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Ascalaphus's page

FullStarFullStar Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden. 7,512 posts (7,552 including aliases). 91 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 10 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Somewhat unclear, but I'd say yes. Myrmidon robots originate in the Inner Sea Bestiary, which says the following about force fields:


Force Fields: A force field sheathes a robot in a thin layer

of shimmering energy that grants a number ofbonus hit
points that varies according to the robot (typically 5 x the
robot's CR). All damage dealt to a robot with an active
force field is reduced from these hit points first. As long
as the force field is active, the robot is immune to critical
hits. A force field has fast healing equal to the robot's CR,
but once its hit points are reduced to o, the force field
shuts down and does not reactivate for 24 hours .

To me that reads that while the field is up, hits are against the field first, and only when the field goes down do you start hitting the robot.

I'd assume that the field doesn't have hardness, isn't vulnerable to electricity, and can't be critically hit.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The thing about Create Pit is that after it appears, there's no more ground for you to stand on without going in. So if you don't want to fall in (Reflex) you have to move to a different square.

The spell isn't really explicit in what happens to the floor - does it move downward or is it "overlaid" with a pit? It looks like the second, because if it just moves downward you wouldn't fall but just go down an elevator. So if you cast Create Pit on an area with a creature glued to it, one of two things could happen. 1) The creature is detached when the floor "disappears" and may fall. 2) You can't cast Create Pit there because it's no longer a horizontal surface. That's a bit of a GM rules call.

If you go with (1), then can a creature that's detached leap to safety before gravity drags it down? Eh, why not. Parachute jumpers manage to alter their course without anything to hold on to as well.


Yes, I didn't answer what happens if you try to come up to a pit from below. I have no idea what happens then. Undefined in the rules.

Sovereign Court

shaxberd wrote:
Agreed. I wish it was more specific, but this spell does already take away a save that is normally allowed, specifically for Bull Rush maneuvers into the pit. Normally, forced movement into a hazard will always allow a save to avoid it, but this spell specifically disallows such a save so apparently, you aren't always entitled to a save against effects that allow it when it comes to this spell. Hence the continuing confusion.

This isn't precisely true. There's no general rule that you can't forced move people into dangerous spaces, but so many forced movement powers have that restriction that it starts to look like it. Bull Rush however doesn't have that restriction; you can always try to bull rush people off into pits, be they natural or Created. Reposition can't do that, but Bull Rush is a whole lot less flexible than Reposition in where you can send enemies.

Sovereign Court

Bards aren't as feeble in melee as you make them out to be. They've got good buffing skills and spells and a decent HD and BAB. Just forget the frivolous singing part and instead practice Churchillian oratory to inspire everyone. And make sure to grab mithral medium armor (Kikko, or Breastplate with Armor Expert trait).

Investigators are quite potent in melee. They've got one of the best spell lists for buffing, and studied combat keeps them competitive with full BAB classes for to-hit (it effectively boosts you to 5/4 BAB and increases damage). If you just put a 16 or 18 in strength, grab Combat Reflexes, Power Attack and a longspear, you can slaughter people. With Monstrous Physique you can fly around as a gargoyle and enjoy four primary natural attacks.

In both cases you could take a dip in another class for more exciting weapon proficiencies and perhaps better armor proficiency. But it's not strictly necessary - the benefits of staying in a single class can outweigh a slightly better weapon.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's big enough for author fiat to pass through - I'd stop worrying about it. If it really irks you that it's not flawlessly rules compliant, just describe it as big enough to comply.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

I've decided that if someone playing a pregen finds out that he doesn't have a dagger or anything else he can use while grappled/swallowed, and still has 2GP, he can retroactively buy it. Because that's just too silly. You shouldn't have to go through an equipment checklist while playing a pregen just to make sure you have basic necessities like a dagger to cut your dinner with.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

As I recall they don't change any rules - those are already the CRB rules - they just explain them better. So action by leadership is necessary to start using the UI explanations.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

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Lord Laird Bates wrote:

Sad- when the druid's animal companion has a higher AC than the party tank

I will have no naysaying of Steffen, the Stegosaurus of Holy Light.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

5 people marked this as a favorite.

