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Belkar Bitterleaf

Ashram's page

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Just saying, if magic items like scrolls and wands had DCs based on the caster that made them rather than the base modifier needed to cast the spell, then things like the Staff-like Wand arcane discovery, the Wand Mastery magus arcana, and the Improved Scroll Casting ability of the Scrollmaster wizard archetype would all be useless.

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From Dwarves of Golarion:

"A typical day for many dwarves begins with a bowl of hot porridge flavored with mushrooms, along with a generous slice of bacon or well-seasoned sausage. When the day’s commitments permit a midday meal, the fare is usually coarse mushroom bread, sharp cheese, and perhaps a slice of salted meat, washed down with water or a mug of ale. Supper is often a hearty roast or savory stew accompanied by root vegetables, hunks of bread, and tankards of good stout ale.
While such meals remain popular, modern dwarves have adapted to surface foods and no longer have to rely on the traditional meats and mushrooms. Goats, sheep, and swine are the meat animals of choice, though many dwarves have developed a taste for beef as well. Fruit is usually eaten dried, and leafy vegetables are rare."

Perhaps it's best not to ask where they originally got the meat from in the first place. ;)

GamesManipulator wrote:
Where can I find details such as what year each printing came out? I'd prefer not to get a 2nd printing when I buy a physical copy someplace, when I know there has been at least a 3rd printing & the newer the printing the less likely I'm going to need to find errata for any of the contents.

Third printing came out in 2011. Chances are by now, any place that sells Pathfinder books new has the newest printings. If you need to look at what printing the book is, look at the credits page which is usually the third or so page in the book. At the bottom will be the version info.

Fairly certain the fourth book you're thinking of is Savage Species. Otherwise, you listed the three official dragon-related books in 3.5, none of which contain the feat that the OP is looking for. Maybe it was in a 3rd party book and he simply forgot.

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Wounding is so expensive BECAUSE it specifically says it stacks.

Man, OP sure bailed on his thread in short order.

Sandal Fury wrote:
BretI wrote:
Deighton Thrane wrote:
Hmmm, has it been mentioned by any of the devs whether the omission of the -3 caster level for bloodragers was intentional? Or that it means that the caster level for the Bloodrager is it's class level. Because without a line stating what the caster level actually is for the Bloodrager, most of the GMs I know consider it to be the same as Paladins or Rangers. Which is why you see Bloodragers with the Magical Knack trait.

They likely wasted a trait.

Here is a quote from a designer mentioning that it is intentional that they get full caster level.

That's... from the playtest.

In 2013.

Yeah, but checking my PDF of ACG right now, nowhere in the Spells paragraph does it have the Ranger/Paladin wording of "Through 3rd level, a bloodrager has no caster level. At 4th level and higher, his caster level is equal to his bloodrager level -3."

It still boggles my mind that bloodrager gets reduced spells, but not reduced caster level to fit that...

StarMartyr365 wrote:

I believe that Mark specifically stated that they were going to release the errata for this book as soon a possible. I could be wrong but I also recall someone saying that the book was selling really well and it was just a matter of time until it went into a second printing anyways. I'm in the middle of something and I can't search the references right now so take it last bit with a grain of salt.


Pretty positive that ACG was selling really well until all of the editing problems arose and Erik Mona came by to say they were definitively working on errata. Quite frankly, all of the talk about them releasing the errata before the new print is out is hogwash; Paizo is not going to abandon their sales strategy. They're going to wait until the first printing of ACG is done, regardless of the fact that no doubt sales were stymied by the editing problems and from the expectation of the masses that other people will buy the books and they themselves will simply wait it out.

Albatoonoe wrote:

Really, I think the suck of the fighter is overstated. It needed help, sure, but it wasn't in the same group as the monk or the rogue. Plenty of people play fighters and have a dandy time with them. Lots. Most of the problem with fighters seems to come from theoretical weakness, rather than actual weakness. Monks and Rogues have shown actual weakness.

That said, I want to say I'm really liking the look of the new monk. The old monk flowed like water, sure. He just couldn't crash like water.

Playing Two-handed Weapon Fighter in Wardens of the Reborn Forge, can confirm it's actually quite nice to completely obliterate things with an earth breaker.

Petty Alchemy wrote:
16 is perfectly fine for a main stat, but you'll usually see 18s/20s on SAD characters such as casters. Martials can't afford to dump any physical stats though.

I remember the days when the iconic cleric had a poor Dex mod and wore full plate to alleviate that...

