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2,244 posts. Alias of Min2007.


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And that's why I consider myself a moderate. Both the left and right focus on ways to consolidate their own power... I favor breaking up monopolies (like big corporations or big government) and setting up local police forces tasked with keeping businesses running fairly. If everyone is gainfully employed then we will no longer need bloated social programs, which AFTER the fall of unemployment can be trimmed back and streamlined into TRULY helpful programs that retrain the needy to fill well paid and in demand positions. There is a saying "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."

BigDTBone wrote:
Aranna wrote:

I get most of my news from WSJ/BBC/NPR.

I haven't noticed any political bias from the BBC on its American reporting. Now maybe I just wasn't looking for it. But I have noticed a slight conservative bias in the WSJ. And I see a massive leftist bias from NPR on nearly every article. I would include FOX if it were available on podcast if only to get both sides of every story.

FOX did set out to create a fair and unbiased news network... and mostly succeeded early on with the exception of some of their strongly right wing talk hosts. They do definitely drift right these days making them the perfect counterpoint to left biased sources like CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ect. That is for those of us who like hearing both sides.

Yeah, if this statement accurately reflects how you see these news sources then you should count yourself in that second category. Ie. very very conservative: Machiavellian.

Except conservatism is the exact opposite of machiavellian. The brand of conservatism I subscribe to seeks to expand everyone's productivity and wealth. Not just the wealth of the prince which sounds more like a concentration of power in the hands of a few which is a leftist goal. Big government vs small government and all that.

Also I am not truly right wing in the sense most people think of. According to my last political alignment test I am a conservative leaning moderate. But that's mostly fiscal conservatism. I am solidly middle of the road on social issues and slightly left leaning on government regulation.

Yes I favor a small but much more effectively run government capable of truly policing businesses rather than the left's big government solution of relying on corrupt bureaucrats who in the past have been largely ineffective at catching anyone other than their political enemies.

So your saying I don't see BBC bias because I share their views?

thejeff you are wrong here. Why do you think like somewhere around 90% of minimum wage workers make MORE than that after a year of employment? It obviously has nothing to do with government intervention. Those companies could forever keep people at minimum wage and stay in governments good graces. NO they earn more than that because they now have on the job skills and their company now values their labor at a higher rate. A rate the company sets based on the market. Since they CAN keep wages lower than they currently DO and yet refuse to do so completely invalidates your post.

As far as Ray is concerned I am torn. I admire his willingness to do the right thing but also understand why his bosses want him gone (he opens them up to liability suits by helping elderly against company policy if something should go wrong). Perhaps the company would do well to consider creating a place for people like Ray? Perhaps Ray, the community and the company could pay for Ray to be trained as a medic so that liability could be limited in the cases where he helps out? It would be good press for the bus company, Ray would have a secure job, and the people could have a friendly helper.

I get most of my news from WSJ/BBC/NPR.
I haven't noticed any political bias from the BBC on its American reporting. Now maybe I just wasn't looking for it. But I have noticed a slight conservative bias in the WSJ. And I see a massive leftist bias from NPR on nearly every article. I would include FOX if it were available on podcast if only to get both sides of every story.

FOX did set out to create a fair and unbiased news network... and mostly succeeded early on with the exception of some of their strongly right wing talk hosts. They do definitely drift right these days making them the perfect counterpoint to left biased sources like CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ect. That is for those of us who like hearing both sides.

The cost of labor is set at most levels by the market. Dropping minimum wage completely will not change what people are payed except at the lowest level of jobs and even there it likely wouldn't fall very far if at all. They NEED to have a first world incentive to attract workers. At a dollar a day no one would work and you couldn't run your business.

I fail to see how he can stop you from retiring. You control your PC. I suppose he can tell you no to including any new PC, but I suspect he will relent when you just show up to "watch" and not play.

You could use the 3.5e version of Prismatic Burst but it prices in at +3.

Prismatic Burst

There really are few options here.

1- Convince the party to leave whatever mission they are on (if any) to help you find a cure.

2- Retire the character and start a new one.

3- Follow the railroad tracks and hope the GM is willing to reverse this at some point.

It looks like it's time to talk to your friends. Ask the GM if he has a cure set up for you. And if not then ask the other players if they would support a derail to go look for the cure. If everyone says no then you probably have no choice but to retire and make a new PC.