5ft Hell: a dungeon sized for approximately 2 PCs, consisting mostly of 5ft wide corridors in which enemies attack. Usually played with a party of 6 melee PCs, most of which have a Large companion creature.

Sovereign Court

I would expect that a mast goes through the deck as part of attaching it to the rest of the ship, so I'd rule that as not a truly horizontal surface. Likewise, a tree rooted in the ground would block the spell.

A wall with foundations extending through the floor might also block the spell. But a wall that was just blocks piled on the floor would probably not block the spell (and collapse into the pit).

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Normally the 5PP roaming charge is because you need service far away from established support networks. This time there's a massive Society effort underway past a portal right next to the HQ city. I'd be comfortable waiving the 5PP markup. Although I'd perhaps have the PCs spend time as if traveling to a different area just to rendezvous with a caster.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

As I understand it, the listed amount of out-of-subtier does not have the same authority as the high and low tier gold. Those two are the sum value of earnings from encounters. The OOS gold is merely a helpful reminder of what the average of those two should be. So if the OOS gold is woefully incorrect, fix it.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

William Ronald wrote:
I think that one thing that annoys players are scenarios where the Venture Captain is dismissive of the party.

This. Especially if it's quite unwarranted - when the PCs have been professionals and the VC is woefully underinformed about the mission at hand. Worse if the actually chastises them for asking him questions that might increase their chance of success ("I'm not here to hold your hands. You're experienced agents, even though I know the answer you're going to have to find that out yourself." / "Do you even want us to succeed on this mission? If this mission is so important, why are you withholding information? What happened to reporting and cooperating?")

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Fromper wrote:

Fireball formation - When a group of PCs stays within 20 ft radius of each other while exploring.

...And if you don't you'll get yelled at for not being close enough together for Haste :P

Sovereign Court

I suppose it's a workaround for various barbarian PCs too. 99.99% of all nice character art features barbarians in minimalist armor. The majority of barbarian PCs still try using real armor.

Sovereign Court

I don't think it's non-mechanical fluff; you really do move out of a square that you could no longer stand in. (This spell used to be even weirder in the first printing when you didn't move on a successful save.)

Sovereign Court

I'd say that an Int 12 Bard is just peachy - it's about the point where you start to get less return on point investment. With Versatile Performance and your decent skill points per level you can be versatile enough and cover multiple bases, without claiming every nice. Loremaster will keep your Knowledge skills competitive anyway.

Good Con is nice because it reduces the times when you need to be rescued.

Most important, don't be blinded by the bardic performance. Performance is wonderful, but people sometimes lose sight of the awesomeness that is the Bard spell list. It's at least as awesome as performance.

Spells like Saving Finale (with Lingering Performance!) and Gallant Inspiration will make you really popular.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

There are several genies capable of granting wishes to parties. The scenario starts out sort of enumerating what these wishes can be used on, and then provides a reason why stat increases aren't on the menu. There is a use of wishes that isn't mentioned however.

If some top-tier PCs decide to face down the Ravener and someone dies and fails the save against Soul Consumption, a Wish or Miracle is needed to revive him. Would it be okay to use a genie-granted wish on that? (I shudder at the possibilities if the efreet twists that wish though.)

Could a neighbouring table donate a wish for that?

Sovereign Court

As far as I know, there's no rule that lets you substitute a standard or move action for a swift action. You can spend a standard action as a move action, but not as a swift.

Doesn't that stop any attempt to cast multiple swift-speed spells in the same turn?

The "1 spell limit" appears to be vestigial text from an older edition; it is only referred to in the swift spells rule, it doesn't actually occur anywhere as a rule itself.

Sovereign Court

1) Rules-wise there's nothing against power-attacking while doing Dex to damage. In this AP you'll run into Hardness (although many enemies can be sneak-attacked), so concentrating damage into hits is worthwhile. As a rogue that goes for "quality" over "quantity" hits you could use Furious Focus with the Estoc to offset the Power Attack to-hit penalty.

