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Friendly Fighter

Asherick Whiteplume's page

2,113 posts. Alias of Sunphoenix72.

Full Name

'Sir' {Lieutenant} Asherick "Ashe" Whiteplume-Stolyarev {The Grey Knight of Korvosa - 'Greyeagle'}


Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 / Holy Vindicator 2 | AC 24{28 ‘32’} [se: 28{32 ‘36’}] T 12 ‘16’ [se: 15 ‘21’] FF 23{27 ‘31’} [se: 27{31 ‘35’}] | HP 75/75 | F +13 R +12 W +15{+16enh} | Init +1{+2} | Perc {+9}


Common Skills:
Bluff +9, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5, Use Magic Dev +8



Smite Evil: 4 / 4; Lay On Hands[Channel: PE]: 7[11 c:pe] / 7 [11], Bardic Performance: 8rds




Lawful Good




Common, Varisian, Celestial {1pt}, Elven {Int}, Goblin {1pt}, Shoanti {1pt}, Draconic (1pt), Thassilonian {1pt}, Infernal {1pt}


Courtesan; Physician, Alchemist, Scholar ... ALL Hero!

About Asherick Whiteplume

'Sir' {Lieutenant} Asherick "Ashe" Whiteplume-Stolyarev
{The Grey Knight of Korvosa, Exemplar of Falcon’s Hollow, Hero of the Fey - 'Greyeagle'}
Male Human {Half Varisian/Chelaxian} Paladin [IOMEDAE] 6 / Bard 1 / HOLY VINDICATOR 2
LG Medium Humanoid
Init: +1 {+2} [IS: dusty rose]; Senses: Detect – Evil 60’ft; Perception: +8 {+9} [IS: dark blue]

AC: 24{28 ‘32’} [se: 28{32 ‘36’}], touch 12 ‘16’ [se: 15 ‘21’], flat-footed 23{27 ‘31’} [se: 27{31 ‘35’}]
(+1 Dex; +11 Full Plate ‘armor’ +2, +4 Celestial Shield ‘+2 Blinding Hvy Steel Shield’, +1 Ring ‘deflection’,
+1 Cloak of Crusader ‘natural armor’; +4’Sacred’ Vindicator Shield)
- In camp/On Ship (+1 Dex; +4 Armored Coat ‘armor’, +4 Celestial Shield ‘+2 Blinding Hvy Steel Shield’ OR
+1 Quickdraw ‘shield’ "Greyeagle", +1 Ring ‘deflection’, +1 Cloak of Crusader ‘natural armor’;
+4’Sacred’ Vindicator Shield )

hp: 75 {current 75} (8d10+1d8+9[+3fav])
Fort: +13, Ref: +12, Will: +15 {+16 vs Charm/Compulsion}
Resist: Immune to Disease, Immune to Fear, Possession, Mental Control, +1 ‘trait’ Sv Vs Charm/Compulsion;
Arcane Failure: 35%{full plate}; Check Penalty: -5

Base Atk: +8/+3; CMB: +11; CMD: 21 {27} [se: 24{30}] [+1 Ring, +4’Sacred’ Vindicator Shield]
Speed: 30' {40’ft BoSS} [20' {30’ft BoSS}- Run x3]


<DAUNTLESS HEART> +1{+2} Greyflame, Longsword-Consecrated
“Celestial Spirit {'Labbiel'}-Divine Bond” = +15{+16}/+10{+11} (1d8+{+1d6+1}+5, 19/x2),
- Notes: Inheritor’s Gauntlet Outsider [Evil] +2a/+2d6+2d, Smite [Evil] = +4a/+10d[+20d {e-o/e-drag/e-st/u}],
'Greyflame': Swi act, +1d6{Silver & Good}, 1rd/ d6 of Ch:PE Current: 4rds,
Channel Smite: [Current: +2d6/ Will DC 18], PoAt : -3a/+6d
Ty: S & Magic {Silver & Good [4rd]} /Smite Evil {No DR}
- Location: Right hip sheath

"Greyeagle" Aldori Dueling Sword = +14/+9 (1d8+4, 19/x2)
- Notes: Inheritor’s Gauntlet Magic Weapon +1h/+1d, Outsider [Evil] +2a/+2d6+2d,
Smite [Evil] = +4a/+10d[+20d {e-o/e-drag/e-st/u}], PoAt : -3a/+6d
- Ty: S / Smite evil {No DR}
- Location: Right hip sheath { ‘GREYEAGLE’ Identity – Only}

Shortsword-Alchemical Silver = +13/+8 (1d6+3, 19/x2)
- Notes: Inheritor’s Gauntlet Magic Weapon +1h/+1d, Outsider [Evil] +2a/+2d6+2d,
Smite [Evil] = +4a/+10d[+20d {e-o/e-drag/e-st/u}], PoAt : -3a/+6d
- Ty: P / alchem.-silver / Smite Evil {No DR}
- Location: Left hip sheath

Kapenia - Varisian Pocketed-Reinforced, Bladed Scarf-Alchem. Silver/Mw = +14/+9 (1d6+6 {+trip}, x3)
- Notes: Inheritor’s Gauntlet Magic Weapon +1h/+1d, Smite [Evil] = +4a/+10d[+20d {e-o/e-drag/e-st/u}],
PoAt : -3a/+9d
- Ty: S / Silver / Smite Evil {No DR}
- Location: Scarf at neck {Always worn - Both Identities}

Warhammer-Cold Iron = +13/+8 (1d8+4, x3)
- Notes: Inheritor’s Gauntlet Magic Weapon +1h/+1d, Smite [Evil] = +4a/+10d[+20d {e-o/e-drag/e-st/u}],
PoAt : -3a/+6d
- Ty: B / cold iron / Smite evil {No DR}
- Location: Small of back waist

Nodachi-Alchemical Silver = +13/+8 (1d10+5, 18/x2) [Brace]
- Notes: Inheritor’s Gauntlet Magic Weapon +1h/+1d, Outsider [Evil] +2a/+2d6+2d,
Smite [Evil] = +4a/+10d[+20d {e-o/e-drag/e-st/u}], PoAt : -3a/+9d[/ooc]
- Ty: S or P / alchem.-silver / Smite Evil {No DR}
- Location: Efficient Quiver

’Royal Glaive’ Glaive-Guisarme-Mw {w/Korvosan Watch Tassel} = +14/+9 (1d10+6, x3)
[Reach 10'ft, Brace, -2Ride ck - unseat 'hook']
- Notes: Inheritor’s Gauntlet Magic Weapon +1h/+1d, Smite [Evil] = +4a/+10d[+20d {e-o/e-drag/e-st/u}],
PoAt : -3a/+9d
- Ty: S / Smite Evil {No DR}
- Location: Efficient Quiver

Lance = +13{+15ch}/+8 (1d8+4, x3 [Reach 10’ft, 2x Dam on Charge] )
- Notes: Inheritor’s Gauntlet Magic Weapon +1h/+1d, Smite [Evil] = +4a/+10d[+20d {e-o/e-drag/e-st/u}],
PoAt : -3a/+6d[/ooc]
- Ty: P / Smite Evil {No DR}, [Reach 10'ft]
- Location: Efficient Quiver


<TITAN> +1 Adaptive, Composite Shortbow, {Mighty Str 16} = +11/+6 (1d6'+5', x3)
- Notes: Smite [Evil] = +4a/+10d[+20d {e-o/e-drag/e-st/u}]
- Range: 70'ft, Ty: P & Magic / cold iron or alchem.-silver / Smite evil {No DR}, Wt: 2lbs
- Location: Cross back, right-shoulder draw
Efficient Quiver: Arrows = 20x Std, 10x Alchem Silver, 10x Cold Iron, Weap. Blanch <10x Silver, 10x Cold Iron,
10x Adaman, 10x Ghost Salt>
- Location: Back-Shoulder, Right-side draw

Smite Evil {Su} : {10th Lvl} Swi Act, Add Cha Mod Hit & AC ‘deflection’ [+4hit / +4AC] Vs Smited creature, Add Level dam [+10 {+20} dam] {Double Lvl damage Vs - evil outsiders with the evil subtype, evil-aligned dragons, or an undead creature}; Bypass ALL DR - [ 4/day ]

