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Arbane the Terrible's page

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DrDeth wrote:

And several monk archetypes are wuxia, imho. what did you want from them?

Ever read Weapons of the Gods? :D

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Highly-mobile fighters?

Wuxia-style martial artists?

I'm sure I could fake these with spellcasting, but that's not really what I want.

One of my all-time favorite games.

Drejk wrote:

And now I spent a few hours playing Civilization: Beyond Earth... And dream of the new game that would take pieces of Alpha Centauri, Beyond Earth, and add new things to make a new greater whole.

I know Firaxis is capable of doing this... The question is do they have financial incentive to make another game beyond newest Civilization?

I sure hope so.

Beyond Earth isn't quite up to SMAC, I take it?

Squiggit wrote:
Yeah I mean, fighters aren't a great class but it's not like they can't do amazing DPR and building characters that can overcome CR appropriate challenges isn't all that difficult in Pathfinder either.

Beating the hitpoints out of enemies they can reach is something Fighters are indeed good at. Dealing with enemies who fly around while spamming Save-Or-Cry effects might present a problem. And pity them if they need to use skills for anything...

Frogsplosion wrote:
So now I've essentially said screw it, I'm rolling up an illusion focused arcanist with a bunch of face skills,

Make this character a Bard, maybe? Illusions, skillmonkeying, and possibly enough Cure Light Wounds to keep Leeroy the Ex-Cleric alive.

If your characters are too underpowered, why not ask your powergamer friend to design a character for you? It's not any harder to RP a strong character than a weak one.

If you like Rogue types so much, maybe an Investigator? They are excellent skillmonkeys, and have some alchemy to boot.

As for the bad luck... I feel your pain. I generally manage to fail or fumble my first roll in ANY new RPG. It's a gift. One I wish I had the receipt for. But playing a Witch seems to have broken my bad die-rolling streak at Pathfinder, somehow.

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Foeclan wrote:

During the day, a Dispel Magic or similar on that cloak would probably take him out of combat for a few rounds as he tries desperately not to burn to death, assuming its caster level isn't super high.

That plan sounds familiar. Effective, too.

I don't know Way of the Wicked well. Do the good guys know they're up against a vampire?

JAMRenaissance wrote:

I agree. I think the idea was that the bonus feats would be all of the class features a fighter would need, except that most feats aren't as powerful as a class feature.

Sad but true. I'm playing a Battle Oracle currently, and several Revelations are essentially 'three Feats for the price of one' or similar.

(And that's not even considering the best class feature in the game: spells.)

I remember reading somewhere that when D&D 3 was being developed, at one point Feats were going to be for Fighters only. I wonder if they'd be any better if WotC had stuck with that?

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Over on the GitP forums, someone proposed a simple test: A Fighter wants to kill a flying, plane-shifting dragon. How can they get to the dragon, fight it, and win, without a lot of sentences that start with "ask a spellcaster to..."?

Captain Battletoad wrote:

Contributing less =/= being carried. I could make a party of all fighters and get through any AP. It may be more difficult, but that doesn't mean it would be unsuccessful.

Okay, this I GOTTA see. Which AP, and who's going to GM it?

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David knott 242 wrote:

For anyone familiar with pre-3.0 D&D, the problem with the fighter is that it is no longer the easy, basic class that it was in earlier D&D baselines. Starting with D&D 3.0, the player of a Fighter needs to be knowledgeable about available feats, which is a non-trivial task for a novice to the game. The archetypes, advanced armor trainings, and advanced weapon trainings introduced in Pathfinder make the task of building a fighter character even harder.

Totally true. I like the basic idea behind feats, but most of them end up being useless shovelware, and even the good ones a Fighter would like to have end up with entirely too many prerequisites... so that Fighters can't get them too easily.

Some good stuff on the first three spell levels:

Buff spells I've found useful:
Bless (nobody says no to an extra +1 to hit)
Shield of Faith (AC is good)
Magic Weapon (good until everyone's got a +1 or better)
Protection from Evil
Aid (HP are good.)
Bull's Strength
Prayer (+1 to EVERYTHING)

Oracles do have access to a few save-or-cry spells which might be good:
Murderous Command
Hold Person
Oracle's Burden (Depending on your curse)
Sound Burst
Bestow Curse

Yeesh, arguments like this are why games end up with rulebooks thick enough to stop small-arms fire.

Cantriped wrote:
One of the Fighter's "main selling points" is their sheer number of bonus feats... But many of the other martial classes also get bonus feats (albeit not as many). In exchange for the bonus feats they don't get, they are getting class features which are usually much, much better than any feat they could take at that level. Then there is also the fact that Rangers and Slayers can skip the prerequisites of feats in their chosen Combat Styles, allowing them to reduce "feat taxes".

