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Arianna Sirmikova's page

362 posts. Alias of Talomyr.

Full Name

Arianna Elizabeta Sirmikova


Human (Varisian)


CG Witch L4 | AC12 (16) T12 FF10 (14) | HP22/22 | F+2 R+5 W+5(+7) | Init+2 | Perc+3







Special Abilities

Cantrips, Witch's Familiar, Hexes


Chaotic Good






Varisian, Taldane, Shoanti, Thassalonian, Draconic


Fortune Teller

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 13
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

About Arianna Sirmikova


Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs.

You see an attractive, raven haired, young woman of obvious Varisian heritage. Dressed in a typical Varisian dress and wearing a sizable amount of jewelry and and a number of primarily red scarves.


Arianna is friendly and generally pleasant to be around, but can have a bit of a fiery streak if her or her family's reputation is falsely besmirched. The young woman is gregarious, as is common place for her people, but become especially excited if given the opportunity to provide a Harrow reading for someone. (For a small fee of course.)


Arianna was always close with her family, but especially with her grandmother, Mirela and her brother Mikhal. Arianna and Mikhal were orphaned after the death of her mother, and as a result Arianna spent a great deal of her time with her grandmother. Another unfortunate side effect of the death of Arianna's mother was that Mikhal had to spend a significant amount of time keeping unwanted attention away from his sister, who had flowered, but was not interested in a husband.

Arianna's grandmother was the caravan's mystic, taught her to read the Harrow shortly after the death of the child's mother. After years of learning the Harrow, most of the rest of the caravan expects that Arianna will take over as the caravan's mystic after her grandmother passes on to the Great Beyond.

When she was not able to spend time with her grandmother, Arianna would draw and paint the images she had seen on her grandmother's Harrow deck.

Korvosa has always been part of the caravan's route, but the caravan's most recent stop in Korvosa proved to be costly. Mikhal was in the wrong place at the wrong time and an easy man to pin a crime on that was proving to be too difficult for the local constabulary to solve. The truly guilty party, Gaedren Lamm arranged though a series of bribes and blackmail was able to pin the crime to Mikhal. The "trial" was as quick as it was rigged and as a result, Mikhal was taken to the gallows that afternoon. The corrupt constables were more than happy to have the crime "solved" and honestly, who would really miss a member of one of the traveling caravans, yes it would be inconvenient in the short term but they would leave soon enough. Well that was partly true, the caravan did leave, but Arianna chose to stay behind to avenge her brother.

Favored Class: Witch (+1 HP; +2 Skill Point)

Patron: (Portents) The Spirit of the Harrow, often referred to as The Spirit or The Harrow.


Harrow Deck, Dagger, Staff, Pocketed Scarf, Traveler's Outfit, Backpack, (2) Sunrods, Artisan's Tools (Painting supplies), Various Pieces of Inexpensive Jewelry (10 gp value), Flint & Steel, Flask of Oil, Healer's Kit, Parchment (10 Sheets), Ink, Pen, Scroll Tube, Zellara's Harrow Deck, Scroll of Blur, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (35/50 charges), Wand of Mage Armor (50/50 charges)

Weight Carried: 18.5 lbs. (light load)

Combat Statistics:

AC: 12/16 (Touch 12, Flat-Footed 10/14) Initiative: +2

HP: 22

BAB: +2 CMB: +2 CMD: 14

Attack Options:
Staff +2 (1d6)
Dagger +2 melee, +4 thrown (1d4; 19-20/x2)
Ranged Touch +4
Melee Touch +2

Saving Throws
Fortitude: +2 Reflex: +5 Will: +5 (+7 vs. charm/compulsion/fear effects)


Acrobatics +2
Appraise +3
Bluff +4
Climb +0
Craft (Untrained) +3
Craft (Painting) +7
Diplomacy +2
Disguise +2
Escape Artist +2
Fly +2
Heal +7
Intimidate +6
Perception +3
Perform(Untrained) +2
Ride +2
Sense Motive +3
Stealth +2
Survival +0
Swim +0
Knowledge (Arcana) +10
Knowledge (History) +8
Knowledge (Nature) +10
Knowledge (Planes) +10
Profession (Fortune-Teller) +5
Spellcraft +10
Use Magic Device +9

Class Abilities:

Hex: Witches learn a number of magic tricks, called hexes, that grant them powers or weaken foes. At 1st level, a witch gains one hex of her choice. She gains an additional hex at 2nd level and for every 2 levels attained after 2nd level. A witch cannot select an individual hex more than once. Unless otherwise noted, using a hex is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The save to resist a hex is equal to 10 + 1/2 the witch’s level + the witch’s Intelligence modifier.