Channel {Positive} Energy-4th {Su}: Std Act, 30'ft Burst, Dam {Undead} of Healing {Living} 1d6.
- 'As Cleric [1d {1st}, 2d {3rd}, 3d {5th}, 4d {7th}… 9/ 11/ 13]' [ 4d6 ] dam {Living} / healing {undead}, DC 10+ 1/2 [Paladin Lvl] + Cha Mod {1/2 dam} [ DC18 ] for 1/2 dam
- { Use 2 Lay On Hands per Channel }] - [ 11 Lay On Hands/day 'Extra Channel' ]

Divine Bond-5th {Sp} : divine bond deity to Enhance weapon; Std Act {Call Celestial Spirit - 'Labbiel'},
Duration: 1 min/per Pal Lvl [ 6 min ], ‘Called’ spirit -enchants weapon light {20'ft radius},
+1 enhancement bonus, +1/per 3 Paladin Lvls beyond 5th [ +1 ], to a Max of +6 at 20th and 1/day +1/per 4 Paladin Lvls beyond 5th - [ 1/day ]
Available weapon properties:
{axiomatic[+2], brilliant energy[+4], defending[+1], disruption[+2], flaming[+1], flaming burst[+2], holy[+2], keen[+1], merciful[+1], and speed[+3])

Bardic Performance {Ex} : std action-start, free action-maintain, 4rds + Chr Mod/day [8rds/day]
- Countersong {Su} : Any creat. In 30’ft {including self} – Use Perform ck result in place of Save vs Any sonic or language-dep. Magical effects {Not vs no save effects}
- Distraction {Su} : Any creat. In 30’ft {including self} – Use Perform ck result in place of Save vs Any Illusion{pattern} or Illusion{figment} magical attack {Not vs no save effects}
- Fascinate {Su} : 90’ft, Use performance to fascinate [1target], Will [DC15]
+ Will Sv(DC10 + ½ bard’s level {1min} + Cha Mod, Success – Immune 24hrs
[Fascinated] = -4 penalty all skill cks made as reaction, such as perception – Enchantment{Compulsion}, mind-affecting
- Inspire Courage {Su} : +1 Save Vs Charm & Fear, hit and damage {all allies}

Spell-Like Abilities –
At will - Detect Evil {Sp} : Std Act - as spell, Mv Act {single item/individual} 3rd-Study
- Detect Evil 'spell' = 60'ft Cone-shaped emanation

Paladin – Divine Spells Prepared (CL 4th, DC14+Lvl):
Concentration +8

Level 2 (1/day)
1 Angelic Aspect, Lesser [Personal, 4min {low-light vision, Resist Acid & Cold 5, protection from evil}]

Level 1 (2/day)
1 Heroes’ Defiance [V, Immed. Act {at 0 hp fro an attack}, +1d6 Lay On Hands]
2 Serren’s Swift Girding [35’ft, 4 ‘willing creat.’, Don suit of unoccupied armor ‘If currently unarmored’]

Paladin Spell List:

1st Lvl - [ 43 spells ]
bed of iron; bless; bless water; bless weapon; bowstaff; challenge evil; compel hostility; create water;
cure light wounds; detect charm; detect poison; detect undead; diagnose disease; divine favor; emblazon crest;
endure elements; ghostbane dirge; grace; horn of pursuit; heroes defiance; honeyed tongue; keep watch;
knight’s calling; know the enemy; liberating command; litany of sloth; longshot; magic weapon;
protection from chaos/evil; rally point; read magic; resistance; restoration, lesser; sanctify corpse;
serren’s swift girding; stalwart resolve; sun metal; tactical acumen; unbreakable heart; veil of positive energy;
virtue; wartrain mount; weapons against evil-IOMEDAE; word of resolve

2nd Lvl - [ 42 spells ]
angelic aspect, lesser; arrow of law; aura of greater courage; bestow grace; bestow weapon proficiency;
blessing of courage & life; bull’s strength; carry companion; corruption resistance; delay poison; divine arrow;
eagle’s splendor; effortless armor; endure elements-communal; fires of entanglement; holy shield;
inheritor's smite-IOMEDAE; instant armor; light of Iomedae; light lance; litany of defense; litany of eloquence;
litany of entanglement; litany of righteousness; litany of warding; magic siege engine; martyr's bargain;
owl’s wisdom; paladin’s sacrifice; protection from chaos/evil/good/law-communal; remove paralysis; resist energy;
righteous vigor; sacred bond; saddle surge; shield other; suppress charms & compulsions; undetectable alignment;
vestment of the champion; wake of light; weapon of awe; zone of truth

Bard – Arcane Spells Known ‘Spontaneous’ (CL 1st, DC14+Lvl):
Concentration +5

Level 1 (2/day)
feather fall [Immed. act, V, 25’ft, 1creat./obj, {20’ft apart} until landing or 1rd];
tap inner beauty {SHELYN} [V, Per, You, +2 insight to CHR ability ck & skills; 1min]

Level 0
detect magic [60’ft-Cone, Concen. To 1min{D}, No Sv/SR];
flare [V, 25’ft, burst of light, Fort Neg. or Dazzled 1min {-1att. & sight per.}];
mage hand [25’ft, One non-magic obj {5lbs}, Concen., Sv No/SR];
prestidigitation [10’ft, 1hour, SR No ‘minor magical effect’]

Bard Spell List:

0 Lvl - [ 20 spells ]
dancing lights; daze; detect magic; flare; ghost sound; haunted fey aspect; know direction; light; lullaby;
mage hand; mending; message; open/close; prestidigitation; read magic; resistance; sift; spark;
summon instrument; unwitting ally

1st Lvl - [ 69 spells ]
adjuring step; abundant ammunition; adoration; alarm; animate rope; anticipate peril; beguiling gift;
barrow skill; call weapon; cause fear; charm person; chord of shards; compel hostility; comprehend languages;
confusion, lesser; cure light wounds; dancing lantern; deadeye’s lore; delusional pride; detect secret doors;
detect charm; disguise self; ear-piercing scream; erase; expeditious retreat; feather fall; feather step;
flare burst; forced quiet; fumbletongue; grease; hideous laughter; horn of pursuit; hypnotism; identify;
innocence; invigorate; jury rig; ki arrow; liberating command; lock gaze; magic mouth; memory lapse;
moment of greatness; negative reaction; obscure object; play instrument; remove fear; restful sleep;
saving finale; see alignment; share language; silent image; sleep; solid note; summon minor monster;
summon monster I; timely inspiration; touch of gracelessness; transfer tatoo; undetectable alignment;
unnatural lust; unprepared combatant; unseen servant; vanish; vocal alteration; ventriloquism; weaponwand;
youthful appearance

Str 16 [18 (+4)], Dex 12 (+1), Con 12 (+1), Int 12 (+1), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 17'' [19 (+4)]
5p+2{Human}, 2p, 2p, 2p, 2p, 7p
-4 & 8th [Cha +2]
Encumbrance: Light- 76 [100 ‘116’]lbs / Medium- 153 [200 ‘233’]lbs/ Heavy- 230 [300 ‘350’]lbs/ Lift- 460 [600]lbs/
Drag- 1,150 [1,500]lbs; Load: 88.5lbs {w/Pack-Mw 158.5lbs}


{Paladin} AP: All light, med., Hvy & Shields - except Tower Shield; WP: All sim. & mar.
{Bard} AP: All light & Shields - except Tower Shield; WP: [whip]
{Trait} WP: Bladed Scarf & Starknife
Endurance-RC 'Human' = +4 1: Swim to resist non-lethal exhaustion damage, 2: Con to continue running,
3: Con to avoid non-lethal damage from forced march, 4: Con to hold breath,
5: Con to avoid non-lethal damage from starvation or thirst, 6: Fort Saves to avoid non-lethal damage from hot/cold environments,
7: Fort saves to resist damage from suffocation.
Weapon Focus {Longsword}-GLv1 [+1hit]
Power Attack-GLv3 [-2hit / +4dam]
Extra Channel-GLv5 [+4 Lay On Hands for – Channeling Positive Energy ‘Only’]
Alignment Channel-GLv7 {Evil Outsiders} [Channel to damage or heal]
HEAVENLY VIRTUEVirtuous Creed, MERCY-GLv9 [No Penalty to attack roll when using a lethal weapon
to deal non-lethal damage]
- Creed: Must always accept a enemies surrender, when enemies defeated in battle must attempt to stabilize them, and never bring undue suffering to the innocent
Greater Mercy-GLv11
Ultimate Mercy-GLv13


