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My first idea when I saw the summoner was that I could use the class as a GM assigned method of bringing White Knight Chronicles Incorruptus into pathfinder.

At what point do you feel an enchanted piece of equipment would be important enough to earn a name in Golarion? Would it be dependant on enchantment level? Age? Major event?
How would this differ, in your opinion, from other settings both official and homebrew?

I'm trying to inject a little more flavor into my game, and remain consistent with said flavor, so I want to see what others have to say on the subject.

Just finished Abbadons Gate and started On Basilisk Station.

Ever play Armored Core or Front Mission? Gunpowder charged pile drivers!

Are the power levels in the Mythic rules something like what would be displayed by a Chosen or Champion of a god? I'm talking Erevis Cale, Drasek Riven, Elminster, Dove Falconhand type Chosen. Especially Erevis Cale, I love that character. How many Chosen get into a fistfight with their god in an ally?

Hey Renegade, it sounds like you were anything but dead weight. I tend to prefer generalist or healing focused characters for the sole reason that those are the roles few people around me like to play. A generalist is good when the rest of the group has bases covered because you can support everyone, and your story supports that.

A group of specialist may not be as vulnerable to a TPK, but they are vulnerable to attrition. One specialist dies or is otherwise put out of the action, and the entire group is now vulnerable.

EDIT: Though the "Justin Bieber" bit might earn a knife in the back from me. :P

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Why does no one seem to remember that the republican controlled House cut embassy security funding before Bengahzi occurred?

Curse works under specific circumstances. Want a prison for spellcasters that prevents their casting but stops if they are let free? Curse each inmate within the prison. As a gm it gives an awesome jailbreak scene and as a local lord it gives you a repository of spellcasters to uutilize in exchange for their freedom.

I don't think so. Withdrawing is a full round action, and I've never seen any rule implying that a character can AoO while it's still their turn. Also, if the no escape thing is reactionary, then the barbarian is only leaving the space after its no longer threatened.

It's a pretty fuzzy situation, rule wise. But I would personally rule no.

Can arcane casters create water of any sort? I've only ever seen spells that create the energy types for arcane, but not water (aside from summoning a water elemental, but it might get a tad bit pissed if you tried drinking it).

Hilde from Soul Calibur, now THAT is a beautiful character design. I'm still bummed they changed her armor from the wolf to the griffin.

If I remembered correctly, the average IQ of a person is 100, but this represents both social and book smarts. Could either take character with an Int of 7 as having a 70 IQ, or as I prefer to do, take the average of int and wisdom the multiply by 10.
Hope that helps some.

That was very enjoyable Mikaze. Anywhere besides the forums I can find more of your work?

Tacticslion wrote:

I know that thing, it appears in an AP (Council of Thieves bestiary,to be precise). It's called an Ebon Idol I believe?

The thing about "turf" is I didn't mean "Boneyard", I meant, her domain is life/death/birth/judgment. And she's getting regularly tromped over on that turf.

It would be like if a god of, say, storms sent a mighty hurricane, and someone could cast a third level spell to go "nah, we don't need that nonsense". It's goofy and it defeats the god when the god is supposed to have all the advantages. That's what I mean by "turf".

If the third level spell Gentle Repose can forcibly prevent a soul from being judged, than she is being defeated on her own turf (i.e. the Boneyard) by relatively low-grade magic. If a third level spell can accidentally destroy more than three different ninth level spells put together (one of which, unless someone uses a third level spell, she can outright negate) something is seriously wrong here.

These makes her look relatively incompetent.

And Pharasma's actually pretty awesome... but this undermines her coolness factor.

Casting a third level spell to negate the power of a pit fiend (or any other powerful outsider, really), is also just plain terrible design, but, as written, it's implied it works that way.

Also: raise magic works on animals, ergo they have souls. Plant creatures as well. Thus whenever we eat plants or animals, we positive energy creatures are devouring and destroying life and positive energy.

I absolutely agree with all of this. The one situation where, I feel, gentle repose *could* delay Pharasma's judgement of a soul is from her own Clerics of death (repose domain), and that's asking her to do so. She doesn't have to oblige.

Edit: except the last sentence of that last part. Mortals are not positive energy creatures. They only have a spark, that's why the positive energy plane will kill unprotected mortals. Undead, however, are empowered by the negative energy plane.

