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Belkar Bitterleaf

Ashram's page

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I would easily say that in Golarion, every single good-aligned deity and church would absolutely balk at the idea of one of their clerics attempting to become a lich. Because you're not an arcane caster, most clerics attempt to become liches with the blessing of their deity, and you sure as hell wouldn't get any kind of blessing like that from Cayden. Not to mention the fact that even if you didn't get a blessing from your deity, the method of becoming a lich requires you to do horrifically evil acts. If your GM wants to rule that there are good liches in your setting that's fine, but undead-hood is not what a standard cleric of a good-aligned deity should be pursuing and you would absolutely fall and become an ex-cleric in the act. The same thing as if you attempted to repeatedly cast evil spells from a wand or scroll in an attempt to raise or create undead.

Also, to Bob Bob Bob, ever since the start of 3.0 undead creation and animation spells have been Evil with a capital E. I don't know where you're getting this idea that "Golarion fluff is influencing setting neutral books!!!!1!"

MageHunter wrote:

Step 1. Make a bunch of gold coins with Extended Major Creation.

Step 2. Stop by the bank and ask to switch to bars.
Step 3. Teleport.

Step 0.5: Disguise self.

Gorbacz wrote:
chopswil wrote:


2nd level rouge only gets 1 talent
Rogue Talents Count: Computed: 1 Stat Block: 2

He has the Extra Rogue Talent feat.

Can you get Extra Rogue Talent before 3rd?

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Gorbacz wrote:
Hey, where did the OP go?

Probably to grab a lawn chair and a packet of popcorn.

Azten wrote:
That just doesn't make sense. Welcome to Paizo's FAQratta Theme Park I guess.

This has literally been a thing since around PF's beginning. It was a rules post by either SKR or JJ, but since I can't find any of SKR's stuff, I'm gonna say it was JJ.

They did it because they didn't want to have the same amount of stupid metamagic dickery that 3.5 did, where you could stack asstons of metamagic on one spell for free, or craft high level items with metamagics on them for base spell level price.

Skull wrote:

This has been covered a hundred times in the past. Im sure a search will reveal that monks cannot use gauntlets to enhance their damage. The only way is an Amulet of Mighty Fists.... Or a permanency spell of some kind...

Just be warned... an anti magic field means you need to have it recast with permanency...

Erm... antimagic field doesn't dispel permanent effects, it just shuts them off until you leave the area. You have to actually be affected by the spell dispel magic for that to happen.

- Yes, that's what the 10th level ability does. You can use your INT and relevant feats like Spell Focus to set the DCs. It's a lot like the staff rules, but for scrolls. Basically if a feat gives you a bonus to the caster level and/or DC, it applies, but no other feats.

- Yes, but you cannot reduce the metamagic cost in any way. Class features, feats, traits; none of that applies in regards to the metamagic modifier when crafting a spell completion item with a metamagic feat. A scroll of selective fireball would be a 4th level spell, regardless of if you have fireball as your chosen spell for Magical Lineage.

- As it says in its description, Selective Spell can only be applied to spells that have an area effect and are instantaneous; IE, most AoE evocation spells, like fireball and lightning bolt. Lightning bolt is a valid choice for Selective Spell, and since you have the Improved Scroll Casting ability, you use your own INT modifier to select who to not affect with the spell.

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I still remember the days of 3.0, where the 200gp breastplate got you an entire friggin' set of armor, with a breastplate, backplate, greaves, a helmet, and a light suit of studded leather/brigandine.

CBDunkerson wrote:

When a creature has concealment you roll percentile dice to see if you can attack them at all. If you roll 20% or less then you automatically miss before even attempting the normal d20 roll to hit.

Elven Accuracy changes this so that if you roll 20% or less you get to roll again and only miss if you roll 20% or less on the second attempt as well... basically, only a 4% (.2 * .2) chance of missing.

Improved Precise Shot changes it so that you don't have to make the 20% miss chance roll at all. 0% chance of missing.

Note that neither of these feats modify the 50% chance of missing if the target has TOTAL concealment.

In any case, you then still have to roll d20 and beat their AC to actually hit the target.

Huh, I always thought this was the other way around, where you roll your attack first and then roll percentile dice to see if the enemy's concealment affected your aim.

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And here's the last one. Apparently according to Mark we would have hit this earlier but he had used the wrong PRD one week and accidentally converted a poison from Ultimate Equipment.

Wyvern poison (230 likes)
Type poison, injury; Save Fortitude DC 17
Track Constitution; Frequency 1/round for 6 rounds
Cure 2 saves

lol, no. Nothing short of a custom item will let you act as if you have more fighter-esque levels than you actually have.

Not unless you're an arcanist, or an exploiter wizard.

Arcanist with the School Understanding exploit, choosing the Universalist school. Otherwise, no, there's no other core way to get that power with Charisma as its stat.

Yeah, I would definitely say that the Plague Bringer power would partially overwrite an undead's natural immunity to diseases to simply say, "Still not affected by diseases, but can spread them around." Plenty of undead that can spread diseases naturally despite their immunity.

