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Arbane the Terrible's page

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Jhaeman wrote:

I don't want to proselytize, so I'll leave it alone at this post. If you think of role-playing as something to do to pass the time between combats, then that's all a role-playing game will be for you. There's certainly nothing wrong with that, and Pathfinder is an incredibly crunchy system that absolutely 100% supports that kind of play.

Role-playing games can be so much more than that, however. Think of every novel ever written; how many of them are *not* about the main characters killing monsters? Anything that a novel can do, so can a role-playing game. You could have a game centered around a murder mystery, torrid romance, slapstick comedy, inter-family drama, exploration of an alien (but friendly) culture, medical emergencies, or about a million other things. Pathfinder is certainly not the best system for some of those things, but it can still be used to tell those stories. When we broaden our horizons, RPGs can be about more than just combat, just like prime-time TV can be about more than police procedurals--even though neither usually are :) The hard part is finding the players and the GM to tell stories outside the conventional ones.

Yes, but Pathfinder is mostly about combat, magic, killing things and taking their stuff. That's about 2/3rds of the rulebook.

And there's a lot of things that work in novels that often won't work well in an RPG. Like a mystery where the PCs relentlessly miss ALL THE CLUES.

Vidmaster7 wrote:
Eh once you get higher level class options will be more important then stats anyways.

At which point even well-made fighters start sliding into irrelevance...

SmiloDan wrote:

I still don't understand what commoners are supposed to roleplay?

Adventures in babysitting? Going shopping? A cattle drive? Dealing with a natural disaster? Mustering against a bunch of Vikings? Planting a bunch of magic beans? Crafting? Going to the pub? Dying in a haunted house? Get bossed around by the local magistrate? Build a barn? Pay some taxes? Get food poisoning at a wedding? Flee a plague? Survive a famine? Get scared by some monsters? Poach the king's deer? Get stolen loot from some men in tights? Carry stuff? Watch someone else cast a spell? Get cursed by hags? Become a zombie?

The same things any other group of level 1 scrubs deal with, except they're going to be even less good at it.

Some people like the challenge of trying to survive danger as the underdog, and this is about as far as you can take that idea in PF.

I hope it's not too obvious, but I'd recommend a Mnemonic Vestment and scrolls for more situational spells you might find useful at some point.

Edit to add - I missed this is a Mythic game, and the Heirophant mythic path has 'Inspired Spell' that pretty much gives you any spell you need on demand. (You did take that one, right? It's awesome.)

And yes, Boots of the Cat are good & cheap, and useful at least until you reach the Everyone is Flying levels.

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The Sideromancer wrote:
Jhaeman wrote:

SmiloDan wrote: "What is a party of commoners supposed to do?"

Answers: Role-play!

It is a role-playing game ;)

Think of it like the beginning of The Wheel of Time series. Rand al'Thor is a sheepherder. Perrin is an apprentice blacksmith. Nynaeve is a budding herbalist. Heroes are made, not born.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

And some get eaten by rats in the first random encounter.

This GM does indeed sound bad.

jcdman1 wrote:
The annoying thing is these are the only guys I know that play pathfinder. If I walk from the table I just forfeit playing D&D. But that's why I thought about DM'ing my own campaign. I'm just afraid that it won't be great because I wanna do a skyrim campaign. One of my friends is a munchkin and my current DM is a power gamer.

This may very well be your best bet - the world can always use more good GMs. As people have said, look around for other groups, and don't be afraid to not invite the current GM to your new game if they're as bad a player as a GM. (Don't rub their face in it, just don't tell them about it.)

QuidEst wrote:
Don't focus on using Charisma for AC, initiative, saves, attacks, and damage all at once, and you should be fine. To avoid scaring GMs, don't load up on the Extra Revelation feat.

How do you get Charisma to attacks and damage? Asking for a friend. :D

My first thought when I heard this was "Have fun with The Problem of Evil", because I am a cynic.

OTOH, nothing in your initial post implies that Deus is inherently Good, so that's not the problem it is in real-world monotheisms.

Given that, all three of your initial ideas sound like potentially good ways to handle it.

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RocMeAsmodeus wrote:
Of the many criticisms I've heard of libertarians, the one I've found to be most valid is that they can sometimes be overly dogmatic.

How about that some libertarians are downright delusional where it comes to the behavior of corporations? (Expecting them NOT to cheat customers and exploit workers without the threat of legal punishment?)

Also, a worrisome number of Libertarian ideas on food/water/medicine/auto/whatever safety seem to boil down to 'once it's killed someone, their families can sue'.

I like the painterly style.

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One game I was in, I had a witch with a Silvanshee familiar, and I did spend some time between sessions trying to plan out question-trees to ask.

Amazing how much info you can get from 6 yes/no questions if you phrase them right.

