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Feral Halfling

Aristophanes's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 76 posts. No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 14 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Grand Lodge

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Thomas Graham wrote:

The day ends in 'y', so someone will argue it
Only in your oppressive english language monoculture!

OK, fine. The day ends in 'g', so someone will argue it.

Is that better BNW? ;-)

Grand Lodge

DM Beckett wrote:
Thanks, (for her). Its not her only character, but the her first for PFS, the one she is most invested in, and also been waiting to finish up with. She is the type of player that dislikes all the number crunching, so possibly rebuilding and/scrapping the character, depending on just how it all turns out, might be too much, if it hasn't been ruled on already. Im just coming out of the field for a month, so Im behind, still.

Don't they usually grandfather these things? I still have a classic summoner because she was 5th level when "Un-chained" came out. But then, I have also never used an archetype that has been changed, so they may treat them differently. I hope not though. It would be a rather d**k move not to.

Grand Lodge

I played it this past Monday.We had no advanced warning as to the nature of this scenario. We had a 1st level fighter-type, a 1st lvl Slayer, a 2nd lvl Hydro-kineticist(me), a 2nd lvl Summoner(w/Eidolon), a 2nd lvl Orabard(or was it a Bardicle), and a 4th lvl Blood Kineticist. So all the magic users were spontaneous. We noticed, and caught the cheating Ashen Leaf, and so knew about the cache. We got to the ruins fairly quickly, and found the weapons, armor, and food, so we didn't need to do any crafting. We handily defeated the Trail hounds, and took their stuff. With consistently high perception rolls(as well as plenty of Aid Another) we easily found the best routes through mountains, hills, and forest. We made fairly quick work of the caterpillars and zombies, and finished in 3.5 days, winning the race for the glory of the Pathfinders.We completed the scenario in just under 3 hours.
I can see, though, how this one could be tough for some groups. If you don't notice the cheaters, and need to craft your own stuff, and gather your own food, it has the potential to be brutal.

Grand Lodge

Mark Seifter wrote:
Aristophanes, is this in reference to the second scene in your play Lysistrata where the Koryphaios of Women dumps water on the Koryphaios of Men?

Nay, 'tis these damnable frogs! They keep jumping onto my scrolls, with their infernal chatter!"Brekekekex koax koax"! Do I have to wait for them to jump off to avoid getting my manuscripts wet?

Grand Lodge

When a hydro-kineticist shoots a foe and hits, will the foe be wet until the end of the turn, dry off instantly, or have to wait until it evaporates?
If the water is left over, is it potable?

Grand Lodge

When a hydro-kineticist shoots a foe and hits, will the foe be wet until the end of the turn, dry off instantly, or have to wait until it evaporates?
If the water is left over, is it potable?

Grand Lodge

Can an Eidilon wear a wayfinder and have an ioun stone in it to benefit from the resonant aura?

Grand Lodge

Axial wrote:

I don't have the book.

What does the Thrune Trusted Agent feat do?

We just got there in our game:

Thrune Trusted Agent Feat-Tactical feat: As long as another Trusted Agent is within 30', you get a +1 profane bonus on reflex and will saves. 1/day you can use the aid another action(aiding another Trusted Agent), and give a +4 instead of +2.

I'm pretty sure I got that right. Others can correct me if I'm wrong on anything, or if I left something out.

Grand Lodge

To be more specific, download the new Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide. Page 24, item 2: Race and Age

Select your character’s race. The choices offered in the Core
Rulebook are always available, as are ifrit, kitsune, nagaji,
oread, sylph, tengu, undine, and wayang, provided you
own a copy of the appropriate source book. Other races are
available as campaign boons; the Chronicle sheet in which
such a boon is available must be the first Chronicle sheet
applied to a character.

I do hope, however, that they update the Additional Resources page to reflect this.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Most of my intelligence based characters, including a Witch, an Alchemist, and an Investigator, tend to hold most VCs in some level of contempt because they suspect them of withholding important information about missions that could help the PCs, simply because they didn't ask the right questions. A good leader gives his/her charges all the tools they can to ensure the successful completion of a mission. If, at the end of a briefing, the party hasn't asked all the pertinent questions, the VC should volunteer any and all info that will help it succeed. Several times, one of my characters have asked, "Is there anything else we haven't asked about that you think we should know?" and the VC will be dismissive and give the lame "you are Pathfinders" excuse. This does not promote confidence in leadership.
On the other hand, most of my characters have utter contempt for the Decemverite! I see them as being like Wolfram and Hart, or The Circle of the Black Thorn. Completely amoral, with their own mysterious agenda, that has no regard for the common folk.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:

The base cost of the bow in the high subtier should be 2,550 gp. The low price was a copy-paste error from when I was including the text to let people buy the bow for different strength bonuses.

