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Friendly Fighter

Auric Ironwright's page

656 posts. Alias of James Keegan.

Full Name

Auric Ironwright




Paladin 4/Champion Tier 1








Lawful Good



Strength 17
Dexterity 10
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 13
Charisma 15

About Auric Ironwright

Initiative +2 ;Senses Low-light vision, Perception +4

Armor Class 16 (+4 mithral shirt, +2 wooden shield); flat-footed AC 16, touch AC 10
Combat Maneuver Defense 16
Total Hit Points 43 (base 38) Current HP 31 Nonlethal
Fort +8 Ref +4 Will +8 ;Immune to magic sleep effects, +2 saves vs. enchantment spells; +1 on all saves with +1 cloak of resistance

Speed 30 feet
Melee +8 MWK longsword (1d8+3/19-20 x2/Slashing) or +7 Warhammer (1d8+3/x3/Bludgeoning)
Ranged +4 Throwing Axe (1d6+3/x2/Slashing), +4 Light Crossbow (1d8/19-20x2/piercing)
Special Attacks Smite Evil 2/day (+2 attack/+4 damage), Lay on Hands (4/day, heal living/damage undead 2d6) [][][][], Mercy- Lay on Hands cures the sickened condition, Channel Positive Energy ( costs 2 lay on hands use, DC 14, heal or harm 2d6); Champion's Strike- Sudden Attack, Punishing Blow, Mythic Power [X][X][][][]
Base Attack +4 Combat Maneuver Bonus +7

Spells (CL 1, Concentration +3)
1st- Hero's Defiance

Feats Power Attack, Mythic Power Attack, Skill Focus (Sense Motive), Toughness
Skills Bluff +8 (2), Craft (Weaponsmithing) +6 (2), Diplomacy +9 (4), Heal +5 (1) Knowledge- Religion +6 (2), Perception +4 (1), Sense Motive +11 (4)
Armor check penalty -2
Languages Common, Dwarven, Elven
Traits Reactionary, Fast Talker
Special Qualities Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Divine Grace, Aura of Courage (Immune to fear, magical or otherwise; allies within 10 feet gain a +4 on saves vs. fear while Auric is conscious), Divine Health (immune to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases), Elven Blood, Keen Senses, Multitalented
Mythic qualities: Hard to kill, Mythic Power 5/day, Mythic surge +1d6

Combat Gear 1 vial of holy water, 1 smokestick, 4 potions of lesser restoration, vial of antitoxin
Other Gear Masterwork longsword*, warhammer*, throwing axe (3)*, mithral shirt*, heavy wooden shield*, artisan's outfit, artisan's tools, wooden holy symbol of Baal, light crossbow, 20 bolts, deep blue +1 cloak of resistance, heavy gold ring decorated with knotwork- gift from Duke Maddock (50 gp)
Stashed traveling gear Traveler's outfit, mwk backpack (+1 str for encumbrance purposes), flint and steel, 50 foot coil of hemp rope, grappling hook, hooded lantern, 4 pints of oil, 10 torches, bar of soap, bedroll, winter blanket, crowbar, 21 days of trail rations, cold weather outfit (worn)
* weapons and armor typically left at home unless expecting trouble
Money 9 gp 3 sp 8 cp

Appearance Auric is a broad-shouldered young man with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. His smile is disarming and his laugh is infectious, though his gaze remains piercing regardless of whom he is speaking. While he's broad and powerful in build, his features have a slightly angular quality at odds with his frame. His subtly pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes betray his mixed blood, but he dresses and acts like any human. He typically wears a sooty shirt and work pants with an apron containing his tools for the smithy. Auric is missing his left smallest finger after an accident with a hammer while he was apprentice; he's cut that finger off his work gloves and sewn up the hole. He keeps a simple carved symbol of Baal on a leather thong around his neck.


Auric Ironwright is a man in conflict. Auric is the son of a human servant and an elf he's never met. He suspects that his mother was more than she ever let on, but he was never able to get an answer out of her. As a youth, he was often bullied for being a half-breed and a bastard; now he can look back and realize that it was a case of the oppressed preying on the oppressed but in his youth he was often angry. Auric and his mother fought often, making a home life almost as difficult as his public life in the village.

But one must bend to fit one's circumstances, so Auric adapted. He learned to anticipate the other kids' (and some adults') jibes and attacks and defended himself either with his fists or a silver tongue. The young Auric developed a knack for reading peoples' intentions and it only developed further as he grew older. Attempting to fit in better among his human neighbors, he began to turn more toward Baal's faith- praying genuinely to the god instead of merely going through the motions. This upset his mother, who was secretly devoted to Daena's faith- a fact Auric wouldn't find out until her arrest.

When he was 13 two serious developments occurred: Auric managed to gain an apprenticeship with the smith in Three Oaks (by talking up his own abilities after observing the smithy in secret) and he discovered a talent that went beyond his mortal intuition. The young half-elf would sometimes get an odd premonition when he studied some of his fellows. He knew which dwarves were prone to abusing their power before he ever witnessed it, he would feel a creeping sensation about a neighbor days before witnessing the woman take coin for turning in another villager to the Inquisition. He kept this talent to himself, for fear that he would be singled out further... and to hold whatever advantage he could.

Several years later, his mother was taken away by the Inquisition. He found out later that she was an operative for the Hand of Jorin, keeping an eye on comings and goings in Three Oaks and that she had been the group's go-between with the elves in the wilds before coming to Three Oaks. It was only his master's word and his proven devotion to Baal that kept him from being dragged off as well. He never heard from her or about her again. While they didn't get along, Auric did love his mother and spent what spare time he could trying to find information about the Hand and who could have sold her out. While he never found the culprit, he did at last make contact with the rebels. Since then he has secretly worked for the Hand and come to grips with his talent as a paladin, chosen by Baal to protect the oppressed from monsters, bandits and the (misguided) dwarves. Now he continues working as a smith's assistant and turns out small shipments of weapons for the Hand of Jorin.

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