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Belkar Bitterleaf

Ashram's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 531 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists.


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I'm sure this has been asked a bajillion times, but how do you pronounce Cayden Cailean's name?

Is it CAY(As in the letter K)-den KAI-leen or is it CAY-den KAI-lee-en?

Just note that the Merciful curse is third party and not Paizo, in case your GM isn't okay with that.

She would likely be a vanilla paladin of Aroden with mythic levels after Aroden's blessing. Cayden Cailean would likely have been just a fighter, and Norgorber would likely have been a rogue/assassin.

Haunt Siphon, from The Haunting of Harrowstone module in the Carrion Crown AP. It's a magic item.

Adept_Woodwright is correct. Most of the immunity-bypassing powers are augmented mythic spells.

Augmented mythic cloudkill bypasses poison resistance.
Augmented mythic cone of cold changes some of the damage into physical damage, which bypasses the normal cold resistance/immunity.
Augmented mythic fireball bypasses fire resistance/immunity.

And so on.

A little lost on the Dossal of Salt and Tears, mainly because of this part:

"A cleric who worships Iomedae who prays for spells at the dossal can prepare domain spells from the Community, Knowledge, Law, or Protection domains. These are the four domains once granted by Aroden that are not also granted by Iomedae."

Uh... Aroden granted the Community, Glory, Knowledge, Law, and Protection domains, and Iomedae grants the Glory, Good, Law, Sun, and War domains. Was Law supposed to be included in there, or was it only supposed to be Community, Knowledge, and Protection?

There's actually a feat that allows you, in conjunction with Craft Magic Arms & Armor, to make weapons and shields into holy symbols that you can cast spells with. It's called Create Reliquary Arms & Shields. Otherwise, as was stated above, a shield or a weapon is not automatically a holy symbol simply because a religious symbol is inscribed on it.

As far as I remember, you ignore anything that doesn't have a flat bonus attached to it.

It'd simply be as going from +1 to +2, only the total value of the item also has the glamered cost added to it.

TheRamza wrote:
Cevah wrote:

Wand of Hex Vulnerability @ 1st & Witch 1 w/healing hex heals 1d8+1 for 15gp, or 2.73gp per hp
Wand of Hex Vulnerability @ 1st & Witch 5 w/healing hex heals 2d8+5 for 15gp, or 1.07gp per hp
Wand of Hex Vulnerability @ 1st & Witch 20 w/major healing hex heals 4d8+20 for 15gp, or 0.39gp per hp

It should be noted that a caster level 1 wand of hex vulnerability only lasts 1 round. The spell will wear off before you can healing hex them through this wand. Higher caster level wands of course more then make up for this....

....However caster levels for wands in PFS are restricted to minimum possible caster level so barring a chronicle sheet with a CL2+ wand that argument is kinda null. I have read the idea of a Familiar holding the charge on a hex to deliver the same turn you use the wand. I'm not sure that even happens though.


Deliver Touch Spells (Su)

If a witch is 3rd level or higher, her familiar can deliver touch spells or hexes for her. If the witch and the familiar are in contact at the time the witch casts a touch spell, she can designate her familiar as the “toucher.” The familiar can then deliver the touch spell just as the witch would. As usual, if the witch casts another spell before the touch is delivered, the touch spell dissipates. If the witch activates a hex, her familiar can be used to make the touch. She does not have to be in contact with the familiar to use this ability.

The ability lists designating the familiar as the toucher for a spell separately and with different language from how delivering hex touches works. It looks to me that Deliver Touch Spells for witches basically gives the witch and their familiar two separate but similar abilities.

As for home...

I'm hoping quite frankly that Hex Vulnerability's inability to work for its caster at 1st level is an oversight, and that the spell is actually supposed to last until the end of your next turn.

There are not.

This is one of those great times where spell research should come into play.

The Cube of Rubix wrote:

Alright so I know Regeneration is restricted to specific things that turn it off. Like Acid and fire for a troll.

What happens if you are immune to both fire and Acid, or at least one of those, for example an enhancement in the MIC from 3.5 for armor or shield was Energy Immunity (I think it was a +2 Enhancement) so say someone who had taken the Troll-Blooded feat took this enhancement and placed it on their armor to make them immune to fire.

Do they somehow lose their regeneration? Would they only be able to be killed if someone sundered their armor and thus broke the enhancement?

