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Azhagal's 1st Abomination's page

4 posts. Alias of monk by many names.


Styxian Beast for Lillith

this was fun, thanks for taking me out of the rut I was in Lillith :)

Azhagal wrote:
Styxian beast WIP 2

Styxian beast WIP 3

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Does anyone else ever like to make the Chaos Beast mini into a large Gibbering Mouther?

:) YES YES YES!!!!

Pax Veritas wrote:

I do like the Grell, Digester, and Gelatinous Cube.

And, Moon Rats, and Ash Rats, could get through the gate.

I didn't see the Carbuncle on your list, nor the Gibbering Mouther - so I would say you have a fine quality article here. A nice read, whether or not folks agree.

Thanks for sharing.

I love the Gibbering Mouther, but I do concur that the carbuncle is a little...special

I would like to look through all the monster manuals to make my own revisions some time soon though

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