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Arlock Blackwind's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 222 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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In times like these we remember many good friends we have all lost and we continue to remember them in our work our family and most of all our daily lives by every choice we make. Mike I never met you and my only regret is I now never will but your friends have shown me and the rest of the world you were nothing less than a scholar and a gentleman may you find happiness wherever you are.


So this is probably the wrong place to post and I am probably missing something VERY obvious but I have been waiting for about a week or so and for some reason I still cannot put in a application, post, or create a thread to introduce myself on CotP website??? Plz Help!

When I go to application it says I am ineligible, and when I go to post or thread it says unable?

<.< >.> ??? I am not in TEO anymore? (I have been out of the loop for a whiel, but really?)

(bump) So anyone know if the alpha has the settlements visible?

Hmm I also wonder about the safty of the sub-hexes surrounding our home and the unsettleing close monster hexes. How many people will be playing PVE bounty hunters?

I guess what I will be doing is offering local healing for freelance hunters/fighters to clear nearby sub-hexes of monsters and dangerous animals. heh, (wanted goblin heads and wolf fangs) cure light wounds potion with every 5 kills. :)

So anyone have any ideas on how many hexes we will want to try to claim in the first few months yet? any long term goals anyone wants to throw out? I mean I will probably be happy with Brighthaven for quite some time. but still...

I would npt be one bit surprised to see Brighthaven as being the largest target for raiding groups for the first few weeks.

I wonder if they will have riverboats or ships anytime within the first year.

Now I have heard Ryan mention Ultima and other older gamers were somewhat of an inspiration for PFO. I recall the many hours of gameplay I spent building houses. If I were to guess they have a set of skills just for home/ship/large construction. When I think about it they sort of had a gathering/ processing/ steps to the craft in that game too.

I have to start hitting the books on religion in the river kingdoms. Anyone got any suggestions?

I hope they put in a church.

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I would like to see the ability to sign or trademark your crafted items (this sword was made by Gifford, this shield was made by Hark, This healing potion was made by Arlock)

@hark I agree. But If it does indeed take 2.5 years to master crafting I think someone who does only crafting for 5 years should still have some kind of edge over someone who just finished their 2.5 years of training.

(bump) I just cannot wait to jump into the game. I hope I can find an escort to help me get to brighthaven.

I just want to specialize in brew potion. I wonder if that will be spell based or blue-print base.

@Urman if thats the case I may not be very helpful I am planning a non-combatant priest. I will be stuck in town all day. :P

Well due to geografic isolation it would not be hard to defend.

I just hope to see some nice mountains near Brighthaven. not just for me but all the players who join in for the settlement. I love the fact that we have so many like-minded people joining now.

That reminds me what location on the map will we have anyway? LOL found it, I was reading the map wrong. :P

Wow that is actually really very helpful. I hope I get a bedroom with a view. :) anyone got a link to the map by any chance? (I would look for it but I am at work ATM)

Not to sound uneducated but what benefits do we get from landrush anyway? Great demi-god of knowledge Nihimon where are you when I need you?

Even when the floodgates open this is going to be a wild ride for years to come. I can feel it in my bones.

All I can say is it is going to be very interesting 1 year after the flood gates open and open war is issued. (I know open battle is availible day 1 buy full scale fights between nations is..... well, war never changes.)

Glad to be back, cannot wait to play. glad to see some players remember me. Sorry for all the short responces I am posting this at work.

LOL Joined TEO quite a whiel ago not sure how many remeber me. I went silent for a good long time. Not without good reason, but I am here now and hopefully not to late to help.

wow it is so exciting :) I can still remember just a couple of years ago we were just brainstorming this stuff.

Awesomeness do we have a release date yet? cannot wait till the floodgates open. been working on my bad guy turned good act. I cannot beleve how much drama something like that causes when it is done wrong. anyhoo glad to see old and new faces.

Hey guys long time no see. whats the plan? been out of the forums for a a good bit.

(yawn) ohh ahh. sorry to be away for so long. yikes what date is it now? oh my, me oh my. well I will save all the grusome details but suffice it to say it had been a bad year so far for me but here I am and ready to jump back in the game again. anyway, how is everything going for everyone? any new news...

if anything it would be fun to see who would be silly enough to use deck of many things.

Oh no my temple!
I wonder how players and building destruction will work. attack vrs wall? cannon vrs flower pot?

