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Arnwolf's page

384 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

Really wanting to do a futuristic campaign where magic and technology exist side by side. Governments will hate magic because they can't control it like technology, and gosh darn it they need them because of the aliens. So does anyone have good rules for futuristic tech and technological gadgets?

Hi, me and my group bounce back and forth between many editions and different rpg's. We play BECMI, 1E, 2E, pathfinder, mutants and masterminds, True 20, Star Wars, etc. We have played a couple of adventure paths and loved them.

But this time around, we don't want to play an entire adventure path. Can anyone recomend a good module for 12th level adventurers. I will have 4 players consistantly.

Does the feat step up and attack allow a person with the step up and attack feat to attack a person using the burst of speed spell. I ruled no, but said I would get a second opinion for later use.

I want more spells that cause chaos and mischief. I created these spells for wizards and clerics with the trickery amd chaos domains. What level should they be? Are there any alterations I should add to the spell? Hope the spells don't suck, thanks in advance.

Fumble [Transmutation]
Level ??
Components V,S
Casting time: standard action
Range: 25 ft + 5 ft/level
duration instantaneous
Target: One Creature
Save: Will negates
Spell Resistance: yes

You alter probability fields randomly causing great chaos.

1 Fall prone
2 Drop your weapon
3 Off Balance -2AC until beginning of next turn
4 Off Balance -4AC until beginning of next turn
5 Off Balance -2 attack for rest of this turn and your next turn
6 Off Balance -4 attack for rest of this turn and your next turn
7 Lost time, initiative count decreases by 4
8 Lost time, initiative count decreases by 8
9 inactive as if dazed 1 round
10 in active as if 1 round
11 next hit on you is a critical hit that must be confirmed
12 Lose shield benefits for 1 round
13 flat footed for 1 round
14 you provoke an AOO against all opponents within reach
15 Lose 1 highest attack on your next turn
16 Disarmed, weapon is knocked 1d4x10 feet away
17 Lose your move action next round
18 Lose your standard action next round
19 Draw an AOO against 1 opponent adjacent to you
20 knocked back 10 feet provoking attacks of oppurtunity as usual
Lose movement counts as a move action next round.

Mass Fumble [Transmutation]
Level ??
Components V,S
Casting time: standard action
Range: 100 ft + 10 ft/level
duration instantaneous
Target: All Creatures in a 15 ft radius
Save: Will negates
Spell Resistance: yes

A higher level version of Fumble.

According to page 220 of the Pathfinder Core Rule book, "Divine spellcasters do not require spellbooks. However, a divine spellcaster’s spell selection is limited to the spells on the list for her class. Clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers have separate spell lists. A cleric also has access to two domains determined during character
creation. Each domain gives her access to a number of special abilities and bonus spells."

Am I to take this to mean that Arcane spellcasters are not limited to the spells on their spell list. Does this mean Wizards can learn healing spell and such. It is interesting that only divine spellcaster's are limited to the spells on their list. Is their something I am not understanding?

Can the feat master craftsman be taken more than once. I would like to take it for jewelry and clothing.

Hey Guys, I know I have said on here before that my group plays pathfinder, RC, B/X, 1E/2E hybrid games depending on our whim. Out favorite is probaly RC and we have been playing our own stripped down retro version of dnd. But... with the gunslinger I have seen more of my players loving this new class, and they hated firearms in all my games in the past. My brother who is a diehard no skills or feat neccessary player, he read the gunslinger and after our first playtest with it has found it to be the funnest class he has ever played since 1EOA. That says alot. So if my group is loving it, you are definitely headed in the right direction, since they are hard to please with any new rule or mechanic. I'll try to get you some stats on how our combats go in the next week.

Keep up the good work.

Our group did think the pistol and musket should have the same misfire chance (either way as long as they are the same) because the musket had a longer load time, they did not feel it needed a highter misfire chance than the pistol. So we concluded they should both be the same. We're just not sure yet if the should both be 1 or both be 1-2. But we are still toying with it.

