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Armenfrast's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 43 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.



Paizo should make their T Shirts more solid.

I am still wearing, from time to time, my "I killed in the Temple Of Elemental Evil" T-shirt, after all these years.


Just for my information can someone post the wealth range earned by characters from 1st to 12th level ?

As many characters purchase potions and wands with prestige points, the full value of their equipment + available gold should fall into this range.


We have updated the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play (PFRPG) PDF with minor editorial changes.

In order to simplify the updating of the french translation, is there a place where I can find what has been corrected in today's new "reprint" of the PFS Guide 5.0 ?

I see that you have corrected this typo:

Page 32: Because the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign
has evolved over its lifetime, some small adjustments
need to be made when running scenarios from ** Seasons
0–2 ** under the current rules. Below are instructions for
converting Scenarios #0–1 to #4–26.

The latest PFS Guide now correctly mentions "Seasons 0-4"


I have just finished updating the translation of PFS Guide 5.0 into french, and i noticed some oddities/errors/inconsistencies:

If you ever want to read the PFS Guide in French, it is here:

Page 32: Because the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign
has evolved over its lifetime, some small adjustments
need to be made when running scenarios from ** Seasons
0–2 ** under the current rules. Below are instructions for
converting Scenarios #0–1 to #4–26.
=> It should be mentioned Seasons 0-4

Page 36: Dealing with afflictions
=> You repeatedly mention :" Items Bought/
Conditions Cleared box at the bottom of the Chronicle
sheet." while this box does not exist anymore.

Page 34: Chronicles and Record-Keeping
Tracking Prestige Points is fairly simple;
it requires you to read over the success conditions and
** faction missions ** entries in the back of the scenario before
play, ** hand out the faction mission letters ** after reading out
the Getting Started text at the beginning of the scenario,
and then record whether or not the PCs accomplish these
missions during the scenario.
=> Reference to faction missions should be removed, no ?

Page 26: Pathfinder Tales Novels

It is said:
a player may access by showing her copy of a Pathfinder
Tales book to the GM of any sanctioned Pathfinder
Society event and having the GM initial the box next to
the corresponding boon. Once all four boxes have been
initialed, the player may also apply the Prolific Reader
boon to a single character.

. As long as the player has a copy of the book on hand, she should be
able to use the Chronicle sheet just like any other.

In my understanding if your boon has been paraphed (meaning you have shown the book at a GM), you do not need to have a copy of the book at hand in order to later use the Chronicle Sheet.


Speaking of the Emerald Elixir boon, will it be available along with the other items the we will receive for the Kickstarter PFO Project.

Do you have an idea of when it will be ?

Qadira Goblin Squad Member

Amis francophones rejoignez nous ! le jour du grand lancement notre objectif sera l'entraide entre les membres, et la mise en place d'une collaboration fructueuse avec les autres guildes.

Tous unis contre l'adversité !

Qadira Goblin Squad Member

@ CaptnB: Au contraire cela permet d'assurer une présence sur une plus grande amplitude horaire, sinon c'est vrai que ça risque de limiter les interactions.

@ Nihimon & Wyldethorne: Les Compagnons thank you for your words of welcome and are opened to any kind of fair negociation. Goodwill from both side is our keyword.

Qadira Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Armenfrast the Wise has decided to support a new settlement in Golarion

Company Goals:
- Cooperation in order to increase Wealth and Knowledge (Influence will follow)

Guild Size Goals:
- Gather french speaking players into a cooperative group.
- Focus on quality instead of quantity (Anyway the reverse should be difficult !)

- The guild will promote interguild cooperation.

- Neutral (Lawful)

Game Focus:
- All Aspects (PvE, PvP, Crafting, Exploration, etc).

Armenfrast is candidate for the role of business Judge or Commercial Mediator.


The lattest realization of the french pathfinder community has been to translate into french the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play v4.2

Si vous êtes francophones alors le Guide de la Campagne Organisée de la Société des Eclaireurs est à votre disposition ici:

If you wonder what the PSOP web site is here are some exemples of what it contains

The localization of the active french players:

You want more information about Karim's character "Aelaris" ?

aka Armenfrast


Page 38: Added “Note: Any diseases or afflictions a PC has obtained must be resolved at the table once the game ends as explained in Chapter 5 of this document. “

It seems to me that this note introduces a new confusion, as according to the PRD "Afflictions" include diseases, curses, poisons...

if this is the case this note makes the previous paragraph nearly void.