Actually true center is BBC since they have no skin in the political game here.

But the real question is are the people who have to pay for that pay increase cool with it? Because the middle class are the ones we should ask if this is ok. They are the ones who will pay higher prices without an increase in wages.

Yeah... amazing. All that back and forth posting all gone and it was more than a page.

CNN is a leftist organization... I am surprised they went anti-union. I guess next time they should consult labor contract lawyers before de-unionizing. Just to make sure they don't violate any agreements in doing so.

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cnetarian wrote:
If having a nonsensical economy makes for an unfun game for you, then create rules for a realistic economy (warning: your fellow players might not find it fun).

Or they might LOVE IT. I had a GM who built and incredibly detailed economic system for his setting. I like playing adventuring merchants so when I gleefully got a copy of his rules I started out becoming rich. I started by becoming the groups money and trading girl and I kept various cargos in our ship's hold and our money productively invested throughout the campaign. By the end of the game I may not have been a very dangerous character in terms of combat power (the others always overshadowed me there) but I kept our group fat with wealth, property, and resources. And it was wildly fun.

Abita? Are you from the Louisiana area?
My parents brought us back a bunch of Abita stuff back when they were doing disaster relief. I found it has an unusual flavor... not good or bad, just different.

Greyhawk pantheons are my favorite. How many other pantheons have a female sun goddess who favors feminism? And they seem just as rich as many Forgotten Realm dieties and maybe a bit more varied. And lets not forget Vecna and Orcus came from the Greyhawk setting!

Alternately I like the Eberron Pantheons nearly as much.

Hmmm... most people put their cell phone away after a friendly comment from me. The absolute worst is children in the theater. They WON'T be told what to do and keep throwing popcorn, crying, talking, yelling, playing on their mobile device, running around, or kicking the back of your seat regardless of anything you might say. The good thing is they are often still doing it when management is alerted so they can be easily tossed out. Fortunately I don't often have this issue.

The issue I do frequently have is tall men sitting in front of me. I often have to switch seats at least once per movie, and poor me if there is a packed house. Then I basically have to stand through the movie to see it. Or I restrict my viewing to places with stadium style seating where that isn't an issue.

I am with thejeff on this one... that seems unbelievable unless you simply never role played any of your background.

There was the opening song of Evangelion... "A cruel angel's thesis"

While I detested the anime itself it makes me think of my early days of discovering the wonderful world of anime. And it doesn't hurt that it's fun to listen to.

Cruel Angel's Thesis

We can enjoy RPGs as well as boys do. I think it's marketing more than anything. If you told people it's an interactive novel played by a group of friends I think you would have just as many girls as boys signing up to play. But marketing it as GI Joe with swords isn't very appealing to anyone except adolescent boys.


I was using the Thief for those few times when I had a companion... easy to equip the little creep with my cast off gear... so I will switch to the templar.

I was using sentry and rapid fire...
My energy builder was stun grenade but I was only wedded to that because of that nice amulet I had at lower levels that creates two shadow clones when you stun someone. I hadn't considered preparation since I didn't know it could restore hatred. It's hard to live without sentry, having a reliable damage dealer on the board for when I run dry and end up fleeing in circles is huge.

I have been using a bow... I don't have a good xbow. But I guess I will keep my eyes open. This regearing was MUCH easier with the auction house. And your builds much like the online builds require gear I can't get. I have never owned a cindercoat in the entire time I played to my knowledge. And while in the old days I was fond of using the auction house for things like depth diggers I can't do that any more. I am tempted to re-equip that low level shadow clone amulet just for the extra minions even if it's going to hit my DPS hard dropping my stats down.

Is there a better secondary attack than Rapid Fire vs hatred drain? I could toss that attack off my build and play around... I tried elemental arrow but I am not very impressed so far. I haven't done an elemental theme either... should I? Is that one of the tricks top players use? Maybe I could see what I can do... but my gear is fairly vanilla right now with no cool item abilities... other than the homing rocket reply from my 60 something level legendary armor.