Has anyone written any cool adventures or encounters that were not solved with die rolls or game mechanics or maybe just minimalized use of die rolls. It seems to me (my taste only) there are too many discussions on how a game mechanic overcomes an encounter. There is also great discussion on how to build a character so they have the correct game mechanic to overcome a given obstacle of some type.
So basically I want to start a discussion about encounters that have been solved by cleaver wit and roleplaying. Any takers.
I admit freely to not being the best at creating such encounters. The adventures I enjoyed the most like that were most 2nd edition Ravenloft adventures and a few planescape adventures. I have played with a good DM at the time and am not sure how much he added to the adventure (he was good).

In the old days I used to mix 1E and 2E. I would pick the rules I liked from 1E and move them to 2E. For example I loved the 1E PHB Monk, Oriental Adventures, and some Unearthed Arcana. But I preferred 2E initiative.

Now I find myself using pathfinder skill system with 3.5 spells. I prefer pathfinder core classes and presiged classes, but their are alot of 3.5 prestige classes I prefer. I definitely do not use pathfinders abundance of magic items in my home campaign (I do in my golarion campaign).

But I find myself gleefully enjoying this process. Has anybody else been enjoying this with flare.

Could someone link me or show me where to find the copy of the paladin used in the playtest, I want to look at that one to use in place of the corebook, so if you know where it is at I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Arnwolf

I am looking for a module (2E, 3E, 3.x) that takes place in hell, and has to do with the blood war. Hopefully with some polotics of hell in it. Any idea's or suggestions? Level is 7 to 9 but I can play with that, I really want a real good plot. I really imagine something along the lines of our group helping the devils against the demons, but I really just want a good polotics of hell adventure. So modules and real GOOD sources would be appreciated.

Just giving my $0.02 worth on the paladin ability smite evil. It's way too powerful, especially at high levels. Unless we start having more nonevil aligned villains (which is silly in a heroic game of good versus evil). Just my opinion I want pathfinder to know, otherwise great game that I am enjoying. I will continue to order the books and play the game.

I hope this is the right place to post this.

My suggestion for the games is that for all modules sold that there be a place online to download printable maps for miniatures. Since pathfinder is so miniature dependent i think this would be a good idea. I spend hours building maps of dungeons that are the right size for mini's. The maps don't have to be picture quality, just the design so they use little ink. The corners of each page can be numbered so that each number is connected to a number on another page that way we can connect the pages together for a really big map.

Just an idea.

Guess only my group of players thought Foresight was a wee bit underpowerful for a ninth level spell.

First, I think the designers of pathfinder, and every addition of D&D, Runequest, mutants and masterminds, World of Darkness are all smarter and better game designers than me. I can't hold a candle to them. That's why I want them to write the book for me, lol :-)

I would like a core book that tells how to play the game without miniature. To many skills and feats and abilities require miniatures to use properly. Make a version that is easy to play without mini's. I doubt it will ever happenm but that's my wishlist item. Is there any DND like game out there designed to play without mini's at the moment.

If a feat has an ability score requirement and there ability drops below that requirement, do they lose access to the feat. So if a fighters intelligence drops below 13, does he lose the whirlwind attck, if his dexterity drops below 15, does he lose his two-weapon fighting style feat?

been playing pathfinder for a few adventures now. Gotta say that the creative team who developed the system are geniuses and have done a wonderful job. I admire your work. I could never hope to do a system this elegant and beautiful. Great job.

My questions (and these are not criticisms, you may know well better than I) are as following:

Why concentration checks for spells with a standard action? Most spells do not do near the damage as a good fighter or a paladin using smite. Sure when I played earlier additions the damage a wizard could do was tremendous with the lower hit points that everyone. But magic missile and lightning bolt are not near as deadly as a fighter of the same level. Many spells like Fireball and Wail of the Banshee will not even be cast if other party members are around.
Now I can see attacks of oppurtunity for spells like Implosion and that require round to round concentration. I just don't get the attacks of oppurtunity. Maybe you guys play tested it and it was needed. I can actually see AOO more for healing spells that draw out the combat, but those could be made as full round actions that draw attacks of oppurtunity.

Well this is just my take on it. Great job designing the game. I do admit to enjoying the discipline of learning to play the RAW but we are having trouble keeping wizards alive. Note: we typically play a 4 party game with Fighter, Mage, Thief, Cleric. (maybe a Paladin or Ranger instead of a Fighter at times, but that is the basic setup).

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