Page 38: Added “Note: Any diseases or afflictions a PC has obtained must be resolved at the table once the game ends as explained in Chapter 5 of this document. “

It seems to me that this note makes the previous paragraph totally (or nearly) void.

The guide explains how "diseases, curses and poison" (btw all are "afflictions": Afflictions (PRD) ) have to be mentioned on the Chronicle, and what to do when it is resolved during further scenarios, and then the note says that disease and afflictions have to be resolved at the table "immediately" !


1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.
Michael Brock wrote:

The wording advising, "Once a character reaches 12th level, she may no longer play in tiered scenarios of levels 1–11, but can play special Tier 12 scenarios and events" sounds pretty clear.

Perhaps if we add a + after Tier 12, and we add modules to the sentence, that would clarify it better?

Also note, "Tier 12 scenarios and events" isn't just referring to Eyes of Ten. It advises any scenario or event that is for characters level 12 or higher.

Yes I think that the following wording is clearer:

Once a character reaches 12th level, he may no longer play in tiered scenarios of levels 1–11, but can play special Tier 12+ scenarios, sanctioned modules or events


well what I have read ("retirement and beyond" vs Chapter 7) did not look so clear.

(1) Does a new 12th level character can play directly Academy of Secrets (Tier 13) using the +/-1 rules for sanctioned scenarios.

(2) Does a 14th level (let's suppose it is possible) character can play Academy of Secrets (Tier 13) using the +/-1 rules for sanctioned scenarios.


Against Darkness try bringing a priest with the sun domain - starting at level 8 he has access to Nimbus of Light (Su)

Nimbus of Light (Su): At 8th level, you can emit a 30-foot nimbus of light for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. This acts as a daylight spell. In addition, undead within this radius take an amount of damage equal to your cleric level each round that they remain inside the nimbus. Spells and spell-like abilities with the darkness descriptor are automatically dispelled if brought inside this nimbus. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Being a Supernatural ability it cannot be dispelled (cool)

Supernatural abilities are magical but not spell-like. Supernatural abilities are not subject to spell resistance and do not function in areas where magic is suppressed or negated (such as an antimagic field). A supernatural ability's effect cannot be dispelled and is not subject to counterspells.


Whale_Cancer wrote:

Alright, simple question here. Came up during game yesterday. Any help appreciated.

How do you handle an invisible character moving through their equally invisible ally's square?

I think you handled it fairly.

I should have said 50% to go through without difficulty and 50% with difficulty (move cost x2)


Well, in one way i am glad to see that you are identifying the same difficulties we have discussed here in France.

I have asked the question here, because we are never perfectly sure that the rules have been correctly translated into french or that our reading of the original rules is correct.


6 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 2 people marked this as a favorite.

Let's say three opponents are under the effect of an haste spell.

You cast dispel magic against one target and you succeed your dispel

What are the consequences

(1) The spell is dispelled (on the targeted creature only)

(2) The spell is dispelled (and all three opponents loose their haste)

The rules RAW says "A dispelled spell ends as if its duration had expired", this implies that the spell as a whole expires and not only the spell effect on this specific creature.

What is your opinion ? Is there already a clarification somewhere ?



Strange thing with the search mode

if you search for "prestige" you only get one answer...that's weird !


And if the app would be translated in french? do you think the voice search would be useful for you? :)

(...) and the app will not be translated.

I know fairly well the french community of pathfinder players, and even if we dutyfully translate and update the PFSRD, you will never have enough customers to compensate even the time to think about the project :)

And personnally i started playing rpg at a time where no RPG was translated into french, so english fantasy vocabulary is my second language (or I fancy to believe it)


No offense intended - i was just answering to: "Have you tried searching voice?" and unfortunately i am french and i thought that my accent could sound "oxfordian" if i did an effort, but it seems that not.

Magic Missile is recognized, but "sword" returns "word" and so on...

Over that, i hope you enjoy our products.