I dunno. It would make a fun cosmetic look on a hex sheet. I do see your point though.

the problem with this is a hex could benefit from slavery in one of the evil subhexes whiel a NG Warrior could benefit from his hunting down evildoers and compensations of it as well.

money from evil
fame from good
best of both worlds everyone would be a trueneutral hex with brances in NG and NE

what about random buff bonuses for a hex or debuffs as it were.

buffs examples
A famous bard decides to visit + economy for three days
Exellent vintage of wine produced this season +trade this month
an inventor has made a discovery in your hex + development time for buildings
a rush of settlers decides to join you + population and development

A rivaling merchant family have a land dispute - economy
A bloodthirsty warcheif invades your teritory and burns several villages befor he leaves - development
Feuding nobles demand petty cash for compensation of disclosed blackmailing - national funds
a member of your high court is accused of a crime -security

this events any many more could happen once a month or once every several months and could benefit (harm) at random.

As one of the abilities to building custom towns and cities in Pathfinder a type of feats and bonuses can be given. we know a city will have six stat scores related to how safe functional and well facilitated the hex is. bout how about Feats or skill marks maybe some of us can call them perks. made prior to a hex being claimed or even chosen upon claiming it. If memory serves a town feat can consist of almost anything from being demographicly isolated to being a focal point in arcane enegies. or a site of a holy relic or socialy intolorable to a certin species or all species except a few chosen special.

My question is. Who would want to see these implemented and if so how would you want to see it done? Would you want to see them made part of the hex unchangable by any means or would you prefer to choose them as you evolve your civilization in the hex.

I dunno about the point buy system. I guess it would not make much of a differance. Although the traits one may have, that is a whoal new discusion we have barly scratched the surface of. Why limit to just regional, you could have religios or alginment traits i guess if you want to strech it. theres is always trade traits like wizard apprentice or blacksmith family buisness.

It would be awesome to build your own arena. catch monsters and let people fight for thier lives or pit monster vrs monster and sit back taking bets. a portion of the betting could go to the economy of the settlement. (income woohoo) it would also make sense for a small traveling groups of experts and bards to be a carnivalish band of adventurers. ( i ran a setting alot like that a long time ago/ strong man berzerker. fire eater sorcerer. bearded lady female dwarf rouge. the wolf boy a halfling child with werewolf disease.) you can imagine how it worked out.

Training guilds are hopefully going to be monitered very carefully. Either way could be disastrous.

1. training halls are too easy: every city has 11 maxed training halls in 1 year.
2. almost a year has passed and everyone on the server has thousands of Exp to spend but only 2 cities have advanced training halls and they are not sharing because they don't even have enough for their own community.

Not on the topic of stats I love the idea of forming your own over time it does give flavor to a character. Also would show what he has spent all of his skills on over time.

The sharing of exp. No, nope, never. The reason being if someone can interchange exp between characters on their account or with friends then the whole point of having everyone gain exp at the same time goes right out the window.

twin destinies. Alts. the big one on alts is almost purely for RP reasons. not everyone will want to be a dwarf everything or an elf whatever. there is the notion of families sharing accounts different members can play different characters. there is even playing different genders that comes to mind wanting alts for your account.

I recall playing a very old and not to stylish online game called RPGworld. The gm at the time was ready to retire and let someone else run the server and I too was close to logging for the last time. to go out with a bit of a bang he released the greymarch (pretty much the apocalypse) basicly a huge army of stadard ai designed to kill all npc and then have to wipe server and restart (characters do not get reset but homes items and vendors do.) anyway so he set the grey march and everyone online scrambles to the city to prtect the king and towns people. I however go to my home witch has my minions and a teleporter. pcs are dieing of left and right and grey soldiers are dying in scores and just as the town is about to get breaached I bring in my 10 giant diamond golems and basicly block all town doors by myself with my char at the main (south gate) door. 3 golems at the east north and west doors a single golem with me and the remaing living players hiding in the throneroom. the gm and me go way back so I say why don't we just have a diel you play the dark one (main boss figure) and winner takes all. the fight lasts so long people start taking bets. problem was he had over 1mill health but only did 2-3 dmg to me I have hundreds of potions, healing, and spells but an only doing a few hundred dmg per hit after an hour we called a draw and retired both characters and my golems were placed on permenent guard duty with legends on how the hero used them to save everyone and died killing the the darklord and stoping the greymarch.

as long as it makes sense I am ok with it. a goblin cheiften may have had a very powerful shamen at one time and might have a healing potion or two as proof of it. an orc ranger might have one time made use of three arowns of animal bane. a tribe of giants might keep large anounts of minned ore for making giant sized armore one day. a lich may have several magic items it had accumulated over the years but it also stands to reason it might have cursed one or two to slow down thieves. A city that has been known to raise and care for dragons may have a suit of golden dragon scale armore left over from a war when one of their pets died, although I cannot see them leting go of such a sentimental item for anything less than three times the value of said outfit. (for anyone who gets the following joke props to you)you can't take away wild treasure like that! Why one time I kiled a rat and out popped a whoal chest, how else you going to fund an adventure like this?

final line. make it sound reasonable. coins on monstrous humanoids is not a strech but a wolf should not be carrying logs and hydras don't carry around hunks of pure silver in their gullet. Carp on the other hand I am not to sure, those things will eat ANYTHING!