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As a side note, I am also of the opinion of shaking a fist somewhat-angrily as Paizo for attempting to once again sweep the Aeons under the rug as far as the Unchained Summoner goes. :P

Aleron wrote:
Ashram wrote:
Matthew Morris wrote:
xavier c wrote:

What is this supercharging of spellcasting?

how does it work?

what does it do to spells?

If you mean overclocking, you spend a swift and a spellcraft check to raise the caster level or the DC by 2, chance of hurting yourself if you flub the check.
Hopefully it's a really high Spellcraft check, or any Int-based caster of sufficient level will always be supercharging every spell.
If it is spellcraft any int based caster already has the advantage. I'd imagine a concentration style check (caster level + casting modifier) would be a better way to do it and more fair to all casters.

Not entirely. The full casters besides cleric and oracle will always be better, since they can afford to max out their casting stat early.

Matthew Morris wrote:
xavier c wrote:

What is this supercharging of spellcasting?

how does it work?

what does it do to spells?

If you mean overclocking, you spend a swift and a spellcraft check to raise the caster level or the DC by 2, chance of hurting yourself if you flub the check.

Hopefully it's a really high Spellcraft check, or any Int-based caster of sufficient level will always be supercharging every spell.

wraithstrike wrote:
Lifat wrote:
Alrighty. Wraithstrike clearly showed that my shenanigans couldn't be done within the rules. I am very happy with that. Doesn't remove the potential in game reasons to make a more narrow option bane weapon, which is what we are left with.
What do you mean by more narrow option? Do you mean something like Bane <evil outsiders> which would allow you to cover more creatures in most games?

More narrow would be, say, demon-bane, or daemon-bane, as opposed to evil outsider-bane.

Pretty sure it's supposed to be a specific subtype, otherwise it makes bane way better than it's supposed to be. Demon-bane would be legit, evil outsider-bane shouldn't be.

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wraithstrike wrote:
Ventnor wrote:
Question: is there a monk ability that lets my character do a hadoken?
That reminds me they had something like this in 3.5 in PHB 2. I forgot the name of the feat. It will be nice to see how Pathfinder does it.

It was a feat called Ki Blast; for two Stunning Fist attempts you could do 3d6 plus your Wis mod as a force effect.

To my knowledge, the only thing that lets you use a two-handed weapon and make an off-hand attack is Thunderstriker, the fighter archetype that lets you use a two-handed weapon and a buckler to do two-weapon fighting.

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Man, I remember when this thread used to be about errata.

mdoverl wrote:

obsessive compulsive disorder, I plan on buying a few hundred dollars worth of material, possibly a thousand dollars worth, and I don't want to buy something if the page count.

Plus I'm not going to wade through 20 pages thread postings to find an answer. I don't think my sanity would hold up.

plus, are you an employee of Paizo, it's looks like your just a subscriber.

It's 255 pages.

Yes. Because the other person could be lying, and a condition of activating a scroll is that you must decipher it for yourself.

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I still remember in one of the Complete books (Adventurer or Warrior) there was a mechanic for Sense Motive that allowed you to basically check the power level of the enemy you were about to fight, and if you rolled high enough you got a pretty accurate assessment on whether or not the thing was about to whoop your ass.

1. If the character is 16, he does not qualify for the young template any longer, since he is an adult in human years.

2. Are other templates allowed by your GM?

3. Unless you are an excellent caster player, expect to get one-shot for having 6 Con. Or to fail every Fortitude save.

From what I know of the region, killing Fafnheir would be an impressive feat... But even still, having help is against tradition. The last time the Ulfen went against tradition in naming a High King, they were overrun by Baba Yaga (Although, to be fair, even the wisest and most powerful High King couldn't have prevented that.) In this case, Sveinn Blood-Eagle, the closest thing to a High King the region has, would likely come to congratulate the PCs, or even challenge the ones who killed Fafnheir in honorable combat to make sure does something impressive before he goes to Valenhall.

There's nothing saying a single player can't become High King and name his fellow PCs as thanes or advisers under him. Also, because of the skill it takes to kill even a regular linnorm, usually only barbarians become Linnorm Kings; except maybe White Estrid, who despite being statted as a barbarian strikes me more as a bloodrager before that class came out.

Another bump, just so this can be on the first page with all its FAQ requests so that Mark doesn't miss it.

Bardess wrote:
What's the equivalent cleric level for an Emissary familiar using its domain power? Its familiar level or its familiar level -2?

Doesn't give an exact number, so assume full.

