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Bugbear Shadow Sneak

Aunders's page

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I did some more thinking on it and I think I found a good system for it. I would like your opinion on it if it sounds fun and engaging.

So the Fangwood is a confusing and difficult environment to travel through. Because of this, I'm limiting my PCs to three expeditions a week where I'll roll a die to see what event they stumble into next. On the way to the event I'll roll an chance for a random encounter, and on the way back from the expedition I'll roll it again. This way things can happen on the way to a location, at the location, and on the way back from a location. I feel like it will make things a little more interesting and add to the vastness of the Fangwood.

One day of the week will be dedicated to resolving Militia actions, they can do a couple of checks this day, but for the most part they're drilling the Militia, commanding teams, and any other actions the militia requires.

The two other days of the week are personal down time, giving people time to bathe, sharpen their swords, fletch some arrows.

So in theory a week should run like this: Militia, Expedition, Downtime, Expedition, Downtime, Expedition - Repeat.

Trail of the Hunted says a lot about how much time they're going to spend in the Fang Wood - like the crazy storm that thrashes your camp if you're not already moved into the Trog Cave. My question is, what's a good way to keep track of time but also a good way to drag out the time they spend in the woods so they do all of the events? I'm thinking of limiting my players to 3 excursions a week, the rest will be spent maintaining their gear, healing, tending to the refugees, and maintaining the militia. Any suggestions?

I second the Starship Troopers / Heavy Military service campaign. I've wanted to run one of those for so long but I'd much rather see Paizo's masterful take on it.

As far as reviving dead PCs I haven't seen many options for that, but thankfully do to the large NPC pool you've got with the refuges, the Chernasardo Rangers, and the city of Longshadow, if any of the PCs died they have a very quick way to rejoin the party as another character.

Rune wrote:
I ran Crypt of the Everflame with teenage NPC-classed heroes, 5 years before the start of the campaign.

I like this idea a lot! Question though, how did you build the PCs with NPC classes and have them survive? I think I'd like to do this as well.

I hate to make a separate post from my Troop Template one, but I'm also really confused on the militia system in general. How do you track the number of people in your militia? Do all the rescued refugees get added into your militia's pool, and do you keep track of each individual in your militia like the book suggests?

Like if you're ranking up a refugee cause they leveled up or what ever, do you keep track of that for your militia or do you just track it for the APs weird refugee system that has no outline?

So they just fill a 2x2 token? That seems incredibly small for something described as a troop.

So I'm not 100% sure on how the troop template works. Do they fill a large token size? Do they disperse among a bunch of single medium sized creatures that share a hp pool?

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CKent83 wrote:

"Nose-hookahs sometimes called 'dragon's breath,'"

This is awesome! My favorite Iconic yet. I wonder if actual dragons use these hookahs...

I've already had a long planned out encounter that involves the PCs running across a Jaba the Hutt style Dragon - Obeese, obscenely wealthy, surrounded by ruffians to do his bidding. Taking huge breaths of hookah and laying on his side on a floating platform suspended in the air by hover technology. "Bring me Iseph and the Vesk!"

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There are so many cool things in this post! Vesk-2 and Vesk-6! Military Meritocracy! Nose Hookahs, brain snails, and heavy bass music! This is my favorite Iconic by far, and I absolutely am in love with the Vesk culture so far.

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Slothsy wrote:
Rei wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Slothsy wrote:

*gavel sounds*

I call this meeting to order.

Step one: we must decide upon a name.


Mustache? Shirren can grow facial hair?

Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks, Frozen Synapse ost, some of the Halo OST, Mad Max Fury Road OST is pretty alright, Stellaris OST.

Oh man. Either of those ideas is really good! Aboleths are the only creatures whose memories survived the gap, and they are using this to try and shape the spare faring races to their will. / Aboleths were also struck by the gap and now manipulate races from the shadows, using them as pawns to uncover what little information they can gather.

That would make such a good role playing experience. Even better if the Android recognized a scrap metal body.

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All this makes me wonder... If there is a market for bodies and body parts of humanoids for Eox and black market deals, does that mean that there would be chop shops for Androids? Imagine an android walking through a black market of chopped up robots and androids where the market stalls have like android arms and legs strung up for display!

Yes! Ahhh, I knew when I first heard about the Envoy that it would be my class and this preview just sold it for me. Now I just have to figure out a race...

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That's the thing though. Nothing is forcing you to run an adventure on Castrovel, and even if you did run an adventure on Castrovel nothing is making you force your players into a "These Lashunta believe that warrior roles are a male's job!". Unless those words exit your lips as a DM, or the player makes point to note that -some- and not -all- Lashunta hold these views, than it doesn't have to come up at all. It's fluff for the sake of giving what was a relatively bland and lacking race some depth.

JakBlitz wrote:
Crystal Frasier wrote:
JakBlitz wrote:
But it's still a...

Depends on whether or not you consider modern America a "patriarchy" vs a society with patriarchal values.

