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I think you should be open with the players about much of the mechanics; this isn't something occult, brushfires is something medievalesque people are somewhat familiar with. Peasants burning fields after harvest and such.

So I'd tell them what actions can put out a fire, and that any squares adjacent to fire could catch on fire too. I wouldn't give them the odds, but would tell them what the general principles are.

This is compounded because almost no scenario I've seen is consistent with how fires work; every time it's something the writer cobbled together. While realistically, fire works more or less the same across the world. I don't think players should be the victim of vague rules.

As for hinting that putting out the fire is a good idea: you could emphasize that the garden appears to contain rare plants.

In general secondary prestige is often tied to doing good if the opportunity rears its head:
- If there's fires, put them out
- If there's prisoners, free them
- If there's slaves, liberate them
- If there's horrible monsters, end them
- If there's something that makes the Society look bad, fix it

etc. etc. ; After a while players should see the general pattern

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I don't think the competition Paizo is getting from AL is because AL has a superior online reporting system.

I think there are some improvements that could be made to the reporting system, but that it's probably not a good idea to move to a totally online reporting system. Paper chronicles have an advantage in that text on paper doesn't have to be run by a machine. If John Compton comes up with a really off the wall boon, all he needs to do is describe on the paper how to use it. He doesn't have to hire a developer to implement it in the reporting system.

I think that detailed online accounting (gold, boon boxes ticked etc.) is a very costly feature to implement, and not all that valuable to have compared to the current system. Would I want Paizo to make products more expensive because money is going into this? Not really. Would I put in my own programming time for this? No, I don't care about this feature.

IT improvements that I think would be much more useful are:

  • Integration between Paizo's reporting DB and the Session Tracker so that when a player is reported at a table, their Session Tracker is automatically updated. And they receive a notification to that effect (so that they know it's done, and that they can notice erroneous reporting).
  • Integration between Warhorn and Session Tracker so that you can also take upcoming signups into account when trying to set up a table for people.
  • A Facebook integration for Warhorn so that you can set up events in stores that use Facebook for their local player base.
  • Let Paizo reporting clearly track earned and used replay usages, and set up the data integrity constraints to correctly handle evergreen scenarios.

Right now we ask new players to make accounts at three different websites to track everything we need to track. That's a considerable hurdle to casually interested people coming back for a second game.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

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I think removing the ongoing calculation from chronicle sheets is an interesting idea, but so is its opposite actually. At the core of it, we track three main things:

1) Scenarios, which render an input of money, XP and PP. This is done on chronicles.

2) Expenses, recorded on the ITS. Spending gold and PP to gain boons/vanities/gear. Also selling and expending them. The intermediate result gets recorded on the Chronicle too.

3) Your currently held assets - what equipment/boons/vanities do you have right now?

If you take a step back you notice that 1 and 2 are actually the same thing: they're transactions. A chronicle involves some gains (loot, XP), some expenses (bought gear, expended consumables). All of these are about resources going in and out of your hands. The split between an ITS and the chronicle is artificial. It may seem convenient to track all purchases on the ITS, but it also means duplicating information. Additional effort and chance for mistakes. Everything that happens on an ITS, is tied to a specific chronicle sheet. You record the chronicle where you purchased/expended/sold something, and the money involved in the transaction is also featured on the chronicle.

So instead of removing the math from the chronicle, you could also abolish the ITS and put all transactions on the back of the chronicle.

The third item is fundamentally different: it's a snapshot of what you have right there, where 1 and 2 are about how you got there.

I would be interested in transitioning to a system of Chronicles + Asset Sheet, instead of Chronicles + ITS (+ some cobbled together asset tracking system of each player's own).

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Chris Manning wrote:
4th part of the gloomspires / sefvenfingers tomb series

What about a 7-11 followed by a 12-15 capstone?

EDIT: obviously the capstone would have to be so grim that it can perma-kill any of your #-X PCs within a single digit of the one you're actually playing.