{Race: Varisian} Varisian Tattoo = Gain a +1 trait bonus on saves versus charm & compulsion spells and effects & WP: Bladed Scarf & Starknife
{Faith} Sacred Touch = As a standard action, may automatically stabilize a dying creature merely by touching it.
{Social} Charming: +1 Bluff & Diplomacy, +1DC {Lang-Based spells}


Naive: -2 penalty to AC against attacks with improvised weapons and a -2 penalty to CMD against dirty trick combat maneuvers


[43sp + 3Fv / 0] Pal {12C+6I+6r+3FC}, Brd {6C+1I+1r}, HlyVin {2C+1I+1r}

< 'Class' + Ranks + Ability + [Equipment] >

Acrobatics ( Dex ) ‘+3’+3rk+1[+5 BoSS] = +2 [+7]
* {Fight Defensively: -4hit/+3AC ‘dodge’; Total Defense: +6AC ‘dodge’}
Appraise ( Int ) ‘+3’+1 = +1
Bluff ( Cha ) ‘+3’+1rk+4 = +8 ‘+9’
Climb ( Str ) ‘+3’+4 = -1
Craft (Alchemy) ( Int ) '+3'+1rk+1[+4AL-Mw] = +9
Diplomacy ( Cha ) '+3'+1rk+4 = +8 ‘+9’ {+10 ‘+11’ w/Korvosan Citizens}
Disguise (Cha) ‘+3’+4[+10HoD] = +4 [+14]
Escape Artist (Dex) ‘+3’+1 = -4
Handle Animal ( Cha ) '+3'+1rk+4 = +7
Heal ( Wis ) '+3'+1rk+1[+5hk, +5blb/bob, +2kno:D] = +15 {+17 Diseases}
Intimidate ( Cha ) '+3'+1rk+4 = +8
Knowledge (Arcana) ( Int ) '+3'+1BK+1rk+1 = +6
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) ( Int ) '+3'+1BK+1rk+1[+4AL] = +6 [+10 Avoid Lost]
Knowledge (Engineering) ( Int ) '+3'+1BK+1rk+1 = +6
Knowledge (Geography) ( Int ) '+3'+1BK+1rk+1 = +6
Knowledge (History) ( Int ) '+3'+1BK+1rk+1 = +6
Knowledge (Local) ( Int ) '+3'+1BK+1rk+1 = +6
Knowledge (Nature) ( Int ) '+3'+1BK+1rk+1 = +6
Knowledge (Nobility) ( Int ) '+3'+1BK+1rk+1 = +6
Knowledge (Planes) ( Int ) '+3'+1BK+1rk+1 = +6
Knowledge (Religion) ( Int ) '+3'+1BK+5rk+1 = +10
Linguistics ( Int ) '+3'+6rk+1 = +10
Perception ( Wis ) ‘+3’+4rk+1 +1 {IS: dark blue} = +8 {+9}
Perform (Dance) ( Cha ) = ‘+3’+1rk+4 = +8 { Combat Performance: +13 }
Perform (Sing) ( Cha ) = ‘+3’+1rk+4 = +8
Perform (String) ( Cha ) = ‘+3’+1rk+4[+2js-mw] = +8 [+10]
Profession (Courtesan) ( Wis ) '+3'+1rk+1 = +5
Profession (Sailor) ( Wis ) ‘+3’+1rk+1 = +5
Profession (Soldier) ( Wis ) ‘+3’+1rk+1 = +5
Ride ( Dex ) '+3'+1rk+1[+4ms-mw] = +0[+4]
Sense Motive ( Wis ) '+3'+1rk+1 +1 {IS: dark blue} = +5 {+6}
Sleight of Hand (Dex) ‘+3’+1 = -4
Spellcraft ( Int ) '+3'+1rk+1 = +5
Stealth ( Dex ) ‘+3’+1 = -4
Survival ( Wis ) +1[+5AL] = +1 {+6 to Avoid getting lost}
Swim ( Str ) ‘+3’+1rk+4+4Eft = +3 {+7 w/Endurance}
Use Magic Device (Cha} ‘+3’+1rk+4 = +8

Languages -
Common, Varisian, Celestial {1pt}, Elven {Int}, Goblin {1pt}, Shoanti {1pt}, Draconic (1pt), Thassilonian {1pt},
Infernal {1pt}

Bonus Feat : Humans select one extra feat at 1st level.
Skilled : Humans gain an extra skill rank at 1st level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.
Aura of Good {Ex}: The power of a paladin's aura of good is equal to his level
Cantrips: A Bard can cast a selection of 0lvl spells that do not consume Spell Slots-Recastable
Arcane Casting: A Bard can cast bard spells while wearing light armor and use a shield without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance


[Total: 88.5lbs +70llbs {Backpack}]
Magic Items: {Totals: 142,105gp, 2sp, 3cp}
[5,650gp] Full Plate +2 = +11AC, +1MDB, -5{-6}ck, AF35%, Spd: 20'ft (50lbs)

[13,320gp] Celestial Shield {+2 Blinding Hvy Steel} ‘Gold Edge’ Sanctified [IOMEDAE] = +4AC, -0{-2}ck, AF0%{15%}, (7lbs)
+ feather fall [CL: 7th, Immed. act, V, 40’ft, 7creat./obj, {20’ft apart} until landing or 7rds] – [1/day]
- Blinding = Std act, 20’ft radius, DC14 REF {Blind 1d4rds} – [2/day]
- Wearing Celestial Armor, May Use overland flight instead of fly
- Channel Foci = +1AC'sacred' - for 24hours or struck in combat
[1gp] + Shield Sconce

[8,465gp] <DAUNTLESS HEART> +1{+2} Greyflame, Longsword-Consecrated [IOMEDAE]
"Celestial Spirit 'Labbiel' -Divine Bond" (4lbs)
- Greyflame = Swi act, +1h/d, +1d6 'Divine-Fire' {Silver & Good}, Dur: 1rd/d6 of Ch:PE Current: 3rds
- Channel Foci = Channel Smite: 24hrs, 1/2 Cleric Channel Damage, Same DC {Ch: PE} [Current: +1d6/ Will DC 15]

[2,700gp] INHERITOR'S GAUNTLET {IOMEDAE} - Full Plate {Left}: Any held sword-Holy Symbol-IOMEDAE {1lb}
+ magic weapon [CL: 5th, 5min, +1 ‘enhnt’ {Gauntlet or Weapon held}, 1min] – [1/day] [CW:"Justice Calls"]
- Bane {Evil-Outsiders}: +2 ‘enhnt’, +2d6 damage {Any held Sword}, 1min – [1/day] [CW: "Inheritor's Wrath!"]

[3,000gp] KNIGHT-INHERITOR’S {IOMEDAE} Ring {of Protection +1}
{Simple Gold Band w/Iomedae Symbol}
{left} = CL: 5th; +1 'deflection' AC
+ bless weapon [CL: 5th, weap tou, 5min, {+1’enh’} Magic & Good, Auto confirm CRIT] – [1/day]
+ wartrain mount [CL: 5th, 35’ft, 5hours, 1 indifferent or friendly Animal] – [1/day]
+ At Will - prestidigitation [10’ft, 1hour, SR No ‘clean clothing, skin, hair and armor’]

[4,200gp] CLOAK of the {Resistant +1} CRUSADER {IOMEDAE} {Brilliant Red Cloak w/Upright Winged Sword}
= +1 ‘enhnct’ to Natural Armor AC; +1 ‘resist’ to All Saves {+50%}, Std Act – Create Illusory Banner of Iomedae (1lb)
+ bless [CL: 1st, 50’ft burst, allies +1hit & save vs Fear, 1min] – [1/day ea.]

