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Belkar Bitterleaf

Ashram's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 444 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists.


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Kudaku wrote:

A second printing is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Paizo's gotten better and better at estimating how many copies of a book they'll sell, and so there's longer periods of time between each new printing. We know the ACG got "tens of thousands" of copies printed in the first batch. Incidentally, this is why the errata packs have slowed down in general.

Hopefully we'll get a decent run at some of the bigger issues created by the book soon. Mark in particular seems very keen to push out more FAQs. :)

This. APG sold out the year it was printed and got a second printing in the same year, and it hasn't had a new printing since then. That was in 2010.

If you like killing undead, Soul Warden is a full casting PrC with some neat goodies.

Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:

Why are dwarves Scottish?

I never understood this.

They should be Norse.

In Pathfinder, they're more or less Norse. In older systems, they're equated to Scotsmen.

Although, only the dwarves of the north would have Nordic accents. I would suspect the Ouat dwarves of Osirion to have much different accents.

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chaoseffect wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
Losing that first level feat is pretty big, though. You don't get power attack until 3rd, that's a significant reduction in the android barbarian's damage capability for those first two levels.
Is Empathy one of those "take at level 1 only" feats? If so yeah it could be a bit annoying Rage Cycling doesn't really become worth it until higher levels, but then again super low levels are horrible for everyone anyway.

Only prereqs are Cha 13 and being an android. I'd actually think it would be pretty neat to have an android who starts as a barbarian, gains emotions, and have the first living emotion it experiences be near-uncontrollable anger.

Thanis Kartaleon wrote:
kinevon wrote:
I believe that at least Ranger has such an archetype, and, with that archetype, that PC would only be able to use wands via UMD.
Rangers have two such archetypes, and paladins one.

Paladin technically has three: Warrior of the Holy Light (APG), Stonelord (ARG, dwarf only), and Temple Champion (ACG).

Knitting is not in the rules. As for influencing the rabid dog, only if they had Wild Empathy.

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prototype00 wrote:

... Is this for real? Like a real question you are asking as a DM about to inflict dickery upon his players?

In which case, I would sincerely and seriously counsel against rapidly expanding the capability of Supernatural ability outside what has been spelled out by RAW (and golly, your use of the term "RAW" shames me, a staunch adherent of it).

I know the DM is king of his own campaign, but you'll just end up no/masochistic players if you head down this dark path.

The ability will, RAW,:

1: Destroy liquids (unless you are a water elemental, creatures aren't regarded usually as liquids. Are you considered a liquid perchance? A water elemental striding, hidden, amongst us mere mortals?)

2: Destroy potions if a will save is failed.

I wish I had the link to the Penny Arcade comic where Tycho tried this on his group and lost all his players. But the comic site search function is utter rust-monster leavings, so alas.



I seem to remember an old 3.0/3.5 equation (Don't ask what book it's from, I don't remember) that as a general guideline an item granting a feat should be relatively slot appropriate and be a flat 10k plus 5k for every prereq the feat has.

No, he would just gain cold resist 5.

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Rynjin wrote:
BossArcadelt wrote:

My book arrived yesterday and I have a cover that has a "Pathfinder adventure Path" logo on the front cover in stead of the Roleplaying Game logo. Is that sort of like a golden ticket where I get to have a tour of Paizo? If I behave with integrity and listen not to Mr. Sluggworth, will I get to save all of the Oompa Loompa goblins from the Wangdoodles?

Likely, it will just be a brief conversation before the next game session. Thanks. Really liking what you guys have done with the book!


No golden ticket, just one of about a hundred editing problems.

Seriously disregarding everything else about the book, the editing is the most disappointing part. This many mistakes in a core release from such an established company is unacceptable.

I feel sorry for anyone who paid full price for the physical copy, because unlike the PDF, they're not going to get a free reprint fixing said mistakes.

Glad I'm not the only person disappointed in Paizo's general lack of QA in regards to hasty GenCon releases. Only downside to buying the PDFs is that they don't contribute to the book getting another printing; only paying the full $40 for the dead tree edition will do that.

Oh, and also we get the privilege of doing all of Paizo's QA for them while we wait for the book to sell out for the next printing. :|

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Pathfinder setting world with Fallout's engine? Yes please.