Tacticslion wrote:
But she does care about what happens to souls... which is intrinsically linked to building structures, spacial limits, and the like.

I've never found anything within her domain or church description that leads me to this conclusion, despite having played multiple clerics of Pharasma (life, death, and prophecy varieties). Either way, I'll concede the point, I've derailed the topic too much already.

I don't think she cares what happens to buildings.

Ah, that's a question thar civilization faces and is Abadar's problem, not Pharasma's.

Death is necessary, not destruction.

I'm not sure why comparing what the undead do to the deeds of MORTAL life invalidates the "undead is evil" thing for so many people. There's a reason why the Prime Material Plain, the home of MORTAL life and the natural order, is in the center of the inner plane cosmology.

Positive energy creates.
Negative energy destroys.

Undead that are not under control revert to their Negative energy drive, to destroy any positive energy even if it's just a spark (mortal life). Anything that exists solely to destroy life and/or existence is evil (unless we want to start a thread on how Rovagug is just a misunderstood elder god that was punished for being grumpy about a splinter in his tentacle).

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mearrin69 wrote:

I like the Alternity system a lot. I don't understand how it's substantially different from D20/Saga or why you label those as fantasy? Not trying to argue...just trying to understand what you mean.


Let's see if I can make this make sense (always a lot harder with text then words). Specifically, I was referring to SAGA (where you have an heavy focus on "space wizards" and where the class based system pretty much restricts the abilities of a character.

When you look at Alternity, yes you have "classes" but those just make some skills cheaper to purchase. Outside of that you can take pretty much whatever you please. You can make a character with interests outside of their Career choice, like a demolitions guy with a side interest in being a professional hair stylist... or something... ok, I'm reaching.

I guess it just comes down to the preference of mechanics representing the setting you're playing in. I think the class based D20 system is best for fantasy where people grow up in one profession and pretty much stay there for the rest of their lives. I think skill based systems are best for Modern and Sci-fi because people have a lot more opportunity to learn other skill sets alongside whatever the character's focus is.

And I'm just not fond of heavy emphasis on "space wizards", thus my primary gripe with Starwars and Warhammer 40k.

Edit: Though I do like Spelljammer.... huh...

Second Edit: Also, Alternity has a better damage resolution system.

I don't suppose anyone from Paizo plays EVE Online?

IceniQueen expected the Spanish Inquisition...

Makes me wish I liked WoW.

Currently EVE Online, Mech Warrior Online, White Knight Chronicles 2, and Borderlands 2.

Oh, and Dust 514 (I hope I'm allowed to say that).

I was less then satisfied with how D20 works with modern and future settings, which really need skill based systems instead of class based. That was part of the reason I discovered Silhouette and Alternity.

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Just keep in mind that some players and GMs like to treat Pathfinder as a tactical wargame. Optimization threads show up because
A) People like to play with the system that way.
B) A GMs play style necessitates optimization. A proper group of specialist can offset each others vulnerabilities, making generalists unnecessary.
C) Any range of reasons that, as someone who doesn't tend to optimize, could exist.

That's the beauty of games like Pathfinder, Time of War, Silhouette, Alternity, ect. They are just frame work acting as the foundation of the player's experience. It's why we have so many people from so different of backgrounds.

I'm just happy Interstellar Ops is getting worked on. I have a campaign with a friend starting using a mix of Tac Ops, Strat Ops, and the Revised Mercenary Field Manual. We're starting in 3039, but I look forward to making our way into the Jihad, and then maybe jumping to the Dark Ages when some more books supporting that era are released.

I tried SAGA Edition. I feel it suffers from the same problem as D20 Modern/Future. I don't like fantasy in space style games, so the systems I prefer for modern and sci-fi are skill based, namely Alternity or Silhouette.

I'm familiar with Pathfinder(D20), Alternity, Rifts, Silhouette, and Battletech: Time of War. From my experience, Silhouette is brutal to inexperienced players that haven't learned how to exploit defense modifiers like hard cover. I think it's actually more lethal then Battletech and Rifts. Damage multiplier systems are nasty.

I'm setting up my second attempt at RotRL. I plan on spicing up the initial encounter by having tar soaked arrows falling on the town as the surprise attack. Then the first three encounters happen.