Yes - i mastered We Goblins yesterday with my pad next to me. I just had to search "dog" and follow the link to "Dog, riding"... et voila I have the stats of my encounter.



i am not english so i cannot tell if my pronunciation is in cause or something else, but my first reaction is to say that the vocal search is an unreliable gadget, especially when it comes to fantasy vocabulary.

From my point of view you can remove it, it is useless.


Well I was busy those last days but you anticipated my request. A research mode was what I was ready to ask :)



fine work ! it is more to my taste now.

i will probably purchase the full version this evening and have a deeper look into it.


GringoireDM wrote:
You are not buying the contents, but the work made to show them. ^^ Of course this work will continue i suppose, and this will be more powerfull and easy to use. (i sayd i suppose because i'm not implyed in this project. Takilian is the leader for the prd project, in fact i haven't done this work for iPhone too, basicly because this work already exist.)

I fully agree that's why beyond the contents he must focus on the ease of use.


As someone as already pointed it out the pfsrd is available for free on the web, so if you want to sell it, you must provide more than contents and web navigation.

Being usable off-line is nice, but i can already make a copy of the pfsrd and use it off line on my device.

So you must concentrate on the ease of navigation and search of information.


With this new version i can read data.

"with a four-level index with over 1000 voices" ? do you mean "choices" ?

Can you increase the depth of the folding index ?


+ Classes

++ Character advancement
+++ Advancing your character
+++ Multiclassing
+++ Favord Class

++ Barbarian

++ Bard


When i click on the fighter link i get the following message file:///android_asset/prd/classes/fighter.html is not available

The X for closing is too small.

Could you include a previous page or equivalent option ? For exemple from index, i go to races then to Elves then to Constition then to language and from there i cannot go back. I must close the tab and resume from the Index.


Takilian Rueshin wrote:

@ Armenfrast: have you tried the sections without an asterisk?

Another user, with a Galaxy Tab 10.1, fails to show any pages because of a bug.
Just after resolving any problem with OGL, will solve this bug.

I will make an other try this evening (GMT+1)


btw i have downloaded and quickly looked at your "lite" app with my eeepad transformer, but it is too "lite" ... all the options i have tried led to dead ends.


I think I had seen an answer from Joshua saying that you could purchase a riding dog and consider that instead of being trained for riding it was trained for guarding.


I do not have major objections against Fire arms. I have an objection against a class whose background is so closely tied to only one country.

Open the access to firearms as an exotic weapon, then create your firearm wielding fighter and go with it.


Mark Moreland wrote:
Just as Jason and Stephen will be looking at people's feedback regarding the new mechanics during the playtest, I'll also be assessing whether the inclusion of any alternate classes or specific abilities fits well in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play program. Chances are low that I'll outright prohibit any of the three new alternate classes, but I will be taking players' and GMs' feedback into account.

I had a look at those three new classes and my feedback is

Useless: For Ninja and Samurai. The goal could have been obtained through options given to Monks and Cavaliers

Inadequate and inadapted to PFS: Gunslinger.


I am adressing what looks like an inconsistency.

The invisibility spell says: If a check is required, a stationary invisible creature has a +40 bonus on its Stealth checks. This bonus is reduced to +20 if the creature is moving.

So moving imposes a -20 malus to invisibility.

The "special abilities" mentions "A creature can generally notice the presence of an active invisible creature within 30 feet with a DC 20 Perception check." but the table mentions only a malus of -10 for moving

Invisible creature is... Perception
In combat or speaking –20
Moving at half speed –5
Moving at full speed –10

It seems to me that detecting a moving invisible creature is DC 40-10 = DC30 and not DC20



JP Chapleau wrote:

I will be running 9 slots of it @ Genghis Con in Denver Feb 17-20.

Tell us if you ever intend to come to France for your holidays we would like to play it.

The request extends to all venture captains and 4/5 stars gm

until we have our own Venture Captain


au fait je monte un groupe "virtuel" sur forum pour jouer le scénario 1-30 Cassomir's Locker.

Tous les renseignements sont ici:

Je vais essayer de faire une partie "blitz" qui durera moins d'un mois.


Dritzz wrote:

Yes même aventure !

JP tu creches ou ? Sinon pour le Venture Captain t'es au parfum ?

