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Belkar Bitterleaf

Ashram's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 680 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists.


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Back on the armor thing, if that GM wanted to be "historically accurate", he should have allowed longswords, bastard swords, and greatswords to all do piercing and slashing damage as they did in real life.

Conversely, someone could pick up an estoc and completely obliterate chainmail and any sort of plate armor. (Not saying armor being immune to damage types is a good thing, just throwing ideas out.)

They don't? Swore they did. Weird.

Another question for the Eldritch Archer archetype: Since they have the Diminished Spellcasting class feature, do they get the improved Fighter Training class feature at 7th level that all of the magus archetypes from Ultimate Combat got?

Yeah, let's get them to fix the first UE before we clamber for a new one.

Ah, okay. That's way more useful. I mentioned Reach Magic simply for Myrmidarch, the only other magus archetype that could make use of it.

DM Sothal wrote:
Axial wrote:
Can anyone tell me more about the Constable, Eldritch Archer, and Siegebreaker?

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

My only gripe is that in the Ranged Tactics Toolbox, magus got a Reach Spell-type arcana. Is there any real difference aside from Reach Spellstrike requiring you to spellstrike your spell to gain the effect of the metamagic?

Not a rules question. Flagging for move to Advice board.

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My group jokingly refers to any adamantine hammer or mace as our "master key".

Speaking of Desna, the Black Butterfly might qualify.

You'd think if people were actually interested in this getting resolved instead of arguing there'd be way more FAQ requests.

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People keep demanding that the myrmidarch NEEDS to have Spell Combat, and it's not going to happen. The myrmidarch is meant to be sword and bow guy, not full-on bow guy. Also, being able to full attack with a bow AND stack a spell on it at range doesn't sound like it could ever get abusive at all, nope.

the Haunted Jester wrote:
What about another printing of the Advanced Players Guide. I know you cannot discuss next printings but I would like to point out that it's been nearly 5 years since it's seen an update.

This. Just sayin'. Or an errata to Ultimate Equipment, which still has the old, original printings of basically every single piece of equipment and is horribly out of date.

A third printing already? Holy crap.

So, Horror Adventures and a Lovecraft-themed game.

Hopefully it has something to do with aeons and isn't just an unfortunate alternate spelling of eons where aeons actually mean something in the setting.

No offense, someone desperately needs to do some proofreading on the errata document. Many entries are unbolded or lumped into other entries.

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Huh, I could have sworn she was going to be Erutaki or even Arcadian, not Tian-Hwan. o.o

Where's that Kineticist article, Mr. Seifter? ;)

There's a pseudo-rule for that in Jade Regent. You can deliberately attempt suicide by declaring such and making a coup de grace against yourself. I'm almost sure you can voluntarily fail the Fortitude save, but that might change from GM to GM.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Ashram wrote:
Shisumo wrote:
QuidEst wrote:
Xethik wrote:
Can the Mindblade still spell combat and spellstrike with the dual mindblades? Or are you choosing one? Spell combat and TWF don't normally play well.
I think there was mention of that earlier in the thread, yes.
You are considered to have a hand free for spell combat when dual wielding. You gain the same ability with a two-handed mindblade at 13th level, in fact.

Ugh, so it likely has the same wording as the spellblade's Force Athame ability. You can spell combat, or two-weapon fight, but not both at the same time.

At least the mindblade doesn't give up spellstrike.

Nope, when it gains that ability, it can spell combat and TWF! It's one of the archetype's hallmark abilities. There are tradeoffs (for one, thought components become something to think about, since they make concentration checks pretty hard when they come up; build strong concentration!)

That's actually pretty awesome. Maybe we can reverse engineer this for the spellblade to make it suck less. :)

Shisumo wrote:
QuidEst wrote:
Xethik wrote:
Can the Mindblade still spell combat and spellstrike with the dual mindblades? Or are you choosing one? Spell combat and TWF don't normally play well.
I think there was mention of that earlier in the thread, yes.
You are considered to have a hand free for spell combat when dual wielding. You gain the same ability with a two-handed mindblade at 13th level, in fact.

Ugh, so it likely has the same wording as the spellblade's Force Athame ability. You can spell combat, or two-weapon fight, but not both at the same time.

At least the mindblade doesn't give up spellstrike.

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Still betting money that it will officially come out AT GenCon.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
ArcGygas wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:

Hey Mark, I have to ask you this because I feel like I must be missing something (and I'm not low on sleep this time!). Does the Overwhelming Soul kineticist archetype really not gain any charisma related ability to reduce burn? Because the archetype seems.... really gimped right now.