The player as excepted my work above, and a number of restriction that I placed on the Garuda's abilities (spell, proficiency). Should be a good build that isn't too strong or too weak.
I have to say, I really did enjoy deconstructing this creature into a Racial Class. I don't know how far we'll get in RotRL before I have to move out of state, but at least he can carry my work over to a different game if that GM allows it.

Could someone clarify, or point to a book and page that does so, the offense section of a monster's stat block?
The three types of entries that appear are:
A) attack X, attack Y,
B) attack X and attack Y
C) attack X or attack Y

Also, with natural attacks only listing one attack bonus, how would things work if a creature with high enough BAB wants to, say, bite twice? or use the "2 Claws" entry more then once?

I feel kinda ashamed for asking this given how long I've been playing, but a player wanting to play a monstrous race is making me consider things I never worried about before.

Since players are going to use whatever color they want for their characters, the question for NPC's becomes this: What is the ethnic composition of the River Kingdoms (that still is the setting for PFO, right?)?

Don't play?... Don't play?!?! BURN THE HEATHEN! :)
On a more relevent point, 2 questions.
What weight cardstock is used for this product? I will be printing off a pdf soon.
And is there a future for gargantuan and colossal creatures as pawns? Since I haven't seen the product yet, I don't know how much of the page a huge creature takes.

I'll be running the Aasimar idea past my player tomorrow.

I spent a little time breaking it down. This assumes that the Garuda has glide, bite, hatred, and low-light vision as base racial abilities.

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1 +1 +0 +2 +0 Wings, talons, talons or wings, SR 11
2 +2 +0 +3 +0 DR 1/evil or magic, SR 12, claws, weapon finesse, natural armor +1
3 +3 +1 +3 +1 DR 2/evil or magic, SR 13, fly 30ft (poor), pounce,
4 +4 +1 +4 +1 DR 3/evil or magic, SR 14, dark vision (60ft).
5 +5 +1 +4 +1 DR 4/evil or magic,SR15,natural armor +2
6 +6 +2 +5 +2 DR 5/evil or magic, SR 16, fly 40ft(avg)
7 +7 +2 +5 +2 DR 6/evil or magic, SR 16, fly 50ft(avg)
8 +8 +2 +6 +2 DR 7/evil or magic, SR 18, fly 60ft(avg), natural armor +3
9 +9 +3 +6 +3 DR 8/evil or magic, SR 19, fly 70ft(avg)
10 +10 +3 +7 +3 DR 9/evil or magic, SR 20, fly 80ft(good)
11 +11 +3 +7 +3 DR 10/evil or magic, SR 21,
12 +12 +4 +8 +4
13 +13 +4 +8 +4
14 +14 +4 +9 +4
15 +15 +5 +9 +5
16 +16 +5 +10 +5
17 +17 +5 +10 +5
18 +18 +6 +11 +6
19 +19 +6 +11 +6
20 +20 +6 +12 +6

Not included is the spell casting. Starting at level 5, the Garuda is treated as a 1st level sorcerer, with cantrips being usable at lvl 4.

disregarding attributes causing discrepancies and equipment, this will result in a RAW CR9 Garuda.

Wings, talons and claws all refer to the natural weapon attacks.

I would very much like some input on what's here.

In the 3rd Bestiary is the Garuda native outsider. I am about to start another campaign of RotRL with a new group, and one of my players (has experience) has made a request of this as his race. I have already informed him that, possibly using the ARG, we will have to tone down the race to LA+0, but can try to keep the flavor.

Base racial abilities, as far as I've come up with, include wings (fly 30' poor) bite, and low light vision. Stat adjustment hasn't been finalized.

It sounds like he is interested in Ranger as his class, but making the race and LA+0 leaves a lot of what makes the Garuda a Garuda. I started thinking about making a Racial Class to give him the option of gaining more racial abilities, but I have no idea how I should distribute the abilities across the 10 or so levels that would make up a RAW Garuda.

I would appreciate any input on this matter you may have.

Doesn't a location's in game population count only include adults? I remember reading somewhere that you add another 50% to that number to account for children (basically anyone who hasn't earned a class level yet).

