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Ramoska Arkminos

Axolotl's page

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As someone who is enjoying their Abyssal Bloodrager quite a bit…I went Rageshaper for more damage, didn't get Toothy, but did get Indomitable Faith and Sacred Tattoo to boost saves, especially Will. Later on, I will have to get ye olde agile mithral breastplate, jingasa, ioun stone etc to boost AC--damage should be fiiiine. That's a more conservative build, but you don't want your bloodrage to be interrupted by pesky things like dying.

Congratulations, all!

Rishana looks cool!

Whoa. I hope that things get better, |dvh|. Kinda puts gaming and life in perspective.

PCGen is pretty good, although I haven't used it in a while. There are also sheets out there like Neceros' modified sheet, although again, I haven't used it in a while.

Lots of interest in the thread! Here's Mira, a very shy and subservient kensai magus.


Female human (chelaxian) magus (kensai) 1 (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 55; Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic 9)
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +3; Senses Perception +1
AC 14, touch 13, flat-footed 11 (+1 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +2
Defensive Abilities canny defense
Speed 30 ft.
Melee cestus +3 (1d4/19-20) and
. . dagger +3 (1d4/19-20) and
. . wakizashi +4 (1d6+3/18-20)
Magus (Kensai) Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +4):
. . 1st—shocking grasp
. . 0 (at will)—light, ray of frost
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 13
Feats Slashing Grace[ACG], Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (wakizashi)
Traits hero worship, magical lineage
Skills Acrobatics +4, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (planes) +7, Perception +1, Spellcraft +7, Stealth +4
Languages Common, Elven, Infernal, Tien
SQ arcane pool, chosen weapon, spell combat
Other Gear haramaki, cestus, dagger, wakizashi, 105 gp
Special Abilities
Arcane Pool +1 (4/day) (Su) Infuse own power into a held weapon, granting enhancement bonus or selected item powers.
Canny Defense +1 (Ex) +INT bonus to AC (max Kensai level).
Chosen Weapon (Wakizashi) Kensai abilities only function when wielding a weapon of this type.
Hero Worship (Ameiko) (Ex) +1 vs foes threatening hero.
Magical Lineage (Shocking Grasp) A chosen spell counts as 1 level lower when metamagic feats are applied to it.
Slashing Grace (Wakizashi) Treat chosen weapon as 1-handed piercing weapon and can had Dex instead of Str to dmg.
Spell Combat (Ex) Use a weapon with one hand at -2 and cast a spell with the other.
Mira is an unimpressive, quiet and shy slender girl, with a wide mouth and hair in two rough pigtails. She has the features of a Keleshite and the demeanor of someone born into slavery in Cheliax. She spends long hours practicing with spell and sword, and in combat she is unhesitatingly deadly.

Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
Pathfinder® and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC®, and are used under license.

I Wrote A Wall O' Text Background:

Mira grew up cringing and quiet, as most Chelaxian slaves do, learning to move quickliy within the sprawling Throvus mansion to avoid extra duties as punishment or worse, the whip. She had been born into slavery, her presumably Keleshite parents unknown to her, and her intellect and agility were detected by a slave merchant at an early age; she grew up on the house retinue, occasionally even serving the lovely Contesserina Verine Throvus. As Mira quickly excelled at her tasks, she found the occasion to sneak into the great Throvus hall of artifacts, where dusty armor gleamed and exotic items seemed to move under glass cases. There she found a small chest that appeared to be from distant lands; without thinking, she took it back to her tiny quarters, a place no one bothered to check (the penalty for stealing was death--who would steal?), and hid it under loose flooring.

In the dead of night she opened it and marveled at its contents--a crisp scroll in Taldan entitled "The Subtle and Magickal Arts of the Kensai of Tien", a smaller book of Tien vocabulary, and, under a false bottom--a long knife, a weapon. She would later learn this to be a wakizashi. In her spare hours, she would read the book, and, quietly as she dared, hold the wakizashi, feeling its weight and balance. Eventually, she trained, whisper quiet, in spell and sword.

Her newfound skills came to the fore when, at a drunken dinner party, several guests revealed themselves to be assassins from a rival House, and knives were soon at the Contesserina's slim throat. Without thinking, Mira ran to her room pell-mell and returned, looking foolish and awkward to the would be assassins, who laughed at the small, skinny girl in rumpled servants clothes, holding a tiny sword. When one came close with an axe and a leer, however, she cut him down in two precise strokes. The next was felled by a ray of frost and a slash to the chest. By this time, the Throvus guards had roused themselves enough to dispatch the rest, but the Contesserina had seen enough; Mira was to be her personal bodyguard from now on.

The next year was a worshipful one. Where Verine went, there did Mira, small, unassuming, quiet, stammeringly obedient, while the Contesserina smirked with pride at her protector. Throvus did attempt to pretty up Mira or get her to speak up, but all efforts slid off the girl, as did any attempts to teach her traditional swordcraft. She slumped along, skinny and odd, but proved deadly to all who threatened Verine, leaving several assailants gasping in their lifeblood.