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I would wager my first months skymetal that the craft skills will be broken into seperat stats. Blacksmithing str. alchemy int. cooking wis. ETC. although good guess is all knowlage skills are inteligence based. I would put a hunch they will try to even out the skills into equal amounts. 100 int skill 100 con skils you get the idea.

as for commoner expert and aristocrate. I love that idea. owever I hope that feats like craft reliquary or magic arms and armore remain magic user only feats. no one should make wands who cannot cast the spell to make it. or brew potions that a big one. I was hopeing to open my own little potion/used magic items shop in my church.. please do not take my dream from me GW.

My wife says screw the basic clases she is going all aristocrate so she can be a countess and live in the city all the time. I told her she will always be my little princess. happy valentines you guys.

So an Idea poped into my twisted little cranium today. In the kingmaker adventure path there was a tournament Rushlight I think. Competition where all nearby kingdoms send a champion to fight for the honor of their homelands.
Could we not implement some friendly competition in PFO? A small wager or funds collected by all participating factions followed by any side bets by individuals. probably dwindle to the top 3 contestants 1st place will recieve 60 of funds for thier home 2nd will recieve 30 third will recieve 10. if the communal pot is 1,000,000 gold per kingdom entry and 10 kingdoms compete. well you do the math. It would only be curtius for the champion to recieve 5% of their returning glory for themselves.

When I first started gaming some Odd 25 years ago. my first game was startropics. if you played that game you know you cannot fit a whoal name onto a playthough title. so I made up a name useing a code. it csme up Arlock. years later I found the joy of anime. favoite one was an odd one call outlaw star. name of the main char was jean Starwind(english translation). I often use Starwind and Blackwind (a term commonused by magus/janus) from chono trigger. to follow my Arlock name. So Arlock Starwind (goodguy) Arlock Blackwind (badguy). I have also used Deathwind but only for AQworlds, Arlockrune for wow. Even my gamer tag on Xbox is Arlock Starwind. over two decades of refining a charactor name story and backround it cannot be helped but to have many incarnations but the original and possible most resolute icon will always be Arlock. I do not think I could ever use anything else in my game.

I quote Dungeons and Dragons on this matter. : An elf? The problem with elves is they aint got no meat on ther bones. You gatta get a nice 360libs dwarf EH, hair on her chin you can hang on too! Eh Eh?, Ahh.

not to mention selling information on gold mine or a witchs hut. possible player made settlements. you may sonder though an area and find nothin but 3 months later someone else can walk through and find several strang things.

this acutally reminds me of a whiel back when we used to run privet server games. the DMs would control pc or monsters and run around giving quests or taoilred items of little or no use but always hilarious and fun. the one I remeber most was (bobs spoon of evereat) it was supposted to be cursed and a duke could not stop eating. when it was finnaly dispelled we carried the once evil spoon as a good luck charm. ocasionally still useing it to eat. one of our campfire saying was: You did not mix the spoons again did you?

even though I do not see me burning villages to the ground or kicking puppies I will be a lawful evil player that commonly uses undead to discover the secrets of golarion.

There is also the benefit for the hex for killing monsters ryan ad devs have stated that each hex will have stats like a pc and some of those stats will be moddified by the security of the hex. I can see it as a common quest to clear out pesky monsters from a peticularly civilized hex.

I concur with grumpy mel. If you do not have a good reason to check it is more or less OOC. Yes palidens can detect evil people but I do not remeber any rule in their book to go killing us on sight without provocation....

It did happen in NVN2 a free to play privet server and I was Part of the evil community. on more than one occasion someone would flat out refuse to work with me or would try to knock me out to drag me to jail whiel the only crime I made was hand placing my alignment to LE.

personally the heinus flag is more than a huge red target for goodly players it is also a HUGE OOC concept. unless I have my wispering way cub scout badge stapled to my nose you should have no idea that I have undead in my basement. Or that I have done anything wrong at all. As far as anyone in concerned No one should know what my char is up to because that is half the game when you are playing a bad guy. If someone really wants to stop me and put an end to my evil they ned to do some leg work just like in TT rules. not just run in the street and say Oh I see you have this flag over your head. Follow me down this ally we need to ki.. I mean talk about something.

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