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Sinspawn Axeman

Arnwyn's page

2,033 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.


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Arachnofiend wrote:
Except it does affect what we have available, because the "realism" restrictions on martials are why martials don't have tools.

I instead chalk it up to: martial's tools are fine... it's the wizard's tools that were badly designed (and they didn't have to be).

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Nice to see a mention of Cyclopean Deeps 2!

I ordered/paid for that one on FGG's subscription thingy ages ago...

Woot! Finally a (tentative) date!

Marc Radle wrote:
I just don't get the dislike for Abrams held by the small but very vocal minority.


Thanks to everyone so far - great stuff.

Lord Snow wrote:
That seems a better explanation than "stupid", especially since at least in the MCU, those people are supposed to be incredibly competent.


At this moment in time, I am unwilling or unable to make the distinction.

(Actually, my "explanation" is bad writing.)

Lord Snow wrote:
Set wrote:
Aranna wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

It's hard to say how much of that could just be bad writing, like the whole real-SHIELD argument about all the secrecy being bad and wanting more transparency despite being absolutely *more* secretive and *less* transparent than Coulson's SHIELD.

Every single thing they say is pretty much 100% in opposition to every single thing they DO. They are pretty much following the Hydra playbook, for that matter, it's bizarre that Olmos/Gonzalez would think that May, or *anyone,* would believe a word he's saying, since it's just flat out 180 degrees from to what his organization is actually doing.

"I would never shoot someone in the face."
"You literally just shot me in the face."
"But we are completely opposed to that sort of thing, which Coulson does all the time."
"Coulson has never shot me in the face. And you just did. Are you from some sort of Bizarro universe?"

It feels like really inconsistent writing (like Coulson's existence being a 'level seven' secret, that he blabs to every single person they meet in the first season), and not some sort of, 'Ha ha, they were Hydra all along, and half of them didn't know it!'

I'm pretty sure when OtherShield are talking about transparency they don't mean between the organization and the wider world, they mean within the organization.

Except that's not the case, either. Set is exactly right.

OtherShield seems to be filled with fantastically stupid people. When Gonzalez is blabbing away to Bobbi about how Skye nearly killed 7 Shield agents and she points out that they tried to shoot her first, he starts blabbing on about doing so because she's "dangerous" was a conversation mired in lunacy. Running away is "dangerous"? Running away from a surprise incursion by military-spec'd strangers? Uh huh.

Why Bobbi didn't say: "Dude. I was right there" is beyond me. [Hyperbole]

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Steve Geddes wrote:
It's not an issue if you own everything from the beginning and keep on top of stuff,

Nah. I'm a big fan of the Realms (still run 2e-era Realms [in 3.x] to this day), owned/read everything, and it was still an issue. I like the Realms despite all that timeline-advancement nonsense, not because of it. The timeline advancement damaged the setting, no question.

Timeline/campaign advancement is the DM's job, not the setting's.

Freehold DM wrote:
I have never encountered the Zhents in anything other than an easily defeated warlord of the week sense in game, although I found their attempts at creating a trade empire to be hilarious. The thayans and did it better. The Zhents are laughable chumps.


I'm considering introducing a Hero Points into my game... what do people think is the best (or their favorite) Hero Point system? (And if you have the time... why?)

(While I understand this is under the Pathfinder RPG general discussion, I'm certainly happy to hear about 3.x systems as well.)

Freehold DM wrote:
Arnwyn wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
The zhentarim are one of many poorly thought out evil organizations/governments in the forgotten realms campaign setting that for whatever reason was poised to control the world (or their part of the world) before being Scooby-Doo'd by the PC or Elminster. Their level of competence, overall scope of plans, and residence upon the evil/Neutral axis depends on who's writing the story/running the game.


(Though I agree that the novels stink.)

can you elucidate?

Sure. Reverse your entire paragraph so it's the opposite of what you wrote.

(Other than novel-related stuff. Then your statement is accurate. But game stuff? Nope.)


Freehold DM wrote:
The zhentarim are one of many poorly thought out evil organizations/governments in the forgotten realms campaign setting that for whatever reason was poised to control the world (or their part of the world) before being Scooby-Doo'd by the PC or Elminster. Their level of competence, overall scope of plans, and residence upon the evil/Neutral axis depends on who's writing the story/running the game.


(Though I agree that the novels stink.)

Mathius wrote:
I have thought about mass combat in pathfinder but always seams to me that a 11+ level party can simply just tear through any amount of level 1-3 characters.

That's why the troop subtype exists.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

But in any case, the dumb has been strong in this show for the last little while (well... stronger than usual).