I think people are attaching beauty unnecessarily when in reality it's more about appearance. Take for example IRL if you see a woman wearing baggy unwashed clothing with a decidedly unhygienic way and a thick guttural manner of speaking you obviously don't associate her with the social elite and no one would take her words with the same gravity as you would a woman wearing a power suit with impeccable hygiene and a clear well enunciated way of speaking. This is why I think appearance matters to charisma not cup size or how slender your waist is.

Perhaps you can help me a little. My first seasonal character was a Demon Hunter and she hit 69 or 70 this weekend... but... I find I struggle to keep any hatred at all. This is the highest level I have ever reached with a demon hunter so I feel a little like a fish out of water. My damaging powers run on hatred but I seem powerless to keep the pool from draining out completely within a few seconds and then I just fight to stay alive. I must be doing something wrong since so many people use demon hunters. I even switched to a wizard since I understand how to keep a wizard going strong. And my wizard is is around 49-50th after 1 day of play. Now I play mostly with a friend in seasonal play so I don't normally get a companion if that helps?

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It was a long day and the heroes neared the final boss.

Lovable Munchkin: Ha! This was a cake walk! I can't believe these pathetic demon lovers managed to even rob peasant caravans.

Mr Perfect: Yeah hopefully Aranna has a surprise for us in the final fight.

Fox: Guys she looks tired and we have been playing for 13 hours...

Newb: I charge into the throne room!

Tactical Genius: Wait you fool! She probably has the door trapped!

Me: Inside you find the rest of the demon cult waiting for you. "Surrender fools or I will feed your beloved prince to the demons who hunger!" The high priestess demanded.

In the middle of the room I had a big pit filled with hungry fat demons.

Newb: I attack the priestess!

Me: Are you sure? She is dangling the prince over the edge of the pit.

"What will it be fools?!" the priestess demanded.

Mr Perfect: How many demons?

Me: Looks like dozens of powerful demonic things.

Newb: I want blood! I charge!

Tactical: Where did you find this guy munchkin?

Munchkin: ~sitting back grinning~ He's great isn't he!

Tactical: He burns through my healing way too fast...

Me: Um... you guys could talk... or something...
~sigh~ Fine she drops the prince into the pit where he starts being devoured by the demons.

Munchkin: I leap into the pit and start slaughtering the demons!

Me: Wait... What?! You can just walk around the pit... the demons look trapped. {panicking because the demons were NOT CR balanced and are too strong for the group. They were supposed to be there for effect and the final cult death scene.}

Munchkin: I came to kill something tough these will do just fine.

Mr Perfect: I leap in to help my friend.

Everyone except Newb leap into the pit...

After several rounds of combat 3 of the dozen overkill demons lay dead and munchkin has finally died as well. The rest are severely wounded oh and Newb having been beaten by the cultists surrendered to them. The rest of the group doesn't last even one more round with munchkin dead.

And the priestess tosses Newb into the pit to join his friends as dinner.

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Mikael Sebag wrote:

1: What bare minimum of rules knowledge do you think can be reasonably expected from a player?

2: Does that change if the person is playing a spellcaster?

3: What expectations do you have of your GM's knowledge of the gaming system?

4: Do your expectations change when you're running a game as opposed to playing?

5: After what number of sessions ought a player know their character's abilities from memory?

6: At what point does a player's lack of rules knowledge negatively impact (or become an impediment to) the fun of the other players at the table?

7: And, perhaps speaking more broadly, at what point does a beginner transition into an experienced player (if not a veteran)?

8: Would you say that it's part of the social contract of a tabletop RPG that one ought to enter into a game/session with a certain degree of knowledge?

...but in general, what are your thoughts?

1: From a beginner? Only the willingness to learn. From a veteran? Sufficient knowledge to accurately use the rules subsets their character utilizes.

2: No... spells are one of the rules subsets a veteran would need to know to play a spell caster.

3: Very strong knowledge of the rules BUT more than that a willingness to keep learning more. Aranna's first rule of good game mastery is "Know the Rules." One of the funnest things you can do is take the reigns of GMing and weave an adventure for your friends. But the first step in taking that path is knowing as much of the rules as you can manage and being willing to learn more as you go. Don't panic if something comes up in play that you didn't know... adapt and learn.

4: No. I expect my GM to be broadly knowledgeable and my fellow players to know their own character's rule subsets.

