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Arslanxelan's page

Goblin Squad Member. 60 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

Goblin Squad Member

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Coming back because of the email. The only reason I backed the kickstarter was because of Paizo and Pathfinder. I was hoping that at some point a balance between what Paizo fans wanted and what the hard core MMO PVP crowd wanted would be achieved.

The game undeniably catered to the hardcore PVP crowd. Non consensual PVP was a huge mistake in my opinion. Every time this was brought up we were told to shut up and go play something else. I disengaged from the conversation and never looked back. Indeed only the resent email reminded me that Pathfinder online existed.

I wish goblin works and the Pathfinder online community best of luck in the future.

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Most gamers I have meet at a table are the most nice people you could ever meet. In more than 20 years I have never even seen a case of a woman being harassed at any table. The problem I have seen the most is women coming over and making fun of the role players because that is seen as a nerd hobby and even that is very rare. But that is only my experience. I have never agreed with the whole gamers are sexist debate. Its getting kind off old.

Goblin Squad Member

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While Captain Marsh makes some very good points. I don't think that what we are seeing is a schism in the Pathfinder community. What this game is causing, is a sudden influx of MMO fans. A lot of these people are going to be new to both Pathfinder and D&D. This is going to cause some friction since the typical MMO gamer has a very different mindset from a PnP player.

I am pretty sure that Paizo will do a good job serving both communities. Although I will admit that I am disappointed with the direction PFO is taking. In the end Paizo will do everythig to keep us PnP subscribers happy and GW will take of the MMO people.

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Nothing wrong with the class from a rules perspective. To me its more that paladins tend to attract players who like to impose their will on a party. Also the fact that some people play lawful good as lawful stupid does not help.

It is annoying when the paladin is telling the party what to do based on his alignment. Its important for a DM to veto a paladin character if group composition and campaign tone is not favorable to the class.

A well played paladin is also one of the most fun characters to watch and I also have some very good memories of then. So to me, its not a rules or roleplaying issue. It is a player issue.

Goblin Squad Member

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I withdrew my kickstarter pledge due to threads like these. If the pro PVP community is going to be so hostile from the start, I don't even want to know how it is going to be in game.

Some of us just want to explore and craft. Maybe even kill a couple of goblins. If this game is going to be implemented as is, its going to be a griefers paradise. This game either needs consensual PVP or a separate PVE server. I am not paying to be someone else content. Sorry.

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I don't really think that the BOEF fixated to much on mechanics. The tables that it did have did not have any explicit descriptions. They just limited themselves to mundane descriptions. (Routine performance, Great performance, ect.) Most of the mechanics were in spells, classes and feats. The subject matter itself just had 4 tables with some pretty tame descriptions.

Chapter 1 - Love, Sex & Role playing is almost entirely fluff. Same with Chapter 6 - Gods and monsters (Half the chapter is deity descriptions)and Chapter 7 - Adventures and Organizations also mostly fluff.

Anyone who has read the book knows that if anything the book take on the subject is very serious and mature. A little too serious.

Now if you just picked up the book and started to browse its pages, the book might give the impression that it is somewhat immature because of the Art. The art is the low point of the book and causes a lot of people to put the book down.

Nymphology is the exact opposite of BOEF. The book was not meant to be taken seriously and you should steer away if you are easily offended.

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Perhaps you should have read his post as:

Things we’ve learned about / from Paizo:

Paizo does not play edition wars. Just don't even get close to doing it on the boards, they don't like it.

Wow failed my perception check big time! My Apologies.

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I find it funny that some people don't like certain elements in a fantasy game cause it feels too modern or sci-fi. Yet they expect a magic item walmart within a days ride. At least Golarion has Absalon and Katapesh witch allows you to accommodate these players up to a point. But in a game set in Ravenloft of Darksun you get what you get.

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I blame MMO's for the gotta fill every slot with a +5 item mentality. I tend to be a generous GM up to a point. Some items, wands and weapons I assume they are always in stock. (Example - Wand cure light wounds, +1,+2 items) But anything above +3 or equivalent I make sure that they earn it or are very rare. I don't believe in the wealth by level rules and adjust all encounters according to my players abilities. If players think that they can get anything they want eventually, then it cheapens one of the most important aspect's of the game. The excitement of finding a really cool item.

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The way I see Golarion is as a world with many different campaigns embedded within it. If you want to make a Gothic horror campaign you would set it in Ustalav. Or to use one of your examples if you want to live in a bloody revolution it would be in Galt. Of course the revolution is unrealistically long. Its meant to end when you the GM decides it ends. Golarion is not a realistic world in any way but it is by far the most fun sandbox I have ever seen. I am pretty sure that was the intention.

If you want realism I recommend Kindoms of Kalamar. The authors had a attention to detail that was almost unreal. I believe they even made the climates realistic. But I almost found that realism boring. I had to read the books several times before I began to appreciate it. In contrast when I got the Pathfinder campaign book every kingdom made me exited.

I am glad that Golarion is not a simulated realistic world. It is after all fantasy.

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If anything I will probably spend more. I'm still missing Beholders, Giants and many monsters. And I will definitely get that Cthulhu that got added at the end, so I am awaiting the link so I can get more addons.

I wish there was a colossal green. And If they ever make a colossal Tiamat I don't care what it cost ill get it. I do hope their Bones line concentrates on monsters, heroes and such are well represent in their metal minis.

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The PostMonster General wrote:
These things alone can drive entire campaigns, or even novels if one is so inspired. And at not actual point does the DM ever have to actual describe to a player exactly what happens once the bedroom door closes. Mature themed games I run deal with the other 98% of sexuality that lead up to the act, not necessarily the act itself.

This sums up perfectly my experiences also. There is no need to be explicit while role playing.

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Wow, some of you people need to relax. This is a fantasy game that has nothing to do with real world. If some of you want to play it at a PG13 level that is fine. If other people would like to have more mature content that is fine too. But the fact that I or other people would not mind having more mature books should not be a problem for the rest of you.

And mature content does not have to be explicit or have anything to do with sex. And yes I do read Paizo official stuff, they do a great job creating a realistic world while keeping their content pretty dam usable for minors. But if other publishers do want to cross into R and beyond territory its up to them as long as they are comfortable with the subject.

The thing is most of us are mature adults. I know my players and what they are comfortable with. The "what if there are children that were raped in your group" argument is really childish and immature. As a responsible adult I would assume. That you know your players and are considerate enough to ask before presenting such materials.

Most American that I know are good and fun loving people. And I have nothing against them, after all I serve in your Army. But you are really uncomfortable around that 3 letter word.

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I am truly amazed at how demon worshiping, murder, slavery, bloody revolutions and devil worshiping nations are OK. But sex, a normal and healthy part of our lives is considered taboo in our make believe games. Must be an American thing.

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I own the The Book of Erotic Fantasy and at least from my point of view the book handles its subject in a mature way. Although some of the art is kind of corny. I think that most the bad rap that it gets is from people just opening the pages looking at the art and passing judgment on that.

Some of the comics in the book are very funny and the one in the last page on Rules Lawyers is a classic.

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