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Aranna's page

4,562 posts. Alias of Min2007.


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Solnes... that name sounds familiar. I think.
Welcome back.

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Ponies are cute.

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Freehold DM wrote:

Of course I'm naked. It's 20 degrees.

Why aren't YOU naked?


20 means three layers of clothes.

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If it's 20 I better be skiing or inside by the fire.

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Limeylongears wrote:
John Napier 698 wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
John Napier 698 wrote:
Couldn't. They're bolted to the concrete floor.
Did you try lighting fires on top of them?
Wouldn't do a thing. Hot air rises, after all.
Did you try lighting upside-down fires on top of them?

If the case is metal it would work... a fire on that would turn the insides into an oven.

But you might freak out the customers with a burning machine.

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The only Pool of Radiance I played was the module for NWN 1 which was pretty good.

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Yeah, just do what should naturally happen as a result of his actions. Don't punish him beyond that. Clearly the Centaurs are going to be angry and probably exile the Dwarf and any who stand up for the Dwarf.

Patrick Curtin wrote:

Well, this night is atrting off badly. I think my phone might have blue screened :/

Sharoth: If you text me I am not ignoring you. I cannot get my phone to open or turn off at this point

My work phone does that. Just unplug the battery and then plug it back it that resets mine.

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John Napier 698 wrote:
Couldn't. They're bolted to the concrete floor.

You could have someone sit out there with a hair dryer keeping them warm.


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captain yesterday wrote:

An update: I gave her John's list, she said "great!" ignored it completely, half remembered her friend's suggestions ("It was Black something") and then started picking shows on Hulu at random, most of which seemed to start with girls in school girl outfits running away from things.


Twelve year olds!


I like her already. Clearly she already knows what she wants.

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John Napier 698 wrote:

OK, everyone. Here's my complete list of anime. It's only 230+ titles, not the 250+ titles like I thought. *OOPS* Titles marked with an asterisk are the ones I've actually viewed.

** spoiler omitted **...

Better watch out, you will end up like my ex-boyfriend. His goal? Own every anime title ever made. He has a bigger collection than I would ever want to try and count dating at least as far back as the 70's if not earlier.

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I will pray for them.

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My condolences SS. I hope his family finds peace.

Treppa wrote:

I had the weirdest experience last night (actually between 6-7 this morning). I was dreaming that I was at a beach resort talking on the cell phone in the lobby. I had set my purse on the couch in front of me and went looking for it to put my phone back in. I was the only one there, but each time I picked up a purse, it was the wrong one and another appeared on the couch.

After a couple of times, I went "Oh, of course, I'm dreaming." But I didn't wake up like other lucid dreaming sessions. I went out on the beach, watched with other people as a dragon chased some poor bastards in a boat ("Wow, wonder what they did to piss it off"), had a meal, met with friends for drinks and to watch fireworks on the beach. It was like having Jedi mind powers. It was very real, but anytime I was asked for money, I'd laugh and say "I don't need to pay; this is a dream." They would shrug and accept it. Way cool.

I'm gonna try that at Starbucks today.

Oh, and I absolutely could not wake up and get out of it. Fortunately, an idiot east coast friend who forgets about time zones texted me at 6:45 to chat and the sound woke me up for real. It was kind of a relief by then.

Welcome to team Lucid Dreamers!

I had a dream where I was my Rifts character and I was being hunted by the Dead Boys and Dog Packs near Chi town. When they caught me and killed me I realized it was a dream and had a TOTAL blast. I attended a rave inside Chi Town itself and explored the levels and scenic atriums. I even vandalized the Emperor's office. I didn't want to leave the dream. But I had no trouble getting out of the dream... just difficulty getting into it.

Patrick Curtin wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
I can't tell yet if it is purely suggestive psychology on my part or not.
I would suggest yes.
Probably, but if the placebo is free it's worth doing anyway. My dream state seems to be much more vivid, and something about the quality of the noise makes that endless thinking loop you get while trying to rest go away.

You have me curious now. I will try it tonight and see if I can enter lucid dream state without having to die in the dream while it is playing.

Kajehase wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:
Harry 'Blacksocks' MacGrognard wrote:



I like taco.

Tacos are very tasty. I agree.

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captain yesterday wrote:
Now Ghost In The Shell, Hulu has the original movie, the twenty fifth anniversary edition, and 2.0 which is evidently a director's cut?... So, which is better. :-)

...There was a director's cut... and I didn't see it?! I have failed as a Ghost in the Shell fan. Now I have to show up on my ex-boyfriends doorstep and see if he has it and will let me watch it.

PS: of the two anime I recommended Moribito ranks as one of the best anime ever made. It is a fantasy feudal Japan setting with a strong female protagonist and well developed characters.