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Huh, wasn't expecting Arcadia to be Aztec/South American. We seriously need a Golarion World Guide. Give us more info on Sarusan!

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Psychic magic is basically Psynergy from Golden Sun. :P

steelhead wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
Wes announced that James Jacobs announced Hell's Rebels AP for 2015 after Giantslayer.
Oh, that sounds juicy! A return to Cheliax? Thanks for the updates Mikaze!

Sounds like another alternate universe "gamechanger" wherein the PCs could potentially overthrow House Thrune.

Other than Wand Mastery, the only way to use your full stats (Feats included) with wands is to be a wizard.

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mswbear wrote:
It makes me a little sad faced that Paizo has been having so many problems with editing lately.

It's fine, they'll just have us proofread it for free and then make us buy all the copies in print if we want to see an updated version in the future. :)

Welcome to capitalism, kids.

Probably a typo. Once the book is officially out, an errata thread will be started.

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Hellion? In a game about Metal Gods? It's almost like you WANT me to be blaring Judas Priest while I play this... ;)

So, people with the book, how does the Blade Adept archetype for arcanist hold up to the Bladebound archetype for the magus?

Tels wrote:
It'd be like if the introduced a Wizard that can't use a staff, or wand.

Or retracted the 50% damage benefit of two-handed weapons.

As someone who lives in California and HAS passed out from heat stroke in 105° weather from walking about a mile or so across town with little to no fluid, this seems about right.

Robert Young wrote:
Ashram wrote:

Piranha Strike and the agile weapon property say hi. :)
Which limits you to using a light weapon.

If you're a kensai, there are plenty of crit-fisher light weapons.

I'm a little lost on the counterfeit mage's 6th level ability to use Dexterity in place of Charisma for UMD checks. Apparently instead of forcing himself on the wand to make it work, he... waves it around more dexterously?

stuart haffenden wrote:

Go Strength, dex is a trap imo.

You want power attack.

Piranha Strike and the agile weapon property say hi. :)

GentleGiant wrote:
DeciusNero wrote:
I'm betting the Hunter is a female elf.

Female? Yes. Elf? No (they already have a female elf iconi, Merisiel).

Here's a low-light picture of the entire line-up.

Either human or half-elf, Paizo has a giant boner for half-elves.

Also, just sayin', Paizo currently has two elf Iconics, Merisiel the Rogue and Damiel the Alchemist.

I would say the weapon is right, as the Strangler feat is implying that you're strangling someone with your bare hands, and the weapon specifically states that you can't deal sneak attack damage with it (Ostensibly because you're already attacking a vital area, the throat.)

Naturally, as GM, you're free to remove the line on garotte that says you can't sneak attack with it.

I was totally expecting that pictured slayer to be aligned with Norgorber, although "Stygia" is the domain of Geryon and the realm of lies and secrets. ;)

The "robust new system for casters upgrading their spells with components" honestly sounds like a more fleshed-out alchemical power component type deal.

Archives of Nethys is your best bet. He's up-to-date with last month's books and is PF only, with no 3PP material.

Graeme Lewis wrote:
The title of this blog post made me think of one of the two songs I'd play for Mummy's Mask if I were making a soundtrack: Creeping Death by Metallica (the other one is Iron Maiden's Powerslave, off the album of the same title).

Very close, but Metallica's line is "So let it be written, so let it be done".

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If you nerfed them further they might as well not exist. ;)

My one question is if these new versions of the aforementioned classes will be backwards-compatible with the old archetypes, and whether or not these new updates will be supported, or if they will simply be considered "alternate class variants" of the old ones.

Also, we need a better name than "Unchained". :P

So, only time will tell if the alignment-less barbarian and paladin will come to light.

It's actually incredibly impressive that we've gotten this many FAQ requests but not a single answer from the Paizo staff. It seems like this year they've been rather lazy on the rules changes front.

Bruce Walter wrote:
So, uh, does the name Champions of Corruption seem kinda familiar or is it just me...

We don't discuss that here. :P

Maybe a myrmidarch magus so they can get weapon and armor training.

LazarX wrote:
Blackvial wrote:
there needs to be more non-human/half-human iconics (more half-orcs would be nice)
You've got two now... or did you forget the Inquisitor? There are also two half-elven iconics as well, so I think the half-breeds are well covered.