Whenever we present a discounted item, we call out the discount specifically on the Chronicle sheet.

By the way, Linda, since Yellowheart wood items appear on the chronicle sheet, and, if they do indeed work like silver weapons vs. lycanthropes, and since this scenario is the only place I can find that states this, shouldn't its properties be noted on the chronicle sheet?

Grand Lodge

joe kirner wrote:
Yellowheart wood makes the weapon count as silver.

Ah, thanks Joe.

Grand Lodge

Just finished playing this one today. It was fun. Not overly difficult. We played up with 5 players, including my Investigator 3, a Divination Wizard 4, a Blood Rager 4(pre-gen), a Mesmirist 4(pre-gen), and what I think was an Arcanist 3. The biggest problem for us was the disease, as two characters(Diviner & Arcanist) succumbed. In the final battles, the "heads" were dispatched quickly with Burning Hands, and although our Arcanist ended up 'making out' with one of the "flying, screaming, evil craniums", the Blood rager sqashed them, and the BBEG was taken out by numerous volleys of Magic Missle from the Arcanist.

My question for now concerns what is on the chronicle sheet.
We can get Greenwood & Yellowheart wood weapons. Do these special materials have any special properties? They're not listed anywhere under special materials.

Edit: Sorry, found the info about Greenwood, but nothing on Yellowheart wood.

Grand Lodge

Terminalmancer wrote:
N N 959 wrote:
Well, I don't think there is any debate that retention for a first time player is going to be higher if that player survives, all other things being equal. The question is to what extent and at what cost? Instituting a system where we lend rerolls to save 1st level characters from dying who rightfully should, isn't something I'm in favor of. Giving 1st level characters a "get-out-of-death" card is something I'd much prefer over social pressure on people to give up their rerolls.

I guess since I've never seen any sort of pressure to donate a reroll, it's not really something I think of as a problem. But that's sort of how these things go, I guess--we look at our own personal experiences to try to determine how likely something is to happen.

And man, are diehard and resolve trap options. I've only got one character with diehard, a cleric, and even then it's turned out to be more of a bad idea than I'd expected.

I've witnessed, more than once, the opposite scenario where a player is the victim of a freak SOD, fails his save, and another player offers his re-roll, fails, and then another player offers HIS re-roll, but, of course is told that only one per character per game. The Northern Maryland PFS community is a rather selfless bunch. ;-)

Grand Lodge

Here's a strange thought...Has anyone ever picked up that sword for their character and then subsequently played another scenario with someone else who also picked up the sword. Did the two swords get along?

Grand Lodge

Rynjin wrote:

Rage Powers are extras you get that take effect while in Rage.

They are neither mutually exclusive with the basic Rage bonuses, nor each other (baring some action economy issues).

If you have Beast Totem, Energy Resistance, and Increased Damage Reduction for example, they all function simultaneously as long as you're Raging.

Cool! Thanks!!

Grand Lodge

Having never before played a character with rage powers, I'm a little confused.
While raging, a Barb or Bloodrager gains +4 to Str + Con, +2 to will, and -2 to AC. When using a "Rage Power", e.g. Energy Resistance, is the Rage Power additive, or does it replace the Str/ Con bonus etc...?

Grand Lodge

Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
It's very cheap compared to the price of a bow so why not get it? 30 gp is peanuts anytime after your first scenario.

But...what if I'm Allergic to peanuts? GAAGGHHH! I didn't realize PFS was so dangerous!

Grand Lodge

trik wrote:
trik wrote:
Kigvan wrote:
Retraining hp is like rolling higher on your level up, rolling more than 6 on a d10 is in Core.

Only you don't roll for hp each level in PFS, so you can never get more than a 6 on a d10 (before modifiers are applied).

