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Jolis Raffles

Athos710's page

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild, Tales Subscriber. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. Starfinder Society GM. 134 posts (138 including aliases). 6 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 25 Organized Play characters. 1 alias.

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Lovely creepy adventure


Played this and GM'd it in Tier 1-2.

I spent the entire time expecting one thing, only to have the scenario surprise me by going against my expectations. I loved the creepy vibe of the investigation and felt the combats were well designed.

Please, please, please include tactics for starship combat roles like this in every scenario. As the GM having to run all of the starship roles, this little bit of guidance is hugely helpful.

The whole scenario seems like a setup for an encounter with an Aliens style xenomorph, only to have the rug pulled from under you when it's actually an undead. Then, once you think you have it figured out, the Xorn is another twist. I appreciate the author's inclusion of the force batons as most 1-2 characters are unlikely to have a weapon fusion yet. That said, a Technomancer with magic missile will be the MVP in the drift dead fight.

I look forward to discovering future info on the Bulwark.

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Great premise brought down by a few complications

***( )( )

This scenario had a perfect premise for the Wayfinders, first contact with a new species. Unfortunately, it is marred by a couple plot points and combat issues.
Played and ran this one in the 1-2 tier.

Combat issues:

The starship combat was clunky/tedious in this one.
As a player, we took the Pegasus a d despite focusing fire on the drone platform, we spent over 4 hours in this encounter. Part of this was bad rolls and new player familiarity with starship combat.
When I GM'd this, I stressed the orbital defenses in the briefing and they took the Drake. Despite their limited actions, I found it extra laborious to drone the 4 drones and the platform. I managed to get the combat down to 1.5 hours, but that was with only doing helm and gunnery checks. No pilot maneuvers or stunts.

Neither as a player not as a GM did we have to use the Husks to save the party versus the Sand Brute.

Plot points

Neither group of aliens was phased at all about a group of aliens showing up on their doorstep with no prior knowledge of other sentient races. The aliens had multiple castings of share language available to make communication easy, negating the benefit of the Wayfinder's translator unit.
Lastly, discovering the secret about the Ghibrani history is discovered, even if the PCs manage to offend both sects. They're allowed to just waltz into the taboo zone, regardless of their actions to that point. It felt a little contrived.

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A truly treat addition to the Starfinder rules

****( )

If you buy the Alien Archive expecting it to be just like the Bestiary 1 was for Pathfinder, you're going to disappoint yourself.

The AA has monsters to fight, yes. But, also new races to play. New equipment is here for PCs and NPCs alike. The monster building rules are stream-lined and easy to grasp. I'm a huge fan of the way the Monster Summoning rules are future proofed to allow expansion in later releases without making the spells over-powered. I love the expanded monster entries and really enjoyed the artwork.

With AA, Paizo has been true to their word about wanting to give players the option to play as most of the aliens they would normally fight.

Do I want this book to be longer? Of course! But, I see this as a great first step in expanding the Starfinder universe and eagerly look forward to the Pact Worlds book.

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Great scenario with minor issues


I've played this twice and GM'd it 3 times.

The bad:
The Acquisitives task WILL run long if you're not proactive as the GM.
The Wayfinders task is easy to end up being just a few skill checks and done in 5 minutes (especially if it's done last and the above ran long).

The not so good:
Overall, this scenario tends to run long. Partly it's one of the tasks, and partly it's getting players accustomed to new rules. I would not recommend it for a 4 hour slot without an experienced GM.
The Dataphiles mission leaves the PCs with a lot of agency on "how" to resolve it, without giving the players much info on how they might go about it. It can end up with the GM reading a list of options and the skill checks involved to the players. That's not bad, but it's not ideal.

The good:
Fitch is not quite as awesome as Ziggy, but is a close second.
Each of the tasks has a unique mission and feel. It doesn't feel like "generic fetch quests #1-4".

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A rollicking Western in space

****( )

There's a lot to love in this scenario. I've played it (6 players) and GM'd it (4 players) in Tier 1-2.

The premise is straightforward: go catch the thief. I greatly enjoyed the setting and the background of the NPC motivations, but as others have said it all felt a little under-utilized.

It was a little railroady and runs short, but it was enjoyable. The final combat was challenging when I was a player, but was over in 2 rounds as the GM. I dropped an unlucky Technomancer with the confrontation with the "fan club" in town. It was my first time as a SFS GM that a PC hit 0 hp.

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