One day the Contesserina bade Mira and Mira alone join her in a carriage ride, save for a halfling driver--one of the few Throvus owned--to visit a distant shrine of Asmodeus. They rode for miles, into known goblin and orc territory, much to Mira's concern. When she protested in her shy way, Verine laughed musically. Seconds later, they were set upon by orcs. Mira, frantic, leapt from the carriage and dispatched the humanoids, incurring several wounds. She returned to the carriage to find the halfling pulling out an arrow from his arm with a grimace, and an unruffled Verine staring at the two of them imperiously. "Mira, and you, little slip, you two are dead. I saw orcs carry your bodies into the woods. Now go." Mira stared open mouthed as Verine smoothly removed a horse from its bridle and prepared to ride it back to the Throvus estate. The halfling nodded, as if they had planned this. Mira protested dully: "But, O Contesserina, Your Grace, my wish is to serve you..." The Contesserina cut her off with the motion of a hand. "Oh, I know that, dear Mina. Your loyalty is impeccable, and yes, I can tell there's more behind it." Mira's only response was to blush furiously. "You are made for better things, Mira. Take your precious box. It's in the carriage. Go with Briggan here--Briggan, your wife is safe.” Mira gaped. A noblewoman who knew the name of a halfling slip? ” You'll be in Varisia before you know it. My station is here. You shall never see me again. Now, leave Infernal Cheliax. That is my last wish, servant. Obey it. Briggan, by the blue bellflower you'll see your way. GO!" With that, the Contesserina gallopped off.

Briggan and Mira made their way to Sandpoint, Mira processing along the way that Verine, the only Chelaxian noble who showed her kindness, who was her liberator, her...friend?---was now gone forever. As the shock of unexpected, unwanted freedom faded into a dull sense of loss, she attempted to regain purpose, talking quietly with Briggan as they journeyed north. I am meant to serve, she thought. Perhaps I can learn more of the sword saints of Tian, and travel there, even. In Sandpoint, Briggan was tearfully reunited with his wife. They embraced Mira and offered to take her with them, but she quietly declined. As night fell, she found herself in the Rusty Dragon, a few coins to her name, wondering what to do next.

The door burst open behind her to the sound of laughter and commotion, and several townsfolk cheered. “Hail Ameiko, of House Kaijitsu!” called out one. “Bah!” came a woman's voice. “That's Innskeeper to you,” the unseen entrant continued and Mira turned to find herself gazing upon a fearsomely beautiful Tian woman who walked up to the bar as if she owned it—which she evidently did. A Tian noble. Here. Mira ran up to Ameiko and dropped to one knee. ”Lady Kaijitsu, I am here to serve,” she murmured, remembering not to mumble, as Verine had taught her. ”Really now, child, they were just joking. Call me Ameiko, and I--” ”Moushiwake arimasen, Kaijitsu-sama. I have giri and must sublimate my ninyo. Goshujin-sama ni oyaku ni tateru koto o yorokonde orimasu
, burst out Mira in a flood of perfectly inflected Tien, kneeling and bowing to almost curl into a ball on the floor. ” I pledge myself to you.” At this, Mira drew the tiniest bit of her wakizashi and touched her thumb to it, drawing a tiny line of blood. Ameiko's eyes flicked to the blade and pursed her lips at the sound of her parent's native tongue. ”Listen, none of that. Up. You have my attention. No blood on the floor, and you'll need to bandage that thumb if you're going to help me roll in a few casks of ale. Tut! No promises. Work a bit tonight and we shall talk. We're short staffed since the Unpleasantness. Name?”

Mira's face split into the first smile in months, perhaps years, then attempted to cover it demurely, with little success. ”Mira, my Lady.” Ameiko offered a strong arm to lift the skinny girl up. ”Up, Mira. We don't bow around here.” Mira hesitated, then took the hand of her employer—her Lady, and stood up into a new life.

Dotting. Considering a socially awkward kensai magus. :)

Congratulations, all! Aduard, it's up you in the arcane department! :D

Totally understandable. Good luck, everybody!

My parents went to the gaming stores and bought miniatures for my birthday. Despite growing up in a somewhat conservative town, the kids around me were reasonable and didn't believe any of the "D&D/heavy metal/Madonna will make you a Satanist/druggie/sex fiend" nonsense that media foisted upon us. All was well in my neck of the woods. :)

Two wizards solves the prepared spell conundrum, that's for sure! As Aduard is really SAD on Intelligence, that will give him great DCs for non-ranged touch spells, and then Des can go for ranged touch (at times). Knowledge skills could be spread around as well, although redundancy is nice for Aid Another. Desrovyn is not masquerading as a wizard; he's pretty comfortable in his own skin these days, starry longings notwithstanding.

Spirit Whisperer with Heavens Spirit gets Des a killer debuff in the form of Starshine. There's no save! I had to re-read it to make sure. Well, it's not a huge debuff at first, but it grows.

I had considered a straight Heavens Shaman, but that would conflict with divine caster contenders, not to mention that probably (?) a strong anti-undead cleric type is needed for this campaign.

4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 3, 4) = 13 drop
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 6, 6) = 21 21 - 4 = 17
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 4, 3) = 15 15 -2 = 13
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 6, 1) = 16 16 - 1 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 6, 2) = 16 16 - 2 = 14
4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 6, 2) = 14 14 -1 = 13
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 4, 5) = 21 21 - 4 = 17

Whoa. That's before any bonuses. What should I play? I was gonna submit the wizard I drew up for the other CC recruitment, but these are the most ridiculous stats I've ever rolled. Maybe a Champion of Irori? Melee bard? o.0

Well, he doesn't have to have the clearest memory..."Angel Heart" comes to mind....