Everything from the previously-mentioned-in-this-thread Arrow's return, to the hilarious comment from Slade (paraphrased) "You're growing apart from Thea - I can see it in your eyes". Ah, the most overused CW nonsensical quote, used yet again. Especially hilarious when it's abundantly clear in the show that - due to events/skills - Oliver has never been as close to Thea as he is right now. But... CW.

Oh, and the city seems to be filled - entirely - with the worst investigators the world has to offer. Ray: "Hood! Arrows! The Arrow must now be EVIL!" Right. Because no one else in the world can wear a hood and shoot arrows.


Mark Hoover wrote:
I just wish they'd resolve him and move on. The whole rest of the show is gritty and filled with angst, and then there's Ray.

No thanks. Ray makes the show tolerable.

And I'm tired of ganking allies. Gets old, fast. (Keeping Firestorm alive, and a potential ally when the writers feel like it, made Flash that much of a better show.)

Love Firestorm and actually seeing a (super) ally.

People are just starting to dislike Iris now? LOL

Sad news.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Big Lemon wrote:

- Is PC backstory sacred and purely the domain of the player? Does the GM have a right to decide what may or may not be in the PCs backstory?

For us - the GM absolutely has the right (though generally only in the "may not be in the backstory" direction). If the player creates a backstory for the PC in which they know, personally and friendly, every noble in the land... mehhhh. No.

Both the player and GM must agree.

I'm not sure about those other items - I'd probably need examples. (They seem a bit vague and undefined for me to say anything about them.)

Joana wrote:
On a separate note, the final dungeon has the PCs ostensibly chasing the BBEG through a dungeon ... but none of the stuff that attacks them in the dungeon attacked him as he passed through. :\

Ugh. That's the worst. That sort of thing would drive my players nuts if I didn't go through the pain and time-consuming effort to fix that awful error. (And I don't blame them.)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Some of the best news I ever heard in quite a while. (But I don't truly understand the article heading "ignore Aliens 3 and Resurrection", because everyone knows there's only 2 Aliens movies.) ;)

And I'm further excited about Blomkamp, as I consider both District 9 and Elysium to be among the best movies I've ever seen.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tacticslion wrote:
Pa Kent was usually an amazing father, and it was something I looked up to. (NOTE: I have not seen the Smallville series past the first season, so, I dunno what he's like there.)

Just so you know: He was absolutely awesome, AFAIC.

Carry on!

For us, it has to be a mix. A good balance of humor and seriousness. We wouldn't enjoy too much of either.

I could never watch Grave of the Fireflies.

I read a brief synopsis and nearly sobbed just from that. The movie would likely kill me.

/hugs my FC2. Heaps scorn elsewhere/

Ugh. That last episode was extremely uneven.

Double-crap-whammy of both Fish and Barbara in the same episode. (Haven't they written Barbara out yet?)

But then get the Graysons and the nifty 'confrontation' at Wayne Enterprises.

Tangent101 wrote:
Mind you, Paizo's not nearly as bad as WotC was....

As time goes on, I'm not so sure about that...

In any case, I consider Paizo's Mythic to be as bad as WotC's Epic - but with Epic, at least, the problems don't come until past 20th level. With Mythic, you can potentially get a whole host of problems immediately. Bleh.

Don't care about Juliette being a hexenbiest, but love her being a badass.

But hey... I watch for Sgt. Wu, Monroe, and Rosalee.

Thanks, Haladir!

(Hopefully you didn't miss any!) :P

I didn't realize that Inner Sea Gods had all the Herald stats for the core deities... Huh. That's convenient.

Does anyone have, or can point me to, a master list of Heralds and the location of their stats, to date?

I'm mainly looking for the Herald's deity, and which sourcebook the Herald stats are in.

Has anyone compiled such a thing?

I'm with all those who aren't too pleased with Fish.

Ugh - she does indeed simply take time away from more interesting characters/story.

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:

:) :) :)

Probably too late for Civil War though...


I was following the discussion in another messageboard, and someone posted idea of a trailer stinger of MaguireParker pulling off his Spidey mask on live TV (ala Civil War registration)...

...followed by an immediate camera cut to the look on JK Simmons' J.J. Jameson face. 8D

That would be awesome.

Rynjin wrote:
And I'm a bad person for not finding it good GMing to play favorites. "Oh, but Kevin put so much work into writing a novella instead of a character, I can't POSSIBLY let him die!"

You very much might be, depending on what you communicated and agreed to beforehand.

Can't wait for this game.

Jacob Saltband wrote:

What do you think is the optimal group size/number of people?

Minimum size you'd play in?
Maximum size?

For us, it's 3 to 6 (not counting GM).

Optimal? For us, probably 5.

New Arslan?

That could be awesome - I absolutely loved the original (as unfinished as it was).

And more GitS is always, always appreciated.