[3,400gp] MEDAL of the HERO’S HEART {IOMEDAE} {Winged Cracked Heart Pendant}
= CL: 7th, +4 ‘sacred’ to Save Vs Negative levels, Immed Act – Avoid on permanent negative level {Destorys}

[11,500gp] Bracers of the Avenging Knight = +4 to Paladin Level for Smite Evil purposes {1lb}
[10,000gp] Unfettered Shirt = freedom of movement, Std Act, CL: 7th, 10min – 1/day
[4,000gp] Belt of Giant Strength +2 {1lb}
[4,000gp] Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 {1lb}
[5,500gp] Boots of Striding & Springing = +10’ft Move, +5 ’competance’ Acrobatics {1lb}

[1,800gp] Hat of Disguise {Full Plate Helm – Griffon Crested w/Large Whiteplume ‘Ashe Father’s’} = disguise self, constant, +10 Disguise {Will SV DC11}

[250gp] Wayfinder = light – 20’ft rad, [CW: "Auris"] (1lb)
- Magnetic compass = +2’cir’ Survival & Know: Dungeoneering {to avoid getting lost}
- Hold IOUN STONE-Single {Resonance}

[1,800gp] Efficient Quiver - {Capacity: 60Arrows, 18 Javelins, 8 Spears/Staves} {2lbs}
- [ [312gp] ‘Royal Glaive’ Glaive-Guisarme-Mw {w/Korvosan Watch Tessel} (8lbs);
[3,600gp] <TITAN> +1 Adaptive, Composite Shortbow, {Mighty Str 16} (2lbs); [3.5gp] - 40 arrows / 20x Std,
10x Alchemical Silver, 10x Cold Iron (4lbs); [325gp] 40 Weapon Blanch Arrows < 10x Cold Iron, 10x Silver,
10x Adamantine., 10x Ghost Salt > (4lbs); [10gp] Lance (10lbs)
[240gp] Nodachi-Alchemical Silver = 1d10-1/18 x2, Ty: S or P [Brace] (8lbs) ]

[2,000gp] Handy Haversack {Large Belt Pouch} = Capacity 120lbs, Currently 87.5lbs {5lbs}
- [1sp, 6cp] [ Powder-Chalk 'blue' (0.5 lb) '1cp'; 4x Candles '4cp'; 4x Chalk Pieces '1cp'; Blacksmith Metal Tongs;
- [2gp, 21cp] Flint & Steel '1gp'; Grappling Hook (4lbs) '1gp'; 4x Iron Spike (4lbs) '20cp'; Torch (1lb) '1cp';
- [13gp] 50' ft Silk Rope (5lbs) '10gp'; 2x Manacles (4lbs); Holy Symbol-Wooden [IOMEDAE] '1gp'
- [0.1gp] Swim Fins = +10'ft Swim MV, -5'ft Base MV '5rds - don' (5lbs) '1sp';
- [5gp] Costume Andoran Eagle mask - painted White; Copper Trumpet w/Pennant Korvosa's Coat of Arms (3lbs);
- [350gp] Jawassan Sitar-Musical Instrument{String}-Mw = +2’cir’ Perform {String} (3lbs);
+ 5’ft Long & decorated with gold filigree work depicting crocodiles eating storks
Brass Navigational Instruments: Ruler, Dividers, etc;
- Sextant = +1'cir' Survival {Avoid Lost} (2lbs); Navigation Charts - from Direption {D4}
- Compass = +2'cir' Survival {Navigate Wilderness} & Kno: Dungeoneering (0.5lbs);
- Spyglass {battered three-drawer telescope} = Magnify 2x Size, -1Per/ 20'ft (1lb);
- [12cp] Wax Earplugs = +2Sv vs Audio effects, -5 hear Perception;
- [10gp] 2x Smoked Goggles = +8Sv 'gaze'/ -4 Per 'visual', 20% miss chance;
- [145gp] Healer’s Kit w/Surgeon’s Tools-Mw = +5’cir’ Heal, 10uses (6lbs);
- [200gp] 4x Air Crystal = 1min breathable Air ‘no talking;
- [100gp] 2x Anti-Toxin = +5 ‘alch’ to Fort vs Poison – 1hr
- [100gp] 2x Vail of Anti-Plague = +5 ‘alch’ to Fort vs disease – 1hr, Infected – 2 Saves ‘no +5’
- [25gp] Bloodblock = +5 ‘alch’ on Heal cks for first aid, treat wounds or deadly wounds’, Ends bleed effect – DC 15 ‘heal’, 1use healer’s kit
- [25gp] Bodybalm = +5 ‘alch’ to SV vs long-term care, treating poison & treating disease
- [25gp] Dose of Smelling Salts = Grants new SV vs spell or effect uncon or staggered, Dying Immed. Conscious;
- [20gp] 2x Flask of Nushadir = 1 cubic ft of acid neutralized – 1min (2lbs)
- [25gp] Sooth Syrup = +5 ‘alch’ to SV vs resist effects of nauseated & sickened (0.5lbs)
- COMBAT GEAR (+44lbs) ]

Combat Gear:
{Handy Haversack Storage}
2x Figurine of Wondrous Power {Marble Elephant, Bronze Griffon} (1lb ea, ‘2lbs’)
{15gp} Buckler (5lbs)
[20gp] ’Greyeagle’ Aldori Dueling Sword (3lbs)
[30gp] Shortsword-Alchemical Silver (2lbs)
[40gp] 2x Alchemist Fire = 1d6/1d6 {fire}, 1pt splash (2lbs)
[15gp] 2x Alchemical Grease = 1Md or 2 Sm, +5’alch’ vs Escape Artist or CMB/CMD vs Grapple, 4 hrs or wash off (3lbs)
[2gp] 2x Bag of Caltrops = 5'ft sq, +0 tou att. / No Defl <+2AC w/shoes>, 1pt dam {1/2Mv - 24hr [heal Dc15 neg.],
1/2 Mv neg. (2lbs)
[150gp] 3x Flash Powder = Std act, 10’ft radius – Blinded, Fort DC 13 Neg.;
[20gp] 2x Flask of Acid = 1d6/1pt (2lbs);
[30gp] 2x Flask of Alkali = 1d6/1pt (2lbs);
[50gp] 2x Holy Water = 1d6 ‘undead/Evil-outsider’ (2lbs)
[80gp] 2x Flask of Liquid Ice = 1d6 {cold}, 1pt splash (2lbs)
[120gp] 2x Itching Powder = RaI 10’ft, DC12 Fort/DC8 Fort {-2 All rolls, 1rd wash off} (4lbs)
[4cp] 4x Powder = AC5 – 5’ft sq ‘Find Invis’ (2lbs)
[60gp] 3x Smokesticks = fog cloud - 10'ft cube, consumed 1rd - cloud 1 min (1lb)
[50gp] 2x Smoke Pellet = RaI 10’ft, 5’sq ‘smoke’ (-);
[120gp] 2x Sneezing Powder = RaI 10’ft, DC12 Fort/DC8 Fort {1d4+1rds, Fort DC10 or Staggered} (2lbs);
[100gp] 2x Tanglefoot Bag = RaTou - RaI 10'ft, -2att., -4Dex, REF DC15 or No 'wing' fly/Mv {not in H2O}, STR DC17 or
15dam Ty: S {free -1/2 Mv}, Spellcasting Concentration DC15+spell Lvl; Ends - 2d4rds (8lbs)
[60gp] 2x Thunderstone = RaI 20’ft {AC5}10’ft rad, DC15 deaf 1hr {-4Intv, 20% AF 'V'} (2lbs)
[20gp] 20x tindertwigs = Standard action - start fire
[10gp] 2x Vermin Repellent = 4hrs, - 1rd wash off, Vermin Fort 15 SV to enter sq;
[40gp] 2x Pot of Bladeguard = 1fu rd, 1x 2hd weap., 2x 1hd or light weap., 50x ammo – 24hrs Immune to corrode/dissolve

[priceless] Zellara's 'haunted' Harrow Deck = Aura moderate divination; CL 10th; (1lb)
- Alignment: CG; Ego: 8; Senses: 60 ft. vision and hearing; Int 10, Wis 13 {+1}, Cha 13 {+1}
- Communication: empathy; Lesser Powers identify 3/day, major image 1/day; Special Purpose: defend Korvosa
{Beautifully hand-painted but quite worn. The cards have the ability to repair themselves if badly damaged. Imbued with Zellara's
spirit and she can sense what is going on around it, and is able to manifest herself. She can use her considerable skill as a
Harrower to manipulate the cards.}