Aduard and Dashil are immersively interesting characters. The campaign could have two wizards, right? :D

Dashil, if we both get chosen, perhaps your necromancer could be the same as Desrovyn's nemesis, with a slight tweak.

I don't know how I got a bit of Yoda in my Beyond The Wall Of Sleep, but it happened. :D Sure made me think a lot about backstory narrative!

Whew, that took a LOT longer than 10 minutes.

Presenting Desrovyn Barazakshev, a bookish and shy Spirit Whisperer Wizard who dreams of flying among the stars...and sometimes those dreams turn nightmarish. The 10 minute background is a lot of text.


Desrovyn Barazakshev
Male human (varisian) wizard (spirit whisperer) 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 133)
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +8; Senses Perception +4
AC 13, touch 12, flat-footed 11 (+1 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 9 (1d6+3)
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +3
Speed 30 ft.
Melee dagger -1 (1d4-1/19-20)
Ranged light crossbow +2 (1d8/19-20)
Wizard (Spirit Whisperer) Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +5):
. . 1st—
. . 0 (at will)—
Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB -1; CMD 11
Feats Combat Casting, Improved Initiative, Scribe Scroll
Traits reactionary, teacher's pet
Skills Knowledge (arcana) +10, Knowledge (geography) +8, Knowledge (planes) +8, Knowledge (religion) +8, Linguistics +8, Perception +4, Sense Motive +3, Spellcraft +8
Languages Abyssal, Aklo, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Undercommon, Varisian
SQ spirit (), stardust
Other Gear haramaki, arrows (20), dagger, light crossbow, 109 gp
Special Abilities
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks to cast while on the defensive.
Empathic Link with Familiar (Su) You have an empathic link with your Arcane Familiar.
Familiar Bonus: +3 to sight-based Perception checks in shadows You gain the Alertness feat while your familiar is within arm's reach.
Share Spells with Familiar Can cast spells with a target of "You" on the familiar with a range of touch.
Stardust (7/day) (Sp) Foe in 30 ft sheds light, can't be invisible/conceal & -1 to att & perception checks for 1 rds.
Teacher's Pet (Knowledge [arcana]) Professor Lorrimor traveled the Inner Sea region lecturing and teaching at universities in locations as far-flung as Manaket and Magnimar, and as different in scope as the bardic colleges of Taldor and the battle colleges of the River Kingdoms. Speak

10000 Minute Background:

Step 1: Write 5 background and concept elements that you feel are important to your image of the character. These can be a concept overview, a list of important life events, a physical description, a personality profile...whatever you need to get an image in your mind. 5 is just a minimum...more elements are encouraged!

1) Desrovyn is the child of somewhat supersititious Ustalavan folk, who fled their village when it was overrun by the undead. Their elder son, Sarnyn, was slain in the attack. Desrovyn is a wayward magic user tied to a strange spirit of light that exists somewhere else across vast gulfs of space and possibly time; because of this, he is dreamy, lost in books, and impractical at times. His last name and slightly olive skin speak to Iobarian ancestry in his family.

2) Acting Dean Gerrith snapped Desrovyn’s book shut, the sound echoing through the library. “I suspected as much,” his tone cool, with barely a hint of menace. “You aren’t even bothering to study these cantrips. You have a witchly patron, or sorcery is in your veins. I shall keep your secret safe if you work with me…” “Neither, and never!” cried the horrified boy, bolting to his feet, his eyes darting for exits. “Very well. If not voluntarily, there are other ways to control my subjects,” said the Acting Dean, drawing a wand. Before Gerrith could use it, though, a blast of ice issued from the doorway, stinging his shoulder and slowing his motion to a crawl. “Sorcery is in my veins, O false Dean”, said Dorani, her lovely face blazing with anger and adrenaline. “Come, Des, we’re leaving this place.”

3) “Oh--I’m sorry. I don’t see any books here. I was told a great scholar lived in these woods,” said Desrovyn, gazing glumly around the sparsely furnished earthen roundhouse, which gripped the side of a Nirmathan hill like a limpet. Thuvran continued to sit at the center by a tiny fire, serene, eyes closed. “Hello?” said Desrovyn curiously. “Well, then,” he continued lamely after continued silence was his answer, “I’ll be going to seek---” “Seek?” said Thuvran, opening his eyes finally. “You know not what you seek. You think all answers lie in books. You know not even what you are. How do you find spells? You have no books yourself.” Thuvran finished his speech with an almost triumphant smile. “I don’t--I suppose I--” “You are a Spirit Whisperer, akin to myself, but different,” continued the shaman. “You look to the night sky often, do you not? Look there tonight. Sit outside and wait, and a message and a messenger will come to you. At dawn, we shall talk.” There was no questioning his commands.