Sovereign Court

@Araklifest: it isn't necessary to spoiler your dice rolls, the text coloring is clear enough :)

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Paul Jackson wrote:
MadScientistWorking wrote:

What are you playing as because there is an not insignificant chunk of classes where being well rounded has the side effect of making you more combat effective.

I mostly disagree. Pure buffer classes may fall into that category (I love bards for a reason :-)). But pretty much any class that does damage as its primary contribution to combat is going to be at least slightly impacted in combat if they become more rounded.

Money, traits, feats, class abilities. The more you put towards combat capability the less you have for out of combat utility.

There are certainly classes and builds that are impacted far LESS than others and for some the impact is pretty nominal. But even for something like a bard that feat I spend on Skill Focus - Perform could be "better" spent on improving my fortitude save or something.

The thing I tried to say earlier (but got sidetracked on) is that often you get to a point where getting a little bit more combat-strong is much more expensive than being better at skills instead.

Lifting Strength to 20 instead of 18 (post-racial) costs 7 ability points. For those points you can raise Cha to 12 and Int to 14 instead, and be decent at skills.

I don't think the combat difficulty in PFS is at a level where anyone needs to put all they've got into combat stats only.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Yeah, Torch crossed the line.

Competing for esoterica like Sage Jewels is annoying but understandable.

Allying with Thurl and Koth'Vaul to unleash demonic hordes on thousands of civilians just to try to paint the Society in a bad light is insane and evil.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Kalindlara wrote:
I'm mostly just confused by the 12 Charisma...

Yeah I dunno either. Maybe a sort of humblebrag "I'm just a regular guy but slightly nicer than the next one over" kind of thing :P

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

I generally don't find it hard to be well-rounded and effective enough at combat.

Some of the "worst characters" I've seen are the result of someone not acknowledging that the ability point buy scale gives diminishing results. I once played with someone with a ranger who'd bought to 16/20/7/7/7/12. He was sooo convinced that the higher AC would make it all work. He spent much of the boss fight at -6HP and people having to scramble to keep him alive there. I tried to explain to him that having dex 18 instead of 20 would still be enough and make him much less fragile. But next time I played with him he had con 8 so I guess next time I'll just let natural selection take its course.

Likewise a lot of old build guides talk about fighters dumping int to 7. Which might make sense if the GM is throwing high-CR encounters all the time but is really really BAD advice in PFS which has a lot of skill encounters.

And yeah, PFS does have fairly high CR encounters, but they're proportional to a relatively short workday (3-ish fights), large parties, and highly tuned equipment. Most campaigns don't have the kind of access to "yeah all the items are in stock" magic mart that Absalom has.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Chris Mortika wrote:

I apologize if this is a rude question, but what are the current rules about needing additional materials to play?

1) If a new player picks up Lini-4 or Lini-7, are they allowed to Wild Shape without access to any other material? Are they allowed to spontaneously convert prepared spells to summon nature's ally spells without the stat blocks for the summoned critters?

If not, then I wouldn't recommend bringing Lini.

I don't think these rules are explicitly spelled out, so expect some table variation.

My personal take is that since this is a pregen that relies on Bestiary 1 a lot (SNA), and that book is on the PRD, it's reasonable for the pregen player to use it even without owning it. Because pregens are supposed to be functional without buying extra books.

That's different from a player building a druid PC himself - he would need to own Bestiary 1. The pregen gets a free ride because it's a pregen and it's intended to be functional.

Chris Mortika wrote:

2) If a new player picks up the first-level version of an iconic, what are the rules about continuing to play the character after the first session? If Ruby the Newbie liked playing Quinn, can she take the gold reward from the first game, pay for Quinn's equipment, and continue to play him as her -01 PC character with 1 XP?

If so, does she need to own a copy of the Advanced Class Guide?

Pregens are sort of frozen to the exact state they're in on the paper. You could make a character that is very similar to the pregen and play on as if it was him, but it's no longer a pregen.