Ioun Stones - { AC: 24, hp 10, Hardness 5, Orbit 1d3'ft }
[4,000gp] {Inserted} Clear – Spindle = No Need for Food or Water
- Resonance: Protection from possession and mental control – As Protection from Evil
[500gp] 'Cracked' Dusty Rose – Prism = Orbits, +1 'competence' Initiative
- Resonance: +2 'insight' CMB & CMB
[4,000gp] 'Cracked' Pale Green – Prism = Orbits, +1 'competance' on attack rolls or saving throws
- Resonance: Remove Fatigue {or Exhauted to fat.} = fr act, 2/day
[400gp] 'Cracked' Dark Blue – Rhomboid = Orbits, +1 'competence' Perception & Sense Motive
- Resonance: No penalty to Perception while sleeping - fully aware while sleeping
[25gp] Dull Grey – Cube = Orbits, 'No Powers' - suitable "Target" for spells cast on 'objects'
- Resonance: read magic {1/day}

[26,000gp] Figurine of Wondrous PowerMarble Elephant {Unique} (1lb) - hh
- Additional power: Assume the form of a marble, life-sized statue, statue CL: 11th = act fr, Hard 8
{Assuming statue form counts as one of its activations for the month, but it can remain in statue form for an indefinite period of time}

[10,000gp] Figurine of Wondrous PowerBronze Griffon (1lb) - hh

[150gp] unguent of timelessness (6 doses / 4 remaining)

Other Gear:
[30gp] Shortsword-Alchemical Silver (2lbs)
[24gp] Warhammer-Cold Iron (5lbs)

[330gp] Kapenia – Varisian Pokected-Reinforced, Bladed Scarf-Alchemical Silver/Mw =
+4 Sleight of Hand to hide onbody, Hard 10 / hp 4 {Break DC24}
[Triple-Stripe [Pink, Red, Violet] {love, kindness, courage; lust, longevity, inner STR; enhanced intuition, divine inspiration},
parted by pin-stripes [Turquoise] {physical STR} and End Tassels [Orange] {happiness, resourcefulness,
- 4 ‘Dried Apple Slices; 10 pieces of paper wrapped hard candy; 4 wrapped strips of salted Jerky
- Wanted Poster - Trinia Sabor - Queen Ileosa is offering bounty of 5,000 GP for capture;
- Zellara's Harrow Deck Card - 'The Marriage' = AL: LN, Charisma {Union of persons or ideas 'Never Misalinged'}

2x Sword Scabbards
[10gp] 2x Wrist Sheath, Spring Loaded = hold item, draw as Immed. act (2lbs)
- {Spring S. 1#} Potionprotection from evil; {Spring S. 2#} Wand – Cure Serious Wounds
[25g] Holy Symbol-Silver [IOMEDAE] 'neck'

[400gp] Medal - Pseudodragon’s Mark {Champion of Korvosa} = +2’cir’ Diplomacy w/Korvosan Citizens

[50gp] Backpack-Masterwork = +1Str vs Encumb.,+66lbs (4lbs)
[2g, 1sp] - [Bedroll (5lbs) '1sp'; 2x Traveller's Outfits (10lbs) '2gp';
[30gp] Courtier's Outfit {Blue Shirt & Breaches w/Silver Double-Eagle Eagle Brocading on breast & sleaves, High collared} (6lbs)
[75gp] Noble's Outfit {Scarlet Doublet/Longcoat 'Jacket' brocaded in gold scrollwork on shoulders & sleeves - Twin Dragon's;
White Silk Shirt w/Laced Sleaves; Scarlet Breaches w/Gold Scrollwork; Silver Circlet of Interlocking-Leaves}
[10gp] Explorer’s Outfit- All Dark Light Grey {Sturdy Boots, Leather Breeches, Belt, Shirt w/Jacket, Gloves,
Hooded Cloak ‘many pockets’, Hair Scarf, Wide-Brimmed Hat} {8lbs}
[50gp] Armored Coat = +4AC, +3MDB, -2ck, AF20%, Spd: 20'ft (20lbs)
-Move Action to Don or remove
[59gp] Quickdraw Shield, Light Steel = +1AC, -2ck, AF5% (7lbs)
- Swi act as part of Mv act to ready

Artisan's Tools & Alchemical Lab:
[200gp/free-loot +50gp] Alchemist's Lab, w/Artisan's Tools-Mw = +4'cir' Craft: Alchemy
[50gp/free-loot] Carpenter's Artisan's Tools-Mw = +2'cir' Craft: Carpentry
3x Large, Cylindrical Glass Vat/Chambers - Daemon Binding {Enchanted}

Tomes on Necromancy, Golem Creation and Diseases = +2 'cir' Knowledge - Disease & Necromancy

0 PP, 31 GP, 29 SP, 28 CP


Healer’s Kit w/Surgeon’s Tools-Mw (10)
Air Crystal (4)
Anti-Toxin (2)
Vail of Anti-Plague (2)
Bloodblock (1use healer’s kit)
Flask of Nushadir (2)

Alchemist Fire (2)
Alchemical Grease (2)
Bag of Caltrops (2)
Flash Powder (3)
Flask of Acid (2)
Flask of Alkali (2)
Holy Water (2)
Flask of Liquid Ice (2)
Itching Powder (2)
Powder (4)
Smokesticks (3)
Smoke Pellet (2)
Sneezing Powder (2)
Tanglefoot Bag (2)
Thunderstone (2)
Tindertwigs (20)
Vermin Repellent (2)
Pot of Bladeguard (2)


Feather Tokens -
[450gp ‘900gp’] Floating Feather (2)


[50gp] protection from evil (1)
[50gp] cure light wounds (1)
[100gp] cure moderate wounds (2)
[100gp] oil of bless weapon (4 {2 free})
[100gp] expeditious retreat (2)
[50gp] undetectable alignment (2)
[50gp] shield of faith (2)


Paladin –
[2,100gp] 2x Scroll of Every 1st Level Paladin spell [43 ’86 total’]

Bard –
[3,500gp] 2x Scroll of Every 1st Level Bard spell [70 ’140 total’]

[500gp] 2x Scroll of Every 0 Level Bard spell [20 ’40 total’]


- Chord of Shards = 15’ft-Cone, 2d6 {piercing} REF neg. {DC11}, No SR (50 charges) [750gp; 15gp/ch]
- Glitterdust = 140’ft, 10’ft rad, 4rds, Will neg. {blind-only} {DC13}, No SR {Reveal Invisible Targets, -40 stealth ck
(15 charges / 14 ‘remaining’ ) [1,800gp; 120gp/ch]
- Remove Disease (7 charges /1 ‘remaining’ ) [1,575gp; 225gp/ch]
- Remove Disease (8 charges) [1,800gp; 225gp/ch]
- Invisibility (10 charges / 7 ‘remaining’ ) [900gp; 90gp/ch]
- Cure Serious Wounds {37 charges} [8,325gp; 225gp/ch]
- ”Graxer’s” Lesser Restoration {47 charges} [750gp; 15gp/ch]

Loot Consolidated:

Asherick Whiteplume
Zellara's 'haunted' Harrow Deck
'This deck is beautifully hand-painted, images decorate this Harrow deck, the frames gilt in silver so that under lighting they sparkle and flash but the deck is quite worn. Despite the worn condition of the card backs, the images on the faces are so vibrant they seem to move when viewed out of the corner of the eye. The deck itself handles with surprising ease, almost shuffling itself. A bent, torn, or lost card always seems to mend itself or reappear when no one is looking. The cards have the ability to repair themselves if badly damaged. It is imbued with Zellara's spirit and she can sense what is going on around it, being able to manifest herself upon occasion as well as use her considerable skill as a Harrower to manipulate the cards. If you hold the deck, it can also tell you about up to 3 magic items per day, acting as an Identify spell.'