4) Desrovyn gazed at the stars, sitting as he had seen the shaman Thuvran do. This is silly, he thought. It’s been hours. And yet, I do love to view the stars. What would it be like to be among them? And then a voice answered. It seemed to vibrate in his brain, alien and almost hideous, yet also beautiful and even--familiar, as an echo to a dream. You have been there, and you shall again, if your Golarian-self can remember, said the voice. Through dusty tomes have you searched, and this is well, but you have not communed as you should. The stars will speak--I will speak--if you listen. Now raise out your arm. Stunned, Des raised out an arm as he was bidden. A speck appeared in the sky, glowing like a meteor, plunging toward him. He tried not to cringe, and then watched, fascinated, as it descended, revealing itself to be an owl, but one like he had never seen. Its plumage matched the stars above, shifting like a compass as it moved, and a nimbus of light surrounded it faintly. The owl alit on his arm, gripping it carefully, and regarded him impassively. An electric jolt of connection seemed to run from it--her, he realized--through to him. I shall not speak again until you are ready, said the oddly familiar voice, but you have this helper and friend to guide you. Name her well. And remember your own name, and its conflicting interests, and what you wish for among the stars. The lights, the voids, the spaces between, not all are friendly or align with the interests of Golarion. Remember that not only Desna guides the stars, and not only Rovagug stirs in the deep, for those are Golarion’s gods only, and their spheres are minor and mild, O child of Desna and Rovagug, compared to vast unseen forces. Go, with this helper.

5) The Professor sat quietly in the Harpy’s Nest, the tavern dark and quiet at mid-day. “So, you followed my suggestion to go to Nirmathas, and here you are.” “That was your note?” said Desrovyn wonderingly. “Yes, and now after a year and a day, you are not the same youth that left Vigil.” Des stroked the feathers at Taruna's ruff thoughtfully as an answer. “Gerrith is fled, you know, some say to Nidal, and some say to worse places and worse things. Perhaps places you and I have known, and will know again. But that is for another time. I have need of a wizard pupil such as you, who has the gift of the stars, and as I study the arcane depths of the Dark T…” he glanced about, for a moment, and continued more quietly, “ I study arcane depths of even the spaces between the stars, I might teach you many things, as you can teach me as well. Will you study with me? I shall not force your hand, but I had hoped you could aid me as I have aided you. I will be in Vigil for a season, and you may call upon me here.” Des shuddered involuntarily. The dreams, he thought. But knowledge is mastery. He nodded to the Professor solemnly.

Step 2: List at least two goals for the character. At least one of these goals should be one that the character has, while another should be one that you, as a player, want to see developed over the course of the game.


1) Desrovyn seeks knowledge first and foremost. He wishes to unlock the mystery of the heavens, and to travel there. He is uncertain of the motives of his patron, and is not sure what the significance of his own name means to some greater plan. He thinks his starry guide is benevolent, but is it?

2) Gerrith’s return as a necromancer in Ustalav (perhaps with Sarnyn in tow?) would be cool. Did Dorani return to face him? Is she dead, or captured?

Step 3: List at least two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet. This will help me in creating plots that center around your character. I will also be creating a third secret which you as a player will not be aware of, so expect some surprises!


1) Desrovyn has strange dreams at times, often after reading a book of forgotten lore. In the dreams, he leaves Golarion, travelling to distant places in space and time. His patron never speaks, but he can see great structures of light and gas, glorious to behold, and also, great pits of utter caliginous blackness, in which something crawls unseen. Oftentimes, he is drawn inexorably towards the largest pit, and wakes up just before crossing into the sheer darkness.

2) Sarnyn, his elder brother, is dead, but not gone. He is now a member of the undead of Ustalav, and feels his family abandoned him. He would gladly take revenge on Desrovyn if given a chance.

3) --

Step 4: Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile. If you like, you can include an enemy of yours here as well, so I have an instant NPC nemesis to throw at you.

1) The Former Acting Dean Gerrish of Vigil Arcanum - Dean Gerrish was forced out of the Arcanum after the current Dean slowly recovered from what appeared to be poison, possibly at Gerrish’s hand. His motives were not known, but he was rumored to have fled to Nidal to practice shadow magic, or possibly, necromancy. Gerrish is brilliant, exacting, and prejudiced against all spell casters save ‘true’ wizards, and despises most non-humans as well.

2) Thuvran Lore-Keeper - A shaman of arcane lore who keeps watch on the borders of Nirmathas. A despondent Desrovyn, wandering into his territory in search of books and knowledge and hopelessly lost, came to him and was brought under his tutelage.

3) Dorani Gyrdsdottir is a half-Ulfen sorceress whose family fled Irrisen. She entered the Arcanum pretending to be studying wizardry, but was actually a rime-blooded sorceress with Irriseni ice mage heritage. She and Des helped cover up each others’ secret among the other students and the Acting Dean. After stopping Gerrish, she left for Magnimar to join the Pathfinder Society and adventure, quite disappointed in Desrovyn’s failure to join her. It was only after she left that Desrovyn realized she cared for him, and he for her. Will she appear in Ustalav?

Step 5: Describe three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that your character has. They don't have to be elaborate, but they should provide some context and flavor.


1) Desrovyn alternates between his nose in a book and quiet contemplation of the stars with his familiar, Taruna. In most other situations, he is shy and awkward, although he will happily discuss arcane lore all evening.

2) Desrovyn can still recall Sarnyn’s screams as the skeletons and zombies of Ustalav overwhelmed him, as he and his family stole away in the night.

3) Desrovyn regrets letting Dorani leave. If only he had been more adventuresome at the time...but he is just not of that stock...