2) If you want to efficiently make ranged attacks at the beginning of combat, you'll want feats to boost Initiative and also to speed up drawing weapons (Quickdraw).

3) Local Ties is pretty sweet for a rogue. If you take that and someone else has Stargazer you can get by without Technologist for a couple of levels.

4) Mechanical creatures tend towards hardness or DR/adamantine. DR/bludgeoning is more for bony undead. Though this AP is more diverse in creature types than you might expect.

On the whole UnRogue is fine for this AP. Dex-oriented AC stands up better against firearm style attacks than heavy armor.

Sovereign Court

Protector familiars have language saying that (unlike normal for Aid Another/Bodyguard) they don't have to be able to reach the enemy. Useful, since most familiars have Reach 0ft.

Instead, the familiar has to be in its master's square. I interpret that as the familiar needing to be able to reach its master instead of the enemy; if the cat is in the bag it can't guard.

Sovereign Court

I'm not sure you're rating the Improved Critical/Critical Focus feats high enough. I think they need to be weighed for the case when you have a large static bonus to damage. In particular, a smiting paladin.

Imagine the paladin smiting with a nodachi and adding 2H Strength, Power Attack, Bonded Weapon and Smite damage. Expanding the crit range to 15-20/x2 or increasing the likelihood of confirming a hit on an iterative attack with Critical Focus becomes more attractive. Given that you can make the BAB +9 prerequisites, you're getting at least a +9 damage from both Power Attack and Smite. If you're threatening a crit on the first Smite-hit against an undead, fiend or dragon, your Smite bonus damage is already doubled and confirming that crit becomes really interesting. Given that it's your first hit, it's also likely that you won't be wasting the damage on overkill.

Also, I think Staggering Critical shouldn't be underrated; even on a succesful save the enemy is staggered for a round, and therefore can't full attack back. That gives you great odds to win out an HP race.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My process for this is usually:

1) Extract images from PDF. Often you can just right-click and copy images, but if that doesn't work, try Generally copying images yourself gets better quality which is why I try it first.

2) Open or copy-paste the image into Gimp.

3) Improve the image in Gimp; brightness and sharpness levels.

4) Scaling the image in Gimp so that it's 1-inch scaled.

5) Use the Gimp-Guides tool to section the image into 8 x 10 inch slices (usually 3x3 for things sized like a flipmat).

6) Use the Gimp-Guillotine tool to slice the main image into smaller images along the guides.

7) Copy-paste those images into Word (or embed in LaTeX) and ensure the scale is correct. You will have to set margins smaller than usual.

8) Make it a PDF. I now have a (typically 9-page) document of A4 pages with map parts on them.

9) Print.

10) Cut off margins.

11) Optional: laminate, and cut off excess plastic.

12) Tape together. You now have a foldable map.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

It had to be said. I've loved the idea of faction journal cards from the beginning, but previous years there was always at least one card with impossible goals or useless rewards. This time everything is perfect. The Exchange did especially well getting a really cool top-tier award.


Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Hakon is pretty sweet. He fights, he talks, he knows stuff, he casts, he sings. A pregen that can participate usefully no matter what adventure.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
Lau Bannenberg wrote:
The improved statblocks are up.

Thank you for that and the player handouts. They're amazing!! I am finally getting to run it tonight, for a table of some awesome local players, and I want to show them a good time.

Thanks for all the work you put into this, Lau!


You're welcome :)

Sovereign Court

I think a reason not to pick gnoll is that you will quite likely never ever run into another gnoll in the whole campaign.

If you went with human Kellid, and made some hints to the GM that you'd like him to play around with that, it would be quite easy to develop it a bit more. Just because it's not in the "RAW" part of the AP doesn't mean it'll be hard to adapt. The Black Horse tribe is especially interesting; the younger generation of that tribe is starting to feel that their nominal king, Kevoth-Kul, has essentially abandoned them. That's got RP potential because you're eventually going to his place to "sort some stuff out".

Sovereign Court

Any given place can have only so many local species/cultures before it starts to look like a zoo with no planning to it. In the case of Numeria the main species are: human > orcs >> dwarves (especially in Chesed, the original Jormurdun diaspora; see Returned To Sky for example) >> ratfolk >> androids. There are of course trace amounts of elves, halflings etcetera but they're niche.

