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Belkar Bitterleaf

Ashram's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 488 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists.


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James Jacobs wrote:
Ashram wrote:

1) Magic can make things do all sorts of stuff. Including making ice, bone, or even light into a weapon that is very effective.

2) Accident. Alaznist's ranseur has a different Runelord of Wrath's skull on it, not the first. ALTHOUGH... liches rebuild their bodies once killed, so perhaps she killed him at one point and took his skull and let him rebuild!


On #2, considering by Alaznist's reign Alderpash would have been very (un)comfortably tucked away in the Abyss for at least a couple hundred years by Baphomet, I highly doubt Alaznist would have taken a field trip to the Abyss just to get a neato trophy for the butt end of her ranseur. :P

On #7, I meant the fact that by RAW you can't make a scythe out of bone, since you can't make a two-handed slashing weapon out of bone. Although I guess if you jerry-rig a wood handle and a bone blade like Krune's dragon-tooth longspear, you can get around that. I'll just chalk it up to "10,000-year-old wizards did it." ;)

Two new questions!

1. How was there an art mix-up for Sorshen's guisarme, considering it's never been depicted in official art?

2. Alaznist has been called an arcane knight before. Was that just for her enjoyment of using evocation, or did she actually wear armor? (You've mentioned before that she would not have levels in Eldritch Knight.)

David Neilson wrote:
Then again if they are Chaotic Good, they could break the law.

And risk getting the long, ironshod boot of the law up their butts, considering there's nothing to go on if the PCs want to, say, start in Thornkeep instead. A Chaotic Stupid character going around breaking laws is just going to piss the Hellknights off and make things hard for the rest of the group.

In-depth nerd questions about the Runelords' weapons of rule (And other Runelord-y things) incoming:

1. Krune's dragon-tooth longspear is detailed in "The Waking Rune", which very obviously has bone for the tip of the spear. Normally even magically-strengthened bone takes a damage penalty, but his spear does not. Oversight, or crazy Runelord magic?

2. In "The Dead Heart of Xin", Alaznist's write-up states that her adamantine ranseur has the skull of the first Runelord of Wrath impaled at the butt; "The Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth" states otherwise, saying that the first Runelord of Wrath was whisked away by a demon lord for a foolish promise and resorted to lichdom. Accident, or retcon?

3. Do you have the names of the other four original Runelords, and are they important enough to keep under wraps?

4. Any hints as to what "undocumented" skymetal Xanderghul's lucerne hammer is made of? I've always held that it's horacalcum since the metal is so rare that it was effectively undocumented (And it's technically the metal that embodies his sin.)

5. Sorshen's "double-headed guisarme"... One head at both ends? Wracking my brain on this one.

6. Belimarius' "memory-stealing halberd of gold and mithral"... Solid gold pole with a mithral head, or some weird mixture of the two?

7. Zutha's "life-stealing scythe made of bone": Technically not possible, by RAW. More crazy Runelord magic? :P

8. Earlier in the thread, you mentioned Belimarius was between Krune and Zutha in power. Considering Zutha and Krune are the same level, would Belimarius be a 17th level old female Azlanti abjurer?

And now I'm done. Whew...

ElterAgo wrote:

Ok, My group is considering this for our next campaign. (I will be the GM if we do it.) There have been a few concerns raised based on comments heard/read.

Superdungeon! Kool for the retro feel. But most of my players have become used to a certain amount of mystery/investigation/social/etc... aspects of the game. They certainly like good combat scenes. But they aren't too interested if it is just combat. They really aren't too into the murderhobo scene. (Well, one guy is. But he's trying to get over it.) Is there enough story to satisfy a fairly average group?

Bad Guys? One of the players heard that the PC's almost have to be the bad guys in this one. I've got a couple of players that tend to have a problem with that. They want to be the shining heroes coming to the rescue. Not the ones that people need to be rescued from. Are the PC's really the bad guys in this?

1. Absolutely, provided your group (Or at least the wizard, most likely) has a taste for Azlanti shenanigans. Most of the overarching story is Azlanti in nature, until you get to one of the lowest floors. There are a lot of subquests in between then that might satisfy your group's want of investigations/mysteries, but more or less all real social stuff is going to be in town and made up by the GM, as there are several minor hooks around town that the GM can use if they're feeling creative. (Most of them are fighting high-level monsters that can easily gank an entire party if they find them at too low a level, old-school superdungeon style...)

2. The PCs don't have to be the bad guys, but being good (Especially chaotic good) is going to be incredibly tough in a staunchly Lawful Evil town. Knights in shining armor (And indeed, adventurers in general) aren't held in very high regard by the Hellknight militia. Also, to adventure in the area without the Hellknights persecuting them your PCs will need a warrant from the town leader, which has a VERY steep tax of 30% of ALL the PCs wealth found in the Emerald Spire dungeon.

