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Aranna's page

4,133 posts. Alias of Min2007.


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American Dad?

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Freehold DM wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Treppa wrote:

They patched my tire for free.

Thank you, guy in the next lane who told me my tire was flat (-tish).
Thank you, guy at the tire place who pulled out that screw and plugged the leak for free.
And for the guy who left the screw in the road... well, you know.

Screw him?


My lifelong obsession with leaving screws in roads in other states pays off at last!

puts on mass effect soundtrack, waggles eyebrows at lynora

YOU! You don't know how many tires of mine ended up with screws in them... Your part of an evil screw conspiracy! And don't think Mass Effect will save you. I will show up dressed as the Bride from Kill Bill sword and all and go on a murderous rampage. :)

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Limeylongears wrote:

'Devastating' Miss Taekwondo is even better.

EDIT: There's a super-glam Monk archetype for you, right there.

THAT is a beauty contest I could have enjoyed participating in when I was younger.

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Oh no please no time travel. That is one can of worms that need never be opened.

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The best backstories are outlines with just one short story about a memorable moment to fill in personality a backstory otherwise couldn't do. As you adventure you can make new short stories to fill in more areas of her past. But overwhelming the GM is never a good idea. And if you fill in too much detail ahead of time you lose the advantage of filling it in AFTER experiencing the world or other players, who will make such stories more relevant and involving.

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Happy Birthday Lady Firedove!

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Poor turtles you need both luck and allies to win as a turtle.

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Probably something a lot of kids do. I trained in martial arts and a musical instrument too. For me a variety of forms including Tae Kwon Do and the Cornet instead of the violin, because my mom said "violin is too complicated dear, stick with something simple." Parents can really be dumb sometimes.

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I would love to inspire you to grind... but I never could stand grinding even when I had the time. It was just SO boring... That's why I still suck at PvP in my MMO even though I have been there for years. I am just unwilling to grind for long.

You could just dust it off and see how far you get without grinding?

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As we pick up the story of the Systems Alliance we crushed the Cerberus cell and acquired point defense guns from their computers. Go Alliance!

However we were driven by an arms race with the Rauthim to create a fleet of light warships. If this was to end in a first contact war we didn't want to be on the losing side! As a side benefit our relay links south were cut off by aggressive space monsters and we needed to show them Humans need that space lane clear! Why can't they be friendly like the Cytaline Entity or those space Ameobas? And surprise! The Rauthim have grown to like us (not see us as a threat) and offered some trade. As relations improve our fleet punches through the space monsters and clears the way south.

South was a surprise to... the um... (who programmed this game anyway?!)Empire to the south turned out to us Mass Relays like us... they liked us WAY too much I think as well. The slimy beings to the south were some manner of fanatical "lover of all aliens". We wished Captain Jennifer Lopez and Captain Mirina Sirtis the best of luck as we sent them into the slime empire to explore the Relays.

Expansion became the priority and we managed to snag a habitable world of the border of Slime Empire with a quickly deployed colony ship packed with the only people in the empire willing to live up close and personal to the Slimeoids; Our VI Robots.

That is when we hit our next crisis... we ran out of space to expand and ran out of the ability to manage more worlds. So we began experimenting with Sector Government in the Terminus Systems. Will the Systems Alliance get the hang of sector government in time to continue expanding? Or are we too late to the prize and doomed to a small size?

I have been continuing to watch Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) and I have to say I liked season 1 better. It seems the entirety so far of season 2 is just the cooking competition. And while I love watching the big show downs I miss the character growth and story development they had in season 1. I find myself wishing they would do more between the duels. Still I am addicted to cooking shows and will watch it regardless.

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I would reply to Tacticslion's wall of text with one of Aranna's simple sayings: I love Math... most of the time.

In my experience math has always been super easy... well not always. Have you ever had those moments where you reach the limit of your intelligence? That you have to just keep bashing your head against the problem, eat, sleep, and live the problem till you FINALLY just get it? At that very moment when it all becomes clear and you realize you just increased your intelligence stat. Yeah? That happened to me in math. When I went from algebra (something I could do in my sleep... literally) to calculus... I hit that wall hard. Like slamming a fighter jet into a mountain side. I could read a novel or sleep in math class and still ace every test but NOT in calculus. I had an emotional breakdown over it. Going from A+ to D instantly was emotionally devastating. I wish I had a tutor like Tacticslion back then but I was SO smart that I had never needed to ask for help I didn't know how to ask for help. So my grades, my scholarship, and my finances crashed and burned. When you DO GET IT it is like complete freedom. But I got it too late to save my grades for that semester.

NEVER underestimate the value of outside advice like a tutor. It can save you.

