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Astral.Modernity's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 25 posts (26 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters.


Shadow Lodge

Is there a limit on the time it takes to use an Ioun Stone's resonance abilities? The reason I ask is I am considering carrying a Dull grey Ioun Stone with me (25 gp) just to slot in my Wayfinder if I happen to need 10 minutes of Read Magic (its resonance ability).

In conclusion, is there anything to keep me from slotting and unslotting Ioun stones for temporary use of their resonant abilities?

Shadow Lodge

My level 3 Ninja in Pathfinder Society recently played the scenario "Sewer Dragons of Absalom" and has the ability to select a single item of no more than 150 GP to simply add to his character sheet. Problem is, I have no idea what do choose! I was hoping I could get some great ideas from you guys.

For context, I play a level 3 Kitsune Ninja who wields two wakizashis.

Shadow Lodge

I'm debating between using the Scout Variant with my Ninja. I just can't decide whether the trade-off of uncanny dodge and improved uncanny dodge for increased sneak attack opportunities is worth it. My character is a two weapon fighting build, heavy dex and charisma. Part of me believes that if I play it smart, the Scout Variant is less powerful than just playing the Ninja straight.


Shadow Lodge

I find myself a little confused on the topic of magic item purchasing in Pathfinder Society. In reading the Organized Play Guide, I am aware that +1 weapons, armor, among other items are available always, however my question concerns the Fame limit and Chronicle Sheet items.

"your character is restricted to purchasing additional items from his accumulated Chronicle sheets, or by capitalizing on his fame within his faction." - page 25

If I'm reading this (and the corresponding table in the guide) correctly, I can buy anything on my accumulated Chronicle sheets at anytime, as long as I have the gold. On top of that, saying that I have 13 Fame, I can buy ANY item that is valued at 3000 gp or less - as dictated by the table, even if it is not on a Chronicle sheet I hold. Is this all correct?

This comes up because my PFS GM was claiming that I had to have the Chronicle sheet with the item AND the appropriate amount of fame when buying items - specifically, I could not buy a bag of holding type I until I had 13 Fame and held the Chronicle sheet with that item on it.


Shadow Lodge

This may be a silly question, but I'm going to throw it out there anyway.

So, whenever I attempt a, say, disarm or trip, unless I have the appropriate feat, I provoke an AoO. However, if I attempt a disarm or a trip as an AoO, does that mean the enemy also gets an AoO before that?

The question came up because it seemed that if you had a PC with combat reflexes and an NPC with combat reflexes, you could create a tidy, abeit limited, chain of AoOs.

Please tell me I'm missing something here.

Shadow Lodge

Thanks for clearing that up! I know there was some confusion, as some people were stating that the bite would be at -7, however its a natural attack, so it made sense it would be different.

My BAB is not 0, I just wanted to use 0 to make it easier to explain ~

Shadow Lodge

The subject of the thread says it all, how exactly do multiple attacks work, negative-wise, especially when interlaced with a natural attack? I've been trying to piece it together from other posts, but even those posts have some variance.

Let me break down my specific question - I play a 3rd level Kitsune Ninja. I have a natural bite attack, wield two wakizashis with the two weapon fighting feat, and can spend 1 ki point for an additional attack.

Best case scenario, I'm flanking an enemy and I perform a full attack. Assuming an attack bonus of 0 and ignoring my +2 for flanking, do I get a natural attack at -5, 1 wakizashi attack at -2, another wakizashi attack at -2, and then a wakizashi attack at -0 (the additional attack granted by the spent ki point "By spending 1 point from her ki pool, a ninja can make one additional attack at her highest attack bonus")?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Shadow Lodge

In building a Ninja for Pathfinder Society, I noticed there are no class variants for ninja. Now, there are a ton of Rogue class variants, some of them with reqs. that Ninjas can satisfy (since Pathfinder Rogues and Ninjas are remarkably similar - to the point where Ninja probably should have just been a Rogue variant itself XD). From what I can see, there has been plenty of house rule discussions on allowing such an option, but since I'm intending on running this character in sanctioned games, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was an official ruling on this? Specifically, I really love the "Scout" variant.

It would be pretty sad if you couldn't, after all, Ninjas don't seem to get any variant love.

Shadow Lodge

Gotcha, thanks guys!

Shadow Lodge

I have a boon I got from GenCon 2012 called "Student of Runes" for my Pathfinder Society character. It reads:

"You gain a +1 bonus on saving throws against writing-based traps, spells, and abilities (including glyphs, runes, sigils, and symbols), and you become specialized in Linguistics."

My question is, I can't figure out exactly what "Specialized in Linguistics" means. Does it mean if Linguistics is not a class skill, it becomes one? Or does it give you one free rank in Linguistics and, thus, the +3 for putting a rank in it?