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Umbral Reaver came up with an amazing idea for truly large beasties.

Against The Colossus

Dotting for interest. I am a huge fan of things Lovecraftian and haven't gazed into the abyss of unspeakable horrors that is Carrion Crown. What to build? Something academic but still packing a punch--magus, maybe? Gotta think about this.

Dear All--the decision process was difficult, as both of you are excellent GMs, but we have decided to go with Red Velvet Tiger. RVT, do you want to contact the Paizo Powers That Be and see about taking over the campaign?

So, Ranma is an Alchemist?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Mysterious Stranger Bolt Ace.

Wow. You both threw down. How do we decide this? :D

Why not...TWO GMS! I jest. Just thinking of a Penny Arcade comic. : ) I'm honored that you would both consider. Let me summon the two other players to have voices in the thread and so that we may all talk.

Yarg, I am guilty of late night speed posting. Thank you.

Hey all,

It's rare for players to snag a GM, but we're going to give it a go: we have a sorcerer, a swashbuckler, and a druid who have bonded well in their brief time in Serpent's Skull. We aren't ready to throw in the towel, but our GM has poofed and our barbarian has had to put school over gaming for the time being. Our campaign gameplay thread is here:

If anyone wants to lead us onward, let us know. Thanks!

Dotting for the interest. I'm considering an Internal Alchemist/Mindchemist who intends to join the Society of Sensation, and gains poison and disease resistance by imbibing them. "Carefully", of course. :D Never could figure out when or where to play the Internal Alchemist, but Sigil is odd enough (and might have areas without oxygen).

I have built up a shaman--trying to figure out archetype--and a camel riding, grappling Wild Child Brawler. Fun!

I don't know, but if it happens, see a doctor.

Much obliged. :) I had the same feeling. Each archetype is tempting in its own way; I'll have to think about which one is best. Unsworn, I think.

I've been tinkering with the Shaman, and on Hero Lab at least, one can make an Animist Spirit Warden Unsworn Witch Doctor. Is that really possible, or is this a Wolf Lair glitch? It seems like one would be replacing hexes multiple times, but I can't brain well right now. I like all those archetypes, so if it does work, then it would be a truly awesome buffer/healer/utility caster. Thoughts?

Please do not use this as an opportunity to cast snark upon Wolf Lair.



What about a Rogue Demon Slayer? ;)

I can vouch that Aspex is a great, well played character. Her alignment is not an issue, although my character made sure not to sign any contracts in blood. ;)
-edit- never mind! Here I thought you were eeeevil.

Also, ginganinja appears to be a cool person from what I could tell from a kind of odd and aborted recruitment we participated in...glad to see you're a contender for this one, ginga!

I see you may already be making decisions. Just in case--here's a rime-blooded sorcerer who plays with fireworks, of all things. (Yes, I know that there will be tons of things with cold resistance up yonder)

Sindre Oddrson:

Sindre Oddrsson
Male Human (Ulfen) Sorcerer (Wildblooded) 1
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +6; Senses Perception +0
AC 13, touch 12, flat-footed 11 (+1 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 8 (1d6+2)
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +2
Speed 30 ft.
Melee dagger -1 (1d4-1/19-20)
Ranged light crossbow +2 (1d8/19-20)
Sorcerer (Wildblooded) Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration +5):
. . 1st (4/day)—mage armor, snapdragon fireworks (DC 15)
. . 0 (at will)—detect magic, light, prestidigitation, ray of frost
Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 18
Base Atk +0; CMB -1; CMD 11
Feats Eschew Materials, Improved Initiative, Irrisen Icemage
Traits magical lineage, world traveler
Skills Diplomacy +9, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (arcana) +5, Spellcraft +5, Survival +4
Languages Common, Orc, Skald
SQ cold steel, mutated bloodlines (rime-blooded)
Combat Gear liquid ice; Other Gear haramaki, crossbow bolts (20), dagger, light crossbow, 69 gp
Special Abilities
Cold Steel (Frost 1 rds, 7/day) (Sp) Touch a weapon to grant the Frost power for 1 rds.
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Irrisen Icemage (3/day) All of your spells with the cold descriptor are cast at +1 caster level. Any spell with a different energy descriptor is cast at –1 caster level.
Magical Lineage (Snapdragon Fireworks) A chosen spell counts as 1 level lower when metamagic feats are applied to it.
Rime-Blooded The wintry origin of your magic flows like ice water in your veins.

Additional trait, which I'll have to fool HeroLab about as it will make it not PFS-legal, would be Adaptive Magic.

Associated Bloodline: Boreal.

Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell with the cold descriptor, you may select one target of the spell to be slowed (as the sp
Brunwylfa burst into her husband Oddr's study, where he tinkered with alchemy and their young son sat drawing a picture. "We must flee, Oddr," she said breathlessly, "There's a storm coming from Irrisen. Cold riders and ice trolls have been scouring the borderlands for anyone with frost-touched magic. They'll come for Sindre."

Oddr's face grew grim in a moment. "Sindre! get your things. We ride in a turn of the glass." His countenance melted at the sight of his wife. "We'll have to leave all this behind, my love." Their farm and alchemical tinkerings on the frontiers of Trollheim would be abandoned in a flurry of snow and horse's hooves.