Energy Immunity, it should be noted, only functions once a day and for one minute in the MIC version. True energy immunity is an epic armor enhancement from the Epic Player's Handbook.

Another thing to necro this thread over, for some reason while the standard PDF had this problem fixed, the lite PDF for Ultimate Magic still has the missing Magus bookmark in the archetypes section of the book. It's still accidentally lumped in under the Inquisitor.

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Kudaku wrote:
Insain Dragoon wrote:

Crossbows are still in core though.

Also if all options in the book are CRB only then I feel so sorry for 3 classes.

Barbarian, monk, and... Third one eludes me. Ranger?

Fighter, monk, rogue.

Did you really need to post this three times, bro?

Cevah wrote:

PRD Lord's Banner lists 4 types of banner, but the crafting requirements show 5:

Requirements wrote:
Craft Wondrous Item, eagle's splendor (leadership), hallow (crusades), freedom of movement (swiftness), fear (terror), heroism (victory); Cost 50,000 gp (crusades), 5,000 gp (swiftness), 28,000 gp (terror), 37,500 gp (victory)

Is the eagle's splendor a typo, or is it a requirement for a MIA banner?



It's not on Archives of Nethys either. Suffice it to say, it's probably something that got removed except for that errant piece of text.

Just tell us which witch hex you want to use. Otherwise, take a look at the flavor of the witch hexes and extrapolate.

For example, cackle has verbal components. Evil eye could technically have a somatic component in that you have to legitimately stare at someone. Others, like the flight hex, would have "always on" components like the buoyancy, with the useable spells would effectively be spell-like and thus have no components.

kestral287 wrote:

Full attack: That looks right, unless he chooses to two-hand the longsword.

Spell Combat: It is not. Spell Combat only works with hand-based attacks. You need to take the Natural Spell Combat arcana for it to include a Bite or Gore attack (and take it twice for both).

This is not exactly right. You need to take Natural Spell Combat to even use claw attacks at all during spell combat.

Reprinting the exact text for Natural Spell Combat here:

"The magus can use his spell combat class feature with a natural attack of his choice. If he does, he gains a +2 bonus on concentration checks. If the natural attack is made with an appendage that would normally hold a weapon (such as a claw attack), the magus cannot wield a weapon in that appendage while making natural attacks with it. If the natural attack is a bite or other attack that does not require a free appendage to make, the magus can use the natural attack in addition to all of the attacks he could make with his melee weapon, if he has one. A magus can select this arcana more than once. The bonus on concentration checks does not stack. Each time he selects this arcana, he selects another natural weapon. For example, a magus could select this arcana twice, choosing claw attacks and bite attacks. This would allow him to use a full-round action to make all of his claw attacks with his free hand and all of his bite attacks in addition to casting a spell. This arcana otherwise functions exactly like the spell combat class feature."

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RAI says yes, as most any magus arcana that gives magus another class feature (Such as hexes on Hexcrafter) are intended to be used as if the magus had an equivalent level of whatever the other class is.

RAW is silent due to bad wording, and could very easily be construed as no.

zergtitan wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
zergtitan wrote:

Legacy Weapons!? Nice!

If its too much to ask, would it be possible to produce a legacy weapon version of Briar from Kingmaker and the Artifacts Campaign Setting Books?

In addition to plenty of examples, we provide everything you need to make your own scaling items, so I'm excited to see what the boards come up with in that regard!

Sweet! Yeah I found an old post I made when trying to form Briar into a legacy weapon for the entirety of Kingmaker and these new rules might make it work.

Zergtitan wrote:

Well right now i have it's progression mirroring it's awakening progression in Sound of a Thousand Screams.

It is found in the Temple of the elk as a +1 Bastard Sword with nothing more known except it's name is Briar and whoever wields it shall hold the fate of The Stolen Lands in their hands. then it's progression continues with each major villain defeated.

Defeat the Stag Lord: +2 Bastard Sword
Defeat the Enraged Giant Owlbear: +3 Cold Iron Bastard Sword
Defeat Vordakai: +3 Intellegent (empathy) Cold Iron Bastard Sword
Defeat Armag: +4 Intellegent (speech) Cold Iron Bastard Sword
Defeat King Castruccio Irovetti: +5 Intellegent (telepathy) Cold Iron Bastard Sword (Vorpal towards Fey)
Defeat the Jabberwocky: +5 Intellegent (Telepathy) Cold Iron Vorpal Bastard Sword

Kinda curious, does the sword suddenly and magically transform into cold iron? That seems kinda silly.