Exact duplicates are hard because the pregens often have bits of gear that aren't normally available (partially charged wand), or break other rules (Yoon is a kid, Quinn starts with Weapon Focus despite not having BAB +1). We tolerate these deviations from pregens, but not from regular PCs.

Chris Mortika wrote:
[Aside: Or can Ruby play the character again, resetting all his equipment, as an iconic, and assign both sessions to the same character? (And if Ruby is worried about losing the accumulated XP, does she need to assign the second session to her -02 character?)]

You can play pregens three times and assign the XP to the same level 1 character (or six times on slow track). But that means you start every session with a fresh pregen. You can't use the gold you earned last time.

The best way to understand this is that the pregen functions as a stunt double for your real PC. The pregen is not you, he's representing you with his own gear/gold/stats.

Chris Mortika wrote:

If a new player *does* need to own copies of all the non-Core material, then it would be better to have as many of your 16 iconics be Core classes as possible.

No, pregens are intended to function with just the piece of paper in your hand.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

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In a way, the idea of a "finished" ruleset for PFS1, with all the clarifications and FAQs fully complete, appeals to me. It's unlikely to happen but still.

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Let's look at this from another angle. If you had to pick any single movie as the inspiration for Pathfinder Society, it would probably be an Indiana Jones movie. Now watch one of them and count the number of combat scenes vs. the number of acrobatics/chase scenes vs. the number of social skulduggery.

PFS is Indana Jones, not Rambo.

And I think it's a false dichotomy to say that you make a character to do skills or to do combat. I always aim to make characters that do both. Going through my characters I get:

  • Paladin - fights, but also negotiates
  • Alchemist - throws bombs but also analyzes weird magic stuff, knows things, deals with traps.
  • Investigator - absolutely tears evil outsiders to pieces, but also has strong social and investigation skills
  • Asmodean Advocate Cleric/Pathfinder Savant - pretty good at analyzing magic doodads, UMD monster, and about a +30 to Bluff/Diplomacy, but also casts extremely mean debuff spells.
  • Slayer/Shadowdancer - mobile tank with acrobatic and infiltration skills as well as sporting a +17 knowledge check on Int 10.
  • Wizard - arcane firepower and support but also knowledges, and a faerie dragon familiar that's more skilled than 2-3 PCs combined
  • Zen Archer/Inquisitor - like a gattling gun that also does social skills on Wisdom
  • Cleric/Evangelist of Milani - diverse social skills as well as more healing than monsters can chew through
  • Goliath Druid - fight like a troll with a chainsaw but also have social skills
  • Spiritualist - Save or Suck spellcasting, phantom tanking, but also strong investigation skills
  • Blaster wizard - strong knowledges, mushroom clouds
  • Tormented Soul Paladin - tough tank, also broadly skilled in tracking/investigation
  • Herald Caller cleric - summons monsters, also does historical/outsider knowledges
  • Psychic - blast people's brains out and knowledges through the roof
  • First Mother's Fang - athletics, mobility and social skills, but also melee battlefield control
  • Ulfen Guard - investigative skills to spot threats and social skills to become a senator
  • Halcyon Druid - aggressive druidic+++ spellcasting and diplomatic/knowledge skills
  • Archer skald - social skills, ranged support and buffing

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

The set I'd take would probably be:

Some arcane casters...

  • Enora - for experienced players. Extremely optimized arcanist, can provide full-scale arcane support to a party, also has strong knowledges. Makes Seoni and Ezren look bad.
  • Seoni - for beginners. Has items and spell/per day that can keep her going all day long, and has decent firepower spells.

Some melee classes...