A d6 class get 4 hp per level (unmodified).
A d8 class get 5 hp per level (unmodified).
A d10 class get 6 hp per level (unmodified).
A d12 class get 7 hp per level (unmodified).

I was wrong on this. I didn't realize you could actually spend PP to increase your hit points. It just came up in a discussion tonight and I was corrected. This is a rather amazing revelation.

Where is this rule? What book and page please. I'm intrigued!

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
snickersimba wrote:
Jiggy wrote:
snickersimba wrote:

Lets just end the arguements with this.

If the player is having fun, is not causing any issues and the character meshes well, there is nothign to be done.

A min maxed character is great and all, but a truly one of a kind, bizare character with a lot of flavorful feats and traits is going to add a lot more than just dice damage.

Its about a story after all, if your character is a cardboard cutout with a death ray strapped to it, then you might want to rethink it a bit and flesh it out.

You appear to be contradicting yourself. First you say that everything's fine as long as fun is happening without being disruptive, but then you say that everything's not fine if you're a cookie-cutter killer.

What if the player is having fun and meshing well with their cardboard cutout deathcannon without causing any issues? Is there "nothing to be done" or should they "rethink it a bit"? Which is it?

You've got to abandon one of your two claims, because they're contradictory to each other.

I assumed that it was pretty clear, not EVERYONE enjoys playing with a cookie cutter death ray. The fact remains, if the table is okay with it, then thats fine, but sometimes, you really shouldn't do that. Kinda like not wearing any pants.

What? You're knocking my hobbies now? ;-)

Grand Lodge

Hmmm...Half-Elf Wizard.
That'll be my second. I started with a H-E Cleric, and I kinda like him.

Grand Lodge

I do have my doubts about the one in Washington DC.

Grand Lodge

Half-Elf Cleric with a Perception bonus of +16 at 1st level.

Grand Lodge

I know that here in the Baltimore area, there are many players currently involved in the "Classic Campaign" that are excited for the oppertunity to play in the "Core" mode. So far as I can tell, none of them will stop playing in classic games. Of course, we here in the Charm City area are fortunate. I myself live within an hours drive of at least six venues that have regular games. The only thing that Core will do for me is to give me more oppertunity to play more PFS. I win! ;-)

Grand Lodge

I hope not. I think that would be counter to the spirit and intent of the core idea.
Edit: I was responding to David Nielson's 1st post. (Geez you guys are quick!)

Grand Lodge

Current actives:
Claudius: Aasimar Dual-Cursed Oracle/Bard
Inkara: Half-Orc Bear Shaman Druid
Kaval: Tiefling Alchemist
Van-Gahr: Half-Orc Paladin
Lily Mae: Human Summoner
Rasp: Nagaji Skaald.

Grand Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.
UndeadMitch wrote:

My barbarian 5 / Loving Monolith 3 likes it quite a bit, especially since LM's get it 3/day as a swift action. Before level 6 she was guzzling Enlarge Person potions like they were going out of style. I had planned on going LM for the rest of this character's career, but it's not a horrible splash. The slight loss of BAB makes it somewhat awkward sometimes, but that's only when the character isn't enlarged.

Edit: Some of the prereqs for LM can also be a bit awkward, like taking endurance as a feat and the 1000 gp, so it won't be for everyone.

I'm curious now. What exactly is enlarged on a Loving Monolith? ;-)

Grand Lodge

Would Wind Wall block or disrupt a swarm?

Grand Lodge

It definiely should be banned because you only need to change the last letter of the name to an "a" and it becomes ABSOLUTE EVIIILLL! ;-)

Grand Lodge

Thread necro.
If a cleric casts Shield Other on the Barbarian, and a Bard with the Tales of Twisted Steel Masterpiece(Same effect as Shield Other) on the cleric, would it work for the Bard to take half the damage that the cleric took from the barbarian? In essence, the Cleric and Bard would each take 1/4 damage from the Barbarian?

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah. My Bard just turned 7th. His opening round will be Battle Cry/Haste/Inspire Courage. +4 to hit, +2 damage. If the cleric does Prayer, it's +5/+3. The Bloodrager likes me. ;-)

Grand Lodge

Undone wrote:
So um are waynag, kitsune, and nagaji legal races? I see that isn't the case. Same with grandfathering aasimar/tiefling.