It's because they know we're waiting for it. I'm betting it won't happen until after the end of the year.

LoneKnave wrote:

Unarmed strikes suck even with the monk damage boost, because they have no crit multipliers (on top of the issues you mention).

Pretty sure BoNS had a feat that was (quoting from memory here) "your unarmed strikes deal damage as a monk of your level. In case you are a monk, increase this is capped at your level+4", and nobody made a fuss about it.

That would be Superior Unarmed Strike, from Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords.

SUS requires Improved Unarmed Strike and BAB +3, and the actual wording is that if you are not a monk (Or are not treated as one), your unarmed strike damage scales thusly:

3rd: 1d4
4th-7th: 1d6
8th-11th: 1d8
12th-15th: 1d10
16th-20th: 2d6

If you ARE a monk (Or treated as one), your unarmed strike damage from that class is treated as four levels higher.

Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:

Interestingly enough, this issue provides the first picture I have yet seen of the finalized cover for the first issue in the Giantslayer AP. It's pretty sweet.

For those of you who wanted to know about the new Fighter archetype...
** spoiler omitted **

Seriously, no bonus damage for wielding a gigantic weapon? A little sad that the archetype only has three abilities.

1. The rules are really unclear since the original rules are written for non-Imp. Familiar familiars. Technically, the entry for attacks says that they add either their Str or Dex, whichever is higher, to their natural attacks; the BAB simply says that their BAB is equal to the master's. RAI would say that yeah, it would be master's BAB for manufactured weapons as well.

2. Considering a mephit starts at 6 Int anyway, I'd say they're smart enough to be wielding a Small weapon if they aren't proficient; it won't be very good at it (Unless you cast the aforementioned spell) but if you ask it to, it probably could. GM mileage may vary.

Correct. If you could hold the charge, you would be able to, but that is not a feature for ranged attacks.

Guang wrote:

Question: BoG heritage languages: Do the replace the standard Half-Elf and Half-Orc bonus languages, add to them, or something else?

Not sure if this post will ever be seen - if no one responds, I guess I'll re-post in general.

The listed languages are just an example of what languages those kinds of half-breeds would speak. Depending on what parent the child is left with, they could theoretically speak any of the example languages, since in Golarion nearly every playable race starts with Common, a racial language, and an ethnic language if applicable.

Archives of Nethys custom spell search.

Your wish has been granted.

Brandon Hodge wrote:
Ashram wrote:
And even then, with your spreadsheets you STILL get math wrong that the players have to fix. Sometimes automating something isn't always a good thing. >.>
Are you suggesting it would be *better* if Paizo didn't have those checks and safeguards in place? Because if you think you've got problems now...

The thing is though, is that the program is only as smart as the people operating it. If you don't at least do a cursory glance at the numbers before you input them, you're gonna have trouble. All I have to do is go to any given Bestiary errata thread on this board for proof.

I absolutely understand that the Paizo staff is human, and that humans make errors. But as a player and a customer it's kind of annoying when it feels like Paizo only does the bare minimum amount of QA for its number-crunching and lets the players handle the rest, like we're some sort of free QA team.

Going off of what Dustin Ashe said earlier, making sure this is clarified:



TROLL FURY, pg. 229

Change all alignments to Neutral Evil or Chaotic Neutral to match druid class requirements.

Dorcus wrote:
Is gun-saint paladin with a divine bond (gun) viable?

You mean Holy Gun? It's not great, especially with the fact that they lose Detect Evil as an SLA and have to prepare it as a spell.

Brandon Hodge wrote:

From a freelancer's perspective, it's actually quite the opposite, and a far cry from "slap a class, rinse and repeat" or "less involved" than our usual Bestiary work.

In fact, I know myself and many freelancers prefer to build from the ground up.

That's because building a monster with NPC classes is actually twice the effort. Even pre-existing monsters have to be plugged into the in-house Paizo statblock spreadsheet, so you essentially have to rebuild the monster from the ground up anyway, even if the info is already published in the base statblock.

Then you have to apply NPC levels, and make sure you use all the proper advancement rules and get the right Key Classes and, in the case of monsters with pre-existing spellcasting abilities, make sure that everything lines up and gels just so. Skills are always confusing, too. It's actually one of the less pleasant freelancing tasks, and I much prefer to build a monster from the ground up than modify an existing one. And it's twice the workload on the development side, too--the developers have to make sure the freelancer plugged in the base monster correctly, AND applied the class levels properly.

I know that's not how we all do it at home, but when you're building a book to be published, from both the freelancer and design team perspective, it's hardly a matter of 'just slapping a few class levels on 'em' and sending them off to the printer.

