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Sinspawn Axeman

Arnwyn's page

2,100 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.

Now, I suspect that there's nothing Paizo can do about this, but I thought I'd ask just in case there might be some tips that I might actually do on my end (that doesn't require admin rights).

I can't sign in from my work computer - I can access the site just fine - and I can sign in to a bazillion other websites - but I can't actually "sign in" to my account here.

This occurs for both Firefox and Chrome:

Firefox: 31.4.0
Firefox error message: The connection to was interrupted while the page was loading.

Chrome: 43.0.2357.132 m
Chrome error message: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED

(Yes, I've cleared my cache and cookies in both.)

Any tips that I might be able to try, that doesn't require admin rights? (Thanks in advance!)

Does anyone know if Paizo has ever statted out unique daemons/daemon lords?

(And if so - what book(s) they might be found in?)

Thanks in advance!

Woot! Finally a (tentative) date!

I'm considering introducing a Hero Points into my game... what do people think is the best (or their favorite) Hero Point system? (And if you have the time... why?)

(While I understand this is under the Pathfinder RPG general discussion, I'm certainly happy to hear about 3.x systems as well.)

Does anyone have, or can point me to, a master list of Heralds and the location of their stats, to date?

I'm mainly looking for the Herald's deity, and which sourcebook the Herald stats are in.

Has anyone compiled such a thing?

So... Numeria. I'm not sure I entirely get it. Short form: What's up with "Numeria" and "space"?

I think I get the basics of Numeria - great big spaceship crashed long ago in uncivilized region; people from region grab and make use of technology scave

Is that close?

So, what's up with the other 'space' stuff in and around Numeria? Do space things only land in Numeria? Why? What's up with that? (Or is every single tech/space thing in Numeria directly tied to the crashed ship? And if not - why not?)

(I put my query in this thread because Valley of the Brain Collectors seemed to me to be disconnected from the crashed ship and it's just a random "space"/tech thing in Numeria, for inexplicable reasons... But I'm looking to be set straight if I'm wrong.)

Thanks to all those knowledgeable people out there!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So... does anyone from FGG have an update re: the Rappan Athuk additional levels subscription? (Not to mention the Cyclopian Deeps sub...)

I got it some time ago, and 2 have come out, and then... nothing. (Same with Cyclopean Deeps, of which 3 have come out, and there's supposed to be a lot more of those...)

I understand the Frogs are pretty busy right now, but that's cold comfort for those of us with the sub. :(

Hi there,

As I'm not interested in anything Shattered Star has to offer, I would like to cancel my Adventure Path subscription AFTER Skull and Shackles #6 has shipped.

Consequently, I would also be canceling my Module subscription AFTER The Moonscar ships (with S&S #6).

So, my last shipment should be:
- Skull & Shackles #6
- The Moonscar

and then cancel.

Thank you very much!

Does anyone know of flying mount related prestige classes? (Prefer WotC source material, since I'm likely to have it, but I'm willing to hear others.)

The only one I know of is the Windrider (3.0), from Masters of the Wild...

Does anyone know of any (and all!) prestige classes related to building constructs?

My Google-fu is pretty weak, and I could only find the Effigy Master (Complete Arcane). It doesn't matter what the source is (though priority would be WotC books...)

Thanks in advance to anyone who might know!

I think I've seen this before, but here goes:

At this point in time (any idea if it will change?) I see that the last issue of Carrion Crown is being shipped with the first issue of Jade Regent.

As I have zero interest in the type of campaign Jade Regent offers, how do I go about canceling my AP subscription in order to ensure I get the last Carrion Crown issue and not get the first Jade Regent issue?


As exploration of the city is continued in the future volumes of this AP(from what I understand, at least), are we going to see more sample maps for the city in later books like those on p. 12 of City of Seven Spears?

A couple of questions re: wall of force (and wall of ice) in 3.5.

1) Does a wall of force or wall of ice have to be a straight line, or can you create corners with it (e.g. make it L-shaped, a box, etc)?

2) Can wall of force be created anywhere? Unlike the other wall spells, it doesn't say it needs to be anchored - can you create a 100' long, 10' high wall floating 20' in the air?

Thanks for any input!

Does anyone have suggestions as to the best free PDF reader for Windows 7 64-bit?

I'm looking for one that is especially good with Paizo's PDFs (copying images without text, etc).

Thanks for any responses!

8 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm not sure if this was done already, but I created a summary of all the fame points a party can earn during Council of Thieves, just to get an idea of what would be a 'most likely' scenario, as well as to see what the max a party could get.

Fame Point Summary:
Part 1: The Bastards of Erebus (Levels 1-3)
Rescuing Arael: 1 or 2
More Heroics (Capture Bandits, Defeat Whitechin the Goblin King, Slay a Shadow Beast): 1 - 3
Return stolen goods from Bastards of Erebus: 1
Defeat Bastards: 1
Max: 7

Part 2: The Sixfold Trial (Levels 3-5)
Complete performance: -1 to 3
Attack the mayor: lose all points!
Make it through Asmodean Knot: -3 or 2
Max: 5

Part 3: What Lies in Dust (Levels 5-7)
Win Hellcaller's Cup: 1
Defeat Thrax without killing him: 1
Successfully navigating Delvehaven: 2
Max: 4

Part 4: The Infernal Syndrome (Levels 7-9)
Sidequest - Find the Mayor: 1
Sidequest - Missing Nobles: 1
Sidequest - Vampire Panic: 1
Murder Mayor: -5
Kill guards: -1
Deactivate infernal engine: 3 (fail: -5)
Max: 6

Part 5: Mother of Flies (Levels 9-11)
Defeat the Council siege: 1
Rescue Eirtein from Walcourt guildhouse: 1
Return stolen objects: 0 - 5
Curse of shadows lifted: 3
Max: 10

Part 6: The Twice-Damned Prince (Levels 11-13)
Maximum possible starting Fame Points: 32

Fail to break up Blacknapes: -1d6

Does this make sense? Did I miss anything? I did a search in the PDF, so I think I caught all references.

In any case, hopefully this might be of some use to someone.

Can anyone tell me what the modules are like? How do they compare with, for example, the normal PF stand-alone modules?

I'm considering purchasing them simply to insert into my home games, but I'm curious as to their design, format, etc.

Thanks in advance!

I have some questions regarding subscriptions and ordering through

Let's say I have a subscription to the Pathfinder APs. Is it possible to, on occasion, add a single product to the monthly shipment to reduce my shipping costs?

If so, how do I do that - am I able to automatically online through my account, or do I have to contact customer service to do such a thing?

(I've also played around with combining orders and subscriptions, and get inconsistent shipping results in the Shopping Cart screen. Sometimes it's $11.50 or so, sometimes it's $7.50, sometimes it even says $0.00. I'm not sure how to make out what I'll really be paying for shipping.)

Thanks for any answers!

As per the subject - when can we expect to see a full city map of Absalom (either in a Pathfinder product, Gamemastery module, or otherwise)?

(I was disappointed that all I got in U1 Gallery of Evil was a single district...)

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