PPS: Rideback also has a strong female protagonist and very well developed characters. The plot is extremely character driven. The setting is an alternate reality very near future where thought controlled robot motorcycles have been invented. If you can ignore the absurd premise that a mercenary group could take over the world (the only thing that holds it back in my opinion) then it is also a great anime.

PPPS: I wouldn't recommend Sword Art Online for a 12 yo girl. Nor would I recommend Glass Fleet to anyone.

In SAO's second story arc the strong female co-lead is turned into a helpless victim that the male co-lead has to rescue to make matters worse her own family intends on wedding her against her will to the very man who is holding her captive and sexually assaulting her.

Glass Fleet is a fun watch... till the end. Where the sick evil bad guy wins, rapes the strong female protagonist, kills the only man she loved, and then forces her into marriage to unite the empire.

PPPPS: As an alternate to Sword Art Online try Log Horizon instead. It is well made and has a similar story to SAO's much acclaimed first story arc.

Yay time to try out my new snow blower, maybe?

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Freehold DM wrote:

... Are you sure?

You should go back to check.

They sell cosmetics. What else could it mean?

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I was going into Ulta and had to stop in shock and reread the advertisement in their window... "Give Nude, Get Nude" it said. It only hit me a moment later that it referred to the nude make up color.

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captain yesterday wrote:
Oh wondrous and brilliant minds of FaWtL, what is some good anime for Pea Bear, it's come to my attention all her friends are "super into anime"

Moribito and Rideback are good ones.

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For the curious:

A good take on the situation where the fire happened

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Rosita the Riveter wrote:
Well, I'm well and pissed off. A warehouse illegally converted jnto housing and hosting a rave caught fire in Oakland the other night, and among 36 confirmed dead (there may be more) is a student at my school. I didn't know her well, but I did have a couple classes with her. I'm not super crushed (like, we didn't interact much and I had no particular opinion of her as a person), but it's still pretty upsetting, given that I can put a face, voice, and personality to the name. And why did so many people die? Fire code wasn't followed in the least. So that sizeable fire code violation at work I've notified management of more than once, to be told not to worry about it because we have no choice but to overpack the stockroom for the holidays? OSHA knows about it now. If that means we're in for a really bad time, I don't care. This fire code stuff matters.

If your company is anything like mine they will temporarily fix or hide all the OSHA issues before the inspector arrives so that it just looks like a fake alert. After the inspector leaves it will go right back to the way it was.

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Captain Yesterday Smurt wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
In other news, my FAWTL reading is behind by about 750 posts. Was there anything good in all of that?

I've been smurting everyone for the holidays, I've only gotten one angry PM asking me to knock it off.

Which is both more and less then I thought.

Honestly, who doesn't like to be smurted, they're the happiest people in the world! Besides child actors I mean.


Silly CY your tricks won't work on me.

Good luck and have fun!

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Congratulations CH!

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Marco Polaris wrote:
The suspense is, indeed, pizza.

I was thinking "exciting, nerve-wracking, ect"... Pizza? Oddly appropriate. One does often experience a bit of anticipation when waiting for it.

Patrick Curtin wrote:

So interested parties in my Suicide Squad game:


? Means I'm not sure if I misinterpreted your interest. Please confirm it for me :)

Anyone else sound out of you are interested. Regular Treeforters will get precedence

Yes I am interested.

Just forgive me if my idea of bad is more like the school yard bully and less like Hitler.

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Captain Yesterday Smurt wrote:
I know a guy that made his own working trebuchet, he launches pumpkins across his field with it.


Just don't let this happen

GM_Panic wrote:
The suspense... is...

so many things could be that last word...

thelizardwizard wrote:
Ponies? What are these ponies.

Ponies in D&D for the curious.

Eh? When you work first and second shift then midnight IS the free time you have to do chores.

Yeah still trying to get the hang of evil... So far my most notorious villain was someone who made the rich disappear so that she could give good paying jobs to the poor. Still it's worth trying out now and then.

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I heard somewhere that kitty purrs speed healing.

Mirani sat at a small table in her mother's inn idly eating a salad of seasonal greens mixed with cranberries and crickets and drizzled with a peppery sauce. Her hunt had been unsuccessful. They had set out to discover the lair of a ferocious dinosaur but never located it. She didn't come back empty handed though. While poking about in some caves behind a waterfall she had discovered a beautiful amulet of copper and green crystals. She had snatched it up in an instant unable to resist having the pretty thing. And she was wearing it now. In fact later after dinner she was hoping to discuss the odd script that circled it with the village healer.