KirbyEF wrote:
Feros wrote:

You know, I never noticed that before but they do not have the starting ages for the various races for each new hybrid class.

A minor oversight, but could be annoying for those who use these rules.

EDIT: None of the classes outside of the Core Rulebook seem to have them, so best to just assign each class to one of the three age categories based on the amount of training baked into the class concept.

My suggestions:

Arcanist: As Bard
Bloodrager: As Barbarian
Brawler: As Fighter
Hunter: As Ranger
Investigator: As Bard
Shaman: As Druid
Skald: As Bard
Slayer: As Ranger
Swashbuckler: As Fighter
Warpriest: As Cleric

Liz what is the official starting ages?

I personally think he's right, except for a few. Here's my personal take:

Arcanist: Trained
Bloodrager: Intuitive
Brawler: Self-taught
Hunter: Trained
Investigator: Trained
Shaman: Intuitive
Skald: Self-taught
Slayer: Self-taught
Swashbuckler: Self-taught
Warpriest: Trained

Also Feros, the classes in the APG, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat do have starting ages. Look in the Advanced Race Guide.

I was wondering about the skinwalkers as well, since they also gain variable statistics.

Also, it really is a shame that aasimar and tiefling ages are still getting nerfed to basically half-elven aging, despite the fact that they have an ancestor who is literally ageless.

Apparently Paizo doesn't remember that barbarians CAN get a Climb speed... So long as they take both Raging Climber and Bestial Climber. ;)

Unless the enemy steals their mithral armor, melts it down into swords, and stabs the PCs with DR/silver with them, I'm not seeing the problem here.

This is like saying a demon couldn't use a cold iron weapon because they have DR/cold iron.

Also don't forget effortless lace, which can turn any one-handed piercing or slashing weapon into a finesseable weapon.

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And this is why I ask people to FAQ this and argue less.

Rynjin wrote:

Just because some people are being morons doesn't mean a FAQ is needed.

"FAQ" stands for "Frequently Asked Question" not "Question a few people are asking because they refuse to apply the smallest amount of common sense to their daily life".

Trust me, I know. But until we get a dev to come in here and say, "Look here, this is how it works; if you don't like it you can house rule it", we're gonna have people who are spreading this wildly-inaccurate idea of how archetypes work.

Rynjin wrote:

They're gone. That's why it says "Replaces" not "Suppresses".

Raising your effective Fighter level by 4 doesn't do anything if you trade out the ability that is affected by said level. It makes you treated as 4 levels higher. So what?

If you're a 3rd level Fighter with normal Armor Training, and increase your level by 4...gratz, you have Armor Training 2 now.

If you replaced Armor Training 2, then it doesn't matter WHAT your level is. You don't have it. If you level up to level 7 normally, you don't get it. So why would treating your level as 4 higher matter? You don't get the ability at that level.

See, this is my standpoint as well. But apparently some people very vehemently disagree. And thus the need for the thread.

You could also enchant your weapon with the agile weapon property to get Dex to damage on any weapon you can normally use Weapon Finesse with.

15 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

Spin-off of this thread:

For whatever reason, some people seem to think that when you take an archetype, the class features with increments that you give up, such as in the case of the fighter (dragoon) archetype and armor training, do not in fact cease to exist to the fighter; they are simply "walled off" so to speak and can be re-accessed by a sash of the war champion which grants the user four effective fighter levels for the purpose of armor training.

So the crux of the question is this: When a character takes an archetype, do their previous incremental base class abilities cease to exist as the general consensus seems to be, or can they be re-accessed their abilities through magic items that grant effective levels?

DinosaursOnIce wrote:
I agree with Gauss, nothing in the Dragoon actually alters the Armor Training ability, they just aren't given the 2nd stage and above of it. But they still have it, it just doesn't trigger. The ability still has its full potential locked in the mechanic, so the sash would still key off of the base ability, which isn't altered, resulting in the second stage of armor training triggering.

So "replaces" is not the same thing as "alters"?

Numarak wrote:

My guess is as follows:

The Archer uses the full-round action to full attack. Then he proceeds to use his first ranged attack to sunder the item, using Manyshot.

The attack shoots 2 arrows and provokes (if he has no Safe Shot and Improved Sunder).

He then checks if his CMB-4+d20 >= item's wielder's CMD.

On (true) he rolls damage twice, separately for each arrow.
On (false) proceeds on his attack routine.

That's how I would play it.