And even then, with your spreadsheets you STILL get math wrong that the players have to fix. Sometimes automating something isn't always a good thing. >.>

Siouxsie and the Banshees reference, huh? Someone's digging deep.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Cheapy wrote:
Your attitude seems seriously off for a cooperative game.

Absolutely this. Takhisis, if you're playing PFS, I'm almost positive it's Good only. And frankly, no one likes the a&#&+%~ who only plays selfish douchebag characters. They're usually the first person people look to when "accidents" happen, and they're typically the first people offed. Your absolute refusal to play martial characters compounds this problem, as selfish dick and magic are rarely a good combination.

Abrisene wrote:

Light Generation: Fully 30% of magic weapons shed light equivalent to a light spell. These glowing weapons are quite obviously magical. Such a weapon can't be concealed when drawn, nor can its light be shut off. Some of the specific weapons detailed below always or never glow, as defined in their descriptions.


We had a jerk/fun GM that started using other effects of equivalent power in place of boring old light. This started with a munchkin Paladin that kept bothering him for a holy avenger; he eventually found one that played "Pump Up the Jam" at an uncomfortable volume; much frowning ensued. Good times.

There was a section on that in the 3.5 DMGII, where crafters could choose to take a crafting "signature" to make items look unique rather than just glow.

Skeld, would it be too specific to ask what stats the kunai has, and if the Pool Ray arcana for magus is a ranged Pool Strike? I'm hoping it scales, at least as Pool Strike does...

Now, is this a Diamond Head or a Metallica reference? ;)

Staff of Life has Raise Dead on it.

While books like Ultimate Equipment mention what kind of item a cursed item might originate from, they specifically don't list how to intentionally create them; mostly because they pop up randomly in treasure hoards, and because no GM wants to have players intentionally crafting necklaces of strangulation to hand out to people they don't like.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.


The chieftain is listed as wearing chain shirt, which would prevent him from utilizing both the druid spells and the wildshape power outlined in his combat tactics.

Axial wrote:
Do the simple class templates that grant arcane spells suffer from spell failure from armor as normal? What about natural armor?

It doesn't outright say, but since for all of the arcane class templates they say "Can cast a small number of [class] spells with a caster level equal to their HD", it stands to reason. It's basically class levels baked right into a template.

I don't believe natural armor factors into it.

In a homebrew world, an arcanist with all of their archetypes could easily be taken as a "blank slate mage". Want a wizard? School Savant. Want a sorcerer? Blood Arcanist? Want a variant witch? Unlettered Arcanist. Want a full arcane caster that can heal? White Mage. Want a pseudo-summoner? Occultist.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.


Descriptive text for the Grenadier archetype advertises things it does not deliver on; the archetype does not get the ability to drink elixirs, mutagens, and potions quicker than any other alchemist as the text was reprinted from the Pathfinder Society Field Guide with no edits.

So, apparently the old Grenadier alchemist archetype from the Pathfinder Society Field Guide was reprinted as a hobgoblin archetype, and no one thought to actually change the description that promises stuff the archetype doesn't deliver on? Pretty sure grenadiers don't get the ability to drink potions, elixirs, and mutagens more quickly, as the descriptive text advertises.

This is actually the wrong rules forums. You want the one not dedicated to the Occult Adventures playtest.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Just putting my putting my two cents in there... The medium and the kineticist are the most interesting because Mr. Seifter posts far more often than the other devs.

Being a fletcher is a profession, not a craft; you do not craft fletchers. An appropriate craft would be "Craft: Arrows".

So, uh... Where's the dev lead on this?

Mark Seifter wrote:
Sammy T wrote:

Kinetic Blast (Sp): At 1st level, a kineticist chooses one

of her element’s simple blast wild talents. The kineticist
can unleash her kinetic blast at a range of 30 feet at will. A
kinetic blast requires at least one hand free to aim the blast.
All damage from a kinetic blast is treated as magic for the
purpose of bypassing damage reduction.
If that sentence is true, why do Telekinetic Blast (b, p or s), Air Blast (b), Earth Blast (b, p or s), and Water Blast (b) list damage types?
They have damage types. They count as magic, like a magic +1 longsword would (aka, they penetrate DR/magic).

Does this mean we're gonna need more talents to bypass silver, cold iron, adamantine and alignment DR? :P

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm with the previous mention that geokinesis sounds better than terrakinesis, and I'm sad that there's no reference to cryokinetics in the hydrokinesis description, such as for hydrokinetics that prefer ice to water.

Also, in the same vein that people are talking about The Last Airbender and such, does this not remind anyone of Golden Sun's Psynergy? >.>

In actual rules questions: The skill list for kineticist seems pretty small and odd. Is there a reason they get Heal, Perception, and Stealth, and only one Knowledge skill? I know one of the golden rules of class development is to never hand out Perception to classes that don't need it.