- Healing: A witch can soothe the wounds of those she touches. This acts as a cure light wounds spell, using the witch's caster level. Once a creature has benefited from the healing hex, it cannot benefit from it again for 24 hours. At 5th level, this hex acts like cure moderate wounds.

- Slumber: A witch can cause a creature within 30 feet to fall into a deep, magical sleep, as per the spell sleep. The creature receives a Will save to negate the effect. If the save fails, the creature falls asleep for a number of rounds equal to the witch's level. This hex can affect a creature of any HD. The creature will not wake due to noise or light, but others can rouse it with a standard action. This hex ends immediately if the creature takes damage. Whether or not the save is successful, a creature cannot be the target of this hex again for 1 day.

- Evil Eye: The witch can cause doubt to creep into the mind of a foe within 30 feet that she can see. The target takes a –2 penalty on one of the following (witch's choice): AC, ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks. This hex lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the witch's Intelligence modifier. A Will save reduces this to just 1 round. This is a mind-affecting effect. At 8th level the penalty increases to –4.

- Misfortune: The witch can cause a creature within 30 feet to suffer grave misfortune for 1 round. Anytime the creature makes an ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, it must roll twice and take the worse result. A Will save negates this hex. At 8th level and 16th level, the duration of this hex is extended by 1 round. This hex affects all rolls the target must make while it lasts. Whether or not the save is successful, a creature cannot be the target of this hex again for 1 day.

- Cackle: A witch can cackle madly as a move action. Any creature that is within 30 feet that is under the effects of angony hex, charm hex, evil eye hex, fortune hex, or misfortune hex caused by the witch has the duration of the hex extended by 1 round.

Witch's Familiar: At 1st level, a witch forms a close bond with a familiar, a creature that teaches her magic and helps to guide her along her path. Familiars also aid a witch by granting her skill bonuses, additional spells, and help with some types of magic. This functions like the wizard’s arcane bond class feature, except as noted in the Witch’s Familiar section.

A witch must commune with her familiar each day to prepare her spells. Familiars store all of the spells that a witch knows, and a witch cannot prepare a spell that is not stored by her familiar. A witch’s familiar begins play storing all of the 0-level witch spells plus three 1st level
spells of the witch’s choice. The witch also selects a number of additional 1st-level spells equal to her Intelligence modifier to store in her familiar. At each new witch level, she adds two new spells of any spell level or levels that she can cast (based on her new witch level) to her familiar. A witch can also add additional spells to her familiar through a special ritual.


Framed (Family Honor) (Campaign): Arianna's brother, Mikhal was framed for a murder committed by Lamm's thugs. Only after it was too late was Arianna able to convince a fisherman, who witnessed the murder, to tell her what he had seen. She gains a +2 trait bonus to Bluff.

Harrow Chosen (Racial Trait, Varisian): YAll your life you’ve been drawn to the mysteries surrounding your family’s harrow deck. You begin play with your family’s heirloom harrow deck. If you use this specific harrow deck as an additional focus component when you cast a divination spell, your caster level is treated as being 2 levels higher. Additionally, twice per week, you can spend 10 minutes consulting this harrow deck on a particular action to gain the effects of the spell augury as a spellcaster of your character level. No one other than you gains these benefits from this harrow deck. If your harrow deck is destroyed, it cannot be replaced. However, by returning to your family, paying 300 gp on materials, and spending 1 week immersed in the songs and stories of your people, you can create a new harrow deck that grants half the benefits of the lost heirloom.


Extra Hex: Add the Slumber Hex to Arianna's list of hexes known.

Extra Hex: Add the Misfortune Hex to Arianna's list of hexes known.