....And since non-Fighter classes can take these feats, they have to put the useful/cool ones at the ends of long feat-chains.

Mercy: Cleric, Life Oracle, or...?
Hanzo: Zen Archer Monk
Genji: Cyborg Weapon Adept Monk
Zarya: Techsligner Gunslinger
Lucio: Bard

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Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
As for them running out of spells (which can be a problem) I recommend using Arcane mark when you're not novaing, it is a touch cantrip, so you can do it with spell combat to get 2 attacks at a -2 to hit from level one, good for killing average joes quickly without burning your precious shocking grasps, intensified shocking grasps, maximised intensified shocking grasp, empowered vampire touches, maximised vampire touches, and Rime Chill touch. Plus whatever other kinds ways you crazy kids like to touch people these days.

If you don't mind the cheese, a Hexcrafter can get Brand, a 0-level touch spell that does 1 point of damage.

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Snowlilly wrote:
The fighter is what the player makes of it. Nothing more, nothing less. The class even has options to make all saves good - options most other classes lack.

....And you only have to have five different sourcebooks to get them!

(I remember a 3.5 joke that the Tier Number of a class was the minimum number of rulebooks needed to make them functional.)

Belafon wrote:
As for your feat choice: if you want to maximize your spellcasting (and if your GM allows it) Paths of The Righteous has an amazing feat series that makes up for the "lost" spellcasting levels of a Rage Prophet. Not cheap from a feat perspective, but great if you want to get higher level spells faster.

Which feat's that? Is it on the pfsrd?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've collected so many RPGs, I probably won't ever read them all, let alone get to play them.

I am a shameless powergamer. If my character's going to be risking their life on a regular basis, I'll do what I can to make sure they survive.

When making up NPCs (and sometimes PCs), I will shamelessly rip off other media, especially if I don't think the other players will get the reference. I've played characters based on Largo from Megatoyko and Max from Sam & Max, and in our current campaign two current NPCs are an Aranea named 'Varishka', and a skeleton mage named 'Old Bookman'.

Once I had inspiration strike late at night and I sat down and wrote a 5-page Beowulf-esque heroic epic about my PC's backstory. At least the GM liked it.

AwesomelyEpic wrote:

Seems like a fun game. There are other ways to interpret this, but this is how I see these characters.

Male Human Ninja with Cybernetics
Male Human Gunslinger (Pistolero)
Male Human Psychic (Formless Adept)
Male Human Fighter (Trench Fighter)
Female Human Bard (Magician)
Female Human (Prana Ghost) Fighter (Mobile Fighter)

I'm just guessing here, but the cast of Borderlands?

Garbage-Tier Waifu wrote:
This whole time, Clerics were secretly overpowered.

There's nothing secret about Clerics being overpowered these days.

Reduxist wrote:

Alright, I have an idea for this game. This one is from a video game.

All characters human unless noted otherwise
Male Paladin with a 1 level dip in Cavalier (Standard Bearer)
Male Rogue with the Firearm Training talent
Female Cleric (Merciful Healer), has access to Lightning Bolt and Dazing Spell
Female Alchemist with Acid Bomb discovery and a Dagger with the Bleed enhancement

That is the main group you start with, but you can also pick up characters like a female Barbarian that uses a Glaive, a Male Bard that dual wields simple weapons and a Male Wild Shape focused Druid that doesn't get along with the Paladin and Cleric.

Their foes are numerous, including a Lich, an Oracle with Clouded Sight, an army of Ragebred Skinwalkers of various classes and bandits.

And it's an E6 game using the sanity rules, right?

I don't know their names, but I do know they're headed for The Darkest Dungeon.

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0o0o0 O 0o0o0 wrote:

Knowledge checks to tell how something other than a monster works.

Knowledge local only tells you the race and general weaknesses.

If you face an enemy party of Dwarf Fighter, Elf Wizard, Human Cleric and Halfling Rogue the only thing the knowledge check can really tell you is their races which is not the most useful or relevant. In 40 years I don't think this game and D&d have addressed this.

Yeah, having some way to guess at an opponent's level before the fight starts would be a good thing.

I don't see anything besides time and material-component costs to keep someone from having multiple castings of these going at once.

0o0o0 O 0o0o0 wrote:
Arbane the Terrible wrote:

Not anime this time!
An Elf Aristocrat/Sorcerer, armed with an intelligent Greatsword with a lamentably high Ego score.


The Blackblade Magus is a direct and intentional archetype to make him, no multiclass required. Even the vanilla iconic Magus Seltyiel is openly intended to look exactly like Elric. Long white hair, a bit evil, flounces about!

Except his sword is less of an ass.

Got it in one. (Magus would've worked, but I think Elric mostly did summoning magic in his stories, not zapping stuff.)

Bob Bob Bob wrote:
The series is Silent Hill, but there's like a half-dozen names for the place. I think Otherworld is the most common? Which I guess makes the Fog World the Ethereal Plane.