Well, in the ARG section of the AR, they are no longer listed as being restricted to needing a boon, while the Aasimar and Tiefling are. One could interprate that to mean that they are PFS legal.

Grand Lodge

I've found that starting with the prime stat at 17, after racial adjusments work pretty well. It means that that +1 stat bump at 4th level is significant, ans since most characters only go to 12th, you'll still end up with a base of 20. That way, I can spend 7 on my primary, can still get 14's in con and somwthing else, and usually, if not an int. based class, still get a 12 in int for those precious bonus skill points I love so much.

Grand Lodge

David_Bross wrote:
Somebody call PETA

Why? Is Katniss looking for him? ;-)

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Durngrun Stonebreaker wrote:
Fromper wrote:

And when we wanted to play, we had to walk 3 miles through the snow. Uphill! Both ways!
Try to tell kids that today, and they won't believe you.

You had paper and pecils? Awww, ye young whippersnappers had it easy! We only had slabs of slate and a sharp rock! And we only generated one set of stats, and ya played with what ye got! And we LIKED it!

Grand Lodge

I only have one character that is directly based on a fictional person:

My Aasimar Dual-Cursed(Lame & Tongues)Oracle/Bard Claudius, is based directly off of the eponymous character from the 1976 BBC mini-series "I, Clavdivs", as created by the incomparable Derek Jacoby! I even use the stammer when he speaks. ;-)

Grand Lodge

When will I be able to assign a new faction to a new character. I want my newly 2nd level summoner to be in The Exchange Faction, but the faction list has yet to be updated. When will this happen?

Grand Lodge

Great! Thanks. I tend to over think these things. ;-)

Grand Lodge

Does an Alchemist's bomb with the Tanglefoot Discovery still do damage. I ask because it explicitly states in the rules that Discoveries marked with an "*" do not stack on bombs, and the Tanglefoot Discovery is marked as such, as are frost, acid, smoke, and stink bombs. I guess the question really is, is the bomb itself a discovery?

Grand Lodge

Yep, that's the problem. Didn't get the 2 supplemental sheets. Thanks.

Grand Lodge

I am playing part III tomorrow, and our GM wants us to be prepared with our mythic abilities ready. He mentioned that they would be on the chronicle sheets, but there is no mention of them on the Sheets for parts I and/or II. Does anyone know where this info is?

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Jiggy wrote:
Dan Simons wrote:
pauljathome wrote:
While I sympathize with you I strongly believe that you are wrong.

Then we must agree to disagree. Players should not treat their PCs as buckets of numbers.

Many times the PCs are being grabbed out of the hallway in the Grand Lodge and sent on a mission together without any foreknowledge of each others' abilities. How do they find out about each other? They talk, presumably, but no PC should ever say "I have a +9 to Diplomacy." However, they could say "I took Diplomacy 101, 201, and 202 while in Pathfinder training, plus people seem to naturally like me," as compared to the guy who never went to Diplomacy class (i.e. no ranks) because he was too busy taking and retaking "Sword swinging for dummies."

It would be like me walking up to you and asking you what your Diplomacy score is - a meaningless question. How good are you when talking with people? A much better question, but one that can only be answered with adjectives, not numbers.

All of my players seem to appreciate the reduction in metagaming and increase in pseudo-realism at the table. At GenCon many of my players also said they were going to steal these policies for use at their own tables.

I like what you're going for, but in the case of HP, things get a little dicey.

For instance, a party in a 3-7 scenario could very well contain both a 4th-level elven wizard with 10 CON (a whopping 22 HP, if he put his FCBs there) and a 7th-level barbarian with 18 CON (somewhere around 82 HP).

If both of those PCs say "I'm feeling half-dead", then the wizard's somewhere around 11/22 HP while the barbarian's looking at 41/82 HP.

Meanwhile, 7th-level Kyra has access to CLW (1d8+5), CMW (2d8+7), CSW (3d8+7) and CCW (4d8+7). She knows what those spells are, knows how powerful they are in relation to each other, etc.

CLW could very possibly fully heal the wizard, but it would take a very good roll on CCW to heal the barbarian.

If we imagine any semblance of realism in regard to a...

How about "I'm lightly wounded", or "moderately wounded", or "seriously wounded", or "critically wounded" or "do you see this organ in my hand? That's my kidney! What do you think?"