You get charisma as a primary stat, can't accept burn.... but then you don't seem to gain anything in return except for not having to burn yourself to fill your internal buffer and benefit from elemental overflow. How do you even use abilities that actually require you to accept burn to enhance them, like the various defensive powers?

It just seems like a normal kineticist could get the same effect (mostly not getting burnt), by not burning himself except for elemental overflow and filling internal buffer. Seriously, wouldn't the end result be basically the same? Overwhelming Soul seems to be less of an archetype that grants you abilities than one that just takes abilities away.

Hopefully there is something that I'm missing, because I *really* wanted to try out this archetype with a kitsune kineticist.

EDIT: Actually, this seems even worse than I thought. The Overwhelming Soul doesn't gain all the size bonuses from Elemental Overflow either. At high levels the character will be missing a +6, +4 and +2 to varous stats.

So basically two things here, one is bigger, but the other is more fun of an answer, so I'll start with the bigger one and end with the fun one:

The main answer is, if you love the burn mechanic and are really good at using it, the overwhelming soul is more of a niche archetype for you. As is, I learned a lot from my playtesters, and in particular, a few playtesters who were very proficient in the game and just had a viscerally bad reaction to burn got into this frank discussion with other playtesters who were very proficient in the game and were using burn for some really amazing things and getting it to


Hm... Wonder if I can wangle Kinetic Chirurgeon to be geokineticist or pyrokineticist as well. Might have to do some reverse-engineering.

Golden Sun references!

I'd be everso grateful if someone could spoiler me up some mindblade stuff. Is that the magus archetype where they become Int-spontaneous casting?

I'm totally looking forward to hearing about mindblade and the fighter archetype (Sensate, I think.)

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Problem with the campaign setting material is that normally, if there's a problem with it, Paizo will just ignore it until they're ready to reprint it into another book, and even then they MIGHT fix it. Core material only gets fixes because they reprint them fairly regularly.

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I had a gut feeling magus would have a soulknife-esque archetype, and I was right. :D

This should be in the homebrew section.

I'm actually rather curious if since Grenadier was reworked into a hobgoblin archetype in Monster Codex if this is even legal. >.>

Barachiel Shina wrote:

KINETICISTS = "Avatar: The Last Airbender" campaign setting.

I only want to see more Kineticist material after this book. Yes, it is the only class I am really interested in. Especially since it doesn't rely on psychic spells. Which I hate.

But they aren't benders. At all. Unless you plan to houserule that they're also monks.

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Mark Seifter wrote:

Ya, got FAQ

FAQ wrote:
Drawing and Sheathing a Weapon-like Object: I know I can draw or sheathe a weapon-like object as a move action using the “Draw or sheathe a weapon” action, but if I have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, can I combine the action with a regular move?Yes. As shown on the chart on page 183, when you have a BAB of +1 or higher, you are combining the regular draw or sheathe a weapon action with a move action. Thus all rules for draw or sheathe a weapon apply, including the ability to draw or sheathe a weapon-like object.

This definitely sounds like something that should be included in the next printing of the CRB, since you just changed the drawing a weapon and sheathing a weapon actions to make them two sides of the same coin.

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Lanitril wrote:
Crispy Gnoll Fajitas wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
The vigilante playtest, accidentally to the wrong file!
...It's the playtest's secret identity.
But I've seen the two books within five minutes of each other, and they can't be level 13, since neither book is out yet. :)

Only takes one minute now. :)

So. Obviously the Kineticist has a heavy Avatar feel to it. I just realized it also has a kinda Golden Sun feel to it as well? Anybody else? Might just be the elements and the psychic stuff, but maybe a little?

Maybe with a kind of Summoner or Spiritualist blend for one of the archetypes? I could see it. Maybe even some Medium. I'm not sure what combo would go best for that, but it'd be neat.

I've been saying since the beginning that kineticist feels more like Golden Sun than Avatar to me. >.> If you can actually still use your powers and wield melee weapons in combat, it WILL be Golden Sun.

RAI, it should be an unarmed strike.

RAW, doesn't appear that it precludes you from using a ranged attack.

Money limits? Book limits?

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Jack Amy wrote:
20th July 3015 is a Thursday. I believe we still have another 1,000 and a bit years on this playtest.

inb4 someone jokes that not even in a thousand years could Paizo make this class palatable

Try checking out the Wizard's Mail when you have the cash. If your GM is nice he may even let you make a custom one since you have Craft Magic Arms & Armor, so you can get rid of the greater slick enchantment and add something more to your liking.

No FAQ Friday? D:

It's probably a new ability from Occult Adventures. Paizo's been slipping those into new books lately.