Je dois en être à mon 6eme emails de relance depuis le départ de Josh... :-(

JP il réside à Denver (Colorado)


Dritzz wrote:

Comme tous les mercredis rendez vous demain cette fois pour une session de Pathfinder society.

Demain soir 19h à la boutique Playfactory

Envoie moi un mail quand tu confirmes une nouvelle session ou tu peux mettre directement la "convention" à jour sur le site.

Si possible essaie de préciser quel module sera joué ?

D'une façon générale ça se passe comment ces mercredi soirs ? je veux dire as tu assez de joueurs pour monter une table ? s'agit-il toujours des mêmes joueurs ou vois tu de nouvelles têtes ?


Dritzz wrote:
Dritzz wrote:

Ok les amis et hop on repart sur une session endiablée à Paris Mercredi prochain avec Citadel of Flame...

Rdv sur le site de la Ligue Ludique ou de BBE pour plus d'infos.

A mercredi

Rebelote mercredi prochain à la boutique PF

Même aventure ?


Dritzz wrote:

On a posté ca sur le site de la Ligue Ludique :

Merci Armenfrast

C'est parfait...j'ai créé un modèle de fiche pour déclarer les parties tout en français que je vais bientot mettre en ligne.



je crains de trop me disperser si je commence à multiplier les posts sur tous les forums.

On va refaire une petite soirée PSOP à la Carte Chance le 26 novembre 2010.

Jetez un coup d'oeil sur

Sinon je sais qu'il y a un week-end PSOP qui s'organise pour le 11 novembre, mais j'ai peur que toutes les tables (4 ou 5) ne soient déjà pré réservées ! Je n'arrête pas de relancer l'organisateur pour qu'il passe un message sur le forum, mais il puise dans le vivier des ex joueurs de Living Greyhawk.


(PS: Le site n'est pas abandonné ! non mais !!!)


With all my due consideration;




Katharan al-Zawree wrote:

Ca semble plutot... unique comme option! C'est douteux... Mais bon

JP (Le meme JP que Living Greyhawk)

Hello JP, tu as pris le logo Qadiran, ca ne m'étonne pas pour un ancien de Tusmit.

Tu t'es reconverti à PFS depuis longtemps ? Chez nous la campagne a été lancée en "pre test" par l'importateur/traducteur mi juillet, et devrait être officiellement lancée avant la fin de l'année, avec notamment un portail francophone pour enregistrer les sessions et les personnages, qui sera lié/intégré au portail Paizo.


1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

In France Pathfinder is translated and sold by Black Book Edition.

Amongst their products stands a Character File, that is described as something exclusive to France.

Well, you wonder what it has to do with Pathfinder Society ?

Here I go. The PFS guide has been "officially" translated into french, and it includes a section (Chapter 6) that does not exist in the english version.


Les Dossiers de personnage Pathfinder JdR

Chaque joueur est invité à utiliser un exemplaire du Dossier de personnage, cette feuille de personnage luxueuse et complète en vente dans toutes les boutiques et sur pour la modique somme de 3 €. En plus de bénéficier de cet outil idéal pour le jeu, chaque joueur qui en utilise un pour son personnage lors d’une partie organisée par la Société des Éclaireurs peut relancer un jet de d20 au cours du scénario. Il faut annoncer sa volonté de relancer le dé avant de connaître le résultat de son test et accepter le second lancer, même s’il est pire que le premier.

I understand that you are not fluent in french. Roughly, it means that if you posses this Character file, then you can reroll a dice once per session.

This can be understandable knowing that faction t-shirts are not available in France. However, some french players will go one day or another into english or american conventions, and i fear that the point can be conflictual, as this specific french document is not mentioned in the latest PFS guide.

Furthermore, one day someone will have both the T-Shirt, and the Character file, and this could mean two reroll by session.

I suggest adding a specific comment in the guide 3.1, concerning alternate regional products with effects equivalent to the Faction T-shirt, and to limit the use at one per session, whatever number of different items you own.


I think that the wand, scroll issue, is assessed in the latest guide.

Page 21: "All potions, scrolls, wands, and other consumables are made by wizards, clerics or druids in Pathfinder Society"

from France

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