I'm curious because my character is a Ninja and Linguistics is already a class skill for me, so if that's what "specialized" means, I suppose it doesn't benefit me further.

Shadow Lodge

How does a full attack work if I take two weapon fighting? Do I get a bite at -5, an attack at -2, and another attack at -2 (assuming light weapons)?

Shadow Lodge

So I'm playing a ninja in Pathfinder Society (2nd level) and I'm trying to figure out my combat strategy. I figure it would be worthwhile to build towards a tripping tactic, such as all of my AoO would be trips and, with the aid of combat reflexes, I would take advantage of them standing up to get my sneak attack. Any suggestions on how to best build towards this? I figure that Agile Maneuvers is an obvious choice, as is Combat Reflexes, but I'm at a loss from here.

Shadow Lodge

I have a level 1 Nagaji Paladin. I took the "Tusked" trait (via the adopted trait) in order to give my character functional and developed fangs. At level 1, if I full attack with my great sword, do I also get a bite attack? Originally I didn't think so, but a recent discussion on natural attacks made me unsure.

Shadow Lodge

Ah, I see. I was getting module and scenario mixed up. Page 30 in the guide talks about a module giving 3 exp, but doesn't separately discuss a scenario, so I assumed they were the same thing. I understand now.

Shadow Lodge

I was reading the Pathfinder Society Organized Play Guide as I am planning on running a couple of sanctioned games, however I noticed that in the guide, technically a PC earns 3 exp. per session (or 1.5 on slow) and levels at 9. This is confusing, as every single time I have PC'd PFS, including at Gencon, each GM has listed my character as getting 1 exp (.5 on slow) and leveling at 3. Now, don't get me wrong, this makes sense, I'm only worried from a reporting standpoint on whether this is correct. Did Paizo realize that 3 as opposed to 1 was arbitrary and made a recent update that changed it? Or is this just a GM thing done unofficially as it make sense?

Shadow Lodge

Crystal clear! Thank you for breaking it down for me.


Shadow Lodge

Apparently, you can apply both chronicles immediately to a new 1st level character, but you must reduce the gold earned on both chronicles to 500gp.

See, that's what I was reading - it seemed I could take pre-gen chronicles and add them to my first level character to score some starting gold (limit of 500 gp per chronicle). But then, I must assume, I can never play those scenarios with my character.

Also, what modules are allowable to play for record? Can you go all the way to season 1 and work up?

Thanks for the help!

Shadow Lodge

I'm just starting to play Pathfinder in their sanctioned Pathfinder Society games. I've read through the resources, including the Pathfinder Society guide, but would love some clarification from you guys who know better.

1. I have a 4th level and 8th level chronicle sheet from Gencon when I played PFS for the first time. I used pre-gens for both. I am just about to start playing in a sanctioned game (a 1st level ninja) and was thinking about taking those two chronicle sheets and using them to get additional gold. I don't really get how that works and I'm worried that, if I do apply them to get additional gold, does that mean I can never play those scenarios to get PP and exp? How does that work exactly?

2. If I GM a game, but also have played that same module with my character, my understanding is I apply both chronicle sheets to my character (1 of each) - is that true?

Shadow Lodge

I've been trying to put together the optimal build for my Pathfinder Society Ninja. After getting some fantastic advice and thoughts, I came up with the below build - any thoughts? (Keep in mind, I am building with the Kitsune race boon and an additional trait boon)

- Potential level 12 progression -
Class: Ninja (12)
Race: Kitsune

Str: 10
Dex: 20 (including +2 from level enhancements)
Con: 14
Int: 8
Wis: 12
Char:16 (including +1 from level enhancements)


Weapon Finesse
Two Weapon Fighting
Weapon Focus (Wakizashi)
Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Combat Reflexes
Agile Maneuvers


Adopted - Carefully Hidden:
Mana Wastes Survivalist

Ninja Tricks:

Vanishing Trick
Pressure Points
Shadow Clone
Offensive Defensive
Invisible Blade

Character wields two Wakizashis, which is a good time, naturally. I'm trying to build the most optimized ninja build I can, which is giving me some trouble. For example, I'm struggling with whether I should multiclass into any other classes and/or pick up a prestige class. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Shadow Lodge

Ok, so as I was finishing up my build, I came up with a few more hard choices.

1. Pressure Points vs. Bleeding Attack, which gives you more mileage, really?

2. Dervish Dance - it's an interesting build, but it leaves me to meet the reqs of Dance (rank two), using a trait to wield a scimitar, and using a feat slot. However, I am tempted, as it gives me +4, eventually +5 to damage per attack. Is it worth it?

3. Keeping in mind I'm building a PFS character, would I be better off going 12 levels of Ninja or should I branch off into a prestige class or multiclass? Any ideas on what would be optimal?