Sgt Spectre wrote:

No I am the GM

A player was explaining this to me, but I was merely confirming.

Thanks bro


I was just confirming that my assumptions were right, in that it didn't fit the very strict requirements to be a black blade.

the Estoc does seem kind of overpowered.
it can benefit from being used as a two handed weapon, and can gain weapon finesse but only when wielded as a one hander.

hmm or maybe that's just versatility...
its damage and crit averages will also be higher/ better.

It's a bastard sword rapier. It can be used with weapon finesse only if you have the exotic weapon proficiency feat, but once you have that you can use weapon finesse with it in one or two hands. You may have missed that part.

As far as Bladebound goes, no, he can't. But the fact that the Blade Adept arcanist ignores that is dumb, and it's not a bad houserule to allow Bladebound magi to take any one-handed piercing or slashing weapon within reason as their black blade.

I've said this in other threads, but I'll say it again: We'll probably never get more aeons and the role of the de-facto neutral outsider race has been given to the psychopomps because James Jacobs said in his thread that after thinking about it he didn't like them and that because of their innate bipolarity, it was hard to quantify them as friend or foe for both player and GM.

claudekennilol wrote:

You said a few weeks ago (that Erik said, though I could never find that post) that the ACG errata was guaranteed to be out before Gencon. Any chance we can get more specifics on that? Last year, after standing in line for the ACG for 2 hours, then waiting 2 hours in line inside the booth to pay for it, I had exactly four minutes to make sure my warpriest was now-legal from the playtest version before starting my PFS game.

Obviously there have been lots of holes in the book as has been acknowledged many times. There's also been a huge lack of FAQ/errata posts to address these--apparently the unhappy minority had something to do with that. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation waiting to see how different issues were addressed.

Basically I'm just wondering if I'll have time to peruse the errata before Gencon or if it will be a last minute thing? Any insight into this would be much appreciated.

Pretty sure Erik said that the errata would be out "by the end of GenCon." I would pretty much take that as "We're releasing this at GenCon", since there has been no news about it other than "It's coming."

Derek Vande Brake wrote:
PRD wrote:
Healing Nonlethal Damage: You heal nonlethal damage at the rate of 1 hit point per hour per character level. When a spell or ability cures hit point damage, it also removes an equal amount of nonlethal damage.

Does this include fast healing and regeneration? For example, if a character with fast healing 5 has 10 lethal damage and 10 nonlethal damage, would it heal just 5 lethal the next turn, then another 5 the turn after, then start on the nonlethal? Or would it heal 5 lethal, and then because an ability cured hp damage, it also heals 5 nonlethal at the same time for a total of 10 that round?

What about healing over time naturally? Is that considered an "ability"? So let's say the above character is level 1 and has NO fast healing, but the same damage. He sleeps for 8 hours. He'd automatically heal 8 nonlethal damage at a rate of 1 per hour; he'd also heal 1 hp. Would this mean he'd also heal 1hp of nonlethal damage as well?

1. Fast healing and regen would do both at once, just like magical healing. If a creature with fast healing 5 has 10 lethal and 10 non-lethal, they'd heal that in two rounds.

2. That one I'm not sure about.


Ever tried swimming in stormy waters? This would be the equivalent of that. It's incredibly hard; the water of the orb is constantly churning and beating you into different directions. If I were GM I'd consider giving you a bonus to your Reflex save thanks to your swim speed, but you still need to make the Reflex save to get out.

So, did no one catch the "Negative Material Plane" line before this article was posted, or did Paizo intend on creating a new plane of existence? :P

Considering the flavor text of the heated rock special ability and the Smoking Boulder feat, I'd say it should be Con.

I'd be thoroughly shocked if they didn't debut it AT GenCon with the second printing for more delicious cash money.

VRMH wrote:
"Suspended animation" isn't a game term - it means different things under different circumstances.

The description for the temporal stasis spell would like a word with you. :P

Arachnofiend wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Barachiel Shina wrote:
Why did they take away from noncasters and made an already broken class even more broken (the magus)? I can not understand still why the noncaster hate?
It doesn't really make any kind of sense, that non-casters would be able to effect magic in that fashion anyway.
Barbarians are totally already capable of affecting other types of magic that way.

If Unchained is anything to go by, they can't use Spell Sunder now either. :P

Ranged Tactics Toolbox has kunai, if you're looking for ninja flavor. They're like daggers you can beat people with! :D

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Ashram wrote:
And here comes the people looking to get all the info in the book for free...
Gorbacz wrote:
Can anybody copy-paste the book plz plz?

See, this is exactly what I'm talking about! ;)

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