  • Crowe - fairly straightforward ultra-heavy hitter with a few tricks up his sleeve.
  • Zadim - a good "heavy rogue" that can fight quite well, makes 2WF look good, but also has a good heap of skills. He has some difficulty with DR, but he's not a liability in stealthy missions like most melee heavy pregens are. He's also nice and simple as a 4th PC that has to be run by someone on the side.
  • Jirelle - competent warrior, also socially and acrobatically skilled
  • Oloch - heavy hitter with all the versatility of the cleric spell list
  • Seelah - Straightforward paladin. A bit slow-moving but very resilient; good for a party that needs a tank more than it needs a jet fighter. Seelah is not especially optimized but there's also nothing wrong with the build, and paladins are a very solid class to begin with.

Skillz & Gishes...

  • Hakon - very very very well-rounded pregen. Has good social and knowledge skills, reasonable warrior, good spell selection. Can be added to almost any party.
  • Quinn - a very good skill monkey with many tricks up his sleeve, adequate as a secondary combatant

Healing / divine support...

  • Shardra - versatile divine caster with both offensive and defensive options
  • Alahazra - Can heal but also blast, so useful if someone wants something more active than a healbot
  • Kyra - Can heal so much and so fast that she can sometimes just exhaust end bosses' spells per day. Resilient and efficient.

Ranged firepower...

  • Adowyn - the only serious archer pregen.
  • Yoon - pretty tough girl, fun RP potential, and well-geared. Good for a party that needs ranged firepower.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

You didn't put them up against a standard CR 6 babau from the Bestiary right? The one you fight in this scenario is significantly weaker. A TPK seems unlikely to me.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

I had one player do so, mainly by giving bitingly sarcastic commentary, suggesting killing the cute alien critter and so forth. Everyone enjoyed it.

Given that the scenario is fairly easy, the players can afford for someone to be less than 100% helpful in combat, although it's likely to be not appreciated.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Why do all of them have room for 4 (sub)tiers?

Re:Riley's -

- I would change "faction" at the top to "faction championed"
- Once again please give me a credits subtotal before expenses
- The Fame box is a bit unclear which one represents Infamy

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

I think the description of the aid token in the scenario, and the aid token itself, do not 100% agree on everything.

Seems to be the best solution would be to redesign the aid token so that it is the only description of what it does, and that it is complete.

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Yuri Sarreth wrote:
Would have to double check but I'm fairly confident there is a clause in The Guide that allows a GM to insert one of the pre-gens to fill out the table if the only other option is to turn away people.

Yes. To be precise:

  • The minimum table size is 4; at least 4 PCs go on an adventure.
  • At least 3 players need to be present.
  • If you have 3 players you can add a pregen to reach the legal table size. This pregen should be in-tier if at all possible.
  • Another way to reach legal table size is to add players who've played the scenario before.

    Replaying a scenario to make the table legal doesn't cost you a star replay, but you also don't get any credit for it (no gold, PP, XP, boons or item access). You do get a chronicle sheet so that you can note down money spent etc.

    (You could spend a star to replay as normal of course.)

  • The rule for adding replayers to reach minimum table size is a bit ambiguous; it can refer to adding a 3rd player, to adding a 4th PC, or it can apply to both. I think it should apply to both, but I could be wrong; maybe it only applies to the "third warm body at the table".

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Janice Piette wrote:
James Anderson wrote:
And the difficult terrain affects the spiders too, thus preventing trample?
I must be overlooking something obvious, but how does the difficult terrain mean that the spiders can’t trample the PCs?

People tend to make the logical leap that trampling is like charging. But it's not. You can trample in a non-straight line and across difficult terrain; but you can't double back to do extra damage to people you've already driven over before.

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Good reasons for not getting treasure would be:
- Failed the encounter (defeated/fled/truce that allowed enemies to escape)
- Never came near the encounter when you should have (didn't explore the last room in the dungeon)
- Didn't find something/pass the needed skill check to pry it loose (treasure at the bottom of a pit trap).

Bad reason: you had the encounter and "won" it in an alternative way. That's covered by the Creative Solutions clause in the Guide, you should get treasure.

