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Arnwolf's page

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My group still plays with 1E/2E rules for firing in melee. But we have many house rules and limited feat selection for our style of play.

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So far I am liking the setting. I am trying to learn the new social rules. But what I don't like is the background and lettering. It is very hard to read on my desktop kicked back in my chair. I am not talking about font size. It actually hurts my eyes to read.

Chemical Weapons are immoral according to what I been watching one the news lately.

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What exactly can't a 20th level fighter do with wealth by level and magic shops everywhere?

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Before we know it players will be chopping off the head of a Medusa to kill a Titan. That would be total cheese.

Humphry B ManWitch wrote:


there is an interesting Campaign Tracking down where your summoned monsters come from and befriend them

Alot of roleplaying opportunities. Making pacts and agreements.

If you're evil you really don't care just summon and bind them to your will. If they die they die. But a good spellcaster has to make moral decisions that evil ones do not.

This is one of those area's where roleplaying games really wussed out. They should be real people or creatures that are killed just like PCs. The summoning spells should have the PCs making pacts and agreements with the creatures before they are summoned.

As for the other part that people are talking about. Even if they are not killed, but summoned against their will that should be an evil act.

We did very little summoning in our old school game because we considered it evil.

I haven't seen the rules or stats for the Kingdoms that the Daemons have. Maybe they have better mass combat. Maybe they are good at playing the diplomacy or deception card against lesser races to keep the big boys off balance. What are the statistics for their kingdoms?

Pan wrote:
Doomed Hero wrote:

I'd say no. In fact, in a high-magic lawful good society, it would probably be a better alternative to execution or incarceration.

It concentrates on rehabilitation rather than punishment. Suddenly, the evil person knows exactly why what they did was wrong, and can start making amends immediately. It completely does away with the problem of sociopaths and repeat offenders.

The big problem would be potential suicides after the alignment shift.

Nice I just thought up an awesome campaign. The ruler of a kingdom makes an alignment changing machine and forces it on anyone they find to be "out of alignment". PCs have to join a resistance force to overthrow the evil bastard!

Interesting idea. But if you are going to do such a campaign the PCs might find that they have strange allies, like thieves, murderers, drug addicts, and sociopaths wanting to join them for different reasons. Politics makes strange bed mates. It will be very hard to find allies to prevent turning sociopaths into good caring people who are remorseful for their wrongs and wanting to make amends.

Death to the metric system. Burn the heretics and their alien ways. We can not give up our heritage. :-)

Really wanting to do a futuristic campaign where magic and technology exist side by side. Governments will hate magic because they can't control it like technology, and gosh darn it they need them because of the aliens. So does anyone have good rules for futuristic tech and technological gadgets?

In response to Set,

Yes I agree, Prisoners are slaves. That is why I am opposed to prisons and a justice system that has prisons. Since liberty is more valued that life. And freedom more valuable than slavery. I support the death penalty for all criminals that are so dangerous that others would think them needing imprisonment. Basically, I would send criminals to counseling and/or pay property damages, and if that couldn't solve the problem I would put them to death since slavery is worse than death and I believe cruel.

I play in settings very much like antiquity to the classical era. Anywhere from 2000 BC to 50 BC with smitherings of things around 200-300 AD and some idea's from earlier than 4000 BC. So, in my setting slavery is very much real and accepted. No one really gives it a second thought. Different nations have different laws on slavery, some the slave can buy their freedom, some not. I have hardly no nation on my planet that does not have slavery, except a few primitive tribes here and there (not most of them) and a few backwoods or isolated regions.

Stealing someones slave is a crime. Many philosphers write amazing works on freedom and still own slaves and don't make the connection because it is so ingrained in their society. Some nations only take slaves of foreigners, POW's, or criminals. I like to keep it varied. I have religions that tell how to treat slaves. Some nations give slaves certain rights others do not.

I even have nations where women are the property of their husbands or fathers. And yet have very prominent influential women who technically have no political rights. I love irony. And a Paladin in my world would generally accept benevolent slavery and shun the mistreatment of slaves.

If you have to take levels in other classes you are telling me that the rogue does not work and is not a good class. That is if I am understanding this thread topic clearly, and that is "How to build a better rogue".

Nice idea's for multiclassing though.

Dabbler wrote:
Seppuku wrote:

Perhaps good is for cowards and the unmotivated?

Good is for anti-capitalists.

Evil is for those who are self starters and driven to always improve themselves.

You describe the lich's point-of-view remarkably well.

Capitalism is the greatest force for destroying poverty and raising the standard of living for all people. Socialism is hatred of the successful that lowers everyones standard of living.

HaraldKlak wrote:

Good characters get to go to heaven.

That should supposedly be the ultimate goodie.


Give them 1d10 hit points and the BAB of a fighter. With all the cool the new abilities for the fighter, paladin, barbarian, and ranger it would not hurt a thing.