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Goth Guru wrote:

The alt right is now using "snowflake" excessively.

The proper retort is "Whatever Fascist!"

I prefer "You know what you call a lot of snowflakes moving in the same direction? An AVALANCHE."

Killer_GM wrote:
Orville Redenbacher wrote:
What ive gathered so far is that Players and GMs should communicate about what they want out of their games and meet in the middle. Unless of course the player shows up with a drow noble, in which case, you promptly tell them to GTFO.
I just grease said character in brutal fashion. Said player then leaves on his own.

There's not much as Fun(tm) as a GM who can't just tell players what they will or won't allow, and instead let them waste time and paper before murdering their character.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Arbane the Terrible wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

Or the implication that refugees from Syria practically waltz in to the U.S. It was already taking 18-24 months of rigorous thorough vetting. But the Dems practically let Trump have that talking point without a fight.

Can't win hearts and minds to your candidates if you don't fight hard to control, or at least shape, the narrative.

Oh yes. The total unwillingness of Democrats (or our worthless 'news' media) to call rightwingers on their 'alternative facts' is one of our biggest problems. (And not just a political problem, a BASIC SANITY problem at this point.)
There's no point in doing so. The base that supports Trump proved time and time again that they won't listen to "facts" coming from sources they despise. Which is everyone save Trump, BriteBart, and FOXX.

Yes, but they're not the majority. They're not even the majority of Republican voters, I'd guess.

137ben wrote:
Also, obligatory links to Trekin's what am I supposed to do thread, and its continuations, The SUE Files: Part II and Part III.

Ahhh, good ol' Sephiroth Cullen, Most Obnoxious GMPC Ever, and his equally insufferable creator, 'Marty'. One of my favorite stories.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

Or the implication that refugees from Syria practically waltz in to the U.S. It was already taking 18-24 months of rigorous thorough vetting. But the Dems practically let Trump have that talking point without a fight.

Can't win hearts and minds to your candidates if you don't fight hard to control, or at least shape, the narrative.

Oh yes. The total unwillingness of Democrats (or our worthless 'news' media) to call rightwingers on their 'alternative facts' is one of our biggest problems. (And not just a political problem, a BASIC SANITY problem at this point.)

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Not exactly terrible players, but it's a weird coincidence. I've been in two different groups where we played at the house of two different guys with the same first name, who played characters that could be described as 'kamikaze idiots'. One's character was high int, one was high wis, but both of them could be counted on to end up in a situation that would DARE the GM to bring the hammer down on them for their stupid decisions at least once every few sessions and escape through pure freakish luck.
I recently played with a new group who used to have a player who played a kamikaze idiot... with the same first name. Weird.

At least their antics are often amusing to watch, though I dread the day they manage to spark a TPK.

CBDunkerson wrote:
Samy wrote:
In my bubble, both of those are exceeded in number by people who want jobs.

So they voted for the party that when it was last in power produced the worst job losses since the Great Depression and against the party that had just provided the longest streak of continuous job growth ever recorded.

How can anyone not see the flaw in this plan?

"If there's one thing I've learned from history, it's that people don't learn from history."

It is (mercifully) not my story, but behold the Worst GMPC Ever and the Worst Homebrew Ever: Marty and the System Undermining Everything.

An epic tale of player ingenuity, GM blockheadedness, canon defilement of ALL the fiction (ALL OF IT), Cthulhu, and increasingly large chunks of physics being banned.

Thanks for letting us know!

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To misquote something I read recently:
"The Democrats and Republicans were sitting in a house, playing a boardgame. The Republicans were losing, so they set fire to the house and stomped out in a huff.
Now the Democrats are sitting in the burning house, plotting their next move to win the boardgame."

Lemartes wrote:

It would be hilarious if the OP just posts a bunch of stick figures. ;)

Hey, if it's good enough for Rich Burlew...

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Jader7777 wrote:
Thelemic_Noun wrote:
That's the brilliance of Information...

Let me introduce you to my friends Heisenberg and Schrödinger.

Unless you're dealing with an undead radioactive cat or the Missing Lynx, most questions PCs will be asking are sufficiently macroscale to ignore quantum-scale probabilistic perturbations.

If you object to players 'cheating' by using divination magic, how do you feel about them 'cheating' by using Conjuration, Transmutation, Evocation, Abjuration, Illusion, or Necromantic magic?

Is it too late to get in on this?

Esverra Gundrunsdottir - Human Oracle of Battle.

A tall, good-looking woman with pale skin, blue eyes and long black hair. Usually wears heavy, realistic plate armor, heavy boots, and a fur-trimmed red cloak. Under the armor, she's not petite - fairly athletic. Carries a zweihander-style greatsword with a crossguard that looks like wings and a loop in the pommel.

