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Count Haserton Lowis IV

Aust Evermore's page

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Try to find out why your brother is doing this. Ask yourself these questions. Is he like this in everyday life? How dose he interact with HIS friends? How old is he and where you like that at his age? Try talking to him to see if he has a problem at school he can't resolve himself. Taking the high road will show your parents that you are trying to handle this like an adult. If this bares no fruit then bring up the fact to you parents that they are promoting rewards for bad behavor. As a parent myself that would be a great way to convince me. But please be respectful and calm. Emotion has no place here because this will not be fixed overnight. I hope this helps. As someone whos played since D&D 2nd edition our group has seen just about everything and went a year without playing because of something like this. Dont let this happen to you because it sucks. Good luck.

I just used a few ghosts to run them off. Though you could have the players find the bones of very famous adventures that disappeared a few years back. On them the players find a journal that talks about the unspeakable horrors that are below. They got trapped by a cave in and the only reason their not dead before he can write down his last thoughts is their barbarian is holding up the roof so he can scribble a warning.

Sounds campy but it's an easy way to keep the players from feeling railroaded and gives them a tie to later when they come back. Now if they still want to go I say some people need to learn the hard way. I am a VERY harsh DM if the players go against every warning.

I suggest you take a look at the Monk. I'm DMing the anniversary edition and their having a tough time with five people. The only one who has yet to go down is the monk. If you want archer I love the Zen archer build.

What I like to do, though it takes a little time, is on my own I will run my players through the battle to see how their stats will hold up. I set up the best case and worst case scenarios and adjust my ideas for them from there.

As for the two bells idea I believe that having two fall before the battle with her would be overkill. Instead you might want to have a wizard cast web on them and have some archers up above shooting down. This adds some challenge to the encounter without it being totally over kill. Also don't discount the grease spell on the stairs.

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I know this is a late point but I don't think I saw it pointed out. Redirection can only be used once per day per monk level, (I saw that part) "but no more than once per round." That's the part that I didn't see.

If every other part of the build was good-to-go those few words would have been the deal breaker. That's my two copper's.

Enjoyed the read. Thanks.

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My fellow players and I have finally finished the first Kingmaker module and our ready to settle in and begin a settlement.

The only problem is, we have no idea how it really works. We spent two hours going over the rules last night and we were all thoroughly confused as there was no "step by step this-is-what-you-do" outline.

I was hoping some kind people, here, would walk our group through it and help generate a step by step guideline that will help other groups through it in the future. Thanks.

All we've really accomplished so far is coming up with a name (Elmbrook), assigning leadership positions, and determining the kingdom's starting size:

Size: 15 hexes (small)

Baron; Vacant; None
Baroness; Mila (PC); 4 Loy
Councilor; Svetlana; 2 Loy
General; Kesten Garas; 3 Sta
Grand Diplomat; Yoshi (PC); 4 Sta
High Priest; Jhod Karaken; 4 Sta
Magister; Tartuk; 4 Eco
Marshal; Foerth (PC); 5 Eco
Royal Assassin; Rufus (PC); 6 Loy
Spymaster; Linia (PC) 4 Eco
Treasurer; Oleg; 2 Eco
Warden; Crestle; 3 Loy

FINAL LEADERSHIP VALUES: Economy 15, Loyalty 15, Stability 11

So what do we do next (or are we already skipping something)?

EDIT: Also, our GM has all the rules, so please explain things clearly, as I don't have any rules in front of me other than those shown in the Player's Guide. Is the full rule set online somewhere?

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