Ur-Priests made great great villains. As a PC I would never allow them.

I picture beholder society and behavior to be exactly like the daleks.

SuperSlayer wrote:
People are buying to play, nostalgia, collectors, and the money goes towards a Gary Gygax statue memorial fund. It's AD&D 1st edition, a legendary game of magic and monsters.

Because the ones we currently use are pretty worn. Many people still play 1E/2E. Check

There is websites and forums dedicated to OD&D and B/X and BECMI.

I did some spelljammer, but I hated the terminology and fluff.

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The only thing I would want done in pathfinder 2.0 is a simplified feat system. Too many feats, and too many feats needed to do the same action. Now I do love feats, I really like the unarmed style feats in Ultimate Combat.

Gorbacz wrote:
Tome of Battle? We don't that anime wuxia crap round these parts, gentlemen!


Though I will admit statistics for a house cat are just silly. They should operate under special rules.

I would like to see animals with more realistic ability scores. A human can take an ape with the appropriate weapons. Same with a tiger. Is it common, heck it is more than rare. But high level PCs are way above rare and truly exceptional. An ape is as strong as about 8 of the strongest body builders. Also keep in mind that few animals have our hand eye coordination and stamina.

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Sometimes you just have to take a break and unwind so you can start back fresh and ready.

Tholomyes wrote:
thejeff wrote:
OTOH, there's something to be said for magic working consistently. There aren't a lot of genres settings that have multiple magic systems.
Actually, I do disagree somewhat with this, conceptually. One of the things that bugs me (not enough to put the effort into house ruling or anything, though) is that Divine magic functions identically in many ways to arcane magic. Something doesn't sit right with me about that, that someone who combs through ancient tomes and researches the fundamental arcane principles of the universe has magic that functions roughly identically to one who channels the power of the gods. (Personally, I'd split druid and ranger from divine to something else, like spirit or primal magic[in name; not the existing mechanic], or something like that, and have three systems of magic which feel distinct mechanically.)

I always looked at the spell slots for clerics as favors from his deity. In that way they kind of fit.

I am a huge fan of the vancian magic system. It is the number one reason that I do not play 4E.

A Succubus kiss isn't a weapon for the battlefield, it's a weapon for the bedroom.

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Why isn't the greatsword a double weapon. The fighting style used the pommel as much as blade, and had lots of kicks.

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The same way Conan, HP Lovecraft, Michael Morecock, and Fritz Lieber handled homosexuality.

Hi, me and my group bounce back and forth between many editions and different rpg's. We play BECMI, 1E, 2E, pathfinder, mutants and masterminds, True 20, Star Wars, etc. We have played a couple of adventure paths and loved them.

But this time around, we don't want to play an entire adventure path. Can anyone recomend a good module for 12th level adventurers. I will have 4 players consistantly.

There is a d20 Zelda fan made pdf online somewhere (I have it). It was quite good. I really look forward to seeing what you do.

Matthew Morris wrote:

Was thinking in another thread. Should the base classes have cool names?

The archtypes normally do. Think about the following

"What do you do?"
"I'm a lore warden."
"Sounds cool, I'm a falconer."
"Whoa, so working with birds eh? Hey bill, we've a falconer over here!"
"Well hold on let me get the lads calmed down."
"What does he mean, 'lads'?"
"Oh, Bill's a packlord."
"Ah, does what it says on the tin, eh? Hey buddy, what do you do?"
"um... I'm a fighter."
"Really? That's what you do? Fight?"
"Well yeah, just like Larry here."
"Nah, Ted said he's a lore warden. I'm pretty sure he doesn't fight books."
"No, really, I'm a fighter, like Charlie there."
"Excuse me *sniff* I'm a cad, not some base brawler like yourself."
"I'm not a brawler! I'm a fighter!"

Oh so true my friend. Oh so true.

The last packet ruined it for me. I did not like the cantrips or spell progression at all.

Beckett wrote:
Munchkin Pathfinder?

pathfinder was already munchkin. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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Selgard wrote:

We, as a gamer society, have greatly moved away from the concept of player knowledge advancing our characters vs character knowledge advancing the characters.

We have rules for knowledges so that our little lowbie fighter doesn't automatically whip out the torch and oil against a troll and so our wizards don't whip out fireballs when they see white dragons. At least- not without the appropriate checks.

Our characters check for traps rather than WE the players having to figure out whether they exist, and our characters use skills to disarm them rather than us trying to figure out the widget to let us go by.

And in fact when someone wants break down a door we roll a strength check. When our character needs to remember something we roll an int check. If we want to convince someone of something we roll bluff checks or diplomacy checks and the general presence (or lack thereof) for any given character is determined by their charisma score rather than our own force of personality or presence.