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leo1925 wrote:
Neongelion wrote:
leo1925 wrote:
Neongelion wrote:

I for one welcome our brain-sucking overlords.

The hidden message (as with all APs) in the final book, by the way, was "keep watching the skies". Distant worlds/Dominion invasion AP confirmed! Helps that James Jacobs said he had a Dominion invasion AP plot slushing around in his dinosaur brain for awhile too :D

There was the same hidden message on the Second Darkness.

Also i am still waiting for those runelords to return (RotRL hidden message).

Well they did technically return. One of them anyway. And not Karzoug. If you don't know what I'm talking about then good, spoiler alert.

Anyway I am getting my Distant Worlds AP regardless! It might be in 2017, it might be in 2045, it might be in the grim dark future 40,000 years from now but damnit I will get it!

Are you talking about

** spoiler omitted **

Well, that, and we already know (Or have a good idea) of where three other Runelords are. During the Shattered Star AP you find out that Sorshen is hidden under Castle Korvosa, in Mythic Realms you find out Zutha is buried deep under the Cenotaph plus the Continuing the Adventure section of Shattered Star has a necromancer taiga giant lich with two of the three sections of Zutha's phylactery, the Gluttonous Tome, who is poised to bring Zutha back, and in Dungeons of Golarion it's vaguely hinted at that Alaznist is likely hidden somewhere that can be accessed by her runewell of wrath.

A. There is no limit to how many spells per day you can scribe into your spellbook, provided you have materials and time. Nowhere in the Arcane Magical Writings section of the Magic chapter does it say there is a limit.

B. There is also no limit to the amount of time you can spend scribing a spell into your spellbook. The "maximum 8 hours per day" that Legowaffles mentioned is for legitimate mundane and magical crafting, not for scribing spells into a spellbook.

Alchemical power components.

Neither. Dimensional Dervish requires a full-attack action to perform plus the casting of dimension door as a swift action. The requirement of a full-attack action means that you cannot use spell combat, which is another full-attack action, and since you can't cast any spells (Not even a quickened one because of the swift action dimension door), you cannot use spellstrike.

This seems more like an advice thread rather than a rules question. Flagged for a move.

Thinking back on my Runelords questions and re-reading the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary book, apparently James did name (Or give the go-ahead to name) the first Runelord of Greed, Kaladurnae. That's four down, three to go. :P

Hey Mark, going along with the warpriest train of thought, does the bonus combat feat granted by a human warpriest's favored class bonus get the same benefit of using their full BAB to qualify for it?

bdub wrote:
Being new to Pathfinder, what's the best way to approach errata with Paizo? If I buy a PDF, will a corrected version be released in the future that I can download?

Yes. If you buy a PDF and a later printing is released, all you have to do is re-download the newer printing PDF, for free.

Also, I could have sworn the Paizo Dev Team account went silent last year because of SKR leaving, since he was the biggest proponent of getting FAQs out as soon as possible.

What? Weapon Versatility is a Paizo source, it's from a campaign setting book. I think you meant "core". It's even PFS-compatible.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

RAW it can work, if you have Weapon Versatility. Using that and changing the damage to piercing would allow a staff to qualify, although naturally you'd have to be using it one-handed through Quarterstaff Master and not ever use it two-handed to get the benefit.

mardaddy wrote:

LOL. We had a player drop out of our Shattered Star AP over a couple of "perceived" issues, one of which was that, yes, he had planned his Bonded Witch out to 18th level not just with Feats and weapons and Skills, but also planned out what magic items he wanted to get at what levels, then dropping hints every game what he was, "hoping for," at that level of the AP so I would conveniently, "seed," the AP with his wants...

I ignored it. And after I stuck to my guns regarding how, "Detect Magic," works, that was enough for him to quit after four sessions.

I went by the rules, he tried to get me to allow Detect Magic to be constantly on. Whenever it expired, he would recast it immediately, and he scanned as he walked everywhere, trying to get me to treat it like "Magic Radar" without him having to stop and concentrate for the 6/12/18 seconds to get the staged benefits the spell description required.

Well, That was the last straw --- he quit.