Shadow Lodge

Ok, so I've got a couple more questions in regard to my ninja and I should be good to go (unless the answers spur more questions, then maybe not) You all have been great so far; I appreciate the help quite a bit.

1. Flurry of Stars - waste of time?

2. Ninjas have Poison Use, which seemed pretty good when I started building the character, however now I'm not so sure. I was trying to see if there is a way to utilize this skill more than just if I find poisons, I can use them, but, in the context of sanctioned play in Pathfinder Society, I don't think so. It just doesn't seem like you can make enough money to consistently make and use poisions, plus, if I'm not mistaken, I have to have Craft: Posion. Long story short, I would have to pump my craft: poision, buy components for the poison, and use gold in crafting it. All of that said, I don't really understand the system, so I could be completely off-mark here. I wish I could use and create poisons easily. Thoughts?

3. Is it worth it to have a profession and/or craft in Pathfinder Society? I know that one or both (not sure which) gives you gold at the end of each adventure, but is it worth the skill investment?

4. This is more directed at Jiggy, but you intrigued me with the Mithral Breastplate idea. How does that really work, exactly? I wasn't aware I could even wear that without proficiency...

Shadow Lodge

Very good points have been made - I'm definitely going to shell out for the Mithral Shirt and the Dex belt to enhance the character as I go along.

As far as feats go, Weapon Focus is most certainly in my future. I'm trying to figure out what my combat strategy will be, so I can choose my feats and tricks along that path. I really wish I could find a viable way to make Flurry of Stars an optimal part of my character, but it seems with Pathfinder Society (correct me if I'm wrong) that Flurry of Stars is a trick you really have to have a hyper focus in - the gold and feat investiture has be channeled toward magical shuriken, precise shot, etc. I can see that at higher levels, it will be become more difficult to hit with your shuriken, since it seems tough to enhance them.

Anyway, I think I want to take the Two Weapon tree feat-wise and I think that pressure points and vanishing trick would be my first two tricks; certainly, I would dual wield wakizashis. What suggestions do you have along this route on my path to level 12?

Shadow Lodge

I picked up the nagaji race boon at Gencon 2012 and I'm trying to figure out what would be the best and most optimal Pathfinder Society build to use with it. I was shooting for a dash of healing so I can use him to keep the party alive in the case that no one wants to play a healer. My first thought was a druid with the Naga Aspirant variance, however I'm open to all ideas.

Sadly, I don't even know where to start! Any ideas?

Shadow Lodge

Great point, I had the disadvantage of playing in house games which never enforced encumbrance and have never thought about it myself. I really liked the suggested build:

Str 10 (2 pts)
Dexterity 18 (10 pts)
Constitution 14 (5 pts)
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 15 (3pts) *especially this, since I can adjust it up and instantly grow my ki points a bit.

However, it is seeming more and more like I need to find a way to manage strength 12, due to the encumbrance issue (I want have space for skill kits and whatnot). Now, I'm not against moving my wisdom to 8, however should I be concerned about the "Save or Die" spells that target my will, since I'm trying towards a character to have longevity with?

Also, what sort of feats & tricks should I look at for my ninja as he levels up? Obviously vanishing trick is beyond legit, as I'm thinking he'd be more of a melee slayer or switch hitter (primarily because flurry of stars seem pretty fantastic) What are everyone's thoughts on the Pressure Points trick?

On the topic of feats, I've heard it discussed that two weapon fighting is really a trap. It is definitely extremely appealing as a feat tree choice with a melee sneak attacker - not sure whether I'm wrong on this or not.

Thanks for the help so far!

Shadow Lodge

I'm pretty new to Pathfinder myself, my experiences with it limited to playing 4-5 sessions at Gencon this year and found out quickly that it is almost identical to 3.5 D&D (which I played for a number of years). Regardless, I'm joining a sanctioned Pathfinder Society game and want to build a character with optimal power that I will enjoy carrying through. I've got the flavor part handled, but I'm looking to create the best build I can for my ninja possible. I was hoping to get some good ideas and thoughts going forward for his build.

I picked up the Kitsune Race boon at Gencon and the additional trait boon, so I'm building with 3 traits and as a Kitsune. I've got my 1st level build below and I was thinking the character would be more melee focused and take advantage of Disguise - I'm open to anything though.

To start with:

Kitsune Ninja

Faction - shadow Lodge

Strength 8
Dexterity 19
Constitution 14
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

Racial Power - Change Shape


Indomitable Faith - +1 will save
Mana Wastes Survivalist - +1 Fort save
Reactionary - +2 initiative

Skill Training:

Escape Artist
Sense Motive


Weapon Finesse


Future feats will probably include Vulpine Pounce (sounds pretty sweet)

Anyone have any thoughts?

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