There's a couple of Darklands entries in Numeria, which explains the orcs; as well as Belkzen being near. And there's one orcish village. But apart from that humans dominate the surface. These humans are in the 6' to 7' tall range already and like their earthbreakers, so it's a bit harder for orcs and gnolls to muscle in on the "brute" ecological niche :P

The 'Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars' book has a good two-page spread on the main seven tribes, which is fairly spoiler-free too. And it's a book your GM certainly should have because it's gorgeous and gives nice background to the setting.

The tribes don't feature very heavily in the AP, but then it's rather focused on one main storyline. It could certainly be embellished by the GM, there's enough seeds for more barbarian sidequests. Again the Numeria book is great for the GM.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Nowadays, 4-player adjustments to scenarios have become pretty good. They tend to be about reducing the NPCs' action economy to match the smaller action economy of a 4-player party compared to a 6-player party.

That's often as simple as removing some of the mooks from the encounter while leaving the boss unchanged. Which is nice, because if the boss gets the nerf instead, it might make the encounter quite lame.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It did seem too good to be intended, but the clause in Ghost Touch made me wonder if they'd slipped up and made something awesome and broken by accident.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Normally an incorporeal phantom can't attack corporeal enemies with it's slams;

Incorporeal: When the spiritualist chooses to manifest the phantom in incorporeal form, the phantom appears within 30 feet of the spiritualist as a ghostly apparition. It gains the incorporeal subtype (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 301), including a deflection bonus to AC equal to its Charisma modif ier. Since it isn’t an undead creature, it takes no damage from holy water or positive energy. Unlike other incorporeal creatures, an incorporeal phantom can’t attack corporeal creatures, except to deliver touch-attack spells using the deliver touch spell ability. An incorporeal manifested phantom can make slam attacks against other incorporeal creatures as if it were in ectoplasmic form.

But with the Phantom Fighter feat, its slams gain Ghost Touch:


Phantom Fighter

Your phantom is a deadly foe of incorporeal adversaries.

[b[]Prerequisites:[/b] Phantom class feature, phantom with the magic attacks ability.

Benefit: Your phantom’s natural weapons are treated as having the ghost touch property. In addition, when you cast a touch spell to be delivered by your phantom, you can modify the spell as if you possessed the Ectoplasmic SpellAPG metamagic feat.

And with Ghost Touch, can the phantom now attack corporeal foes?

A ghost touch weapon deals damage normally against incorporeal creatures, regardless of its bonus. An incorporeal creature’s 50% reduction in damage from corporeal sources does not apply to attacks made against it with ghost touch weapons. The weapon can be picked up and moved by an incorporeal creature at any time. A manifesting ghost can wield the weapon against corporeal foes. Essentially, a ghost touch weapon counts as both corporeal or incorporeal. This special ability can only be placed on melee weapons and ammunition.

Does this really work?

Sovereign Court

Why not pick up Greater and Ultimate Mercy?

As for mobility, you could aim for Boots of Speed. The extra movement on demand would give you the speed you need.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

I like Zadim (L4-7). He's the effective 2WF walking blender with skills I've always wanted. And he's low-maintenance enough that he makes for a great 4th character if filling up a table.

Sovereign Court

I dunno. Limited flight per day at 30ft speed is probably worth more than a single feat already. Alchemist flight is a lot better than witch flight because it doesn't require startup time.

Sovereign Court

The fine rules detail is this: you need to see the spell being cast, not the caster casting it.

Sovereign Court

If you dither long enough to make it to L19 instead of confronting the boss at L17, there's a chance the shuttle left without you...

Sovereign Court

If you have an extra prerequisite (vestigial wings), and require the same amount of feats expended, they should do more than the aasimar feats. (And the aasimar prerequisite feat is baaaad.)

I'm not a fan of making the vestigial feats a real prerequisite. Let it be functional without, but at Average manoeuvrability, a +4 bonus to Fly checks is still worth spending an alternate racial trait on. You do kind of want a decent Fly score to get Full Attacks.

