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Belkar Bitterleaf

Ashram's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 385 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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A Manowar reference this time? Nice.

So wait. Are there seriously only two hardcover books coming out this year, or does Inner Sea Gods count against our hardcovers-per-year book limit?

My favorite argument a page back was that "B-but they're better than conjurers at summoning!"

You know who is also better at summoning than the conjurer wizard? A cleric with Sacred Summons and the appropriate Summon Aligned Monster feat.

Conjurer is actually one of the weakest summoners in the game.

Gingerbreadman wrote:
I hope the bloodrager got a sensible spell list. Not the one from the second version of playtest.

Warpriest also desperately needs a trimmed down spell list like the magus.

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Werecorpse wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:
Words and stuff...
Yes, but fluff and...

The problem with your "descriptions" of the various adventure paths in your spoilers is that they are gross oversimplifications of those adventure paths. People tend to take the most outrageous part of an adventure path, stretch it out, and blow it up until it apparently becomes the entire AP. While Carrion Crown is of course intended to be "1890-1920s horror/scary folklore" (Which, as it might shock you, has a very prominent place in swords and sorcery), Jade Regent is not just "ninja quest", Reign of Winter is not just "dimension-hopping to Earth", and so on. Many of those adventures start out with simple swords and sorcery. If you don't like any of the above things, you're free to homebrew your own adventure, or wait until Paizo does another AP to suit your (vanilla) tastes.

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Just throwing in my two cents: It's funny how a lot of people state that they don't like "tech in their fantasy" when sci-fi is a type of fantasy. Fantasy is not just relegated to medieval swords and sorcery. ;)

In my games, adamantine is black and mithral is basically chrome-colored. Then again, I remember some vague rules from 3.5 allowing you to magically dye an item whatever color you want when you make it magical.

No. The only way to increase the threat range of a bludgeoning weapon is either through Improved Critical or the Powerstrike option of the Runeforger ability from the Forgemaster dwarven cleric archetype.

See if your GM will let you adapt the tiefling Fiend Sight feat for drow. :P It's a two-feat expenditure, but thems the breaks.

aboniks wrote:
Ashram wrote:
Maezer wrote:
Please tell me how you can do anything and have it not be offensive to someone.


Some people will see offense in everything, if only to give them something to direct their hate onto.

I find that thought offensive. I'm going to go ahead and hate it now.

I hope you're happy.


Anyway, the Girdle of Opposite... Whatever the hell you want to call it... is only as offensive as you let it be. Don't want it in your game? Don't have it. Don't jump down Paizo's throat for it because "muh gender inequality".

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Maezer wrote:
Please tell me how you can do anything and have it not be offensive to someone.


Some people will see offense in everything, if only to give them something to direct their hate onto.

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@Morgan Coldsoul: I too wish that the Paizo devs would relinquish this idea of alchemical items being low-level throwaways before magic takes over and makes them obsolete. It's ridiculous that the alchemist is basically a pseudo-spellcaster who can't actually make alchemical items better, just make them quickly or ignore them for his "extracts" (AKA super-potions).

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You use your thieves tools to scrape away at the rune that keeps the trap in place. :P

Wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't break a weapon, only sunder it.

Not unless you're allowing him to give up Hero Points or both traits for a feat.

Only class I can think of off the top of my head that actually gets Precise Shot as a bonus feat at 1st level is the Divine Hunter archetype for paladin.

It's literally all there in the description for Arcane Blast. As a standard action, you give up one of your prepared spells or spell slots and fire a ray of magical energy that does 2d6 plus an additional 1d6 points of damage per each spell level sacrificed. You can't give up orisons or cantrips to use it.

The only things that aren't specifically stated is that Arcane Blast deals generic magical damage, so energy resistance doesn't apply, and that it's a supernatural ability, so spell resistance doesn't apply. You can find the supernatural ability bit here.

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If this is serious, then yes. A lawful barbarian has lost the savage spark in him that grants him his supernatural rage. (Although, if you go by what some of the devs have said about bloodrager, had the turnover from 3.5 to PF not been so short, they would have taken the time to remove the "any non-lawful" alignment restriction from barbarian.)

If not, then stop complaining about paladin threads.

Wrong forum, should be in the Advice forum.

Word from the devs is that it only affects things in your actual hands, and only things that would be adversely affected by the broken condition.

It is.

With the recent errata to Ultimate Combat.

Wow, that book got shoved back hard. Hopefully the AGC doesn't suffer as a result.

Not going to lie, when I read "infinite unarmed strikes" I thought of Mortal Kombat-style Brutalities.

