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Mammon Cultist

Arlette Laguiller's page

5 posts. Alias of Doodlebug Anklebiter.


Andrée La Galtoise wrote:

Comrades, comaradesses !

You've seen the light. please join us in worship of the Eternal Rose !
You know you want it ! St Aroden is proud of you !

Join us in prayer at the secret meeting ground at Midnight !
We have cookies too.

Brothers and sisters, you are being robbed! You are being lied to!

You are....oh, cookies? Thank you so much!

Andrée La Galtoise wrote:

Apparently, I have been missing on some of the fun.

Brothers, sisters, you are being lied to! You are being robbed!

Vive le Galt!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Brothers and sisters, you are being robbed! You are being lied to!

Kajehase has been a boorish reactionary since the days when he used anti-working class raksasha Lord Glorio something or other from Korvosa as his avatar!

Get him!

Well, I'm glad I made at least two posters chuckle.

Travailleurs, travailleuses! On vous ment, on vous spolie!

Vive le Galt!!

Stereofm wrote:
In truth, I don't think positively about many French politicians when I think about it.

Travailleurs, travailleuses! On vous ment, on vous spolie!

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