foci(platinum rings, holy symbols, etc) and magic items when wore openly could be considered jewelry. Similarly some magic items, ceremonial armors & weapons could complement outfits.

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Follow the sellen brick road...

****( )

A fun adventure that has pirates, and fighters, and drunkards. Oh My! It will be tougher on disorganized or unbalanced parties. Requires a lot of GM preparation.

GM eyes only!:

Engagement: High. Players will engage with part one (pirate) or part two (gladiator) of this romp. Write up handouts for knowledge checks. Religions of the area and River kingdoms and Tymon area. This will give the players something to read while you set up.

Plot Development: Very Good. Logical A-B-C linear plot. Many ways to accomplish the mission with several accommodated.

Roleplaying: High. Lots of places to roleplay. Don't let the drunk scene go to far. There should be 6 attempts for successes but lay back and just let each character decide if the assist or actually do a skill check (as assists consume their chance). Fortune favors the bold!

Challenge: Medium (3-4) to High (6-7).

Complexity: High. Druid, Cleric, spells, possible underwater combat, approach then boarding on water combat. Infiltration. Gladiator combat, Feats, animal companion, exotic weapons. Watch Helkit as her statblock is just raging, not raging, enlarged, flanking, vs demoralized. Lots of circumstantial bonuses.

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***( )( )

Overall this is a tough dungeon crawl, expect 1 or 2 character deaths if the party is disorganized or ineffective.

GM Eyes only!:

Engagement: it's hard to set the mood on this one and pull the players in, particularly the more hackmaster types. Keep it creepy and the descriptions vivid. Appeal to their might makes right or good must conquer evil.

Plot Development: none, the crawl is totally reactive and predetermined. Some makes no sense, ehh, it's a crawl...

Roleplaying: not much. I had BBEG offer to let the party go if they left 2 of 7 party members with him. MwooHaaHaahaa... he'd downed one already... I wanted to present them with a moral dilemma as they had basically let the first guy get massacred while they prepped in the hall. We called it and they left the scenario unfinished.

Challenge: Very tough combat wise.

Complexity: average, some spellcasting and some templates to consider.

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Some good, some ok

**( )( )( )

The Good;
Yesss... it's creative. The background could have been mundane, so this is a nice tie in. The mix of combat, traps, puzzles/investigation is good. The puzzle is moderate to easy.

The Bad;
The encounters (yes, every encounter...) is tricky to increase the challenge. You'll need some rule-lawyer logic. This module really strains the sense of fair play and/or "playability". You may have issues during play as we did (I was a player at the table).
Secondly a scenario should provide a challenge for a range of players and should not "roll over" for a class/race/ethnicity/skill set. That being said it is somewhat reasonable that if you visit Rome, you'd want a roman guide and to do as the romans do... capiche? (lol... trying to dodge a spoiler). This is a lesser issue than the above.

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