Behind his mother's shield arm, Sindre peered out into the darkening landscape. "I don't want to be caught and made into an ice mage, Mother, no matter what is in my blood." He was a thin, willowy type, no warrior like his mother. "You won't be, Sindre. We'll away to the Varisian coast. There are many Ulfen there, and we shall be safe."

Their first attempts to settle in Varisia did not work out well, due to Ulfen infighting, and Sindre found himself in a dizzying number of locales as a child: Jalmeray, Absalom, even Cheliax for a brief time. Eventually they found a more peaceful area north of Sandpoint. Sindre grew to be a towering, but slender, youth, even more markedly as his parents found their nearest neighbors in the hills and woods of the wild coast to be bucolic halflings, whom he would entertain with his 'frostflowers' of ice from time to time. Once he was of age, he set off with his parents' blessing to journey to Magnimar and study with the Pathfinder Society. Bereft of an initial task, he returned home for a visit, to find his halfling friends speaking of "something of great interest" in Taldor. Intrigued, he loaded up his pack, eager for more travel.

Description: Sindre is a spindle of a man, with a short shock of pale blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He comes off as very different from the average Ulfen--quiet, jocular, and openly derisive of old traditions. He rejects the inevitability of his ice magic and has considered tinkering with fire, and enjoys entertaining, thanks to his halfling childhood friends. Despite his aura of youth and playfulness, he can be deadly serious, frighteningly so, and a true hunter in the wild. He is considering to one day return to the north, just so he can lead attacks on Irrisen.

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Done--posted just after you. Huh, I guess I had signed up for Myth Weavers two years ago. But whooo is the other axolotl in the Playground?

What are the stats for the dark elves and other variant elves? I could be very interested in a native druid. Or bard. Or sorcerer. :)

Congratulations to all of those chosen! That was an extremely entertaining process; it was really fun to look at all the submissions and come up with a workable monster concept.

Gobo Horde wrote:
Oh i was aware :) But like the title says, monsters and madmen!


Gobo, Orfamay is referring to the Will save necessary for alchemically invisible to not suffer from confusion.

...are you confused still? ;)

It makes you invisible and drives you maaaad.

Alchemically Invisible

I had considered the Nightmare Pixie, which would have been invisible almost all the time, when not appearing like a tiny winged goth. Appropriate for today, seeing as how it's Bat's Day...

Orfamay Quest wrote:

You do realize See Invisible is a thing? I think a third of the proposed party has true seeing, scent, tremor sense, etc. It's a cool concept but may be very hard to pull off in this group.

Also, how are you going to wear the high-vis infiltrator's guild uniform while invisible?

Well, if the invisi-sneak is visible to party members, that's a good thing, right? Hiding from each other starts to sound like passive PvP to me. Seeing as (ha!) Alchemical Invisibility was suggested by Thunderbeard, I'm sure this concept would be fine. And Invisible Girl rocks a fine outfit, doesn't she?

-rereads- ah. Right. Yeah, party members would be privy to knowing the identity of this 'voice of Aroden'. :P

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
thunderbeard wrote:

Oh, okay, you're right about the standard action thing. It's a standard action to lower or raise it. Ignore what I said before.

On the other hand, a MacGuffin to allow changing it as a free action would be useful or simply to allow "friendly" spells through would certainly be helpful. Potentially overpowering, but helpful.
Actually, a friendly Tie-that-binds mcGuffin would not go amiss. Perhaps badges that signify that we're a group with some added benefits, such as the friendly spell auto-SR success. Also, maybe a Message at will affect like Walkie Talkies.

I was already thinking "ooh, communicators!" before I finished reading your whole post!

We could also pool a little money and get healing wands if need be. I don't think anyone has thought of expendable resources. However, that's getting ahead of things.

Movin wrote:

Spell resistance does not block supernatural abilities like the clerics Channel energy.

@Axolotl, so your Nymph has fast healing and wanted to share with the rest of us? Also should mention, Life link does not specify how they are healed just that they get hit points. The ability would work on everything far a I can see it.

Correct--SR doesn't work with Su and Ex abilities.

Fast healing was the agreed-upon compromise nerf for the Nightmare template's overpowered Regeneration power, and as the Nymph has a high Cha, Oracle makes sense. The trouble with Life Link is that she'd only have one link to start with, and who knows how long it will take to gain levels in this game. It makes for a good mental note for any games with dhampir in the party, though.

Monkeygod, yeah, I would assume so. I did so in my purchases.

thunderbeard wrote:
@hallowsinsider: I believe Channel Energy healing isn't affected by SR, although I might be wrong. Meanwhile, if this becomes an issue, I'd allow a home-brew feat or magic item that allows creatures to raise/lower their SR as a full-round action.

I believe it's a standard action, if I'm reading this correctly:

PRD wrote:

A creature can voluntarily lower its spell resistance. Doing so is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Once a creature lowers its resistance, it remains down until the creature's next turn. At the beginning of the creature's next turn, the creature's spell resistance automatically returns unless the creature intentionally keeps it down (also a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity).

And my rejiggered Nightmare Nymph has a level of Life Oracle--Life Link can heal anyone, but if the party is primarily composed of folks who benefit from negative channeling, I could get that instead. Lesser option: Infernal Healing, which requires a wizard or sorcerer to walk around touching folks. (during combat.)