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Another pet peeve is how magical loot is expected by players. Unless it's some uber weapon or stat boosting item, they refuse to collect it, no matter how valuable it might be to them in cash.

Wait... what?

The last episode had way too much 'show up in the nick of time' for my taste.

Hate that.

Mark Hoover wrote:
This show's Gordon just seems too... angsty and conflicted for me to get behind.

Because that's the 'cool' and 'in' thing now, don't you know.

Hate that, too.

Uh, Lemmy? Dudemeister? The child is probably 4 or 5 years old, now.


As long as I'm getting updates, I'm happy (hopeful?).

LazarX wrote:
BigP4nda wrote:

Okay so this question is a 2-parter:

1) Can cohorts gain the Leadership feat?

2) If yes, than are their cohort/followers under my command/leadership?

If cohorts were the type of person to take the leadership feat, they wouldn't be cohorts, they'd be PC's.

I'd be like Gabrielle or Iolaus, or Samwise, taking cohorts of their own... it just doesn't pass the verisimilitude muster.

Meh. I disagree.

There was an entire book written in 3.5 with the idea of cohorts taking Leadership (and their cohorts taking Leadership, and so on). (Power of Faerun, for those who were wondering.)

It was awesome. We continue to use it heavily.

Ernest Mueller wrote:
I don't understand why people have this mental block only with RPGs as opposed to every single other form of art and media they deal with.

I find this somewhat hard to believe.

And this:

every single other form of art and media they deal with.

is simply untrue.

We like to call it "roleplaying."

Good for you?

Lemmy wrote:
Alzrius wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Damn... What's the name of the anime where the girl uses paper to fight? I really liked that show, even though it was pretty short. The battle against the guy who inspired Son Goku is awesome! :D
Read Or Die.

Ah, yes! That was it! Thanks! (The sequel wasn't as fun, IMO).

I think I'm going to rewatch it while looking for something new...

*gasp*! I thought/think R.O.D the TV was one of the greatest series of all time. (I did also like the prequel.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
xavier c wrote: you think the subject of sexuality should be explored?

such as with a pathfinder Campaign Setting book?
Does sex ever come up in your games?
What do you want to see in the future related to sexuality?



(But then, that's just our group.)

Tormsskull wrote:

On the GM Pet Peeves thread, the thought of how much control a GM has over a PC's background came up, and garnered some debate, so I decided to start this thread.

When a player creates a background for their PC, how much control or manipulation should the GM have over it?

I'm assuming that the PC background fits with the campaign world, and the GM has reviewed it and accepted it.

After those steps are completed, should the GM have free reign to affect a PC's background, alter events that the player wrote about, or should the GM get the player's consent before doing so?

Example, a player writes in their back ground that their character has a wife and children. If the GM thinks its a good idea for the wife or children to be killed or kidnapped, is that fair game, or should the GM ask the player first?

In our group:

What was written (occurred in the 'past'/before the campaign starts) is unalterable - the GM discussed and accepted it, after all.

After that: Any events that occur after the PC has entered the party (and time marches on) is totally fair game. We're all aware of that, and prefer it that way.

(It also helps that we're all very good long-time friends, so we all know what would be distasteful to each other. For example, nothing 'terrible' to wives, no child-killing, etc.)


You having the Stormblades with the black dragon corpse was truly a thing of beauty.

(My players would have gone bananas.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
spectrevk wrote:

"Sell me on X" isn't an insult to X; it's just a request. If I was trying to sell someone on Mummy's Mask, I wouldn't just tell them to get hyped about fighting mummies or GTFO (which appears to be the common response re: Giantslayer); I'd tell them /snip/

I'd tell them /snip/
I'd tell them /snip/

Would you have told them all that before the product was released?

(Heck, the updated AP descriptions for Giantslayer aren't even out yet.)

Your expectations are interesting... but premature.

Greg A. Vaughan wrote:
It's still chugging along. It will either be released at the time of the Cults KS or the Northlands KS depending on how soon it gets finished. So Q1 or Q2 is the current estimate. We haven't forgotten about it. :-)

That's really good news. I bought the 'subscription' from way back when and I really liked vol 1... but it's hard to be patient for vol 2!

(Though I do scowl at you a bit for missing it in your 2015 Previews... kind of a 'kick me when I'm down' sort of thing.) :D

Aubrey the Malformed wrote:
So just one Scottish dwarf, and all is well with the world? ;-P

Damn straight!

The simple acknowledgement of the existence of at least one Scottish-accented dwarf in a motion picture is all this gamer asks for. :D

Dubs, for sure.

Subs are distracting. (I'm watching a show, not reading it. Especially when the visuals are quite important for the types of anime I prefer.)

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