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Ardish's page

45 posts (46 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


Carrion Hill is great. Running Fangwood Keep right now, players are enjoying it. Also Realm of the Fellnight Queen is a great woodland adventure. Just to name a few.


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The classes are fine the way they are. If you want all the classes to be the same then play 4E. Yes magic is powerful, but so is being power crited by a fighter. Remember spell slots run out.

Yeah I was wondering what all a summoned spider or any other animal could be capable of doing, other than attacking. Without spoken commands.

When a summoned monster is given a template like celestial or fiendish. Does that creature gain the ability to understand celestial, infernal or any other corresponding language? I thought I read somewhere that it does , but I can't seem to find anything to verify it.

There was a 3.5 OGL book that had a Psychic class. The powers were feat and skill based. Take psychic feats to get a group of powers, and use skill rolls to use them. You would take nonlethal damage when using a power. Was a very unique and fun way to play a psionic character.

My wizard named his Murry, he speaks like a 1920's gangster see.

Bard Archaeologist archetype. Lots of skills, good spells, and the luck ability will fit well with your concept.

Class the ARG Gnome Bard Archetype Prankster seems best bet.

Crow T Robot +2 DEX,-2 WIS, +2CHA Move 30ft

Tom Servo -2 STR, -2 DEX, + 2 CON, +2 INT, +2 CHA Move 10ft, Flight 30ft

. Interested to see the rest.

Elder Mephit!! That would be awesome! I agree it would be nice to put all the Lovecraftian monsters in a Bestiary.

I would say Gunslinger judging from the gamers I know.

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The Core book and Bestiary 1, that's it. I would recommend the other bestiaries, the NPC codex is just super helpful, and the Advanced Player book.

Players like this are a cancer. Give the guy one more chance to share the spotlight with the other players. If he continues to be disruptive, selfish, and from what it sounds like a boorish bully; kick him out of the group. I had to do this with my group. Gaming is awesome again, just as it should be.

Elamdri wrote:
I view the familiar as more of a slave than a true companion.

Hmm I always looked at my familiar as my partner in a "Buddy Cop Movie". Just me and my little buddy getting into and out of trouble together. Maybe I better pick a Mephit for my improved familiar.

So Elamdri you think I should go with Enchantment and Abjuration as my opposed schools. This is where I am struggling. I know I'm taking enchantment as one of the op schools, but that second choice is speed bumping me. Of the starting CORE familiars which is more useful?

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Start punching the NPC who is talking, instant combat. Now you are very useful!

With the spells you picked should I just pick evocation as an op school?
An imp familiar would be awesome, but I've got a strong suspicion that the rule will be no evil familiars. Thanks for the tips Elamdri, much appreciated.

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A buddy of mine is starting a campaign and he is has laid down the law. CORE BOOK ONLY! Bummer huh. I am planning on making a specialist wizard conjuration school, starting level is 4. For opposition schools going with enchantment(of course), but the other one not so sure evocation or necromancy. Race going with either elf or human. The rest of the group are human rouge, half elf druid, and human fighter. Looking for some advice on what to pick for this caster; race, op schools, feats, spells, and gear. Remember CORE ONLY. All those other books and can't use them, grumbles. Thanks for any of the tips!

Go with conjuration, it really is the best option for specializing. Then for opposition schools enchantment and then either necromancy or evocation. With those you will still be very covered for any situation.

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Done. We need more of these.

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When I GM I think of all the NPCs as my PCs, and run them accordingly. That way I get to hve fun running a character while not interfering with the group. That way everyone has fun, thats why we play.

I have run this AP myself, and it is good for alignments that are not lawful. Remember LG dose not mean that the PC is a shining beacon of compassion, just have a ordered code and do what they think is right. When I first started GMing I tried to "guide" the group to do what I thought was best. Conflict in the group started then I backed off and went with the flow. No more conflict. Everyone has a different idea of a fun adventure, but everyone hates sitting at the table and watching a fight to see who is right. My 2 cents. Oh and don't stop GMing it gets better.

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First Paladins don't suck, they are a beast. I think people hate on rogues because of the Bard archetype Archaeologist can do everything a rogue can, except sneak attack but they get great spells. It really does make rogues a little obsolete. Finally Monks.....hmm how to not start a flame war over this class. I think they are a good class, but they are very MAD. That is a reason many have hate for the class. It is a hard class to min-max, but a fun class to play at the end of the day.

I'm a fan of power points. There is a lot of freedom and flexibility in the way you can spend those points. Also like the way magic was handled in Conan D20.

Porphyrogenitus wrote:
Eugene Nelson wrote:
Is enervation really that good. I did not think to take it as I did not think it would be worth the slot.
You're a Wizard, not a Sorcerer, right? No harm in having it in your spellbook and trying it out then.

Can't agree more. That's why wizards are king, that wonderful spellbook. I would advise you to not get stuck on the whole " best spell worst spell" try them all. You might find a use for one of those unloved spells in the campaign you are in. Also don't worry you already are a god as you are a wizard.

Is there anyway to increase the number of times per day your familiar can use a spell-like ability?

Firearms and dinosaurs. Not in my fantasy world. Not sure about alchemist as PCs, NPCs yeah but not sold on PCs.

Awesome! Mephits rock. They just don't get the love they deserve.

Some GM's take it personally if you survive encounters repeatedly unscathed and some players think it makes their PCs look bad. You just make more effective builds, nothing wrong with that. I play casters a lot too and I was told the same thing by this one player, but he was a tool who was terrible at making PCs and thinking strategically.

The earth mephit would be interesting, but could he be effective though as some backup muscle.

Abadar is a LN god so a cleric can be LE. Just have to be one step away from deity's alignment. Just wasn't sure if the channel energy would switch after the change.

If a LN cleric of Abadar who channels positive is turned into a vampire. Does the cleric still channel positive energy or does it change to negative energy due to being undead?

I know that there are better choices for improved familiar stats wise, but I just love mephits. Wanted to know what kind of elemental prankster you guys would pick and why. Air, earth, water so many flavors I can't decide!!

I agree that if you want to wade into combat and cast and fight Magus is the way to go. Also a Teifling Magus is a BEAST!

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You ever notice that the players that complain the most and give you the most hassle, are the ones that never DM or if they do thay put the least amount of effort into it.

I'm pretty sure there is no effect in the standard rules, but you can always house rule an effect. Like maybe a +1 to a save for disease or +1 to a heal check ect.

An ddon't forget Barbarian rage powers are not just combat only. Raging Climber, Raging Leaper, and Raging Swimmer all fantastic on a ship or in a battle between ships.

Swashbuckler fighter, raging sailer barbarian, or good ole pally.

I think it is way more fun to play a wizard if you have a really good GM. So many options and flavor choices. But if you are playing in a low roleplay or a hack'n'slash group then pick a sorcerer and blast away.

Oh and Kthulhu you are so right on the turnip comment, so funny!

And we all know Batman trumps Superman.

Agree that you should give EXP for a CR for the group lvl

I've found giving EXP for roleplaying encourages more roleplaying. That's why we play right, hack'n'slash can get a little stagnant.

Bummer, wanted a peek at that build.

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