5: As many as it takes. There is no hard and fast rule here. This IS a hobby. Learn at your own pace. That being said it is only courteous to adapt to each others pace since this is a group hobby. If you are understanding things faster than everyone else then don't give them a hard time, just be patient... or maybe step up to the GMs seat. If on the other hand you seem to be taking longer than the others then don't be afraid to ask for help or perhaps take some extra time after each session to review the rules used while they are fresh in your head.

6: This is hard... I guess at some point if someone refuses to adapt to the rest of the groups pace in either direction then maybe they should be cut loose. A system master in a group of casual players who constantly berates his fellow players over their lack of rules knowledge is JUST AS ANNOYING as the casual player in a group of system masters who constantly misunderstands the rules and seem unmotivated in learning them better.

7: At his or her own pace. I guess the transition point from beginner to veteran is when you fully understand the rules subsets your character is using. Then you can use that as a base to challenge yourself to play different character types who use different rule subsets and expand your knowledge of the system.

8: No. Well except for the willingness to adapt to the group you are joining that is. You can enter with too much or too little system mastery, just do your best to either catch up to the others or in the other case try to be patient with the others and refrain from being critical of their level of knowledge.

My thoughts? Well the rules are ever changing and ever expanding. There is ALWAYS something new to learn or relearn in the case of a forgotten rule. The best rule of thumb is to simply be nice to others whatever their level of system mastery.

I usually go with the enchantress for a companion... nothing beats when she turns an entire group of elites into chickens letting you open up a torrent of damage before they can even fight back.

Wouldn't Ice Storm have destroyed most unattended objects that weren't made of metal in the area of effect? While the building itself would likely survive one or two castings it would be very damaged (although any area already damaged by the fire would likely have collapsed) and most of the interior furnishings smashed by falling ice. I have no idea what they were looking for but unless it was metal it is probably damaged or destroyed. And they shouldn't have had to search through sleet... all that ice and water vanish when the spell ends.

As for challenging them... I would definitely give the enemies max HP and go from there. I do recommend bumping up in steps... because if you go too far too soon you will just get a TPK.

Yeah my wizard has both the poison and arcane amulets and I swap them depending on what I am fighting.

Well I was on and got my Wizard geared up to easily handle T1 now. My Monk that I cut my teeth on while adventuring with Aelrynth so long ago is looking quite nice now too... not sure I could handle T6... but T3 isn't any problem. And I am into the difficult point with my poor seasonal demon hunter between 60 and 70 where gear becomes a big issue.

So far I am liking the new way loot drops. Much fairer.

I only have it on PC.
Does it play better on console?

thejeff wrote:
Aranna wrote:
Dubs may not equal ruined in every case but often they get horrible voice actors and lose all the emotional content of the acting. Subs are reliably much better.

How much of that is stereotype from the early days when dubbing really was amateur?

I normally watch subs, though I'm not a purist about it, so I don't really have a good handle on how good or bad dubbing tends to be these days.

I honestly don't know... I usually avoid dubs and if pressed I can recall some bad dubs (professional bad dubs, not amateur); most of them from the late 90s to mid 2000s. There are exceptions... I prefer Naruto in dub over the Japanese voice actors ... Cowboy Bebop as well.

If I may ask... How did you get your start in the gaming industry?

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Dubs may not equal ruined in every case but often they get horrible voice actors and lose all the emotional content of the acting. Subs are reliably much better.


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Does this matter?
If it does somehow matter then look at it this way. Charisma is a lot of things, not just beauty. A high cha hot elf becomes a troll, you will have a hot troll instead. What?! You exclaim. Yes hotness is way more than curves (although look at WoW and their trolls can be hot if they wish) it is personal hygiene, fashion sense, personality, and mannerisms. The reverse is true, a low cha orc becoming an elf will be an unattractive elf. Because she won't have all those things beyond curves that make you attractive.

KingmanHighborn wrote:

I voted Star Wars, but really you could drop the Force and lightsaber stuff as it BORED me. I liked Star Wars cause there was so many cool places to go, races in universe, and the ships. Specially the fighters, I loved all the fighter craft from all the Wars movies, even the bleh prequels had awesome looking fighters. That doesn't include the awesome AT-AT that began my LOVE for mechs.

But see I love Trek too as long as it's not Shatner. (TOS is fine just I don't like Shatner's take on Kirk.) I grew up with TNG and loved it, as I loved the politics and 'feel' of it.