However when it comes to what spells to prepare- be it for a wizard, druid, cleric, ranger, paladin- well you get the idea.
When it comes to this its directly an issue of player knowledge. WE have to figure out what spells to cast in the future despite the fact that its our characters who are living in the world and who, at least in theory, are far more intelligent than we our selves are.
When you consider 20 is the theoretical human maximum (human 18 +2) and magical items and level bumps its possible that your witch or wizard especially could be far more intelligent than anyone who has ever existed on our earth. And yet we- the players- are expected to look into the game world and select their spells.

Its the very essence of metagaming.

Now spellcasters are already the most powerful of the lot and the prepared ones (wizards, clerics, druids) are the most powerful of that set. So making them more powerful isn't really something I advocate. Rather I'm curious as to the discussion about this. Am I wrong...

So when we order a beer in a tavern should we have the player roll a diplomacy check. If a player remembers something mentioned earlier in the adventure should we have him roll an intelligence check and if he fails tell him that he did not remember that. Knowing the monster manual is just knowing the game. It is separate from the knowledge checks. If someone can find a trap without the disable skill check through being observant or cleaver. Great, that is what the game is about. If someone finds a secret door through roleplaying than great. Skills are guidelines to enhance roleplay not straight jackets.

Monk 2 (Master of Many Styles)
Wizard (Teleportation specialist) 3 (25 point buy)

Str 10
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 19
Wis 14
Cha 10

Crane Style, Crane Wing, Snake Style, point blank shot, precise shot

That's basically my character. Enjoying him alot.

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ALMOST every ability for every class and feat in the game is 10+1/2 level+ ability modifier. I don't see why it should be less for spell casters.

I have been playing a 25 point build game, with no buying abilities below 10. We are playing Jade Regent. It has been a good game and still challenging with near TPK.

We have 2 fighters, cleric, monk.

All this was way to cheesy for me. So we just altered mirror image to have audible affects that made blindfighting not possible with respect to mirror images. All those images make sounds and footsteps. Worked for our group.

AD&D was balanced completely differenty. The saving throw system was different, the spells worked differently, monster armor classes all different. It was very possible at the lower levels to take out 20HD critters.

BTW, my motto is that all editions of dnd are balanced, there is just unbalanced encounters. Probaly like that for all games.

additionally a Lich less than 18th level is an embarassment to the 3.x games (in my opinion).

Sad to me that you just can't create a character and see where it goes anymore. Everyone has to build their character to 20th level at the start. Even my players do it and I can't really blame them.

I really like the setting of Golarion. I like the kingdoms, the critters, the NPC's, the technology level. The one thing I really hate about the Golarion setting is the word "Golarion". I despise that name. The way it sounds and flows off the tongue is horrible. So I just renamed the planet to Yrth.
But other than that fantastic setting with many skilled writers. Wish I could create a setting half as good as Golarion or Eberron.

Ring of Spell Storing

very cheap to recharge

If a person moves 15 feet or more can he be follwed with Step Up and Strike and be attacked?

Chris Self wrote:
0gre wrote:
Everything that kickstarter does for a company/ idea subscriptions do for paizo. There is basically no need for kickstarting anything.

Yeah, Paizo has no need of a Kickstarter at this point. We're funded internally and have a built in gauge of demand, as well as many combined decades of industry experience to gauge demand for items that don't have a subscription.

Also, Kickstarter and Amazon charge an arm and a leg.

My personal opinion is that Kickstarter is great for works that don't have an infrastructure in place. Paizo does have an infrastructure.

Maybe Pathfinder could start their own version of kickstarter for the purpose of products that are difficult to gauge. It is nice to have all the expenses and overhead done before beginning a project. This would be useful for any project. Alos nice to know you have the cash to hire a contracter for a limited product. Just my thoughts.

The NPC in this case was moving 50 feet.

So, move 5 feet fighter gets to step up and attack, move more than five feet the fighter does not get to attack.

Thanks alot, really appreciate the rules clarification.

Fighter is by far the most powerful class in the game. Sure they need a cleric or spellcaster helping them with will saves, but you should be playing as a team anyway, and if at double digit levels the team has not figured out how to act as a team then you have problems. The fighter outdamages the barbarian, the ranger, the cavalier, and even the paladin. Their weapon training allows them to do more damage than a smite when combined with power attack. Any additional buffs placed on them let them reak havok. I have never seen anything outdo the fighter and I play with powergamers who really know how to min/max. Paladins are probaly a very close second when done properly under the right conditions against critters with the evil descripter.

AvalonXQ wrote:

Step Up and Strike doesn't have anything to do with casting a spell; it's about a foe trying to take a five-foot step away from you and you getting to hit the foe in response.

So if a magus tries to five-foot step away to cast Burst of Speed, the fighter will get to step up and attack him before the spell even casts. Then, if the fighter has Combat Reflexes, he'll get an AoO on the magus as he casts.

I'm not talking about casting the spell (which is a swifting action). I am talking about the movement after the spell is already cast.

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