[26,000gp] Figurine of Wondrous PowerMarble Elephant {Unique}
- Additional power: Assume the form of a marble, life-sized statue, statue [CL: 11th – act fr, Hard 8]
{Assuming statue form counts as one of its activations for the month, but it can remain in statue form for an indefinite period of time}

[150gp] unguent of timelessness (6 doses / 4 remaining)

- 2x Cure Moderate Wounds = heal 2d8+3, Cure Serious Wounds = heal 3d8+5, 2x Lesser Restoration
[1,575gp; 225gp/ch] - Remove Disease (7 /1 ‘current’ charges)
[1,800gp; 225gp/ch] - Remove Disease {8 charges}
[900gp; 90gp/ch] - Invisibility (10 charges)
[8,325gp; 225gp/ch] - Cure Serious Wounds {37 charges}
Navigation Charts - from Direption {D4}
Loose Papers/Charts - from Direption {D3}
[1,200gp] flame drake with tiny pearls for eyes (Majenko takes a fancy to this one!)
[12,000gp] Rod of Wonder (Majenko’s!)

Edmund Gwenn
- Ryloth's Spellbook
- Vreeg's Spellbook

Akina Pharas



Talin Moonscar


{Given to Temple of Pharasma - Bishop d'Bear}
Sealed Iron Box {contains a collection of ledgers, invoices, and the deed to the Direption, all from a group noted as 'B7,'
titling one 'R. Davaulus' with ownership of the ship and a cargo noted only as 'specimens.'}
- from Direption {D3}

[150gp-coins]; [100sp-coins]
2 vials of a nasty greenish-yellow liquid (poison, type?)
miles of rope, dark cloaks
10x Alchemist Fire = 1d6/1d6 {fire}, 1pt splash (11lbs)
flask of curses {CURSED}

[8,302gp] +1 Ghost Touch, Kama Should Keep!

- 3x Barkskin +4
- Blur
- 24x Cure Moderate Wounds = heal 2d8+3,
- 4x Cure Serious Wounds = 3d8+5,
- Invisibility
- 2x Lesser Restoration
- 2x Remove Disease
- 2x Shield of Faith +5

- blur, identify, command undead

- [750gp; 15gp/ch] Charm Person (38 charges),
- [1,935gp; 45gp/ch] Magic Missile = 120’ft, 2d4+2 (CL 3rd, 43 charges),
- [750gp ea '1,500gp'; 15gp/ch] 2x Cure Light Wounds (50 charges) {elegant pieces of polished ash}
- [2,700gp; 90gp/ch] Cure Moderate Wounds = heal 2d8+3 (30 charges)

{D16} Arkona Palace – Upper Floor
Cabinet full of papers, looks like there are hundreds of documents.

Gifts of Thousand Bones
5x potions of cure serious wounds
wand of create water (44 charges)
wand of endure elements (23 charges)
5x pots of Shoanti war paint (three red and two silver)


Divine Grace {Su} : Add Charisma Mod to All saves [ +4 to All Saves ]

Lay On Hands {Su} : Touch, Heal Self-{Swi Act} or others-{Mv Act}) Heal 1d6/ 2Lvls Pal [ 3d6 ], Use 1/day per 2Lvls Pal + Cha Mod - [ 7/day ]
- Damage Undead 1d6/ 2Lvls of Paladin [ 3d6 ]

Aura of Courage {Su} : Immune to fear (magical or otherwise). All allies in 10’ft radius +4’morale’ SV vs Fear effects.

Divine Health {Ex} : Immune to all Diseases, supernatural and magical diseases

Mercy-3rd {Su} : Add an effect to the lay on hands heal ability.
- Fatigued {3rd}; Remove Disease {6th}

Cantrips {Ex} : May learn a selection of 0 Lvl on Bard list – Not expended {Reusuable}

Bardic Knowledge {Ex} : Add ½ Bard Lvl to All Knowledge skills {min +1}, May check even untrained

Channel Energy {Su} : Holy Vindicator levels stack with any other divine class for CH:P/N-En – [ Current: 4d6 {8th} ]

Vindicator’s Shield {Su} : Channel Energy {into shield} - Std act, Gain Sacred to AC equal to CH: En dice
- [Current: +4AC ‘sacred’ ], 24hrs

Holy Vindicator, Spells Per Day-2nd: +1 Level of Divine Spellcasting Class {PALADIN}

Stigmata-2nd {Su} : Std act, stop or start flow of blood by force of will, Bleed ½ H.V. Lvl - not stopped by magic,
Gain a sacred bonus ½ Class Levels to {attack, damage, AC, caster cks or saves}
- To change effect stop and start stigmata again
- While Stigmata are bleeding = ignore blood drain and bleed damage from Any source
- While Stigmata are bleeding = Spell-like Ability – std act, AT-WILL, Bleed or Stabilize
- Current: +4 Bonus {attack, damage, AC, caster ck, or saves}
Stigmata of IOMEDAE: {Ninth Act} “In order to fee nine righteous knights from imprisonment by the vampire-mage Basilov, Iomedae gave nine drops of her own blood; when Basilov attempted to recapture them, she and the knights slew him.”
- Two pinprick wounds on throat, Four pinprick wounds two on each wrist, Two pinprick wounds on chest/breast – all as if bites from a vampire, and One last cut on left hand where IOMEDAE cut her own hand to feed Basilov his last drop of her blood.


[75+225gp- Upgraded to Warhorse] – {Heavy} Horse 'Roan/Crimsom-colored Mare', Large Animal 'Female' {Advanced}
Init: +2; Senses : Low-light Vision, Scent, Perception +8
AC: 19, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (+4 Dex, -1 Size, ‘+2 Natural Armor’, +4 Chain Shirt Barding)
HP: 19, current (19) (2HD, 2d8+16)
Fort ‘+8’, Ref ‘+7’, Will ‘+3’ <Base: +2, +2, +0>
Speed: 50'ft-Combat {35’ft-Travel}
Melee: Bite = +6 (1d4+7); 2x Hooves = +6 (1d6+5)
Space: 10'ft
STR ‘20’(+5) DEX ‘18’ (+4) CON ‘21’ (+5) INT ‘6’ (-2) WIS ‘17’ (+3) CHA ‘11’(+0)
BAB: +1, CMB: ‘+7’, CMD: ‘21’ (‘25’ vs Trip)
Encumbrance: Light- 399lbs / Medium- 798lbs/ Heavy- 1,200lbs/ Drag- 6,000lbs; Load: 97lbs {gear} + 361.5lbs {Rider} [Combat: 388.5lbs]
Feats: Endurance; Run
Skills: Acrobatics +4, Climb +2, Perception +8, Stealth +4, Swim +2
SQ: Tricks {Ex} = War trained {Attack, Come, Defend, Down, Guard, Heel, Track}
- Combat Load = No { -Backpack [-70lbs]}
Mount Gear – +97lbs
[70gp] Military Saddle-Mw = +4’cir’ Ride ck (30lbs); [8gp] Saddlebags (16lbs);
[2gp] Bit & Bridle (1lb); [400gp] Chain Shirt-Barding = +4AC, +4MDB, -1ck (50lbs)

‘Marble Elephant’ – “Alabaster” - 4/month{24hrs}
- Elephant, White, N Huge Animal 'Male'
Init: +0; Senses : Low-light Vision, Scent, Perception +21
AC: 17, touch 8, flat-footed 17 (-2 Size, +9 Natural Armor)
HP: 93 (CR: 7/ 11HD; 11d8+44) {current: 93}
Fort +13, Ref +7, Will +6
Speed: 40'ft
Melee: Gore +16 [pa: -3h] (2d8+10 [pa: +6d]), Slam +16 [pa: -3h] (2d6+10 [pa: +6d])
Space: 15’ft; Reach: 10’ft
Special Attacks: Trample (2d8+15; DC25)
STR 30 (+15) DEX 10 CON 19 (+4) INT 2 (-4) WIS 13 (+1) CHA 7 (-2)
BAB: +8, CMB: +20 {+22 Bull Rush}, CMD: 30 {32 vs Bull Rush} (34 vs Trip)
Encumbrance: {Huge-Quadraped} Light- 1,596lbs / Medium- 3,192lbs/ Heavy- 4,800lbs/ Drag- 24,000lbs; Load: 0lbs
Feats: Endurance [+4Con cks]; Great Fortitude [+2Fort Sv]; Imp. Bull Rush [No AoO, Bull Rush +2CB/CD];
- Iron Will [+2 Will Sv]; Power Attack [-3hit/+6dam]; Skill Focus {Perception} [+3 or +6 w/10rks]
Skills: Acrobatics +0, Climb +15, Perception +21, Stealth +0, Swim +15
Languages: Common {cannot speak} – Figurine