But then there was DS9 and I hated it, it was soooooooo BOOOOORRRRRINGGG! Nothing happened until the Dominion stuff started up otherwise it was Space CSI.

Voyager was the best of the best, crème de le crème series. As they had no Federation support. (Many times Enterprise had to go in for repairs or even complete rebuilds with a competent captain like Picard at the helm.)

The Captain Archer Enterprise didn't stay on t.v. long enough for me to have an opinion other then "It's not...bad."

J.J. has put out the 2 best Trek films

So weighing them...Wars won out. (An entire movie about going back in time to save whales is what caused me to vote against Trek.)


As far as my favorite sci-fi world.

Wing Commander, hands down, best.

Wow I have an almost exactly opposite view... weird.

The force defines Star Wars... it is a generic sci fi show without it.

And while I may be one of the only people out there that feels this way I kind of liked Shatner's Kirk. And DS9 was awesome except for the oddly massive fleet battles which made little sense. I did like Voyager too and I feel Star Trek truly shines during the DS9/Voyager time. But TOS set up the universe and holds a special place of love for it and TNG seemed like a new extension on the mission of TOS but with a much more refined and civilized crew.

I also have to say... 4 seasons isn't long enough for you to notice a show?! Strange. Enterprise wasn't as bad as I first thought when I watched it on TV. In fact on my rewatch I came to love the show a lot. If I could disentangle the whole rotten time war out of it and make someone else the main bad guy... perhaps the Romulans spreading lies to get Earth attacked? Then it probably would have been one of the best ST shows. Oh well, producer politics ruined that...

JJ made two of the worst ST movies of all time. But I don't blame JJ. JJ can make a great action movie. But he probably had never watched Star Trek before and that is TOO much universe to absorb all at once. So he was doomed to make huge errors. Add to that the horrible plots and yes these blew even worse than ST4 "save the whales" or ST5 "Finding god". If you want to see some of the best ST then watch "Wrath of Khan", "First Contact", or "Undiscovered Country". I actually liked ST4 "save the whales" but view it as a light hearted parody of itself not all that dissimilar from Galaxy Quest.

Wing Commander was the best setting?! Huh?! You are probably alone in that view. But I have GREAT news for you! The creator of Wing Commander is finishing up a huge MMO set in that very universe that sounds similar to EVE, but better.

Blayde MacRonan wrote:
Not sure how I feel about this... Tenchi returns....

Sounds cute.

But 50 5min episodes? How much story can we get in five minutes? That is like those little mini webisodes Dr Who did a while back. Once comedic scene per episode is all they will have time for.

Well random asshats lurk everywhere in every game and even in real life. Can't really avoid them for long whatever you do.

Durngrun Stonebreaker wrote:
NPR- Court fines and fees fuel anger.

More proof of the class war being waged in this country.

It's like they want to turn all of the poor people into debtor slaves.

It's a pity they couldn't all just do a different sort of protest. Where everyone refuses to pay and then they flood into the prison system costing the community of Ferguson SO MUCH MONEY that they can't even afford to pay their own police force anymore. Trust me if this is all about greed that would be a protest heard all the way to the heart of the system, those practices would be cancelled immediately by the corrupt government types who want that money. But organizing such a thing wouldn't probably be very doable.

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Quark Blast wrote:
Hama wrote:

Like not talking OOC except to declare actions.

Like actually reacting like your character and not like a murderbot.
GM: There is a huge monster of smoke and fire in front of you. Something none of you have ever seen before. A feeling of dread starts getting under your skin.
Fighter: I charge it.

I get your first point.

But as for the second point - not like a murderbot - both the game system mechanics and numerous class options/feats/builds reward the "I charge it" solution.


That is, for PCs living in the game world (Golarion, Toril, etc.) it would be in character for them to declare "I charge it", more often than not. That's the way their world works.

Perhaps Hama's example wasn't the best chosen but his point is a good one. Your PC should have an identity beyond his stats; a background, personality, and motivation. That second point was look at the situation through the lens of your character's eyes and identity. Rather than JUST selecting a combat option at first glance why not describe the nervous sweat on your fighter's brow and have him cast a questioning look at the knowledgeable wizard who maybe knows what in the nine hells is approaching. Maybe he curses under his breath and finally charges the dangerous creature since that is what he has trained to do. BUT all that role play before hand breathes a LOT of character into your page of numbers. Perhaps the cleric is a motherly type and chastises your fighter to be careful as you bravely charge, even cringing in empathic pain as you fly straight into the flaming creature.