Three half-elf iconics... The magus, the gunslinger, and now the swashbuckler are all half-elves.

Jester David wrote:
Devastation Bob wrote:
Will there be a player's guide for this?

Since I plan on running this and want something to give to my players, I'm working on this:

Emerald Spire Player's Guide

Currently doing my part to help proofread your player's guide. :D

Only thing it really needs now is a section on class recommendations.

Suede wrote:

Ashram, they have said that Warpriests no longer need charisma and can take fighter feats (With their WP level counting for BaB and fighter levels when taking them) for their bonus feats.

I think the trade is pretty good, especially if they fix all the really worthless blessing powers like they claimed they have.

Wow, they made Fervor WIS-based, and they basically gave them the Fighter Training magus gets? Now I'm listening again.

Witchaloks. :)

Gwen Smith wrote:

These are my standard recommendations (in order):

1) Get Adaptive on your longbow. That way your strength can adjust (buffed or damaged), and your bow adjusts along with it.

2) If you're allowed to use the alchemical arrows from the Elves of Golarion book, I highly recommend them. My archers stock up on Durable Arrows with cold iron tips. If anyone if the party has an animal companion with Scent, pick up some Pheromone Arrows for +2 attack and damage.

3) Get weapon blanches: you can get cold iron, silver, adamantine, and ghost salt. These are especially necessary if you can't use durable arrows to get special materials on the tips.

4) If you have Use Magic Device, a wand of Gravity Bow might be worth it.

Just wanted to point out: The alchemical arrows from Elves of Golarion were reprinted in the Alchemy Manual, so they're now PF instead of 3.5.

Not going to lie, a LOT less interested in the warpriest now that they don't get full BAB with their sacred weapons and it still doesn't sound like they get their own spell list.

Nice, so we finally have some legitimate radiation rules to go with our radioactive skymetal, abyssium.

Reroll alchemist and make a killing off of non-magical potions and alchemical items.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Ashram wrote:
My only wish is that we finally get rules for making alloying djezet with steel, like Karamoss (Of Dungeons of Golarion) and First-King Xin did. Yes, it might be an epic craft check or somesuch, but there's no way that it can't be done again.
That particular thing isn't in this book, since that's more of a Red Redoubt thing than it is a Numeria thing or a generic tech thing. Also... there was not enough room to go into great detail about skymetal alloys, although they ARE mentioned briefly.

Considering that djezet is really the only metal that would gain anything from being alloyed, now I'm interested in hearing about the other skymetals being alloyed to iron.

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My only wish is that we finally get rules for making alloying djezet with steel, like Karamoss (Of Dungeons of Golarion) and First-King Xin did. Yes, it might be an epic craft check or somesuch, but there's no way that it can't be done again.

James Jacobs wrote:
Cthulhudrew wrote:
Nice cover! Some kind of Kellid barbarian with cybernetic upgrades vs. an elf with similar? (Either that, or she's wearing some kind of technological body armor.)
In fact... versus the iconic gunslinger wearing fancy new sci-fi clothes!

She must have also gotten a dye-job in space, considering most depictions of her have brunette (Either brown or black) hair. :P

Devils and Belkzen definitely sounds odd, considering orcs in this setting are at the very least CN, if not CE. Sounds like some half-fiend or devil-blooded tiefling shenanigans in the background.

Also, if Imrijka isn't one of the iconics on the official cover, I will be disappoint.

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Robert Brookes wrote:

Interesting, I wouldn't have expected it, but I'm glad to see the rules team drawing from this particular well. I'm hoping for some interesting crossbow mechanics, personally!

Also, it looks like more Advanced Class Guide iconics. I think that's the Arcanist on the left, but I'm not sure if that's the Hunter or Slayer on the right.

Not quite. That's an inverted picture from NPC Codex featuring Secanus the iconic arcane archer and Cambin the iconic mystic theurge fighting the unnamed iconic dragon disciple.

Now we just need you to update Alchemy Manual, Undead Slayer's Handbook, and Inner Sea Combat... ;)

Glitterdust is specifically supposed to be the go-to spell for targeting invisible creatures like that. Your GM basically gave you the finger in the face of how the spell is supposed to work.

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