And no one remembers the animated demonic dagger from The Shadow? It's ok--that was a terrible, terrible movie. It flew around and even bit Alec Baldwin, if I recall--but who wouldn't maliciously bite Mr. Baldwin if given the chance?

Yeah, I thought about that monster as well for Tenro. Reminds me of a scene from
The Shadow...

I'm pretty sure that the game itself will be a learning experience as to how monsters-as-PCs work. It needs to be fun and cool, because all kinds of game mechanics may bend in the process.

Orfamay--get a quarterstaff with Ghost Touch and use it to bump around like a 10', er, 6' pole? :D

Here's the Nymph O' Nightmares with revised Crunch and Fluff--don't worry, she's still less purty than the succubus. I still have a few errors as there's so much to keep track of, but this should be in line with the revision and discussion with Thunderbeard.


Nymph Oracle 1
CE Medium fey
Init +5; Senses darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision; Perception +15

SQ inspiration, unearthly grace, wild empathy +22
Aura blinding beauty (30 ft., DC 23)
AC 26, touch 25, flat-footed 20 (+1 armor, +5 Dex, +1 dodge, +9 untyped)
hp 76 (1d8+8); fast healing 1
Fort +13, Ref +14, Will +14
DR 10/cold iron, 5/good
Weakness oracle's curses (haunted)
Speed 30 ft., Swim 20 ft., Fly 10 ft (perfect)
Melee +1 agile dagger +10 (1d4+7/19-20)
Oracle Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration +10):
1st (6/day)—command (DC 20), cure light wounds, endure elements
0 (at will)—create water, detect magic, detect poison, ghost sound (DC 19), mage hand, read magic
Str 10, Dex 21, Con 18, Int 16, Wis 17, Cha 29
Base Atk +0; CMB +9; CMD 25
Feats Agile Maneuvers, Combat Casting, Dodge, Toughness, Weapon Finesse
Traits fast-talker, river rat (marsh or river)
Skills Bluff +14, Diplomacy +21, Escape Artist +16, Handle Animal +17, Heal +11, Intimidate +10, Knowledge (nature) +15, Perception +15, Sense Motive +14, Stealth +17, Survival +7, Swim +19
Languages Aklo, Common, Elven, Sylvan, Undercommon
SQ mysteries (mystery [life]), revelations (life link)
Other Gear +1 agile dagger, bracers of armor +1, headband of alluring charisma +4, 8,150 gp
Special Abilities
Agile Maneuvers Use DEX instead of STR for CMB
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks to cast while on the defensive.
Darkvision (120 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Fast Healing 1 (Ex) Heal damage every round unless you are killed.
Haunted Retrieving stored gear is a Standard action or worse, dropped items land 10' away.
Life Link (1 bonds, 110') (Su) Bond drains your HP to heal others.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.

Blinding Beauty (Su) This ability affects all humanoids within 30 feet of a nymph. Those who look directly at a nymph must succeed on a DC 23 Fortitude save or be blinded permanently. A nymph can suppress or resume this ability as a free action. The save DC is Charisma-based.
Inspiration (Su) A nymph can choose an intelligent creature to inspire and serve as a muse by giving that creature some token of her affection (typically a lock of her hair). As long as the nymph retains her favor for this creature and as long as the creature carries the nymph's token, the creature gains a +4 insight bonus on all Will saving throws, Craft checks, and Perform checks. A bard who has a nymph for a muse in this way can use his bardic performance for an additional number of rounds per day equal to his nymph muse's Charisma modifier. The nymph retains a link to her token and its carrier as if she had cast a status spell on the carrier. The nymph can end this effect at any time as a free action. A single nymph may only inspire one creature at a time in this manner.

Stunning Glance (Su) As a standard action, a nymph can stun a creature within 30 feet with a look. The target must succeed on a DC 23 Fortitude save or be stunned for 2d4 rounds. The save DC is Charisma-based.
Unearthly Grace (Su) A nymph adds her Charisma modifier as a racial bonus on all her saving throws, and as a deflection bonus to her Armor Class.
Wild Empathy (Su) This works like the druid's wild empathy class feature, except the nymph has a +6 racial bonus on the check. The nymph's effective druid level is equal to her HD for determining her total modifer to the check.
Feign Death (Ex)
Whenever a nightmare creature is unconscious, it appears dead. A conscious nightmare creature can also make itself appear dead as an immediate action. Any creature that physically interacts with a nightmare creature feigning death must succeed at a Healcheck or Will saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 the nightmare creature's Hit Dice + the nightmare creature's Intelligence or Charisma modifier, whichever is higher) to recognize it is actually alive.
Illusion Resistance (Ex)
A nightmare creature automatically disbelieves illusions (no saving throw required) and has a +4 bonus on saving throws to resist illusion effects.