Not anime this time!
An Elf Aristocrat/Sorcerer, armed with an intelligent Greatsword with a lamentably high Ego score.

Not an item or a character, but...

A portion of the Plane of Shadow that people have been known to get drawn into, where they must face twisted, sometimes-humanoid monsters that reflect mental traumas; distorted, malevolent architecture that can arbitrarily shift as they pass; and baffling puzzles to have any hope of escaping.

It's mostly co-located with a specific geographical area.

5 people marked this as a favorite.
Umbral Reaver wrote:
Commoner is a 20 level class. Where are our level 20 commoners?

Irrigating the Sahara Desert so they can plant turnips.

Mr.Goblin wrote:
Also this post is talking about other NPC Classes too. Since when has a guard who has been on the force for a few years first level?

When they're not getting into a fight for their lives four times a day, like adventurers do.

Personally, I think the Commoner class is a bad idea, as it kinda erodes the implicit idea that any two characters of level (X) are roughly equal in power. (Then C/M Disparity applies jackhammers and dynamite to that idea, but that's another thread.)

Blindmage wrote:
I've played a 21st lvl commoner, it was amazing, since I was still just a common man walking around with archmages, high priests, and kings, it was so much fun, because atvthe level, I was generally just a servant, as far as NPCs saw me, and the common folk weren't awed or scared by me, like they were the rest. Champion of the common people, type thing.

You're not just 'a Commoner', you're The Commonest! :D

(In other news, 'common' no longer looks like a real word to me.)

Java Man wrote:
Arbane the Terrible wrote:

Arbane the Terrible wrote:
This Good-aligned Necromancer has a set of magic items specifically made to help her lead the unquiet dead to rest.
Sabriel from the Abhorsen books for the good necromancer.


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0o0o0 O 0o0o0 wrote:
Human child Psychic (Aetherkineticist?) with class levels that belie her years. Curiously enough, she actually plays D&D but not as her own class due to old editions.

Eleven from Stranger Things?

Yeah, my first one was the lead from Shadow of the Colossus. Anyone got a guess for the second?

Arbane the Terrible wrote:
This Good-aligned Necromancer has a set of magic items specifically made to help her lead the unquiet dead to rest.

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Arbane the Terrible wrote:

"Okay, I'm fine with all five of you playing Spiritualists, and I like the weird homebrewed Phantoms, but why did all of you put so many points into Perform: Pose?"
Just about any generation of Power Rangers? Either that or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure it is!


A Human Ranger, with a horse for an Animal Companion. Needs to kill a group of unique monsters, all Large-sized or greater.

This Good-aligned Necromancer has a set of magic items specifically made to help her lead the unquiet dead to rest.

Analysis wrote:
Arbane the Terrible wrote:

The players were told it was an E6 no-magic game, but that appears to have been a bait-and-switch by the GM.

An Expert 1/Ranger 5. High intelligence.
Ranger 6. Very good physical stats.
Ranger 1/Synthesist Summoner 5+. Charisma is too low to cast any spells, but has a very powerful Eidolon.

All three use the same combat style, have the same favored enemy, and have some archetype that trades Animal Companion and spells for some extra skills and proficiencies.

Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Jaeger?

Correct! :D

"Okay, I'm fine with all five of you playing Spiritualists, and I like the weird homebrewed Phantoms, but why did all of you put so many points into Perform: Pose?"

Crayfish Hora wrote:
But I didn't say anything about magic weapons. Benkei doesn't need spells and fancy weapons, and neither should the average fighter!

Benkei was in a no-magic campaign that was E6 at _most_, and didn't have to fight oozes, intangible monsters, or anything with DR or flying.

DrDeth wrote:

Wealth as progression has been part of the game since the three volume set. It was critical in 3.5, 4th and to quite and extent, even earlier editions. If you didnt have a magic weapon, you were screwed past a certain level- it was assumed you'd have one.

Yep. "+1 or better weapons to hit". Fortunately, despite what the DMG said, most AD&D modules handed out magical weapons and other gear fairly generously.

Part of the problem, I think, is that D&D magic is spelled out, quantified, and carefully defined. As a result, even the most powerful magic has all the awe and mystery of ordering an Extra Value Meal at McDonalds.

Want to make magic feel magical and mysterious again? Don't allow player-character spellcasters. (And probably don't play PF, as a result.)

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Lemartes wrote:

This shirt is made of light, gossamer-thin fabric embroidered with arrangements of winged feet.

Once per day as a swift action, the wearer can take an additional move action to move and then immediately end his turn, losing any unspent actions.

A character must wear this shirt continuously for 24 hours before he can activate this ability.

Have they nerfed the similar-to-the-old-version-but-better Battle Oracle power, Surprising Charge?

