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Sir Mikhail

AwfulGoodPaladin's page

Goblin Squad Member. 10 posts (147 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 aliases.


You would think that would be an easy feature to add. Anyway, thank you for the info.

As often happens on these boards, I accidentally posted to a gameplay thread with the wrong alias. This added that alias to the character and player section of said campaign. Is there any way to remove them? I would appreciate the help.


Yeah, it is fillable and I haven't had any problems with it yet.

Good point about the magus.

Tim Bürgers wrote:

Hey there,

sounds pretty good. I am an experienced offline DM and would like to earn my first "online-spurs".

If anyone of you has some pbp-experience and can help me organizing play, then I´d like to be in.

Please consider the fact that I´m German and therefore my English is "only" good, but not my native language. (But I know how to use

Another noteworthy point is that time difference applies: My posts could be some hours delayed/ in advance (depends on perspective of course).

So if you are still interested, I would highly appreciate your positive answer, after which I would buy the first part of the Adventure Path and prepare it for you.

Definitely interested. I would be happy to act as the facilitator so you can focus solely on running the campaign. The party may be down to four players as two have started in other campaigns. If that is fine with you we can get started whenever you are ready. I would suggest a higher point buy for character creation if we run a four player party (maybe 25 points). I had no problem reading your message so I doubt your English will be any sort of hindrance.

Definitely interested.

For your consideration...character sheet to come.

Character Name: Savianna "Savi" Greycloud
Gender/Race: Female half-elf
Class/Archetype: Bard (Dervish Dancer)

Physical/Personality Description:

A tall, lithe, and graceful young woman, Savianna revels in the eyes cast her way. Ebon hair and almond shaped brown eyes provide great contrast to her pale skin. Savi accentuates her elven heritage through dress and manner.

DM eyes only:
She found this usually gained extra coin during her time as a dockside tavern "dancer" in Riddleport, her hometown.
When around strangers Savianna is always impeccable in her dress and appearance, favoring dark, rich, and revealing clothing. However, with friends she tends to keep it very casual and utilitarian. Which is akin to how Savi socializes. For those whom she feels she can gain advantage over, her mask stays on. Friends are allowed small glimpses of the real Savianna.

Savianna loathes common labor and will use every tool at her disposal to live an easy existence. Savi's most oft-used tactic is dance, at which she is as exquisite as she is dangerous. While the half-elf is mercurial in nature she is practiced at hiding her true emotions from the world. Savianna is not above playing to the "fairer sex" biases of anyone stupid enough to believe such drivel. In the fews times she has been in physical danger Savi always tries to avoid conflict through clever words and enticing looks. Savi is well-versed in knowing what people want to hear and how to position herself to come out on top.

Background/Writing Sample:

"The Wharf District of Riddleport. Yeah, it makes people hard but I found the only way to live well in such conditions is to live as if unaffected by the hardships.

DM eyes only:
Mom was a, it's okay...she knew it, I knew it. Besmara's Depths! I'm a whore...or I was and may be one again before we're through.
My father, if he could be called such, was a hand on the Winddriven until he was caught skimming...idiot. But, I guess the proverbial apple and all that. Who puts an arcane lock on their coin purse at a legitimate dancehall?! Madam Torine gave me my last pay and told me to stay out of Riddleport. So here I am, love. I'm exhausted and dirty from the trip and I just want a quiet drink. So yes, I am new here. And no, I do not want company. At least not tonight." wink

"So what now, Ms. Greycloud? I am not going to make the same coin in Port Peril. Information. That is what I need. Find the swab with the most dogs scrapping for his leftovers. There...he'll do. By the gods is he ugly! A few drinks and he'll be ready to give me anything I ask, so just keep it together, Savi."

"Hello, love. Just back in port? Well that deserves a bit of a celebration, now doesn't it? I've got a table that's a little more private if you want some more pleasant company. Of course I'm buying, love. Order what you will and you can thrill me with your latest adventures."

Many hours and nautical miles later.... "Ech...that is not a good taste. Oh, no...please, no...please still be in port. If not, that bastard will pay!"

Reply here or send me a message if you are interested. We are motivated and ready to go, we just need someone to lead the way.

I know it is not typical for players to post here looking for a group but I am hoping more people have been excited to DM and play Paizo's new AP, Skull & Shackles. I would love to roleplay the crap out of this story. I have several characters in mind for wreaking havoc on the Inner Sea. I can post daily at the very minimum and more likely 3-4 times per day. I have zero experience with play-by-post but have run several email campaigns with friends around the world so I understand the particular challenges and benefits of the medium. I have extensive experience with the Pathfinder system. Thanks for your consideration.

DM Magister, I am very interested in the Lawyer character (though I could easily play either).

I envision someone at odds with his greed for fame and fortune. A man who yearns for a better life for himself without causing detriment to others. With these urges he has studied laws and customs from all parts of Golarion in order to understand how to legally work the system to his advantage.

I have played Pathfinder for a couple of years now and I am currently DMing the Jade Regent AP. I have zero experience with play-by-post games though I have run some 1-on-1 adventures with friends over email. I have both the time and motivation to be very active in this campaign.

As I have just come upon this thread I will start to work on a backstory and character build if these sort of motivations work with your ideas.

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