A human man entered the inn. He was dressed in travel leathers that had clearly seen a lot of use. He seemed to be looking for something or someone. When he spotted Mirani he smiled and moved to join her at her small table. "May I join you?" he asked. And Mirani nodded. She hadn't seen many humans, most of the visitors to the village were elves. But occasionally a human merchant or scholar would make the journey here. "What brings you out here?" Mirani asked him. And he waved away the question "I see you found a blink stone little one. I could tell you how it works." He offered with a smile on his face. "Really?! Please do!" Mirani replied excitedly. "It simply requires a phrase to activate. But you must promise me you will only do so alone and out of sight of the others." He said then added "What it shows you is meant for your eyes only." Mirani agreed quickly and the man whispered the phrase in her ear. "I have SO many questions about it!" Mirani said and the man laughed and said "Later little one, after I have had my cranberry ale and you've had a chance to use it first."

She hopped up and ran to the bar "Mother, the human needs a glass of cranberry ale please. And I need to head out." Her mother frowned "You promised to help clean up after we close." Mirani promised again "I will this won't take too long." "Fine, have fun. I will see you at sundown." Her mother replied. And Mirani headed out of the village a short distance. Near the waterfall she crawled through some bushes and into her secret spot. It was well screened from view by the trees and bushes and offered a spectacular view of the waterfall. When the sun was up there was even a rainbow hanging over the spot. Truly beautiful! With bated breath she lifted the amulet so she could see it and whispered the phrase...

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The Doomkitten wrote:
WOOOOOOOOT GAMEPLAY TRAILER And, apparently, you get a female turian on your squad, as well.


Sissyl wrote:
The Mummy 2 makes its prequel look like a deep, intellectual masterpiece.

I don't know... while Mummy 2 would never win an Oscar, it IS fun to watch. And it totally reminds me of an adventuring party. Which probably adds to my fun.

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NobodysHome wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:

gran rey's totally un-helpful advice on keeping cats from destroying the Christmas tree: Get rid of the cats.

You are welcome for this un-helpful advice.

I am now requesting that Paizo provide a thumbs-down service just for this one post.

EDIT: Yes, I'm a man who has said, "I'd rather have cats than nice furniture", so I may be biased...

You couldn't have said it better.

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Drejk wrote:
Limey Of Barsoom wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:

Page 3000

We must become futuristic versions of ourselves.

Does it mean brain-powered airships and no trousers for anyone?


I am not letting anyone take away my trousers.

You could always wear a skirt if they get your trousers.

Patrick Curtin wrote:

So, just floating this out there. I keep revisiting my idea of a Suicide Squad-style mission where the PCs get to play super-evil characters enlisted against their will to perform a mission. I'm thinking just before Christmas I'll be pulling the trigger. I'm floating out here in the Treefort to see if there is any interest before I broaden the recruitment.

The bones of the story will be the old 3.0 adventure City of the Spider Queen. I'll need one player to assume the role of 'handler', basically ensuring that the other PCs stay on target. That person would have to be LN, or perhaps a very principled LE. The others? Well, this is the chance to play a fairly-high-level villainous character using any 3pp material you can find. I'm going to try and unearth my Book of Vile Darkness for this as well.

Players would start off in some sort of fantasy-based SuperMax prison designed to hold highly-skilled and magical beings.

Motives could be anything. You could just want to escape. Perhaps indulge in whatever vile things your character is famous for. Suborn and convert the drow to your foul gods.

I'll keep y'all posted

Will this be 3.5e or Pathfinder?

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Jurassic Park or its sequels.

ulgulanoth wrote:
They were all fired in a day, without warning or even a heads up

From what I read on both sides this wasn't true. The studio knew for months they were on the chopping block. This is why they pushed so hard for early release of the still buggy update they were working on and why they tried so hard to sell the project to some other company. Heck they even tried to buy it themselves... but the game was not a money maker and no one would touch it. No MMO can survive without backers.

Callous? How so?

Paranoia sounds scary.
It is frightening to think we sometimes can't even control ourselves.

I think I am sick.
And I am about to start a pair of double shifts.

Give me strength.

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The Thanksgiving day of angry family has ended and the season of stress and pain is underway. I'm only about half a month from my annual panic attack. Yay?

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Tequila Sunrise wrote:

I'm now home from the hospital, with 38 cm of picc line running to my heart and an antibiotic that requires a weekly blood test to ensure that it's not killing my kidneys.

But I am home, and my other half is making us a real Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Get well soon!

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Also I think they are locking any thread where politics show up...
So best to avoid them here.

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I have a couple ancient 5 1/4 inch discs... Is that like two rocks being banged?

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Icyshadow wrote:
Guess who got to the University (of Applied Sciences) ?! :D


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