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Ariadne Ornelos's page

10 posts. Alias of thomrenault.

Full Name

Ariadne Ornelos [aka] Selena Nox




Rogue 1













Strength 10
Dexterity 20
Constitution 10
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 8
Charisma 14

About Ariadne Ornelos

Ariadne Ornelos

Female Human Rogue 1
N Medium Humanoid


AC 18, 15 touch, 13 flatfooted (3 armor, 5 dex)

Fort 0 Ref 7 Will -1

Spd 30 ft, Initiative 5
Melee Dagger 19-20 x2
+4/4 1d4/1d4 + 1d6/1d6

Str 10, Dex 20, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 14
Base Atk +0, Cmb 0 Cmd 15


Two Weapon Fighting
Weapon Finesse

Special Abilities:

Sneak Attack


Acrobatics 9
Bluff 6
Climb 4
Diplomacy 6
Disable Device 9
Escape Artist 9
Knowledge (local) 4
Sleight of Hand 9
Stealth 9
Swim 1


Ariadne looks like this. She doesn't wear plate armor, though (obviously). Rather she generally dresses in an unobtrusive piece of leather armor which could easily be mistaken for a fashionable women's dress. She is an innocent young woman, who's guileless and inexperienced in sexual matters. Her upbringing has shielded her from these things. Ariadne doesn't carry any weapons visibly, she does however have a number of daggers stashed upon her at all times, and she wears two kerambit (Ultimate Combat pg. 131) in her hair, normally functioning as hairpieces, but ready for use at a moment's notice


Ariadne Ornelos is the daughter of the House of Ornelos, a very prominent noble family in Korvosa. She is currently on the run from her family under the assumed name, "Selena Nox."

Ariadne was the youngest daughter of Lord Ornelos, and her father treated her like a princess growing up. Ariadne envied her three older brothers though, who were allowed to pursue their own interests growing up. Her two older brothers, Hugo and Steven were given tutoring in magical theory, and other important lessons to prepare them to enter the Acadamae. Her favorite brother Thom, was interested in music and performance, and Lord Ornelos spared no expense paying tutors to teach him to play the Lute and sing Chelish opera. Ariadne on the other hand, was taught all of the traditional skills of being a good noble wife. She reluctantly learned how to be a gracious hostess, to embroider and weave.

Now, the Ornelos children are almost all grown. Hugo and Stephen entered the Acadamae in Korvosa, four and three years ago respectably. Her brother Thom was scheduled to enter the Chelish Opera at Korvosa, last fall, but he ran away the night before he was scheduled to depart from the family home. Her parents spent a fortune trying to track him down, but almost a whole year later, they haven't found him anywhere.

The push that finally got Ariadne to leave home, was her recent betrothal to Lord Arkona, a fat boorish greedy man of equal age with her father. After meeting her future husband, Ariadne packed a small bag and ran away from her family's estate. Ariadne's plan quickly ran into complications as she was captured by a thief named Hodge as she was leaving town. He suspected she was noble, and took her back to the thieves guild in Korvosa. Shortly after he brought her there, she slipped a knife from his belt and used it to slit his throat. She then used it to pick the lock, and walked boldly into the main room of the guild with Hodge's head in hand. She laid it down on a table and said: "I'd like to collect a reward for his death, was there a bounty on him?" The guild all laughed at her brazenness. The leader of the guild, a half-elf named "Cymric" told her that her reward was membership in the River Rat Thieves guild, taking Hodge's place. Ariadne worked for the thieves' guild for several months, stealing mostly from the many ships which came and went in the great port. She honed her ability with her daggers.

Recently though, while she was on a job, she overheard two merchants from the deck above her talking about a bard they had heard the past week when they were bringing goods through Sandpoint. As they described this man, she became convinced that they were speaking about her missing brother, Thom. Finally, they mentioned that they had heard him singing at the "Rusty Dragon" and that his name was "Thom Renault". This detail convinced her that her brother was in Sandpoint. She finished the job, but instead of bringing the proceeds back to Cymric, she made off with the loot, intent on heading northwest to Sandpoint to look for her favorite brother.


Thieves' Tools
Studded Leather Armor
2 Daggers
2 Kerambit
Rogues' Kit
Loaded Dice
Marked Cards
Dungeoneering Kit
Glass Cutter
Glue Paper 10 sheets
Bluebook: Magnimar and Sandpoint

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