If the guy wasn't an idiot he would have known there was a way for Detect Magic to be always on. It's called Permanency.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

My favorite threads are the ones where the OP posts an unpopular opinion and then never posts in the thread again.

Also, despite the fact that it likely won't be advertised, remember that Belkzen was originally one of the dwarven Sky Citadels. The area is more than just "hurr durr orcish badlands".

Quick necro question for Steven Helt: What deity would you ascribe to Luersa? Seeing as antipaladins need a patron deity in Pathfinder and in keeping with the context of the adventure, she'd likely worship one of the archdaemons or possibly some NE deity.

They would simply count as a Small aasimar, and thus would indeed get 30 ft. movement speed.

None of them stack, unless they say they do. Holy Vindicator stacks with all of them, but otherwise, they're all separate pools.

Also, warpriest can channel energy by way of sacking fervor, much like a paladin's lay on hands.

I would say it'll come out in the next six months, considering Technology Guide came out the same month and a second printing is already in circulation for it.

Is it really so hard to not quadruple post? There's an edit button for a reason.

By pure RAW, I doubt this would work, as Channel Ray specifically calls out when you channel energy, you can make a ray; Channeled Revival is a special, specific use of channel energy that is not technically channel energy, it simply takes uses of that ability to fuel it.

That said, ask your GM.

Rynjin wrote:
Tels wrote:
Shiroi wrote:

Hah, 1000 to a crowd beats my math, but just from what can actually be done at 20th, I got 1200+ to a single target for 3 burn (see my edit)

Since the strongest hp creature I can find is a CR 39 Lucifer with less than 1000 HP, this is instant death if done correctly (a single kineticist with 4 wizards preparing to cast true strike as prepared actions in sequence on each attack, and a guardian of some kind to keep the kineticist from dying long enough to charge up.

True Strike is a personal range spell and can't be cast on anyone other than the caster.

Zere are...veys.

Just off teh top of my head, a Sensei Monk letting you cast it yourself, as an example.

Alchemist extract of True Strike. ;)

Maybe if we're lucky, Inner Sea World Guide and Inner Sea Gods will get a new printing.

Okay, so going back to something I've been seeing because I must have missed that discussion, a kineticist's powers incur spell resistance checks now?

There are no official psionics in Pathfinder. The only thing close to it is the psionics series by Dreamscarred Press, which is a direct adaption of 3.5's psionics system.

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The smitter wrote:

What is the drug that is made out of ground up mummies and what book is that in? I think it is mumra but that might be the villain from Thundercats.

Fielding this one for James: It's called 'mumia', and you can find it in two varieties. Genuine mumia is from Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Kingdoms, and the synthetic version is from Pathfinder Player Companion: Undead Slayer's Handbook.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Ashram wrote:

1) Magic can make things do all sorts of stuff. Including making ice, bone, or even light into a weapon that is very effective.

2) Accident. Alaznist's ranseur has a different Runelord of Wrath's skull on it, not the first. ALTHOUGH... liches rebuild their bodies once killed, so perhaps she killed him at one point and took his skull and let him rebuild!


On #2, considering by Alaznist's reign Alderpash would have been very (un)comfortably tucked away in the Abyss for at least a couple hundred years by Baphomet, I highly doubt Alaznist would have taken a field trip to the Abyss just to get a neato trophy for the butt end of her ranseur. :P

On #7, I meant the fact that by RAW you can't make a scythe out of bone, since you can't make a two-handed slashing weapon out of bone. Although I guess if you jerry-rig a wood handle and a bone blade like Krune's dragon-tooth longspear, you can get around that. I'll just chalk it up to "10,000-year-old wizards did it." ;)

Two new questions!

1. How was there an art mix-up for Sorshen's guisarme, considering it's never been depicted in official art?

2. Alaznist has been called an arcane knight before. Was that just for her enjoyment of using evocation, or did she actually wear armor? (You've mentioned before that she would not have levels in Eldritch Knight.)

David Neilson wrote:
Then again if they are Chaotic Good, they could break the law.

And risk getting the long, ironshod boot of the law up their butts, considering there's nothing to go on if the PCs want to, say, start in Thornkeep instead. A Chaotic Stupid character going around breaking laws is just going to piss the Hellknights off and make things hard for the rest of the group.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In-depth nerd questions about the Runelords' weapons of rule (And other Runelord-y things) incoming:

1. Krune's dragon-tooth longspear is detailed in "The Waking Rune", which very obviously has bone for the tip of the spear. Normally even magically-strengthened bone takes a damage penalty, but his spear does not. Oversight, or crazy Runelord magic?