A piece of advice? Um... I'm not that great an artist myself. "Practice like crazy" is about all I can think of.

Sissyl wrote:
The people closest to earning the title sorcerer-king in D&D and variations are the sorcerer-kings of Athas. And they weren't even sorcerers.

2e didn't HAVE sorcerers, except as something to call a wizard you didn't like.

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My thoughts? ONLY play a Paladin if:

a: You know the GM very well and are on the same page regarding ethics and the alignment system, OR
b: love the prospect of playing the starring role in a tragedy.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Captain Battletoad wrote:

Well if your vote was all that was needed, then yeah, the Dems wouldn't need to change.

What is anyone, that isn't a corporation, voting republican for that isn't a complete lie or at the very least come with seven asterixes? (asteri?)

Davis X. Machina, as spotted on Reddit:

“The salient fact of American politics is that there are fifty to seventy million voters each of who will volunteer to live, with his family, in a cardboard box under an overpass, and cook sparrows on an old curtain rod, if someone would only guarantee that the black, gay, Hispanic, liberal, whatever, in the next box over doesn’t even have a curtain rod, or a sparrow to put on it.”

President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."

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One thing it occurs to me: Unlike wizarding, Sorcery IS inheritable.

Cole Deschain wrote:

Because rulership is a political position, not one based upon combat or magical statistics.

I'm gonna be over here reading history and laughing like a hyena at this statement. How do you think anyone got to be king in the first place?

Starbuck_II wrote:

Well, you could have magic healing leave scars (just a roleplaying mechanic, not mechanical). (Fast healing is faster regular healing so gets around this and leave none)

But it would make those who regularly get magic healing get covered in scars.

No kidding. I had a DM who described all damage as Meat Points. At the end of any given fight, my fighter looked like an extra from Night of the Living Dead.

Stormagedon Dark Lord of All wrote:

My character's soul is sold to Hell due to a contract he signed to get into the Hellknight (This of course was written on the back in invisible ink)

I'm pretty certain any good lawyer could get you a Stay of Damnation on that account.

Brain in a Jar wrote:

Arken only fell because of Profane Wishcraft and she had plenty of ways to try to avoid that fate. Just missed the Sense Motive and the player was focused on saving her relationship.

/looks up lilitu


Bluff +40

Good luck with THAT, buddy...

And as someone said earlier, GMs: Do you WANT murderhobos? Because this is how you get murderhobos.

Reasons To Never Play A Paladin #6715, 6716, and 6717 in a probably infinite series. >:(

Daw wrote:
Wouldn't it be easier to have static hit points and increasing ability to minimize the damage taken, that way it doesn't get wierd when you try to heal up that damage?

That's pretty much how every RPG that isn't a deliberate D&D derivative does it, but it's a pretty basic part of D&D's design.

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KarlBob wrote:
Arbane the Terrible wrote:
Also, Real Realism in healing often includes variations on the phrase 'you'll never have full use of [body part] again, I'm afraid'. (Which is why I'm generally not a huge fan of games that try to do 'realistic' wounds - I'd rather not have my character face-down in a pool of their own blood on round one due to a bad roll, thanks.)

That takes me back to my Rolemaster days!

GM: "You take 15 hit points of damage, and the critical hit leaves you with a punctured spleen. Unless you receive a Restore Organ spell within the next five rounds, you're going to die. While you bleed out, you're stunned, prone, and defenseless. Any last words?"

Player: "Yes. I feebly raise my fist to the sky and curse the critical fumble table!"

I've only ever played Rolemaster once and never even got in a fight, but a friend of mine told the story of how his party got killed by sheep.

Not monster sheep, ordinary sheep.

Someone did the math and figured that in Runequest, in a battle with 100 men on a side that lasted a minute, there was a decent chance one of warrior would decapitate _themselves_.

I hate fumble tables.

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Saithor wrote:
JAMRenaissance wrote:
I think Pathfinder has plenty of mechanics that I'd say would work thematically for the Fighter. Cavalier Orders, Ki Pool Abilities, Combat Stamina, Martial Flexibility, Judgments, Warpriest Sacred Weapon Damage... there's a lot that can be mined here.
Unfortunately at the cost of class identity. Which is a whole other can of worms on it's own.

I'd argue the problem with Fighters is they don't HAVE any identity. every time someone comes up with an interesting schtick for a fighty-type, it gets peeled off into a new class so that the Fighter can maintain its pristine blandness.

(100 new messages in a few hours? Gah.)

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Gilfalas wrote:
The point with Magic being Magic is the concept that it does things that mundane means either cannot or cannot so quickly/simply.

This wouldn't bother me half so much if there was anything in PF that magic couldn't do better than mundane.