GM fiat. Nothing for or against it, but some GMs might balk at giving you an expensive special material for free at 3rd level.

Since natural attacks like claws don't get iterative attacks from BAB, you'd get one claw attack and the other claw deals the Shocking Grasp, although you could Spellstrike the Shocking Grasp through your claw.

Any prestige class that interacts with wizard would likely be subject to the prohibited school restriction. If he were a multiclass cleric however, his cleric spells would be unaffected (Or so I'd like to believe.)

Yes, and just one claw, sadly.

Otherwise, good to go.

With Blood of Fiends and Advanced Race Guide, you don't need Fiendish Heritage anymore. Although I believe Blood of Fiends isn't PFS-legal.

If you craft the Periapt of Health, it's only 3,750. :P

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strongblade wrote:
Any of the Manowar albums; esp. Triumph of Steel, Kings of Metal, Louder Than Hell, and Fighting the World.

We desperately need a Skyrim-esque Lands of the Linnorm Kings AP, where I can blast my Gods of War album.

So, my GM and I have been having this out for a while now, and if possible I'd like to get a conclusive answer.

My GM seems to think that any and all prepared divine casters can portion their spells throughout the day, paying lip service to their deity to prepare new spells in unprepared slots like a wizard. I've told him time and again that prepared divine casters pray ONCE A DAY, at their specific time, and must prepare all their spell slots or else have a bunch of empty slots. Them having to pray at a specific time of day and having to prepare all of their spells at once is the trade off for not needing rest.

Is there something I'm missing?

Care to elaborate? AP #78 isn't out yet for 99% of people on the site.

James Jacobs wrote:
Replying to stuff...

Sort of off-topic, but in the RotRL Anniversary edition, I'm surprised you didn't specifically call out Karzoug to be a Thassilonian specialist, even though his spell list reflects this. That'd be like the one thing that would be non-core about him. (And if you're playing 3.5, that would be core. ;))

Considering how long it took Ultimate Combat to get an update (Nearly two and a half years...) and due to this book's sheer size and amount of unupdated crunch (Like items taken from Core and APG in their first printing incarnations,) it will probably be a very long time before this book sees an update.

Chris Ballard wrote:
The souldrinker's energy drain ability says it takes a touch attack to use. Would that be melee or ranged?

Melee. 99% of all energy drain abilities (That aren't the energy drain spell) are melee touch attacks.

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MMCJawa wrote:

Man...I loved the fate of Numeria if the PC's fail. That's campaign almost in itself

Also mentions cyborg demons!!!!

Doom: Pathfinder edition. ;)

Feros wrote:

Aasimars, Tieflings, Dhampirs and the Geniekin—Ifrits, Oreads, Sylphs, and Undines—all get mentions here but have or are going to have their own books. This book is centrally concerned with half-elves and half-orcs. It gives reference to the others because they fit the overall theme, but nothing more.

They explain why there are no half-dwarves, half-gnomes, and half-halflings: they are not compatible races. Those that can breed with humans are either magical in nature or are close enough to produce young successfully. They acknowledge that half-dwarves could exist due to powerful magic, but they would be rarer than rare. The rules for unique backgrounds can allow you to build a half-dwarf if you like (with the Advanced Race Guide rules).

And a final note on the word Bastard. They make it very clear in the intro that while a child of mixed parentage growing up with loving, accepting parents and a village or community that accepts them completely is possible and definitely exists on Golarion. That is not what this book is about as there needs to be some other factor in that background in order to make an interesting character. This is a book about those who fall through the cracks in society through no fault of their own but the nature of their heritage. The downtrodden, the discriminated against, the despised. In other words, the Bastards of Golarion.

I love that, apparently humans can mate with orcs and freakin' aliens (Yes, the elves,) but they can't mate with the two other native races of Golarion, dwarves and halflings?

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Rynjin wrote:

Is he actually using the knowledge or just reading ahead?

If he's just reading, there's no real problem. There's a lot of cool stuff in the AP books that will never show up in the campaign proper so easily spelled out.

I also think it's okay if he's using it to speed his turns up somewhat by knowing the base stats of a monster (not acting on metagame knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses, more "Well I rolled a 14 vs its AC which is...15. Okay I missed, we can go ahead.").

If he's actually cheating though...yeah you need to have a talk, that's really your only option besides booting him entirely. If he flat out lies to your face about it (as you say he probably will), he's probably not worth keeping around.