2. In "The Dead Heart of Xin", Alaznist's write-up states that her adamantine ranseur has the skull of the first Runelord of Wrath impaled at the butt; "The Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth" states otherwise, saying that the first Runelord of Wrath was whisked away by a demon lord for a foolish promise and resorted to lichdom. Accident, or retcon?

3. Do you have the names of the other four original Runelords, and are they important enough to keep under wraps?

4. Any hints as to what "undocumented" skymetal Xanderghul's lucerne hammer is made of? I've always held that it's horacalcum since the metal is so rare that it was effectively undocumented (And it's technically the metal that embodies his sin.)

5. Sorshen's "double-headed guisarme"... One head at both ends? Wracking my brain on this one.

6. Belimarius' "memory-stealing halberd of gold and mithral"... Solid gold pole with a mithral head, or some weird mixture of the two?

7. Zutha's "life-stealing scythe made of bone": Technically not possible, by RAW. More crazy Runelord magic? :P

8. Earlier in the thread, you mentioned Belimarius was between Krune and Zutha in power. Considering Zutha and Krune are the same level, would Belimarius be a 17th level old female Azlanti abjurer?

And now I'm done. Whew...

ElterAgo wrote:

Ok, My group is considering this for our next campaign. (I will be the GM if we do it.) There have been a few concerns raised based on comments heard/read.

Superdungeon! Kool for the retro feel. But most of my players have become used to a certain amount of mystery/investigation/social/etc... aspects of the game. They certainly like good combat scenes. But they aren't too interested if it is just combat. They really aren't too into the murderhobo scene. (Well, one guy is. But he's trying to get over it.) Is there enough story to satisfy a fairly average group?

Bad Guys? One of the players heard that the PC's almost have to be the bad guys in this one. I've got a couple of players that tend to have a problem with that. They want to be the shining heroes coming to the rescue. Not the ones that people need to be rescued from. Are the PC's really the bad guys in this?

1. Absolutely, provided your group (Or at least the wizard, most likely) has a taste for Azlanti shenanigans. Most of the overarching story is Azlanti in nature, until you get to one of the lowest floors. There are a lot of subquests in between then that might satisfy your group's want of investigations/mysteries, but more or less all real social stuff is going to be in town and made up by the GM, as there are several minor hooks around town that the GM can use if they're feeling creative. (Most of them are fighting high-level monsters that can easily gank an entire party if they find them at too low a level, old-school superdungeon style...)

2. The PCs don't have to be the bad guys, but being good (Especially chaotic good) is going to be incredibly tough in a staunchly Lawful Evil town. Knights in shining armor (And indeed, adventurers in general) aren't held in very high regard by the Hellknight militia. Also, to adventure in the area without the Hellknights persecuting them your PCs will need a warrant from the town leader, which has a VERY steep tax of 30% of ALL the PCs wealth found in the Emerald Spire dungeon.

It's because they know we're waiting for it. I'm betting it won't happen until after the end of the year.

LoneKnave wrote:

Unarmed strikes suck even with the monk damage boost, because they have no crit multipliers (on top of the issues you mention).

Pretty sure BoNS had a feat that was (quoting from memory here) "your unarmed strikes deal damage as a monk of your level. In case you are a monk, increase this is capped at your level+4", and nobody made a fuss about it.

That would be Superior Unarmed Strike, from Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords.

SUS requires Improved Unarmed Strike and BAB +3, and the actual wording is that if you are not a monk (Or are not treated as one), your unarmed strike damage scales thusly:

3rd: 1d4
4th-7th: 1d6
8th-11th: 1d8
12th-15th: 1d10
16th-20th: 2d6

If you ARE a monk (Or treated as one), your unarmed strike damage from that class is treated as four levels higher.

Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:

Interestingly enough, this issue provides the first picture I have yet seen of the finalized cover for the first issue in the Giantslayer AP. It's pretty sweet.

For those of you who wanted to know about the new Fighter archetype...
** spoiler omitted **

Seriously, no bonus damage for wielding a gigantic weapon? A little sad that the archetype only has three abilities.

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