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One more to go after this!

Wolfsbane (225 likes)
Type poison, ingested; Save Fortitude DC 16
Track Constitution; Onset 10 minutes; Frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes
Cure 1 save

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Yeah, Paizo has several forgotten or "one and done" rulesets. Words of Power is one that Scythia mentioned, along with all of the rulesets from Ultimate Combat and one from Ultimate Magic, like armor as DR, called shots, piecemeal armor, and magic duels.

Everything from Pathfinder Unchained also comes to mind.

To be fair, the Ruby Phoenix Tournament module, one or both of the final bosses have adamantine quarterstaves, but I'm sure that was an errior.

As a small aside, I think you're missing the point of the word "vestigial". :v

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Pretty sure it was actually introduced because the native outsiders' incredibly long lifespans didn't gel with how they wanted them to be portrayed in the Golarion setting, which they're basically humans with some otherworldly features.

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First up, flagging for wrong board. This isn't a rules question, this is an advice question.

Secondly, how exactly is the swash OP? Is the group's optimization level relatively close, or did he build a competent build and everyone else just tossed a bunch of ideas together that sounded good?

Thirdly, if he's surrounded by fey and you want to yoink his sword, you can literally just do it while he's sleeping. No stealing maneuvers required. Be warned however, that unless you talk to him about this beforehand (WHICH I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND YOU DO) he will likely get pissed and feel like the GM is specifically targeting him for doing his job.

Just taking the swash's sword away for a couple of combats is not going to make the rest of your group stop feeling that he's OP; it's just going to make him useless for a couple of combats and be a burden, and then it'll be right back to the group resenting him. You really should just sit everyone down and allow people to air their grievances.

So, as a complete aside, are you intending your aasimar to be venerable or are you using the older age rules from Advanced Race Guide? With the second printing of the ARG, aasimars age exactly as humans do.

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I have a feeling Starfinder is taking up more time in Mark's schedule again. Or he's preparing for Thanksgiving.

Dragon78 wrote:
Other then this book and Distant Worlds, what other softcover Pathfinder books got a 2nd printing?

Pretty sure Technology Guide got a second printing, but I don't remember if it was softcover or not.

On another note, this time let's please actually do some in-depth QA for this book? We don't want another repeat of the first book's problems.

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A familiar, depending on the type, is effectively a second, albeit much weaker PC. It has an HP pool because of that first reason. If all you're looking for is a +2 to Will saves without having to worry about another stat block, pick up Iron Will and use the arcana slot for something else. Saying "I want the crunch but I don't want the drawbacks!" doesn't sit right with me.

Lady-J wrote:
elven curve blade on a halfling heritage teifling is what i'm after or a way to make a non slashing weapon be slashing so i could use the estoc

For changing damage types, there's the Weapon Versatility feat, although it's a bit pricey for a rogue. For proficiency, there's the opalescent white pyramid ioun stone, which gives varying degrees of proficiency depending on how much you want to spend.

99% sure if you put said familiar in an extradimensional space such as a Bag of Holding, you'd lose any bonuses from them.

You are completely free to not take advantage of the familiar class feature and simply not have it.

Typically, while flat-footed, you are denied your Dexterity bonus to AC (And potentially other types of AC bonuses that are contingent on not being flat-footed) and unless a character has the Combat Reflexes feat, they can't take attacks of opportunity.

PF Core Rulebook, pg. 178 wrote:

Flat-Footed: At the start of a battle, before you have had a chance to act (specifically, before your first regular turn in the initiative order), you are flat-footed. You can’t use your Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) while flat-footed. Barbarians and rogues of high enough level have the uncanny dodge extraordinary ability, which means that they cannot be caught flat-footed. Characters with uncanny dodge retain their Dexterity bonus to their AC and can make attacks of opportunity before they have acted in the first round of combat. A flat-footed character can’t make attacks of opportunity, unless he has the Combat Reflexes feat.

Inaction: Even if you can’t take actions, you retain your initiative score for the duration of the encounter.

Not quite. Going through all of the 3.5 stuff I could find, the only thing I could find referencing half-___ templates for spells (Including Faerun stuff) was the Visage of the Deity line from Complete Divine, of which the Greater Visage of the Deity spell turned you into a half-celestial or half-fiend, but it's a 9th level spell and personal only.

Grumbaki wrote:

Why? I want to play a Half Orc from Osirion. He has Int12. I can't pick Osirioni as a bonus language, instead it's got to be something like goblin or giant. To get Osirioni I need to waste a skill point on linguistics.

Likewise a Pahmet Dwarf, who should have Ancient Osirioni on his language list needs to waste a skill point.

Why limit RP by enforcing a limited language list? Why not say "common languages known by elves include..."?

Like Starglim mentioned, ask your GM if it would be okay to use a PFS ruling on this, which states that you gain whatever languages you start with (Typically Common, a racial language if you have one, and languages from high INT and Linguistics), plus a regional language (Unless you're from Taldor) to reflect growing up and living in that region. It wouldn't make much sense for you to have been born and have lived in a region and not know its native tongue.