This. I regularly read the backmatter for the modules, especially if they have delicious fluff on the Golarion setting. That being said, the thing that gets me is that he's doing it AT the table. That takes an unprecedented amount of both cojones and stupidity to do it right in front of the GM.

The alignment subtype is usually listed next to a creature type, and is typically reserved for only outsiders. 99% of PCs will never have an alignment subtype. It basically means that they are made up of the pure essence of that alignment, such as angels being Outsider [Good] or devils being Outsider [Lawful, Evil].

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Mazym wrote:

"the Demon Lord Deskari, is ready to finish what was started, and now moves to swallow all of northern Avistan into his home realm—unless he can be stopped"

Demon Lord who takes over a small area of the game world, while preparing to swallow up a larger area into his (her) home realm, unless stopped by the heroes...

I know I've seen that before, a long time ago. Good ideas never really go away, I guess.

Diablo says hi. :P

Inevitables? Axiomites? Pffff. This is a book about neutrality, not law and chaos.

We need an Aeon bloodline. (And Paizo quietly trying to sweep these monsters under the rug be damned!)

The first one. When a warpriest wields his deity's favored weapon or any weapon that he has Weapon Focus for, he's treated as full BAB. So at 6th level he'd get a second attack, and so on.

The Doctor says it best:

Some LN and NG deities have small orders of paladins, i.e. Abadar, Irori, Sarenrae and Shelyn all do. Even Aroden did while he was alive.

phantom1592 wrote:

If you are THAT far from the deities point of view... then your really NOT the shining example of their faith that they want.

RAW, there is nothing preventing it... but I believe the intent is that Paladins also have the 'one step' rule that Clerics have. In the Faith's of Purity book they list alternate Paladin codes for the Good gods.

This, a thousand times and the important part bolded for emphasis. There's a specific archetype for paladins who want to revere one deity above all others. It's called Sacred Servant and it specifically states that you can only venerate a LG, LN, or NG deity.

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I had to chuckle a little as I read about Kemusar I's "grizzly" death of being eaten by crocodiles. Apparently someone mistook "grizzly" for "grisly".

Hendelbolaf wrote:

1) No, there is no spell failure chance for activating any magic item, including spell completion and spell trigger items.

2) No, there is also no Concentration check needed to activate an item.

3) Yes, even if you cannot yet access the spell, it is still on your list so you may activate a wand or staff of the spell. The only issue is with scrolls of a higher level than you can cast and those rules are found under the scrolls in the magic item section.

Number one is not entirely true...

Core Rulebook: Scrolls, page 490 wrote:
Using a scroll is like casting a spell for purposes of arcane spell failure chance.

On the other hand, I believe the jury is still out on whether or not you can enchant a launching crossbow and have the bonus apply to attack and damage rolls with splash weapons...

Dabbler wrote:
Fomsie wrote:
No interpretation needed... a deaf person will not hear a rock drop, but they will still feel the vibrations. The in game definitions are clear, technicalities are for when people are trying to get around rules.
Does that mean that if you are deaf, you are immune to sonic damage?

Depending on the spell, yes, actually. At least that's how it worked in 3.5.

Also, as for fooling tremorsense, if your game is open to 3.5, taking the Darkstalker feat will at least force enemies to have to look for you; no more auto-sensing for them.

Also, I know it's not a huge worry for the OP, Conceal Scent might be something to look into if you're looking for a non-magical way to bypass scent.

Wouldn't it just be a more aerodynamic flask, then?

williamoak wrote:

Thanks for the ideas everyone. A lot of them dont fit my basic theme for this, but they are good ideas for other situations. To reiterate basic conditions:

1) Be dwarves
2) Be arcanists (wizard/witch/sorcerer/arcanist)
3) Be "functionally" immortal
4) Have an excuse for sleeping 2000 years

So far, the best I have is:

1) Nightmare lord... the soul is trapped in the dimension of dreams. Probably sorcerer.
2) Mummy: trapped in it's tomb, that has been flooded with very potent holy water.
3) Soulbound shell (thinking wizard): the soul focus is slightly loose, preventing animation of the shell.
4) Graveknight (probably eldritch knight type): The armor is trapped under a ton of rock.
5) Worm that walks: Body scattered, different parts trapped in small isolated areas.

I think each should have a "temple" of sorts, with some sort of vague pyramid theme. Number 1 would have a ziggurat ("one" side), number 3 a triangular pyramid, number 4 a square step pyramid, etc.

Graveknight would be fun as a magus.

Maybe one of them could be a powerful bard lich, trapped in an area of magical silence.

Another could be an actual ghost, a la Geb. Maybe a Ghost witch?

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