Ugly: you can't decide if you should take the treasure because one writer would punish you for taking it ("sacrilege!") and the other would punish you for not taking it ("explore report and deliver physically to HQ")

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

I think Reputation is starting to resemble equipment: you need to track two things. What you have right now (an equipment list, a list of all reputation you have with all factions) and a history of how you got there (ITS, reputation gain on chronicle sheets).

Current Situation and History are sufficiently different data types that they're really hard to compress into a single data structure.

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Yeah, what Tim said. Look at the Secondary Success Conditions document. I don't think they broke the art department with that one.

What you'd get is about 1 page per Special listing the new rules for calculating %-of-tables effects.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

I think some of the old scenarios already have wonky math to begin with. Often they're a buried in somewhat ambiguous text, where tables might be clearer.

Issuing a "scaled success conditions" document would take some design work to scale numbers in way that does justice to the original, but this is something that could be farmed out to a VO research group to draft (yes, I'm volunteering).

Actually issuing the document once approved would be as simple as issuing a PDF.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

There are a couple of scenarios (mostly old ones) where you have to do things like loot the till of a bar where you happen to fight some ruffians. Those don't sit well with me and I'm inclined to not penalize players when they don't do that random theft. After all, you don't get extra credits for pickpocketing every NPC you run into either. It's both unheroic, and hard to guess which random civilian the author thought you should harass.

Then there's cases like an area with loot that you might not see, like a pit trap with loot at the bottom that you carefully bypass. These are a bit trickier. In a way, Pathfinder due diligence could be thought to include "well, if other people fell for this maybe they left something behind; so instead of falling in, we should peek in".

There's also the occasional case where we investigate an ancient nonevil temple and the scenario expects us to take some relics as treasure. And in other scenarios with similar temples looter PCs get punished for being greedy sacrilegious plunderers. Hard to figure out which is which. In those cases as a GM I'm inclined to hint to players that "it would make sense to take these relics with you for respectful cataloging and study". I don't think players should be punished because authors have different ideas about this.

As for NPCs that you may or may not fight: if you talk your way through instead, that still counts as "winning" the encounter, and you still get treasure. The Guides are clear on this (the "creative solutions clause"). Many scenarios incorporate this with text like "the NPC is impressed and gives you his shiny thing", instead of you taking it from his rapidly cooling corpse. But even if the scenario doesn't come out and state this outright, you get treasure.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Christopher Hamilton wrote:
He has always been a total schmuck! You don’t really see it until you’ve done some missions on his behalf. Maybe they thought he had good leadership potential at the beginning, and then didn’t know what to do with him when he started showing his true colors...

He's not the only original faction leader to be a questionable choice of representative. Think back to the late Baron Dalsine. Remember when the Paracountess had a spot of legal trouble in Cheliax. Amenopheus has his own dubious past with Torch an the Shadow Lodge. And the Pasha...

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

@Nefreet: I like your setup, but want two more things:

1) an indicator of which faction you championed.

2) in the credits part of the right column, a Subtotal field below Starting Credits + Credits Gained + Day Job, but before Credits Spent and Final Credits Total. Makes checking your bookkeeping much easier.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

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Gary Bush wrote:
I made an assumption on the heavy flail in question and believe it is unique enough not to qualify for upgrading rules.

It's absolutely a "named weapon" - I don't think we have any particular rules further distinguishing between named and unique named weapons when it comes to upgrading.

I guess you're feeling it's kinda unrealistic that "this magic flail that you already had, turned into that unique magic flail you found later". But the PFS treasure process isn't intended to be 100% realistic; if the party finds one unique item all of them get it on their chronicle sheet too. The process is a compromise between immersion, practical record-keeping and avoiding arguments over who gets to keep the shiny.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

@Gary where are you getting that? The FAQ on upgrading weapons doesn't single out intelligent weapons for special treatment.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

How local players feel about an NPC tends to be very local.

Compare Nigel - some people run him as a bumbling idiot who scoffs at you when you try to help him, others run him as a well-meaning helpful guy who's just out of his depth.

If the previous three GMs ran Nigel as a jerk it's likely you think of him that way and will run him like it. If you read the scenario without preconceptions it might be different.