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Templeton Algrith wrote:
Bitter/self-absorbed must be the new happy.

Well, you certainly have the bitter part down.

It's a play style thing. My players know after the first full round where they stand in the initiative order. I expect them to keep track of it themselves, same with mapping dungeons while they explore.

Quandary wrote:

but that isn't the ONLY way it can be used...
so if using Gladius features that diverge from a SS, that stuff shouldn't apply...?

It all applies, otherwise the gladius would require more book keeping than it's worth.

I like to think of that final attack as a sync kill. Then again, having my character's die in descriptively gruesome ways appeals to me. If I can't have a heroic death, then I better be a stain.

Yup. The gladius is meant to be a warrior's primary weapon, where as the short sword acts as a backup weapon to the longsword/broadsword.
I like to keep weapons thematically restricted in my games (so very few katana in the Inner Sea), so I can't help but wonder where the Golarion gladius comes from.

Yes, since short sword proficiency is an automatic "feat" for the rogue, the gladius is fair game.

A battle has been won, but not the war. I have a feeling Obama was caught off guard by Romney, but this amounts to little more then testing the waters. Now, Obama knows to pick up his game. If Romney gets too confidant then he may drop the ball when he needs to be in top shape. We have 3 more debates (1 being VP)and a lot of time left for some stupid gaffs on both sides.
Not their fancy words will pull me away from voting Stein.

I have written up a racial description for the full conversion (Promethean from this point on). I have a lot of elements I want to change on my original post, but here's my flavor text.

Prometheans are not a race in the traditional sense of the word, but are instead artificial bodies implanted with a soul. The soul acts as the controlling force, and continues to live on much as the original person had in their lives, minus a few biological functions.

Physical Description: There are few examples of a Prometheans appearance, all of which have replaced the bodies of Humans. To the extent known, Prometheans are larger than humans, standing about 7 feet tall, and weighing in around 300 pounds. While the body uses a humanoid shape, there is little chance a casual observer will mistake it for anything but what it is. Without armor plating attached, the body is a rippling mass of plant fiber “muscle” over a metal frame, animated with similar methodology used in Golem crafting. The body can be designed to have either a masculine or feminine outline, but any semblance of sex ends there. Only a smooth, mostly featureless head sports any metal plating as standard. One known individual requested the face to bear a skull motif. She is, unsurprisingly, the leader of the “Death’s Head” mercenaries.

Society: Prometheans do not have a society of their own. Given the nature of the injuries (or the choice) that leads to such methods to continue living, Prometheans will often reside in a high ranking military culture, or among wealthy adventurers.

Relations: There is often little change in a Promethean’s relationships from their original bodies. While some among all races are disturbed by the appearance of someone who used to be made of flesh, other’s become accustom to it when they recognize the person inside the body. Some factions that are extremely aggressive against undead have voiced their displeasure, believing that binding a mortal soul to a non-living body is little different than undeath.

Alignment and Religion: Prometheans differ little in matters of morals and faith from when they still had their original bodies. They can be as good or as evil as they were originally, though a few may their faith slipping away as a result of their artificial bodies.

Adventurers: The drive to see, to learn, and to acquire is not at all diminished with a Promethean. Being more likely found among military culture, adventuring is a great way to test their new bodies against the dangers of the world that would have overwhelmed them before. The excitement of battle is felt as acutely by a Promethean as it is by any Dwarf, Human, or Orc. Adventuring parties would be more than happy to have such ally, though special considerations need to be taken due to the Promethean body not being able to heal itself naturally.

Names: Promethean names do not differ from their original bodies, though if one wishes to start an entirely new life along with their new body, there is nothing stopping them from changing their own name.

widuj wrote:
name: Promethean

Like, and taken. Thank you

toastwolf wrote:
ArgentumLupus wrote:
toastwolf wrote:
there were construct grafts in fiend folio.
Was it a web enhancement? The Graft section skips from Beholder to Fiend.

they were called Maugs, though if i recall the grafts were all stone so some refluff is probably necessary if you want metal.

p.s.they are listed after illithid grafts.

Found 'em. Thanks!

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I hold judgment until I see Jill Stein or Gary Johnson lay a smackdown on both O and R. Personally, I have to go with the person who's trained profession is something more practical then business and law.

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