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Lady Andaisin

Armandia Just's page

31 posts. Alias of Aaron Bitman.

Full Name

Armandia Just




Cleric (of Iomedae) 1








Lawful Good




Darkmoon Vale (originally Galt)


Taldane, Hallit



Strength 15
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Armandia Just

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark
Skin: Pale

hp: 9
Speed: 30'
Initiative: +1 (Dex)

AC: 14 (touch: 11, flat-footed: 13)

Saving Throws
Fortitude: +5 (Base +2, Con +1, feat +2)
Reflex: +3 (Base +0, Dex +1, feat +2)
Will: +5 (Base +2, Wis +3)

BAB: 0
CMB: 2 (Base +0, Str +2)
CMD: 13 (Base +0, Str +2, Dex +1)

Bluff: +2/+3 (Cha +2, trait possibly +1)
Diplomacy: +6/+7 (rank +1, Cha +2, class skill +3, trait possibly +1)
Knowledge (Religion): +3 (rank +1, Int -1, class skill +3)
Sense Motive +7 (rank +1, Wis +3, class skill +3)

Longsword (Atk +2 [+0 BAB, +2 Str], dmg 1d8+2, crit 19, weight 4 lbs., slashing)
Heavy Crossbow (Atk +1, dmg 1d10, crit 19, rng 120', weight 8 lbs., Piercing)
Crossbow bolts(10) (1 lb.)
Sling (atk +1, dmg 1d4, range 50', Bludgeoning)
Sling bullets(10) (5 lbs.)
Studded Leather armor (AC bonus +3, check penalty 0 [due to trait], weight 20 lbs.)
Backpack (2 lbs.)
Bedroll (5 lbs.)
Trail Rations (7 days' supply, 7 lbs.)
Waterskin (4 lbs.)
Wooden Holy Symbol (0 lbs.)
140 gp, 9 sp

58 lbs.
(Light Load is up to 66 lbs.)

Great Fortitude
Lightning Reflexes

Armor Expert

Special Abilities
Lawful Good Aura
Channel Energy (Su) 1d6
Domains: Good and War
Touch of Good (Sp): (from Good Domain) +1, usable 6 times/day
Battle Rage (Sp): +1, 6 times/day

Spells (DC 13/14)
(The following spell list is the "default" for a given day. That is, these are the spells you should assume Armandia has prepared for the day, unless I say otherwise during the game morning.)

0th (unlimited): Detect Poison, Light, Read Magic
1st: Comprehend Languages, Magic Weapon (D), Magic Stone

Armandia Just grew up in Galt, feeling disgusted at the bloodiness of her own nation. Persuaded by her friends that a certain group of rebels was the answer, Armandia put aside all else to train hard at the arts of war and to study the ways of her goddess, Iomedae. (Domains: Good and War) After hard fighting, Armandia helped her group to take over Galt. Eventually, she was recognized for her services and given a job working for the Cabinet of Skulls (the name of the government at the time.) Then another group of rebels revealed the Cabinet's secret evil activities, and overthrew it.

Armandia felt shattered. Had she devoted her life to replacing one corrupt government with another? Her faith faltered.

But of course, her spiritual crisis was not her most pressing problem. In Galt, the saying "I only work here" doesn't cut it. Armandia had to flee Isarn, and would undoubtedly have been caught and executed, but for a brave rescue managed by a group of Andorans. Led by a mysterious masked figure, this group managed to smuggle Armandia (along with several other Galtan fugitives) to Andoran, which otherwise would have refused these fugitives entry. Realizing that she needed to keep a low profile, Armandia kept clear of the big cities, and went to Darkmoon Vale, looking for a church of Iomedae in an effort to restore her faith.

With her pale skin and jet-black hair, Armandia grew up showing promise of great beauty. When she decided to help the revolution, Armandia trained herself to be a warrior, constantly pushing herself to build up her strength. This dismayed Armandia's mother, who kept impressing upon Armandia that no man would find such a strong woman attractive. Armandia fully believed this, but felt that her appearance would be a small price to pay. To this day, Armandia believes herself to to be unattractive to men, and is utterly oblivious to the sideways glances men give her when her armor is off.

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