(I'm loving the recent scenarios where he actually gets his hands dirty. Mostly off-screen, but at least he's being part of the solution now.)

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

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Aren't the Starfinder limitations on Take 10 very similar to those in the non-FAQ FAQ about it in Pathfinder? I'm having some trouble digging up the original post but here's a requote.

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I'm back

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I'll be on holiday until Tuesday.

Sovereign Court

I'll be on holiday until Tuesday.

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1) Milani is a Chaotic Good deity, so she doesn't have paladins. Is your player playing a "paladin" or a real paladin class?

2) Diplomacy DCs do not depend on who's asking something directly - they depend on the listener's attitude about the person asking. So if a particular Hellknight liked a particular follower of Milani, the DC would be low; but it's not so likely that the Hellknight would have this positive attitude in the first place.

Note that going by the book, Diplomacy is a two-step process: influence someone's attitude, and then make a second roll to make requests. But PFS often folds those two things into a single check with a set DC.

If you think that an NPC's attitude towards the PCs would be very different than the baseline that the scenario writer expected for a default party, you could apply the higher or lower DC for that different base attitude. Be cautious with this though; the baseline PC party isn't exactly a collection of ideal sons-in-law so the PCs would have to do something quite extraordinary to earn a higher or lower difficulty. But yeah, flaunting Milani in front of Hellknights isn't going to make them popular.

3) Hellknights are not necessarily followers of Asmodeus (although it's common), their primary focus is The Law (pronounce with a heavy Judge Dredd accent). That still puts them at odds with Milani, but also means that they won't let feelings about the PC blind them to their own duties. So it's not "attack on sight" or "refuse to listen"; they'd be skeptical but if the PC really had good arguments (and a good Diplomacy check) they might still be persuaded.

Sovereign Court

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Sovereign Court

I keep landing on the underpoint map.

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MadScientistWorking wrote:
Hillis Mallory III wrote:

I find that over the grand scheme of things, what the character in the Scenario is specifically tends to not matter in the whole of the story that is told. It is nice to mention if a character asks, or it comes up in Role Play, but with Miss Feathers being the exception, the character has other things the characters need in interaction other than what they identify as or are.

I wonder how much of the fact that it doesn't come up in regards to NPCs is the fact that only until recently has Paizo been doing anything in regards to non binary cultures. Its weird to say that when canonically there are groups within Golarion that have no cultural understanding of gender that its not necessarily relevant.

I think it's more that the gender of NPCs tends not to play a major role in PFS stories to begin with. In the vast majority of scenarios, you could change the men into women and vice versa and the story wouldn't change a whole lot.

When players encounter an NPC, the first question on their mind isn't gender - it's whether the NPC is an enemy, ally or neutral. Is the NPC going to help them with the adventure, or will they have to be fought or maybe convinced to stand aside?

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

It seems like replay would actually be very useful in the playtest. It would let people view mechanics in the hands of different people. And if a particular run of the scenario makes you scratch your ears, and then you look closely at the new rules and see you got them wrong, you can run it again and see if it makes a difference.

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I think a problem with wizards and Fly is that too often they think of what it does to cast it on themselves (i.e. spending the first round of combat casting a spell that'll maybe keep you away from enemies - not that impressive).

But in many cases, casting Fly on the fighter is as good as casting Haste. It's a really good buff for casters to cast on melee allies. Getting to difficult to access enemies, or even just the plain boost in movement speed, makes it versatile. I think Haste is only better when you start giving multiple people high-quality full attacks with it. If you have 1-2 martials in the party Fly might be a safer bet. Sending the barbarian into melee with Fly will probably do more than hasting him to shoot more arrows.

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Should I switch out color spray for snowball?

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I would be more interested in a "hardcover only CORE" instead of "CRB only CORE".