Considering Trick Shot can be anywhere within 30', I'd hope the archer is nowhere close enough to anyone to take an AoO. :P

Otherwise yeah, this sounds legit. Granted, you could say something about the wording of Manyshot's wording of "When you make a full attack with a bow, your first attack fires two arrows" and that a sunder attempt is a combat maneuver check and not an attack, but that'd be some rough semantics.

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Hey Mark, would you be interested in taking a look at this thread: Effective Level Increases and Archetype Class Features

The answer seems pretty cut and dried to me, but some people are really, really adamant about their personal interpretation of the rules.

TL;DR: Some people (The ones in the right) believe that when a fighter archetype gives up Armor Training in parts (Such as 2-4, but not 1), the other three parts cease to exist for the fighter and as such, he cannot access them, even with a Sash of the War Champion, which says he treats his level as four levels higher for the purposes of armor training.

The other side believes that even though the fighter has obviously given up Armor Training through the class features of the archetype, a Sash of the War Champion will still allow an archetyped fighter to gain Armor Training 2-4, because magic.

At some point we should make an actual FAQ request thread for this kind of stuff, which I'm sure will probably be answered by devs as "In the FAQ".

Yeah, fast movement is considered an enhancement bonus to speed, just like Haste.

This seems pretty cut and dried, despite the one and a half pages of moderately-civil discourse.

Armor Training is a four-part class feature, just as Weapon Training is. Fighter (dragoon) in particular gives up Armor Training 2-4 for other class features. Unless they were to pick up levels in, say, Magus (myrmidarch), Armor Training 2-4 does not exist for them. Sash of the War Champion would have zero effect on them, because they do not gain Armor Training levels higher than 1. It does not suddenly give them back the ability to advance the Armor Training that they gave up for their new archetype features.

(As a side note, anyone noticed the OP has only posted once in this thread?)

Green Eyed Liar wrote:

So, one of my players has designed a character to take advantage of the Intimidate skill. I usually do not balk about his use of the skill, but a new situation has arisen.

Currently, he is using Intimidate on a Raging Barbarian. The Barbarian is a higher level, is raging, and has a much higher Intimidate bonus than the PC. Yet, he is now scared of the PC.

Is there something I am missing that can be done to limit this skill?

Depending on the level of said barbarian, give him Fearless Rage. While raging, he is now immune to shaken, and therefore Intimidate.

Also, as per the somewhat recent dev ruling, immunity to fear or immunity to mind-affecting effects will make you immune to Intimidate, as the use of said skill is a mundane, mind-affecting fear effect.

1. It honestly sounds like it should be a melee-only thing, considering it doesn't specify ranged attacks.

2. The spell is admittedly badly worded: You make a regular attack roll, but deal no damage, with the apparent trade-off being that your bonus to hit with the weapon would be better than your touch attack. Under this assumption, Power Attack and Deadly Aim do nothing.

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This might have been asked before, but while we have some 3.5 questions on this page, here's another:

When you were thinking up Tar-Baphon/The Whispering Tyrant, did you ever think he'd be compared to Acererak?

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Rosc wrote:

So I've been meaning to make a PFS character who has an in character reason for playing scenarios out of order: they've been hopping back and forth through time. Be it through their own design or something beyond their control, I just love the idea of a character who meets strangers and starts telling them inside jokes that don't exist yet, or continually asking how their old chums in the Shadow Lodge are doing.

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions for ways to represent this the mechanics. Naturally my first idea was a Time oracle and the rest was easy to figure out, but the lack of Haste and Slow really rubs me the wrong way.

Unfortunately, since this is PFS, you pretty much have no chance of your character being a "time hopper". Also, honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if people call you out for metagaming for having your character know stuff that people in the present day wouldn't know, regardless if it's past or future knowledge.

Flagged for move to general discussion. Not a rules question.

Not a rules question. Flagging for moving to... Wherever. Just not here.

Well, what's your Spellcraft check looking like? Depending on how high it is, you can simply ignore spell prerequisites.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Snuffling wrote:
So no general consensus on this issue, each camp firm in their interpretations?

Basically. We just need more FAQ requests. This could easily become the new "Damage Dice Chart" FAQ.

Gwyndrath wrote:
I wonder if they have any new weapons in this like the different kinds of elf blades from Races of the Wild(elven lightblade, thinblade, etc.).

1d6 and 1d8, 18-20 x2 weapons that can be used with Weapon Finesse or two-handed, and are counted as both short sword/rapier and longsword/rapier for Weapon Focus, Weapon Spec., Gr. WF, Gr. WS, and Improved Critical are kinda powerful, especially in conjunction with an effortless lace.

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