Staying one alignment or another is a big picture sort of thing NOT a balancing act between I founded an orphanage last week so now I have to burn it down to stay neutral thing... that is insanity and insanity isn't part of the alignment chart. Rather if you character is the sort to found an orphanage then what sort of dark side could you have? It's possible but it really should make some sort of internal sense. Perhaps it's a children thing and you just do evil things to beings that hurt children. And if that's the case then what alignment you are has to look at the big picture and WHY you did those things is something that should be answered. For this example an eagerness to do evil things despite loving children means this is an evil character with a bit of a light side.

LazarX wrote:
Aranna wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Actually Not even Clara had seen ALL of the Doctor's incarnations, the War Doctor after all was completely unknown to her and so were any of the others that exist past the time she threw herself into the Doctor's squiggly. Her infinite selves exist only between that moment on Trensalore and the First Doctor's exodus from Gallifrey. Everything after that moment on Future Trensalore is new ground for her.

It's not that she would have seen this regeneration but rather that she has seen enough regenerations to know they don't always go smoothly.

Quark Blast wrote:
Aranna wrote:
I like an immersive experience; everyone stays in character and the world is consistent and real seeming.

I like immersive sometimes but it is real hard to sustain with any of the commonly available RPG games.

Also, and working counter to immersion, I can finesse my PCs 16 INT by declaring ooc I need to make a Skill Check. That seems like good RP to me but it certainly is not immersive.

Wouldn't a truly immersive system require the GM to act as "translator" for all the ic activities of the players? The GM would be in a duel role of voice-over-narrator and NPC sounding board. That would be hard to sustain I think.

Your being too literal. This is a game and you still have to interact with the GM and with the rules. As Hama said you suspend your disbelief.

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Also Clara made no sense. Most other companions might be thrown for such a loop by this reincarnation but Clara the Impossible Girl has seen ALL the doctors reincarnations as part of her story... this one shouldn't affect her so much.

Or River Song... although that would be wife wouldn't it? Although the master did give his ring to that girl didn't he? Now I wonder about it. Is this some twisted thing the master is doing to repopulate the time lords?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

...this one because I love the way she winks at you all.

Sharoth wrote:
You remember when there was no chatroom.

There is a chatroom? I definitely need to explore the site more...

Someone mentioned the Asians... and it hit me; Why are they treated SO much better than the blacks? They were both heavily discriminated against after the civil war. And it hit me that this supports the theory that most of this "racism" is just class discrimination and lazy thinking. If the blacks banded together as one huge close knit family and worked hard and earned a lot of money (Jews) or earned high academic awards (Asians) then people would probably treat them as superior instead of inferior, too. I know this is trading one stereotype (poor) for a more positive one (rich) or (smart). But if lazy thinkers are going to use stereotypes then why not as a people engineer a better one as those hated groups before you did? BUT Aranna, how do we band together? You start by adopting a strong set of family values, like so many other "peoples" if you stick together as a family and pool your resources then large numbers of black people could start businesses or attend good universities. Within a couple generations cops will be treating you with respect when they pull you over... well as much respect as they treat the rest of us with anyway. Which is less than you might think unless you're rich yourself in which case they already treat you with respect even now. But at least those lazy thinkers will feel safe walking through black neighborhoods and defer to you in other situations.

Because most (not all) racism has vanished... they still discriminate against the poor and probably always will. Profiling happens because there are certain things police think are good indicators of criminal behavior like dressing in a gangsta fashion or covering yourself in tattoos and driving a fancy car while looking like that is something I am sure they train officers to look for. While the man in a pricey car but wearing an expensive suit often gets a pass because he has the money to fight back legally even if he is speeding. They also don't hesitate to pull over all poor people if they are breaking the law because it's easy money since they probably can't or won't fight back legally. Kids are often unfairly targeted to for a similar reason. I lived near a school for years and the cops would set up at the end of that street and ticket all the kids as they sped past. Kids don't fight back legally either.

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