  • The hardcover books add a lot of nice options to widen the variety of good builds (unchained rogue, more ranger combat styles, ACG classes).
  • The not-quite-core-but-still-hardcover books like ISWG and ISG add setting components that otherwise needed to be shoehorned in through the Guild Guide/Clarifications, like ethnicities and ethnic languages.
  • Most of these books are in the cheap PDF category, cheaper than most player companions.
  • There's a limited number of these, so it's still a comprehensible scale. And they're not added at the breakneck pace of player companions.
  • The development team has made it clear that the core line books (most of the hardcovers) get a lot more development vetting than other lines of books.
  • So far, the core line of books have been the most "maintained": they got reprints and errata, while if there's something egregious in a softcover PFS either suffers it or bans it.

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*Looks at pictures*

That's a really really fabulous owlbear :P

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Muse. wrote:

so... in order to give the players access to the items available on chronicles at a reduced price... would everyone be ok with just making the money rewards 1/2 what they are?

so there would be effectively no change in the PC Equipment - as a PC having 10K in equipment (of their choice) would then have only 10K in equipment (of items captured)?

I don't think that's a good idea, because if you don't want the equipment on the sheet then you're short a lot of money.

Take one of your characters with a new class (say kineticist), and look at the chronicles he got for playing some old-season scenarios. Would it really be okay to halve the gold on those chronicles to get cheaper access to the items? I don't think so.

As more classes are publishes, more equipment is published, people invent more weird builds, the likelihood that every chronicle sheet has stuff you want goes down and down.

What might work a lot better is if Fame access were tightened up a lot, so that having an item on a chronicle made a bigger difference; but at the same time, that all your characters share the pool of unlocked items. That would reduce a lot of the frustration of "if only my other character had been on this adventure". Instead, if you find something really interesting on a chronicle, it might inspire your designs for your next character.

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RealAlchemy wrote:
So it looks like I may be running this with a paladin at the table. As Saruna and Badru are both evil, am I right in thinking that allying with either is a code violation? (Ducks and runs from paladin code thread, then cautiously peaks back in case a good answer appears.)

Well I don't think we should exaggerate the restrictions;

Paladin wrote:
Associates: While she may adventure with good or neutral allies, a paladin avoids working with evil characters or with anyone who consistently offends her moral code. Under exceptional circumstances, a paladin can ally with evil associates, but only to defeat what she believes to be a greater evil. A paladin should seek an atonement spell periodically during such an unusual alliance, and should end the alliance immediately should she feel it is doing more harm than good. A paladin may accept only henchmen, followers, or cohorts who are lawful good.

The paladin shouldn't like it, and should keep hanging out with them, especially after the end of the adventure. But the adventure itself doesn't take long enough for a lot of consistent violation. And perhaps the paladin should have a talk with a spiritual counselor now and then. But it's not a Falling violation.

Put differently: paladins can play the adventure without being massively hosed.

The sequel, that's another story...

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Then again you have things like the Idari which now behave like space stations but are basically parked spaceships.

Given that an ace pilot is probably going to spend a lot of time on both ships and stations, and that the differences between ships and stations are rather gradual, I feel comfortable letting the theme knowledge apply.

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Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
But I also hate printing a single page at the end with only half a column of text.

I hate a statblock spread over multiple pages more.

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Nefreet wrote:
2A Nothing to clarify, so no need to add it to Campaign Clarifications.

Clarifications have been used before to outright change things.

Similar to how some FAQs are really a thinly veiled errata, along with "is this as it's clearly printed in the text?", "No, it's now completely different".

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Oskar Dragenaev wrote:
OK, let's do that, after which we clear that last room or two. Then I think when we do settle in for the night, we get Shalelu and bunk up in Ripnugget's throne room; i.e. close enough to our barricade that we can hear if anything tries to break through it.


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*mental note: take ranks in Craft (Dungeon Carpentry) next level*

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Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
I'm pretty sure they had no other option besides leave a mess of blank space at the bottom of that page.

They need to get over their fear of empty space. The only person using the text is the GM and he's more interested in convenience.

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