I see nothing in the 3.5 PHB that says any spells outside of it require independent research, mainly because it was the first book. I'd suggest checking outside of core, possibly PHBII or Spell Compendium.

Wands are spell trigger items, so yes.

You're basically looking at kensai magus, depending on how magical you want to go.

Kenshin in particular was a Dex-based samurai with a katana, which, in game terms, won't work because without GM intervention you can't Finesse a katana.

Considering the OP has only posted once in this thread and the content of his post, I'm inclined to believe this is a troll thread. A very unsubtle one.

Lord Gadigan wrote:
Pretty sure it's an error. He does live in Axis, but I've seen no sign in any other book of him making an alignment shift, and that'd be a pretty notable setting-change with him being one of the core deities.

Just like as of Inner Sea Magic Iomedae suddenly decided to say "Screw paladins" and is listed as Lawful Neutral. It's just sloppy editing.

Considering the trait is PFS-oriented, it's meant for Good-aligned characters, as PFS is Good only.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sounds more like an intro to an Iron Gods module. ;)

Kyra Banior wrote:

Thanks, I'll think on it and decide what to do. One more question, how do I determine if an undead keeps his class levels or not when I create him? Skeletons and Zombies say they lose them, but no other undead say that. So can all other undead keep class levels? Is it all intelligent undead keep class levels?

** spoiler omitted **

General rule of thumb is that intelligent undead can take class levels. Zombies and skeletons by themselves typically cannot, but skeletal champions (And their zombie counterpart, the zombie lord), being intelligent, can. Wights are intelligent, so there you have it.

VampByDay wrote:
Ashram wrote:

4. Yes, you have to be willing. Says so in the atonement spell description. No amount of magical or mundane compulsion can say otherwise.

It should be noted that no amount of COMPULSION can say otherwise, so he can't be intimidated into 'atoning.' However, the master that reanimated him could use Diplomacy (or Bluff) into steering him in that direction. Given that he is now evil, and his friends abandoned him, it probably wouldn't be that hard. Just say "I can give you great power, but you must be willing to accept it."

I was just thinking about that. Thank you.

It's up to you, but using an example from the "Ashes at Dawn" module from Carrion Crown, which features...

A paladin of Iomedae turned vampire... undead of varying alignments other than their listed Bestiary stats, it would go like this:

1. Yes.

2. Mostly. He is after all an intelligent undead, and most of his former personality would be subsumed by his new, evil nature. As a former paladin, he might have some remorse about falling and his new form.

3. RAW, yes, as long as the caster is CE.

4. Yes, you have to be willing. Says so in the atonement spell description. No amount of magical or mundane compulsion can say otherwise.

5. Sure. He can cash in those former paladin levels for antipaladin.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Insain Dragoon wrote:
Well he did say that he would post about ACG after Gencon! Can't wait for that to end lol.

Apparently that excuse has been milked to its fullest extent, considering GenCon ended nearly a month ago.

Kudaku wrote:

A second printing is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Paizo's gotten better and better at estimating how many copies of a book they'll sell, and so there's longer periods of time between each new printing. We know the ACG got "tens of thousands" of copies printed in the first batch. Incidentally, this is why the errata packs have slowed down in general.

Hopefully we'll get a decent run at some of the bigger issues created by the book soon. Mark in particular seems very keen to push out more FAQs. :)

This. APG sold out the year it was printed and got a second printing in the same year, and it hasn't had a new printing since then. That was in 2010.

If you like killing undead, Soul Warden is a full casting PrC with some neat goodies.

Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:

Why are dwarves Scottish?

I never understood this.

They should be Norse.

In Pathfinder, they're more or less Norse. In older systems, they're equated to Scotsmen.

Although, only the dwarves of the north would have Nordic accents. I would suspect the Ouat dwarves of Osirion to have much different accents.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
chaoseffect wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
Losing that first level feat is pretty big, though. You don't get power attack until 3rd, that's a significant reduction in the android barbarian's damage capability for those first two levels.
Is Empathy one of those "take at level 1 only" feats? If so yeah it could be a bit annoying Rage Cycling doesn't really become worth it until higher levels, but then again super low levels are horrible for everyone anyway.

Only prereqs are Cha 13 and being an android. I'd actually think it would be pretty neat to have an android who starts as a barbarian, gains emotions, and have the first living emotion it experiences be near-uncontrollable anger.

Thanis Kartaleon wrote:
kinevon wrote:
I believe that at least Ranger has such an archetype, and, with that archetype, that PC would only be able to use wands via UMD.
Rangers have two such archetypes, and paladins one.

Paladin technically has three: Warrior of the Holy Light (APG), Stonelord (ARG, dwarf only), and Temple Champion (ACG).

Knitting is not in the rules. As for influencing the rabid dog, only if they had Wild Empathy.

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