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Male Human in Jungle

Arknight's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 627 posts (951 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 26 aliases.

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Working on getting the character details to this alias, but figured would go ahead and post. :)

Looking forward to this as it looks to be a very interesting game. :)

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While I'm working on the crunch, here's a bit of the background for Vladymir Andachi Tamriv. I'm using the 10 minute background format at the moment, but will try to tie it all together in the end...

Background - Vladymir:

Five background and concept elements important to Vladymir.
1) His pregnant mother arrived late at night in Marian Leigh claiming to have been kidnapped by vampire who held her in a fortress upriver. After giving birth to unwanted Dhampir child, she left him in the custody of a local temple of Irori along with a signet ring the vampire had given her as a ‘betrothal’ gift. Monks give the boy the name Vladymir and instill in him the sense of knowledge being power.

2) Signet ring belonged to branch of Count Andachi’s family who resided in Tamrivena and whose last male descendant disappeared in the mountains near Gallowspire. Vladymir bears a striking resemblance to that descendant. Divination magics confirm the relationship, and Vladymir takes the Andachi name as well as the name of the County seat as an intended honor.

3) Other children at the temple, both because of his inhuman nature and his perceived connection to the failed ruler, take every opportunity to bully and belittle Vladymir. This just spurs his quest for knowledge even more as he is able to make practical use of what he knows about the other children to keep himself from serious harm and even fight back by turning intended tricks and attacks back on the attackers. 

4) Vladymir’s quest for gathering knowledge has a tendency to take on something of a single-minded focus and he truly has to focus in order to keep himself from attempting to become a Jack-of-all-Trades as he learns a little of this and a little of that.

5) Vladymir spent a short time at the University of Lepidstadt but he still felt an outsider as both the faculty and other students treated him similarly to how the children at the temple had. Also, as he felt no particular reason to take up fencing just to gain a scar, he became even more ostracized by his classmates. One class he did find fascinating however was on the powers of the mind and how they would be useful in the real world. He excelled at that class and continued exploring that line of though even after he left at the end of the year.

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I actually found it on one of the FFGforum threads. I think it's the one that OggDude had shared. You should be able to download it from my Dropbox and open it in something like notepad to edit the text. :)

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brent norton wrote:

Shepard Book in Browncoat uniform. love it.

Don't the scrolls have something to say about killin' folks, Quinn?

They do. They are however a bit fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps.
(unsheathes swordcane)

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Thing have been kind of slow on it, but I think there will be a bet of most of the Race and basic Class information sometime in the next week or so. There are a couple of things doing a review on, but it's progressing. :)

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Herolab just released a new version that includes the basic foundation for psionics in it. I'm currently in the process of working with a couple of individuals so that the existing files for Psionics Unleashed will be compatible with the new version and not using the previous workarounds that were required.

Once that's good, then I'll be expanding and revising to all of the Ultimate Psionics content. It will be slow going due to my day job and school, but in the end it will be all there and the plan is to have it available through the Herolab updates mechanism.


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Just backed this and am looking forward to using it to jump-start a campaign. :)

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Hmmmmmm.... Sound to me like a good potential use of the Ultimate Campaign Guide on downtime. Paladin founds 'orphanage' and hires staff for taking care of the orphaned monstrous infants....

Just a thought.... :)

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