‘Bronze Griffin’ – “Kyrie” - 2/week {6hrs}
- Griffon, Golden, N Large Magical Beast 'Female'
Init: +2; Senses : Darkvision 60’ft, Low-light Vision, Scent, Perception +12
AC: 17, touch 11, flat-footed 15 (+2Dex, -1 Size, +6 Natural Armor)
HP: 42 (CR: 4/ 5HD; 5d10+15) {current: 42}
Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +4
Speed: 30'ft, Fly 80’ft {Average}
Melee: Bite +8 (1d6+3), 2x Talons +7 (1d6+3)
Space: 10’ft; Reach: 5’ft
Special Attacks: Pounce; Rake (2x claws +7, 1d4+3)
STR 16 (+3) DEX 15 (+2) CON 16 (+3) INT 5 (-2) WIS 13 (+1) CHA 8 (-1)
BAB: +5, CMB: +9, CMD: 21 (25 vs Trip)
Encumbrance: {Large-Quadraped} Light- {300}lbs / Medium- {600}lbs/ Heavy- {900}lbs/ Drag- 4,500lbs; Load: 0lbs
Feats: Iron Will [+2 Will Sv]; Skill Focus {Perception} [+3 or +6 w/10rks]; Weapon Focus {Bite} [+1hit]
Skills: Acrobatics +10, Climb +3, Fly +6, Perception +12, Stealth +2, Swim +3
- Racial Modifiers: +4 Acrobatics, +4 Perception
Languages: Common {cannot speak}
Pounce {Ex}: Charge & full attack
Rake {Ex}: On round start with grapple


- Pseudodragon, Fine Amethyst colored Scales, NG Tiny Dragon 'Male'
Init: +2; Senses : Blindsense 60’ft, Darkvision 60’ft, Low-light Vision, Perception +6
AC: 19, touch 15, flat-footed 17 (+2 Dex, +2 Size, +2 Natural Armor, +2 Leather Barding; +1 Ring)
HP: 16 {current: 16}
Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +4
Immune: Paralysis, Sleep; SR: 12
Speed: 15', fly: 60’ft (good)
Melee: Sting +6 (1d3-2, plus poison), Bite +6 (1d2-2)
Space: 2 ½'ft; Reach: 0ft (5ft with tail)
STR 7(-2) DEX 15 (+2) CON 13 (+1) INT 10 WIS 12 (+1) CHA 10
BAB: +2, CMB: +2, CMD: 10 (14 vs Trip)
Encumbrance: {Tiny-Quadraped w/Hands!} Light- 17lbs / Medium- 34lbs/ Heavy- 52lbs/ Drag- 260lbs; Load: 12.5lbs
Feats: Weapon Finesse
Skills: Diplomacy +5, Fly +15, Perception +6, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +19{+23 in Forests},
Survival +6
Racial Modifiers: +4Stealth (Improves to +8 in forests)
Languages: Draconic; Telepathy (60'ft radius)
SQ: Poison {Ex} = Sting – injury; save Fort DC 14; freq. 1/min for 10 min; effect sleep for 1 min; cure 1 save
- The save DC is Constitution-based and includes a +2 racial bonus
Equipment: [Total: 7.5lbs] ‘65gp, 6cp’ {cost} / Dragon Hoard: 14gp
[12,000gp] Rod of Wonder (5lbs)
* {-5} slow; {-10} faerie fire; {-15} ‘deluded’ 1rd; {-20} gust of wind; {-25} detect thoughts; {-30} stinking cloud;
{-33} heavy rain; {-36} summon animal ‘rhino, elephant, mouse’; {-46} lightning bolt; {-49} stream 600 butterflies;
{-53} enlarge person; {-58} darkness; {-62} grass grows; {-65} turn ethereal; {-69} reduce two Sz-1day;
{-79} fireball; {-84} invisibility ‘self’; {-87} leaves grow; {-90} gem projectiles; {-95} shimmering colors-blind;
{-97} colored; {-100} flesh to stone/stone to flesh
[2,000gp] +1 Ring of Protection {Majenko}
Ioun Stones - { AC: 24, hp 10, Hardness 5, Orbit 1d3'ft }
[25gp] Dull Grey - Cube = Orbits, 'No Powers' - suitable "Target" for spells cast on 'objects'
- Resonance: read magic {1/day}
[2,000gp] ‘Cracked’ Vibrant Purple - Prism = Stores 1 Spell Level – as Ring of Spellstoring (minor)
- Resonance: Std Act., Expend 1 stored level – as Pearl of Power {1st}

[10gp] Leather Barding-Tiny = +2AC, +6MDB, -0ck{not-proficient}, AF10%, Spd: ‘full’ (1.5lbs)
[20gp] Adventurer’s Sash = 6 pouches (1.5lbs <+4.5lbs>)
- [4x Powder = AC5 to hit square ‘reveal invisible creature’ (2lbs) ‘4cp’; 2x Candles ‘2cp’; 4x Tindertwigs ‘4gp’
Smoke Pellet = RaI 10’ft, 5’sq ‘smoke’ (-) ‘25gp’; 2x Weapon Blanch, Silver (1lb) ‘10gp’]
Flame Drake Statuette w/tiny pearl eyes [1,200 gp] (Majenko takes a fancy to this one!)

Recently the young paladin has fallen for a lovely Bard, only time will tell what the future hold for their growing romance.

Trinia Sabor


The Yagevna Family in Irrisen Recognizes ‘Ashe’ as a close associate for saving their daughter Natalya for her icy prison.
- In Irrisen: +2’cir’ on ALL Diplomacy {when mention Ygevna family and how assisted them}
{04: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight}

Venture-Captain Mihir presented with copper Coin with the ‘Sigil of the Open Road’ on one side and Flag of Jalmeray on the opposite side. When in Absalom or any major city {5,000 residents), in Andoran, Cheliax, Jalmeray, Osirion, Qadira, or Taldor
- Present coin to any citizen of Jalmeray [1d4 hours to locate one]: +4’cir’ on Any ONE Appraise, Diplomacy, or Knowledge{any} skill check - Only use once per Scenario
{33: Assault on the Kingdom of Impossible}

Exemplar of Falcon’s Hollow: ’Ashe’ has saved the town of ‘Falcon’s Hollow’ from certain death – famed in Andoran
- +1 ‘cir’ bonus on any Charisma-based checks with citizens of Andoran
{43: The Pallid Plague}

Hero of the Fey: ’Ashe’ has saved the fey of ‘Darkmoon Wood’ from certain death
- May automatically succeed on one Charisma-based check when dealing with the fey in the future. Fey are chaotic and their memories runs short, this boon may only be used ONCE
{43: The Pallid Plague}


"Better it is to redeem one soul from wickedness than to send a thousand screaming into hell!"

"It is not enough to just survive... one has to be WORTHY to survive, with daily deeds of Charity, Compassion, Justice, Honor, and Humility toward all fellow sentient beings blessed with the free gift of life!"

"Until ALL, are ONE!"

”Justice and honor are a heavy burden for the righteous, but one most fulfilling!”

"One cannot defeat evil with more EVIL! But we should be Conquering Evil... with Goodness!"

A Hero through and through. Not prideful or dictatorial. Not judgmental or dogmatic with regards for what is legal. He judges all things based on the situation with trying to keep an open mind of circumstances. He upholds the law, but serves the cause for Goodness FIRST, in as lawful a manner as possible. He is not a fault finder willing to accept that most do not share his devotion to the Good and the Lawful, and does not hold others to his own rigid sense of honor and duty. He will not allow the wicked to go unpunished for their crimes but he is quick to offer mercy, preferring that the wicked be given every opportunity to see the error of their ways and change. He will not allow the innocent to be harmed. He is always ready to assist, even the moist humble or lowly will receive his full regard and respect if they should ask for his aid. A staunch protector of women and children! Ashe is chivalrous and respectful to ALL women, inspiring to the disheartened and almost suicidally brave in the face of danger. Not stubborn or headstrong always interested in listening to others opinions even ones he does not agree with. He is self-sacrificing in battle and VERY protective of the comrades in arms of his adventuring party.