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 8th); 1/day—dimension door
1/day - shadow walk
3/day - detect thoughts, dream, nightmare, suggestion;
Constant—protection from good;
Spells A nymph casts spells as a 7th-level druid, but cannot swap out prepared spells to cast summon spells.
Spells Prepared (CL 7th)
4th—summon nature's ally IV
3rd—call lightning (DC 16), cure moderate wounds, water breathing
2nd—barkskin, flame blade, resist energy, tree shape
1st—charm animal (DC 14), endure elements, entangle (DC 14), obscuring mist, produce flame
0—detect magic, guidance, light, stabilize



Derkethia looks like the sum of anyone’s darkest fantasies; the shimmering jewel in the haunted forest, the phantom lover, the repressed memory, and most importantly, the worst nightmare of anyone whose heart has been crushed. She is radiantly and horribly beautiful in a way that seems to draw the light out of any room and the breath out of any mortal’s throat. Her eyes are the brilliant violet of a poisonous flower, her hair the darkest ichor red of a dying beast in a dark forest pool, her skin pale as the first frost. To see her is to fall in love with something unattainable, and despair forever as an abject failure.


Derkethia’s original name is known only to her, but she will tell the story of her changing. She was once the guardian of a sacred woodland space, full of light and greenery. Her grove was invaded by nightmare lords and cold riders. One, she blinded and slew, the next she hamstrung up for the others to find. Finally, the strongest nightmare lord bested her through vile magics and bound her to his will. In his court in a strange realm, she served as his consort, and brought strange dreams of being lost in the forest, utter hopelessness, dead and unreachable loves, and the collapse of civilization to various mortals and dream-thralls. This arrangement continued until one endless night, when she strangled the lord in his moment of lust-sotted weakness, cruelly skewering his corpse on the spines of his own fortifications. Under her power, the lord’s dream castle collapsed under thorny vines, and blinded thralls died and thrashed under her blade.

Derkethia made her way back to the mortal realm, losing some of her nightmare-bound glamour, but regaining her will. She began to slowly expand territory in haunted woods, attacking villages in various ways, whether driving the residents mad through dreams, or worse, being brought in on a bower pretending to be dead, and rising from her seeming corpse-litter to blind and destroy a hamlet, down to the last infant. She developed a special hatred for the advances of civilization and champions of purity, such as paladins, and rangers, who appear to be friends of nature but are usually nothing but hunters. In her forested gloom, strange and twisted wild creatures capered and crawled, and she sent out strange dreams to mad poets and artists, to write their verses in blood and eventually end their lives in a frenzy, sometimes disappearing into the trackless dark trees of her territory. After years of marking her destructive path, Derkethia found herself plagued with odd dreams, of many hands reaching for her, unseen singers, and a bridge to an impossibly bright light. She found herself visited by haunted flickers of spirits long dead, and the ability to heal others, as if by a boon--or a warning--from the deepest reaches of the First World. Rejecting these fancies, she found herself drifting through secret forest portals into the Darklands, as if to purge her mind of anything filled with light. It was there that she heard a voice, whispering through the caverns, telling her of a task worth of one with her power.

Well, I was thinking about making a cloaker that was prettier than a succubus (a very fancy cloak indeed--you WANT to put it on)...

Orfamay Quest wrote:
hallowsinder wrote:
I think the Dapper Croc has decided to put off final balancing until he's settled on a party. The balance of the party is likely most important with respect to each other, rather than to a normal level of play.
That is a remarkably sensible line of reasoning and I hope he follows it, even if he hadn't yet made that decision.

Thirded, although of course none of us are arbiters. Fluff makes the world go round, especially when the world is full of wacky powered monster PCs. And Ilia's got some truly literary fluff.

*waves back frantically to Iranaset*

Iranaset Maior wrote:

So the background is mostly done, pending some tweaks before the weekend. So here's Iranaset, a half silver dragon elf who has a thing for torture and pain.

Honestly I might try to make it more light hearted, the background feels a bit rough.

Iranaset's picture looks like she waving and going "HIIII!". Actually, looks a bit like a cheerful friend of mine, minus the dragon/elf/evil thing.

Thunderbeard wrote:
@Axolotl: Nymph is an absurdly powerful creature for its CR, and Nightmare Creature adds template CR. I'd say if you want to play a Nymph, just go with standard Nymph ability scores, but customize your feats, skills, and equipment. (and get bonus languages for high Int)

If I understand this correctly, Nightmare Nymph naturally necessitates nerfing? :D

I agree to comments by GM and Movin--Nymph alone is quite powerful, and the Nightmare template (which I chose for flavor, I swear!) is super powerful for only +1 CR. Broken!

To clarify, can I use the Nightmare template + Nymph, or have you reconsidered? If not, I miiiight consider Nightmare Pixie, although "angry gothic Tinkerbell of dreamz" isn't quite as scary.

If I can use Nymph + Nightmare Template, I'm also fine with, all things considered, not taking any character levels at the onset. The Nymph and Nightmare powers are quite versatile and effective on their own as face/debuffer. Although not quite as face-y as the Succubus! The Sorcerer was put in to fill slots.

Come to think of it, a Life Oracle level might be more useful for the party, as it can heal creatures who benefit from negative or positive energy (it sidesteps the whole issue). That does bring up the one biiiig drawback to Nymphs; they are glass cannons without a lot of hit points, and that's the one thing that brings a lot of the Nymph-powers into perspective. Compared to other contenders, a Nightmare Nymph's AC and HP are suboptimal.

Anyhow, happy to tweak it as needed--just wanted to make sure if it's NN + 1 level, no extra ability points, Just Nymph + level, NN no levels, or some other combo.

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