Alternatively, if your GM allows it, you can learn a new language as per the "New Language" entry in the Retraining section in Ultimate Campaign (Despite the section that it's in, you are not retraining any languages, just adding a new one.) You could easily ask to do this before the game even begins and start with Osiriani.

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Elegant Egotist wrote:
Ashram wrote:
I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the thread title I thought this thread was going to go in the opposite direction and complain about the Cult of Paizo's sycophants giving five stars to everything.
Wow, that's...actually a very real issue which I see a lot. Never really thought of it until now though.

It's usually not a huge deal until they start speaking up in the product threads, decrying any constructive criticism as "hating" and arguing that Paizo can do no wrong and that we should unconditionally trust the devs "because it's their job".

I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the thread title I thought this thread was going to go in the opposite direction and complain about the Cult of Paizo's sycophants giving five stars to everything.

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Long time no update! Only two more poisons to bring all of the CRB poisons to the Unchained system.

Terinav root (220 likes)
Type poison, contact; Save Fortitude DC 16
Track Dexterity; Onset 1 minute; Frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes
Cure 1 save

By strict RAW, both archetypes modify spells. So yes, they are incompatible.

It would be pretty cool if Flurry of Blasts wasn't hot garbage at 1d6 damage only.

Wow, I didn't even notice it was out. I definitely hope we're getting a second printing that fixes some of the erroneous stuff.

If you want a definitive answer, ask in Mark Seifter's thread here: uestions-Here

Basically the only way to qualify for it is to go myrmidarch magus.

Mokshai wrote:

I am using the urgosh as a 2 handed weapon, and not 2 weapon fighting with it.

My question is

Would i use the d8 and the d6 stats, or should I use the spear stats for the one side, and axe stats for the other?

What Selvaxri said. You can also, if you have multiple attacks in a round, switch up what end you're using, which is particularly useful if you need to pierce or slash at a given target as long as you're not going over your regular amount of attacks.

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ElfenLied89 wrote:
Being a new GM I didn't think how hard a LE character would be in my campaign. This person knows waaaaaaay more than I do and has been a GM previously. He helps me GM sometimes, but is currently playing a LE wizard in my game. Any subtle ways I can get him to switch alignment? He causes so much trouble in the game. Freeing demons that were captured, almost killing an NPC, and trying to find stuff to kill demigods. Just. UUUGGGGHHHH. I got myself in a bad situation. I don't want to be mean and outright say I can't handle your alignment, change it. Any thoughts and ideas?

Uh... None of those particularly strike me as LE, although I admit I don't know the context. Most LE wizards that I've dealt with are on the diabolical, Asmodean side, so those actions, particularly freeing demons who are known to change their minds on eating people on a whim, don't exactly scream LE to me.

Charles Scholz wrote:

I would like to see a third edition in which they add everything that has come out in the AP's, Player's Guides, Campaign Settings, etc.

That should add another 50-100 pages.

AKA, Ultimate Equipment 2. 'Cause that'll never happen.

It's certainly a bit of a gray area. Most channel energy-esque abilities say that while feats like Extra Channel are legal and stack, feats like Alignment Channel and Elemental Channel do not work with channel energy-type abilities that restrict what you can affect.

1. Likely no to Alignment Channel working with Rebuke Undead (But it would work with Life Spirit's normal channel ability.)
2. You would likely have to choose which channel ability Extra Channel would affect, since it would not affect both and you can only take it once. GM discretion can go either way on this one, though.

Pretty sure they know about Arcane Armor Training and Improved Arcane Armor Training.

Yeah, there really doesn't appear to be an equivalent of the twilight enchantment from 3.5's Magic Item Compendium. There's a feat that allows you to drop some of the ASF for shields, but that's it.

To be fair, I think once you've crossed the threshold from bone to fossil, as in bone to stone, you've crossed from making an undead creature to crafting a bone golem...

Next time, please only press Submit once. You posted this thread three times.

Man, maybe Pathfinder will finally become like the 3.5 books of yore and get rid of the divide between setting-neutral books and campaign setting stuff.

Also, you know, maybe the Adventurer's Guide will have something the Core Rulebook has been lacking from day one that the 3.0 PHB had in it... Descriptions of their f@%&!ing deities and not just a little table in the cleric section with no other flavor text.

Technically, Channel Energy is a supernatural ability. Since I'm almost positive that there's nothing that says otherwise (Since this isn't like metamagic stacking) the two effects would stack, but only as additives and not multiplicatives (AKA 100% + 50% + 50%). And then at 16th level it would be like maximizing and empowering your channel (Max + Half max)

The closest thing in Pathfinder is the ravener template for dragons. I'm pretty certain there is no official "dracolich" like there was in 3.5.

I don't understand where you would need the source from. Magical healing just takes the total amount healed and adds it to your HP total. It's basic math with negative numbers. -7 + 6 = -1. Negative HP isn't suddenly treated as 0 for magical healing.

Yeah, I struggled with the whole "+10 equivalent price" thing because it was a 3.5 rule. Anything over a certain price was considered Epic.

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