As long as Lord of the Rings keeps being invoked as the platinum-iridium standard for Fighters, how would you recommend someone goes about doing all those stunts Legolas was doing in the movies? (Preferably without too much risk of having to keep rolling acrobatics checks until a 1 and getting splatted by 20 orcs' AoOs.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It occurs to me there's a simple compromise for the people who want Fighters to excel and the ones who want them to be realistic:

Fighters cannot be affected by hostile magic. Magic is inherently unrealistic, after all.


The Sword wrote:
If your argument is that all PCs should have high will saves - then this is all part of the power creep that some people seem to revel in that makes it much harder to DM the game.

They probably SHOULD. High Fortitude keeps you alive, high Will keeps your whole party alive.

Bill Dunn wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
Selective realism, really. Because of the HP mechanic, adventurers can survive all sorts of things that should probably be fatal, but we selectively apply the "realism" filter by saying that these sorts of wounds are slow to heal on their own.
Keeping in mind that the "slow" healing of 3eD&D/PF "realism" is still extremely fast compared to real realism.

Also, Real Realism in healing often includes variations on the phrase 'you'll never have full use of [body part] again, I'm afraid'. (Which is why I'm generally not a huge fan of games that try to do 'realistic' wounds - I'd rather not have my character face-down in a pool of their own blood on round one due to a bad roll, thanks.)

zainale wrote:
why hasn't any creative wizard figured a way to open a portal to the plane of positive energy and a way to bottle that energy for healing uses later.

"This is a GREAT plan, and it has only a 30% chance of destroying the world!"

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gustavo iglesias wrote:
Scythia wrote:
Because niche protection matters.
Except for rogues ;)

Hey, Rogues have PLENTY of niche protection! Nobody else wants to be 'guy who sets off the traps with their face when they roll a 1', or 'guy with bad AC and medium HP who is useless in combat unless they're right in the enemy's face on the opposite side from the fighter'.

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The Sword wrote:
Give people options that's one of pathfinders strengths. Forcing wuxia on fighters is removing options not granting them.

Do you have any idea how weird this sounds? "You're FORCING me to have an option I don't want to take!"

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
And you're assumption is wrong. A Balor is supposed to be a fight for a PARTY of level 20's not some idiot on his own. In the source material you're thinking of... Aragorn would have been meat for the table. And the only reason Gandalf prevailed, was that he sacrificed his own life to do so.

Wasn't there some guy in the Silmarillion who fought multiple Balrogs? (And someone who got their cart stuck in the mud so badly that in trying to pull it out, the whole continent got raised a few feet more out of the ocean. Might've been the same guy.)

...Yeah, didn't see Blackwaltzomega's post. So, edit to add:

There's a old Dork Tower strip that I frustratingly can't find in the archives, where the players are evaluating how 'badass' Gandalf is for their LotR game. He... can talk to birds, and set fire to pinecones...
"Oh, but he fought a BALROG!"
"How tough is a Balrog?"
"Must be pretty tough, if Gandalf was the only one who could fight it!"

In the end, the players use Gandalf as a battering ram. Because they are terrible.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
Selective realism, really. Because of the HP mechanic, adventurers can survive all sorts of things that should probably be fatal, but we selectively apply the "realism" filter by saying that these sorts of wounds are slow to heal on their own.

Which is bizarre, given that it's not supposed to be a 'real' injury until you hit zero HP.

I guess Plot Armor grows slowly. Like fingernails.

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HWalsh wrote:
This thread was about weakening Wizards and yet it's become all about buffing Martials. Again.

I'd say at this point the question in the title has been answered adequately.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
The Sword wrote:
Use 3pp materials. If there was demand as you claim someone would have written them.

Somebody has. Dreamscarred Press came up with 'Path of War', which is pretty much PF's version of 3.5's Tome of Battle.

kyrt-ryder wrote:

I'm really trying to understand you here The Sword... why are you unhappy playing low level stories at low levels?

I'm guessing they want Fighters to be 'normal guy palling around with incarnate gods and somehow not being squished like a bug or completely irrelevant.' It's the part after 'somehow' that's a problem for the rest of us.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
thejeff wrote:

I'm going to regret this, but LotR isn't high level Pathfinder, that's certainly true. It's also not low level Pathfinder.

Direct comparisons don't make sense.

Of course not, it's The One Ring RPG!

But I fully agree, direct comparisons don't make sense. D&D (and by extension, Pathfinder) are terrible at emulating any mythology or fantasy OTHER than D&D fiction.

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Tarik Blackhands wrote:
In other words: Mundane healing would be a nice thing and nice things are for casters.

Pretty much. For more information, check any random page of grognards.txt where gamers are loudly complaining about 4th ed D&D and Warlords 'shouting wounds closed'. (Because no matter how many editions reiterate that hit points are part stamina, part plot armor, and part physical toughness, some people STILL insist they're all Meat Points.

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