* Looks it up on *

Not according to the PFSRD, they haven't. CASTER SUPREMACY 4EVAR, even at things martials SHOULD be good at!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Omernon wrote:
Also, comparing martial classes to casters is like comparing cars to helicopters. It is pretty logical that casters have more options, because magic by definition breaks the laws of physics and stands in opposition to technology.

You don't see any problem with this reasoning?

It's Caster Supremacy in a nutshell: "Fighters exist in the Real World, so the ones in Fantasyland have to play by Real World Rules. Wizards do not exist in the Real World, so they can do ANYTHING."

It's not like the concepts of 'some things magic can't do' or 'some things magic can't do as easily as mundane methods' are unheard of in myth or fiction.

So, even if you beat these guys, you'll run out of food pretty soon?

master_marshmallow wrote:
Fighters are the only full noncasting class (save for archetypes that give up partial spellcasting) that can make their own magic armor and weapons (via Master Armorer and Warrior Spirit, respectively) so I'm not sure why fighters are the worst at it.

How many times in a campaign do you expect the Fighter to be able to take a few months off to make +5 armor or weapons?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Bad skills, bad saves, bad feat chains.

Caster Supremacy and gear dependency.

The rules actively punish attempting to do anything creative in combat.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

And the interaction of intense interdimensional magic with intense thermonuclear explosions _probably_ won't have any unfortunate side-effects!

BRB, statting up a Fission Elemental.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
GM Rednal wrote:
...There times where I want to write a level-by-level analysis of spells - starting with the CRB - and what precautions against them a given settlement might have. XD

Please do! (Aside from this, in the game I'm currently in Our Heroes are setting up an estate, and I know our magic defenses are like a sieve...)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It occurs to me this setting could swiftly become Shadowrun without the cybernetics.

Harakani wrote:

Imagine Open Source Spellbooks!

We better hope the world runs on PF rules, not Call of Cthulhu's, or some idiot's going to put Summon Azathoth on the Internet and physically destroy the planet.

Even without Create Apocalypse being a first level spell, consider the damage that someone could do with first-level spells like Charm Person, Beguiling Gift, or Murderous Command.

Expect anything resembling Freedom Of Speech to get locked down on hard. (And just imagine what Divination magic could do for law-enforcement! Department of Pre-Crime, here we come!)

So for the Shadowpocalypse, barring some house-rules saying electricity and bombs are magic, we're screwed.

d20pfsrd wrote:
An incorporeal creature has no physical body. It can be harmed only by other incorporeal creatures, magic weapons or creatures that strike as magic weapons, and spells, spell-like abilities, or supernatural abilities. It is immune to all nonmagical attack forms.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ryan Freire wrote: the anime GATE and you'll probably get a better idea of how it plays out.

GATE has several problems, such as the fact that the fantasy side are very slow learners on How To Deal With Firearms, and they don't use magic to fight.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Total extinction of all life within 5 years, if one of the reproducing undead gets loose in a major city.

if we somehow manage to avoid the Shadowpocalypse, there will be witch-hunts that make all previous ones look mild by comparison.

Spellcasters who survive THAT will probably get recruited by various impromptu conspiracies/crime cartels/government agencies trying to use these powers. Hopefully, they'll spend more time shanking each other in back alleys than nuking cities.

Religion has upheavals like we've never seen before or since. On the bright side, doctrinal disputes become a LOT easier to resolve if someone can cast Commune.

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Not that Rome was in any way a 'good' aligned nation - probably closer to LN at the time than anything else.)


"How many languages even HAVE a word for 'killed every tenth person'?!" - Larry Gonick.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
Murder the gods and topple their thrones.

Play MythEnder!

I can't believe I'm the first person in this thread to make the obvious reference.

Fergie wrote:

"It enables you to force extraplanar creatures out of your home plane"

Were you on your home plane? No? Then stop questioning the GM.

What is wrong with a little railroading anyway? Even if you were right, why not sit back and enjoy an adventure rather then rules-lawyer yourself a victory (or rather avoid the whole thing entirely?

The OP is Just Playing Their Character - which is to say, someone with a functioning brain-cell, and thus someone who wants to GET OUT OF THE ABYSS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

"Of course they exist, but that's no reason to go believin' in them." - Nanny Ogg (probably misquoted)

2d6 + 6 for all stats. :D

If you want an even higher-than-usual power level, have you considered the Mythic Rules?

A game can be epic without needed REAL ULTIMATE POWER, just meke sure the things the PCs do have consequences. Let them build, destroy, organize, and lead.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Vishkanya (or 'sneeple') secretly rule the world.

The only reason wizards can't cast cleric spells (and vice-versa) is a metaphysical embargo by the gods who don't want to give up their near-monopoly on healing magic. The Witch class is the work some entities who are trying to break the cartel.

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