Sovereign Court

The vestigial wings already give a bonus to Fly, so trying to balance it with bad manoeuvrability isn't going to fly (padum tish!).

Bat wings don't really suggest thermal gliding. I think the two-feat route is about appropriate, with the Vestigial Wings continuing to give their bonus to Fly. First feat opens up about 10-20ft of flight, second one improves it to 30 or maybe 40. I wouldn't go any further than that, again comparing to the Aasimar.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

I played the Asmodean lawyer Quentin mentioned. It was an enjoyable module. A few notes:

The hook used to draw us into the adventure was important. Quentin went with Doug's Book of No Shadow approach, so we didn't really need Stepan alive or happy as long as someone helped us with the book. Whether that was him or Nicasor didn't really matter that much to us. If we'd had the mission to check up on Anya's (happy-ish) marriage, we might have grudgingly sided with Stepan.

I can certainly see why for a GM an untouchable PC build is annoying. However, the Heart is also quite a monster. It's way over the top for a L3-5 party. Sure, you could try to snipe at it from range since it's immobile (though it has a listed speed?) but it has 15ft reach and chances are that you don't have enough room to stand back safely. Also, it's nowhere near guaranteed that a party is carrying enough ammo to whittle down an AC 25 creature with 94 hp and regeneration 10. So if you're fighting such over the top monsters, using an over the top build becomes sort of justified. Though I really don't like that kind of arms race.

I don't think Quention should have skipped quite so many fights as he did. Or, when he did skip pointless fights, told us as much about it - don't criticize the module while running it. Maintain the facade everything is awesome, you're trying to sell something here.

Especially Nicasor - sure, we made a fair deal with him, but in the end he's a villain and backstabbing us out of paranoia or just because we served our purpose (facing the Heart and getting him out) and became a loose end would have been good enough reasons to renege. I feel we lacked a good boss fight with a person. We'd been gearing up for a confrontation with Nicasor, and I think we should have fought either him or Stepan as adventure climax.

I understand Stepan has no stats, hence why having Nicasor turn on us would have been best. And having Stepan look on approvingly as the PCs do his dirty work would have been just perfect for leaving you feeling appropriately used. If the players openly wonder if they don't "know too much", you can even tell them that in Nidal, Stepan doesn't have to worry about this tarnishing his reputation. In fact, using foreigners as pawns like this is going to earn him street cred with the rest of the shadowy nobility.

Sovereign Court

Buy a few potions of mage armor for that weird day when you have no party members to use the wand on you.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

I think they just need to pay as normal.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Think of the poor druid, haplessly forced into a LG or CG corner by some careless spellcasting.

We don't need this rule and it would create too much stupid problems.

Sovereign Court

I retrained out of Oath of Vengeance at level 11 to get Aura of Justice, because letting everyone Smite is hilarious.

Level 3 paladin spells get interesting too. Angelic Aspect gives you a fly speed which makes a big difference. Litany of Escape is good too.

With the way Smite damage just keeps growing, and in the case of Oath of Vengeance, your number of Smites per day too, there's much to be said in favor of keeping up with pure paladin.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

Ferious Thune wrote:
Michael Meunier wrote:
Famous Last Words: "Sure, I can make the save" OR "I have a high AC, come at me."
"Go ahead. I have Evasion."

Remember, you might be able to cope with the save DCs of a relatively unoptimized NPC, but surviving a tricked out PC's DCs is a whole different story.

Sovereign Court

Azothath wrote:

as above.

For the Investigator the standard solution is to level dip into a class that has the spell list you want to use. Use the skill ranks in something other than UMD.

Nah, you get too many benefits from sticking to full Investigator. Wands, especially from a single spell list, aren't worth dipping out for. You're better off keeping your Studied Combat high and advancing your Investigator spells.

Just ignore wands until you have the money to buy a Headband of Intelligence and pick UMD as the skill to get ranks in. Instant competence.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

To get a better impression of what a ranger can be like, take a look at the slayer pregen, especially level 4 and 7.