Grand Lodge

Get Sleeves of Many Garments. At 200gp they're cheap, and you can walk around appearing to be in any outfit you want.
And to be honest, I've played a witch for 13.2 levels now(EOTT), and can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I used Cackle. Mostly because my teammates would finish off the opponent before I needed to. ;-)

Grand Lodge

mcruggiero wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:

Chronicle: Items, gold per item, total gold.
Sheet: Items.

Chronicle: Total gold.
ITS: Items, gold per item.
Sheet: Items. the "less is better" argument isn't sticking for everyone...

Now, I know that I have something of a distain for bureaucracy, so maybe the following line of reasoning will not resonate with everyone, but here is my big question:

Why is this inventory tracking system change necessary in the first place?

If it is to (A): help people add and subtract, then perhaps the current tracking sheet is not a great way to do it. Many of the real expendable items are hovering at or below 50 gp. Someone who constantly forgets to subtract his first level scrolls would give himself a large caster advantage. Liquid Ice is tapped at 40 gp. Acid, 15. Wands should really be consumed on the character sheet — the player who still has a sparkling new wand of CLW he picked up at level 1.1 is suspicious.

And the arrows and bullets...I constantly over tally on arrows because I have to buy the damn things is packs of 20. I don't have rapid shot in multiples of 20, so when I shoot my ~28 arrows, I just drop 6 gold and donate the extra arrows to the teen archery club.

For the folks who have problems maintaining a running, detail oriented log, they really need a spreadsheet or some ledger (like a checkbook) that is more advanced then the current tracking sheet. For me, I do not find the tracking sheet a useful to help me stay organized.

50 gp is too large of a unit to be realistic but small enough to be a royal pain-in-the-butt.

Maybe we can make the tracking sheet optional? We are all adults, right? There isn't one *best* way to stay organized.

If we are making the tracking sheet to (B) stop cheaters, then we have to admit the current ITS is a mess. All of the gold still has to be added up on the chronicle sheets for a full audit. It is most convenient for the auditor to see the big expenses on the sheets as he tallies. To...

Actually, my Druid bought a CLW at 1.2, and had used only 5 charges by level 4 because in 5 of the next 8 scenarios we had a Kyra or another channeling healer. ;-) It took him to 9th level before being used up.

Grand Lodge

Totally downloading this when I get home! Thanks, Shoemaker. Nice work!!

Grand Lodge

Rogue 4
Sorcerer 4
Witch 13
Alchemist 2(retired due to unintentional illegal build)
Bear Shaman Druid 9
Dual-Cursed Oracle of Lore 5(Lame and Tongues)
Bard 2
Paladin 5

Prestige class: Arcane Trickster 3

47 levels, 6 characters.

Grand Lodge

Rusty Ironpants wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
You're chasing a swarm? Oooh. Better, being chased by.

Goldfish swarm?

No, wait. Rabid goldfish swarm!

Rabid Fiendish Dire Goldfish Swarm! With the plague zombie template!!

Grand Lodge

I assume that "know the result" means, the ultimate consequences. For instance, if an enemy cleric casts a spell, and the fighter rolls a low save, as long as the reroll happens before the specific result is known, i.e., paralysis, running away in fear, getting hit by a column of uhholy fire, then knowing whether or not the save itself is successfull still doesn't count as knowing the result. I would say the same for an attack. Yes, a 20 is an auto-hit and possible crit, but it's the damage that's the "result".

Grand Lodge

I've enjoyed quite a few of the season 0 scenarios. I think an important reason they seem easy these days is that they were created before the APG, ARG, UM, UC, FBI, CIA, BBC, *whoah* "suddenly I crave some alphabet soup"! ...where was I...Oh, yeah. Combat-wise, there are a lot of encounters that a Witch, an Oracle, a Magus, or a Gunslinger, or an Aasimar or Tiefling can trivialise, simply because the creator of the scenario never envisioned characters with those abilities.
I've only DM'd one PFS game, scenario #51, and while prepping, I realized that the group I was running it for, a 1-2 sub-tier party, could have probably handled the 4-5 version without much risk.

Grand Lodge

It does break non-magical metal objects, but only one at a time. (See Claxon's post, above! ;-)

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