Harrowed: Numberous Harrow readings early in your life seem to have hit the mark precisely, increasing your belief that you are destined for a specific purpose in life; the Harrow deck and your destiny seem to be intertwined. Gain a +2 bonus on all Will saves made to resist charm or compulsion effects. Once per day you may draw a card from a Harrow deck you own. At any one time for the rest of that day, you may apply a + 2 bonus to on any d20 roll modified by the card's suit. You may assign this bonus after you make the roll, but before you know the result.

Spells Known:

0 Level (DC 13): bleed, dancing lights, daze, detect magic, detect poison, guidance, light, mending, message, putrefy food and drink, read magic, resistance, spark, stabilize, touch of fatigue

1st Level (DC 14): cure light wounds, mage armor, obscuring mist, ray of enfeeblement, charm person, command, comprehend languages, beguiling gift, ill omen (patron), burning hands, fumbletongue

2nd Level (DC 15): augury, glitterdust, blindness/deafness, touch of idiocy, locate object (patron)

Spells Prepared:

0-Level: (4/Day) message, guidance, detect magic, light

1st Level: (4/Day) ray of enfeeblement, burning hands x 2, ill omen

2nd Level: (3/Day) glitterdust, augury, blindness/deafness

* = cast for the day

Familiar, Kashki:

Fox: CN (Tiny Magical Beast)
Init: +3 ; Senses: low light vision, scent; Perception: +5
AC: 16, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+2 Dex, +2 Natural Armor, +2 Size)
HP: 11 (4 HD)
Fort: +3 Reflex: +4 Will: +5
Speed: 40 ft.
Melee: Bite -1 (1d3-1)
Str: 9 Dex: 15 Con: 13 Int: 7 Wis: 12 Cha: 6
Base Atk: +2; CMB: +2 CMD: 12 (16 vs. trip)
Feats: Skill Focus (Perception)
Skills: Acrobatics +3 (+11 for jumping), Perception + 8, Stealth +3, Survival +1 (+5 scent tracking), Swim -1
Special Abilities: +2 bonus to Arianna's Reflex save, Grants Arianna the Alertness feat, improved evasion, share spells, empathic link, deliver touch spells

Kashki has been around as long as Arianna can remember. Some of her earliest memories are of her Grandmother, Mirela, providing readings of fellow members of the caravan with this small silver-furred fox winding in and out between the legs of her grandmother and whomever she was providing a reading for.

Shortly after Arianna's mother's death, Mirela had taken ill and turned over a great many of her duties to Arianna. Mirela had given her Harrow deck to Arianna, and with the deck came the constant companionship of Kashki. A short time later Arianna seemed able to read the fox's feelings, and fox Arianna's. Finally, one night, as Arianna was reading a Harrow spread for herself, the fox locked eyes with the young woman and the link was complete. Arianna knew from that point forward her destiny was to become one of the carvan mystics, and she understood why the small fox had always been around.

Harrow Card:

The Dance (Lawful Good, Dexterity)
The Dance is a rich and delicate framework that, like the universe itself, requires everyone within it to abide by its rules, lest the entire construct collapse. It advises staying in perfect step, knowing your place in the greater good. Those who step out of the pattern do so at their peril. Misaligned, that pattern might be hypnotic, but not to the good of all.

Harrow Points: 2

Harrow points can be spent for bonuses throughout the adventure. You lose any left over at the end, but you'll be able to get more at the start of the next book.

Uses for Harrow points:

Dexterity Rerolls: Spend a Harrow Point to reroll any one
Initiative check, Reflex save, attack roll modified by Dexterity, or
Dexterity-based skill check. You must abide by the new result
(although if you have additional Harrow Points remaining, you
can use them to attempt additional rerolls).

Dodge Bonus: Spend a Harrow Point to gain a +1 Dodge
bonus to your Armor Class for one encounter. You can spend
up to 3 Harrow Points per encounter to increase your Armor
Class in this manner.

Speed Increase: Spend a Harrow Point to increase your
base speed by 10 feet for one encounter—you cannot spend
multiple Harrow Points to increase your speed multiple times
in one encounter.

Current Status:

HP: 22/22
Status Effects:
Healed by Healing Hex:

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