Zadim takes advantage of ignoring dexterity prerequisites so that he can use 2WF with a Strength build. He's got good to-hit and attacks often. With decent Strength behind it the hits also count for something. As a result he also threatens critical hits often which is entertaining. He's got a decent gear loadout with useful potions. His skills are quite good, enough to actually add something to a normal party. He's a bit weak against enemies with DR due to his "thousand cuts" approach, but if necessary he could pick up a free club or quarterstaff and use 2H damage to cut through DR (or someone loans him some cheap cold iron kukris). The big advantage of his Strength build is that he can actually shift to using a different weapon without too much trouble.

Sovereign Court

There are two things to choose; which hand will be primary/secondary, and in which order to strike. The FAQ only discusses your options for assigning primary/secondary, and points out there are two options for that choice.

It doesn't say anything about your choices for the order of execution. It doesn't say it's changing the rule from the CRB:

If you get multiple attacks because your base attack bonus is high enough, you must make the attacks in order from highest bonus to lowest. If you are using two weapons, you can strike with either weapon first. If you are using a double weapon, you can strike with either part of the weapon first.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Team Rocket: the Aspis Consortium.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Pathfinder Chronicler is a mostly forgotten PrC. Honestly, I don't see any use for it. Why not just make a bard and say he's a Pathfinder? You'll get abilities that do mostly the same things and much more besides.

Prestige classes I've seen used to effect or that I'd like to try include:

  • Bloodrager -> Dragon Disciple. Obvious but probably quite effective.
  • Arcane Trickster becomes much more worthwhile now that Accomplished Sneak Attacker lets you enter two levels earlier.
  • Champion of Irori risks being crazy MAD, but any PrC that lets you use Ki pool to smite more often is worth trying. I've seen some pretty sick high AC shenanigans with this; the key piece to make it work is an Agile enchantment on an Amulet of Mighty Fists.
  • I like the Evangelist PrC for clerics as a way to sacrifice one caster level to become a full-caster skill monkey.
  • Hellknight is cute. Take Cornugon Smash and the Fearsomeness Discipline and it becomes quite crazy.
  • Inheritor's Crusader is a sort of dip for paladins or clerics. Another trick is to take one cleric level for channel, and ham it up with an Oath of Vengeance paladin otherwise.
  • Living Monolith is actually a very good PrC because growing Large as a swift action is just very powerful in combat.
  • Mammoth Rider works well for druids and hunters, who can use mobility-enhancing spells on their mount. A huge mount (gargantuan with a Dire Collar) tends to break a lot of monster design expectations.
  • Pathfinder Savant is cute if you're into UMD to use ALL the scrolls and wands. I think it's particularly sweet for wizards.
  • Ulfen Guard - I think this one is underappreciated. It really does make for a competent bodyguard-style PC. It brings a decent Will save, good HP, mobility options and hitting power.

Sovereign Court ** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

2 people marked this as a favorite.
claudekennilol wrote:
Tonya Woldridge wrote:
*pregen credit - it works as it has in the past, but you must decide what character number is receiving credit before starting play. This works for either pregenerated iconics or pregen specials.

Neither the way the guide is written nor this statement negates THIS current FAQ.


If my PC or pregenerated character dies permanently, what happens?

Player characters and pregenerated characters who do not return to the realm of the living receive 0 XP, 0 PP, 0 gold, and no items or boons. This is marked on their Chronicle sheet along with a note that the character is permanently dead. If a player was planning to hold the Chronicle from a pregenerated character and apply it to a lower level PC once the PC reached the level of the pregenerated character, they must either apply the Chronicle sheet immediately and report the PC as dead or assign the Chronicle sheet to a new level 1 PC (ie a new PC number) and report that character as dead.
We've always had to assign credit up front, this FAQ created a clause where if that pregen died, then we could change our decision and save that character by killing off a new character. If what's been said is truly the desire of campaign management (in spite of the outcry of the 500 post thread that got locked), then this FAQ should be removed--otherwise there's really no change as the FAQ still exists.

Better yet, put in strikethroughs and a note about what's changed. Just removing the FAQ might make you think it's still there you just can't find it at the moment.

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