HT: 6'2", WT: 195lbs, Eyes: Frosty Blue,
Hair: Pure-White worn long & tied back {Birthmark of his Sacred Touch}
[Including Eyebrows and Eyelashes - All Shock White]
Skin: Pale with bronzed tints

A tall imposing man when first seen but his eyes hold a gentleness and a warmth that are, calming. His hair is shock White, and usually worn long tied back with a hair clasp. He is muscular and though not cat-like in reflexes he is still not clumsy of limb. His bearing is always one of dignity and serious devotion. His Chelaxian racial stock is evident in his face structure but his bronzed skin denotes some Varisan blood as well. His voice is calm and reassuring… his smile – captivating! Very Handsome!

He usually wears well-to-do clothing of modest fashion. When adventuring he Usually wears All grey. He wears a grey tabard with no emblem, and a Darker Grey cloak with a hood. The rest of his apparel also being of varying shades of gray. Which has earned him his moniker... 'The Grey Knight'.

In his profession as a professional courtesan he wears well-to-do fashions, to put on a good image for the young ladies of the court that he escorts to the many social events in the Korvosan hierarchy, when not performing duties for the Church of IOMADAE, on mission for the Pathfinder Society, or performing tasks for his Andoran Faction.

Varisian Tatoos [30gp] : Pink {love, kindness, courage} Open Flower {bountiful love} on left-side chest front and Turquoise {physical strength} IOMEDAEN Sword {faith in} on right-side chest back, both with Violet {enhanced intuition, divine inspiration} Feathered Wings {freedom} and Red {lust, longevity, inner strength} Ribbons {entertainment}. Vines {strong family ties} along sides and flanks of legs, shoulders, chest.

One piece of equipment 'Ashe' wears almost constantly is very distinctive. His helm is ornate with a Hippogriff figurine perched upon its brow and its wings sweeping back and flaring out on the sides of his helm. A single large white feather-plume {supposedly from his father's Hippogriff - Kyrie} is pinioned in the top of the helm flowing banner-like from the crest of his helm. The helm was his father's who served for a time with the Sable Guard as a Hippogriff Rider before settling into his service with the Korvosan Guard when after years of service - his Hippogriff, Kyrie, having been slain in battle.

Currently -
Wearing Ornately engraved obviously of masterwork Full Plate Armor with a golden tinge to it color and many symbols of Iomedae, a Grey Tabard with no emblem, a cloak red on one side and white on the other and trimmed in gold, and an armor cassock-like robe white and trimmed in gold. He is armed with his ornate Longsword - "Dauntless Heart", and a silver shortsword at his left and right hip. Hanging behind his back from his weapons belt at his waist is also a cold iron warhammer. Across his back a quiver with a ornately carved elven white-wood shortbow of masterwork quality and arrows within. An ornate Glaive-Guisarme with a Korvosan Royal pennant attached to it {Small Triangular banner/flag} is in a metal clasp part of the quiver and attached to its haft to hold it secure next to the quiver. On straps at his shoulder hangs his large steel shield of also masterwork quality ornately embossed with the emblem of Ioemdae.

His helm is ornate with a Hippogriff figurine perched upon its brow and its wings sweeping back and flaring out on the sides of his helm. A single large white feather-plume {supposedly from his father's Hippogriff - Kyrie} is pinioned in the top of the helm flowing banner-like from the crest of his helm. The helm was his father's who served for a time with the Sable Guard as a Hippogriff Rider before settling into his service with the Korvosan Guard when after years of service - his Hipporgriff, Kyrie, was been slain in battle.

Finally at his neck is a singular garish piece of clothing that clashes horribly with everything else he wears... but he proudly bears it regardless. His Kapenia Scarf woven by his mother specifically for him.

Kapenia – Varisian Scarf : Triple-Stripe [Pink, Red, Violet] {love, kindness, courage; lust, longevity, inner STR;
enhanced intuition, divine inspiration}, parted by pin-stripes [Turquoise] {physical STR} and End Tassels [Orange] {happiness, resourcefulness, adventuring}

To say the least obviously Ashe comes from a wealthy background of privilege!



Whiteplume Manor - Varisia, Korvosa { 47 Ridgefield Road, Cliffside - Heights District }

Asherick Whiteplume is the son of a poor landless knight, ‘Sir’ Thomas Whiteplume in the great city of Korvosa. Sir Thomas, a pure blood Chelaxian, was the son of Lady Reika of House Endrin who married for love a well respected knight of the house, making Asherick a fourth removed cousin to the Major House. Ashe's father served in the Sable Guard for many years faithfully, but in the course of his service his Hippogriff, Kyrie, was slain and his heart was forever mournful of his faithful companion's loss. He would ride no other steed and left the Sable Guard. Not wanting to end his service to Korvosa Sir Thomas applied for entry into the Korvosan Guard. It was not such an unusual thing... there were instances of bonded Hippogriff riders becoming similarly despondent at the deaths of their treasured aerial mounts. Sir Thomas was a well liked knight and when he applied to continue service with the Korvosan Guard he was immediately accepted, with no real sore feelings from his old fellow soldiers-in-arms in the Sable Guard. Following in the usual House Tradition of faithful service Asherick's Father died when Asherick was 8 as a well respected Officer Captain in the Korvosan Guard in the line of duty - leaving his mother, ‘Lady’ Anica ‘Sarah’ Stolyarev - a rich Varisan Merchant's daughter, to raise him and his little sister Cynthia - age 4 alone by herself. His mother was saved by a local priestess of IOMEDAE who served at the shrine in the Pantheon of Many, Delia The Pure, when she was accosted on the streets of Korvosa one evening by a pair of drunken Hellknights of the Order of Nail. So impressed was Sarah by the valor of the Priestess she insisted she come and have dinner with her at her house in the Heights-Cliffside out of gratitude. That evening Delia ate dinner with Sarah and her children and saw the spark of a hero in young Asherick. Sarah asked that Delia take Asherick with her and train him to be a Knight of the church of IOMEDAE. Delia accepted 10 year old Asherick and took him regularly to the Shrine of IOMEDAE at the Pantheon of Many to serve as a shrine page and eventually as his training increased a Paladin of the Inheritor. Sarah hoped he would be afforded a better future - than what she, of Minor Noble but modest means, could provide. Asherick's piety and bravery in the face of danger along with his unswerving Zeal for Justice earned him training as a church warrior. The Goddess placed her blessing upon him and his superiors were inspired to 'test' him for her service. Asherick proved worthy of her blessing and was trained to be one of the Goddess' chosen Paladins. He grew and learned quickly under the intense training and study. When his training ended the Goddess' power manifested her blessing upon him and he was sent forth to seek Injustice, wherever it be found, and oppose all who promote its spread.

As a landless knight, Asherick, when in Korvosa or other cities with an established nobility, is employed as a professional Courtesan...

Meaning, he escorts young ladies of 'promise' in the local Nobility to the many galas and social events that take place. Mostly, his is a protector/ chaperone/ 'Male' Escort for young ladies that their families wish to introduce to court-life without the risk of...'untoward' advances by young suitors that might vie for the young ladies' attention, or 'indiscretions' that might occur due to a male escort manipulating the young lady into 'inappropriate' situations. A 'Paladin' is a safe... dependable and yet socially appropriate ideal 'male escort' for a young lady of nobility. The young lady can entertain and court other young men of the court without seeming to commit for she is 'with someone', her escort... and be free to know no awkward 'jealousy' will be inspired for the 'paladin escort' is not actually seeking her hand or affections.

Most 'escorts' Asherick does are with young, just debuting, noble daughters of court in their middle to late teens. Usually, no intimate contact is expected or even wanted... he is a courteous place-holder for his young charge in social situations. So the traditional idea of a 'Courtesan Escort', is not really what Asherick does. There are occasions where more 'mature' ladies of court have hired Ashe as an 'escort' to a courtly social function {ie. widows, wives whose husbands are far away on business and cannot attend with their spouse, or even unmarried matrons who do or do not wish to seem 'unavailable' for male courtly romantic attentions}. On rare occasion a escort has asked Ashe to 'stay the night'... but such is wholly at their choice and not expected by Ashe.

Asherick joined the Pathfinders to better gain access to knowledge of where the struggle against evil and injustice could best be fought. He is dedicated to the destruction of evil with a zeal of youthful FIRE! He tends to see all matters in Black and White. But his heart is pure gold, driven by compassion for the innocent and downtrodden, and mercy for the wicked if it is possible.

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