In all but the most conservative lashunta nations, there are no longer laws saying men can't hold higher office or be CEOs. But culturally, most of them—men and women—just sort of know that a man is too emotional and hormonal to handle that kind of pressure. Plus men have to take care of the kids, so why give that promotion to a man when you know he's just going to step out of the workforce eventually to be a dad? Ect ect.

Lots of cultural holdovers from very old traditions, but slow growth towards actual equality, rather than just equality on paper.

I read this and really can't say anything about other than now feels like this was thought through to push someones agenda. As stated before the Lashunta were already a very interesting race that occupied a unique place in the races of the RPG. I would rather not be fed real world politics in my fantasy role-playing games.

I don't know about anyone pushing an agenda. Science Fiction has always addressed subjects like this or even more drastic ideas. I like it, and even if I don't end up using it in any of my Campaigns it never hurts to have the fluff there for you to use. Real world politics have always fueled fiction, so I can only imagine Paizo intends to keep up with realworld problems.

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New info on Castrovel! t-Castrovel-From-The-Upcoming-Starfinder-RPG#.WQuW6tLyuCh t-Castrovel-From-The-Upcoming-Starfinder-RPG#.WQuW6tLyuCh

Nice! Space Elves look great - I really like the idea of more Xenophobic elves who question their own history! Also, I didn't think that Castrovel would be that interesting, but it is!

TheGoofyGE3K wrote:
I think the monthly mini adventures in October sound interesting. First we've heard of those?

Yeah. Do we know if they'll be free or do we have to pay for those?

Really good podcast. I can't wait till they have more content to talk about rather than vague speculation, but that'll get better when we get more to talk about from Paizo.

Cole Deschain wrote:

A Pharasma-worshiping Shirren.

A dynamite-carrying, flamethrower-toting Ysoki.
A Kasatha loaded for bear.
A Lashunta striking a balance between "if you got it, flaunt it" and "clothes make carrying gear easier."
A collected, cool, Android who rejects the biological concept of sex and the sociological construct of gender.
A big ol' Vesk with a big ol' gun.
A Human with a definite aesthetic sense she's trying to convey.

I love'em already.

EDIT: I am given to wonder, is the Vesk's backback pop-up ALSO a holy symbol? It's apparently a display of some kind or another,since it's on while the character's pose indicates a relaxed moment.


The hype is real.

Oh yeah. Going to need more detail on that backpack.

I'm absolutely dying to hear more about this game. I hope the reveals with their backstories have a decent chunk of lore for us to read!

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Berselius wrote:
All 7 of the core Starfinder player races—humans, androids, kasathas, lashuntas, vesk, shirrens, and ysoki—are joined in the core rulebook by updated versions of Pathfinder's core races, and even more playable races will be following shortly behind in the Alien Archive.
So we're getting updated states for elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, half-orcs, and ratfolk then? Will the Alien Archive feature any of the other Pathfinder races (aka Aasimar, Tieflings, Suli, Catfolk, etc etc)?

Oh I'd really like to see Space Tieflings.

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Ugh. This race is so cool. This game is quickly becoming one of my favorite RPGs - I shouldn't be surprised, Paizo has yet to disappoint me.

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Almost 100% sure the contemplatives will be in the First Contact book, or atleast the Alien Archive.

Edit: Yeah, the second bullet on the First Contact book. "Player-race information to let you be the alien, from the atrophied psychic creatures called contemplatives to the bug-like haan who float across gas giants on balloons of spun webbing."

So, I've recently tried roping my players into an Adventure path, specifically Shattered Star, and I was curious - If there was a TPK during they adventure path, how would I continue the adventure path?

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I know we've got the first one announced. Ancient weapon that could destroy planets, Jedi - I mean Elven temples, and who knows else what that adventure path has in store for us. You know what I really want though? Give me some of that Starship Troopers. As cliche as it is, I'd love for a space war against the swarm! I know it's been done to death, but it's a cliche for a reason! What are some other themes or things you'd like see in upcoming Adventure Paths?

Hey look. Sneak peek at spooky monsters in space. What ever that thing is on the side of the box, keep it the hell away from me.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Space disease is cool. Perhaps something like the Beast from Homeworld Catalyst?

I know it's going to get a lot of flak, especially since the game has yet to come out, but what are some ideas from other games, books, settings that people would like to include in their worlds? Are you opposed to using established races in your games if they don't match up? Personally I was thinking of including the Mass Effect races in addition to the Starfinder setting. I figure since Earth is real in the setting, technically Turians, Krogans, and Geth could be too. Opinions?

We know that it's specifically these few planets that have formed on alliance to work together, but do they try to force their ways onto other planets? Do they intend to spread this government to more planets? If so, do you think there are Rebels such as the Browncoats from Firefly?

Question. Is the artwork depreciated the actual "dusty ground" canvas or is it going to by just that coloration and no breaks in the grid?

Do you know if ship combat will include boarding options? Either way, will spaceships have floor plans for the players to use, or will those be up for us to create on a ship to ship basis?

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