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The Systems Alliance had a bit of an energy crisis during expansion and stalled the humans till we could upgrade our reactors. We have uncovered no fewer than THREE Prothean data caches and encounter some space creatures as we begin exploring what lay beyond the Mass Relay...

President Shepard was excited to be able to travel such vast distances in such a short time and commissioned a second research ship. Also plans began in earnest to start the first human colony in Sirius! Who were these Prothean's and why leave the relays here for us to find? A mystery that MUST be solved!

Then we meet the enigmatic Rauthim a race of Religious Fanatic Insectoids. They have Mass Relays but haven't learned to use them, Instead they use a strange Warp Drive technology. As the Systems Alliance works hard to establish common ground with our new neighbors tragedy strikes. Raiders funded by Cerberus began attacking the Relay point near our new colony. WHY?! These human supremacists are well funded and have advanced ship armor, they make short work of the Allianace corvettes and wipe out a civilian construction fleet and a mining station before newer Alliance corvettes armed with coil guns and deflectors can corner them and chase them back to a secret Cerberus facility in Zehir. As I type this the siege of Zehir is begun. What secrets lay in the Cerberus computers? Can Cerberus repel the Alliance? We can only wait and see.

Oh I don't know if has been asked yet, but how well will the nearby galactic civilizations be detailed? Will members of such civilizations be playable?

Krensky wrote:
Both of you compleyely missed the point.

Don't lump me into that. I perfectly understand... No personal attacks. And allow other people to have dissenting views. I support that completely. You will note I haven't tried to continue either.

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Well I started playing Stellaris. And so far it's pretty fun. Maybe that is because I was able to create and play as the Systems Alliance from the Mass Effect universe. They are Materialistic/Militaristic/Individualistic and I gave them the Nomadic Advantage to facilitate the big issue the other races have with them... they expand too quickly. Oh and I added a Dissident faction to simulate Cerberus too. They use Mass Effect relays as FTL of course (Hyperspace perfectly simulates this).

Liz Courts wrote:
Removed some back-and-forth posts. Agree to disagree folks—this is a topic that's full of varying opinions, which may not be shared by all folks. Don't make it personal.

Thank you.

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Sometimes you need to give your phone a time out and put it in the corner.

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I do love giant robots...
But I prefer Gundam UC over Mega XLR.

Patrick Curtin wrote:

Worst wedding ever.

Not one thin dime in tips. Then, I get a call after I've left (30 mins after I left mind you) saying 'hey there's still people here, you left early'. Which I DIDN'T. :(


That sucks.

Do you at least get paid extra for going back?

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After all the horrible reviews I avoided No Man's Sky.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

To be honest I avoid social sites because the network security training I have makes me worry when I go to one that I will give bad guys a way to target me.

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Death threat? Did you contact the police?
What did you post to cause such strife?

Alzrius wrote:
Aranna wrote:
- Also once the girls start meeting people at the school it's made very clear all three are very popular. So I again have no idea how Alzrius got "loners" out of the show at all?

You seem to have deliberately ignored my previous explanation here, which is that I was using that as a shorthand for "lacking in any deep friendships prior to having met each other." That they're "popular" has nothing to do with that.

Indeed, one of the driving themes of the show is that all three girls feel isolated from others because they're letting themselves be defined by the roles that other people have constructed for them. As with most "coming of age" stories, the show is about them breaking free from that so that they can define themselves, and in doing so form strong bonds with others of their own volition.

- Last correction is again confusion over Alzrius's statement that everything is resolved by forcing people to talk it out. In fact the ONLY thing ever resolved by such action is the relationship between the girls themselves. Ultimately such an attempt ended in complete failure.

I don't believe that this is correct. Quite the contrary, Madoka ends the war between La Garite and De Mitrio by essentially forcing Villagulio and Dizelmine to sit down and work out the issues that they have with each other because of their personal histories, threatening to beat them up if they don't. Moreover, this attempt is a complete success ** spoiler omitted **

Beyond that, I disagree with virtually everything you've said about the show, as the characters are two-dimensional and everyone falls in line with the Mary Sue (to use a loaded term) protagonists. It's a frustrating watch that, in my opinion, leaves its viewers with only a sense of irritation to break up the boredom. Obviously, your mileage varied, but I wouldn't recommend this...

It isn't that I ignored your explanation it's that I reject it. Only people with deep close friendships aren't loners?! Huh? That makes no sense. A loner is "a person who prefers not to associate with others." to quote the dictionary. They all associate with others freely and clearly enjoy it.

Also I begin to see what you clearly missed that gave you the impression about talking about it working.

In the dialogs between the Kings and Moid at various points you can piece together that the only reason he stopped the war with De Mitrio is because he thought he had lost... NOT because he feared Madoka punching him... the whole punch thing was just for humor. So in essence Madoka's efforts just gave him the way out from having all the various factions attack him after his plot was revealed. But that changed when Moid gave him a way to open the portal without the girls. And he immediately attacked again.

Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne...

I have watched all of season 1 and 2 and can now give a proper review.

- First, I partially retract my comment about the sexualization of the girls. This seems to have just been a stunt used at the start of season 1 to attract a bigger audience by influencing those who are into such stuff to try the show out. It doesn't continue. In fact most of the show is completely free of it.

- Secondly her cousin Youko makes complete sense now. This is because they do almost nothing to explain what is happening or why in season 1. In fact the entirety of season 1 seems to just be the establishment of the friendship between Madoka, Lan, and Muginami, and their bonding with the VOX robots.

- Also once the girls start meeting people at the school it's made very clear all three are very popular. So I again have no idea how Alzrius got "loners" out of the show at all?

- Last correction is again confusion over Alzrius's statement that everything is resolved by forcing people to talk it out. In fact the ONLY thing ever resolved by such action is the relationship between the girls themselves. Ultimately such an attempt ended in complete failure. The real resolution was...

The alternate dimension that has the power to grant wishes.

- Ultimately the show is VERY character driven and has well developed characters. Which is a huge PLUS!

- The show is heavy handed about one thing. The power of friendship. But it makes complete sense since the key friendships involved are between the pilots of three ancient super robots which feed on emotions and literally get more powerful the stronger their friendship is.

Over all the show is a comedic juxtaposition between their life as schoolgirls and as super robot pilots. It is a fun feel good show which will leave you feeling uplifted and happy by the end. Well worth watching all the way through season 2.

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Can you look at a facebook page without joining?

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The Whedonverse wrote:

Four words, Firefly Mass Effect Gundam

You know you want it.

It would be a mess trying to fuse the three of those together and still have any kind of story. Best you avoid that Whedonverse and spare yourself the indignity of the critics response.

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Feros wrote:

Hey, did you hear about the new show Joss Whedon is working on? It involves a homicide detective who has to work with a culinary celebrity (played by Alton Brown) to solve a series of murders in the world of competitive cooking based on mathematical formulae! It will have a cast of cool characters played by actors from all of Joss Whedon's previous shows who will have quirky personality flaws. And they are going to simulcast it on Facebook!

...of course, it might just be a rumour....


I... I think I would watch that. Just not on facebook.
I so love my cooking shows.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:

I just realized: Larry, that one guy who dies in the third season, is the only openly gay man Joss Whedon's ever written. Unless there's some minor character in Dollhouse I haven't been able to find. Throughout his four TV shows, fifteen seasons and multiple films (okay, it's not fair to count Avengers), there does not appear to be a single other example that Whedon has written in. I think maybe Andrew comes out as bisexual in the Buffy comic series? I'm not sure Whedon actually knows that bisexuality exists, though.

Lots of lesbians, though. Lots of 'em. Gosh, it's almost like Joss Whedon only supports the whole "inclusion" thing when it suits his male gaze. :P

Don't say that you will damage my high opinion of him. :(

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Wait all that was over 5min of bein stuck?! I am usually stuck for a minimum of 15min...sometimes up to an hour.

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The Doomkitten wrote:

You fool! Do you realize what you've done?

*attaches grapple to John, activates it, and grapples him out*

Nothing to see there, folks! Just a raving madman, nothing more! No need to go after him with the Weather Dominator!

No need to worry he activated it in July and nothing happened... It may be broken.

Don't you wish you had a self driving car now? Just do your nails while the car does all the waiting and inching forward.

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Skyrim Rampage Cap'n Yesterday wrote:

Remember Captain Yesterday's #1 rule of Skyrim, if you're unsure, die.

Only through death, will I find knowledge, in the literal sense.

Although I did find Dawnstar, and I didn't die at all, so clearly, I did it wrong and need to go back and do it over.

I prefer Aranna's rule #1 for video games if you are unsure SAVE the game.

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Orfamay Quest you are making a huge error by equating real life to the game mechanics, there is no correlation.

An 8 Cha is NOT a social reject... they are SLIGHTLY below average. Same with ANY stat. It damages the game by forcing people to play a certain way.

I have been thinking about why rolling a 7 is NOT considered dumping a stat and why buying a 7 in point buy IS. And I think it boils down to the fact that when rolling YOU aren't in control of those stats, rolling a 7 is the dice dumping your stat not you. And you gain NOTHING by the dice giving you that 7. Where as in point buy YOU are the one in control YOU chose to dump a stat AND you are gaining extra points by doing so.

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This had me fooled for a bit. I was curious about Freehold's new fan club.
Evil thread necromancer.

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As far as multiple play throughs are concerned my logic is ;
1st time I am going to make a ton of mistakes miss content and perhaps get an ending I don't like.
2nd time is a careful play through that lets me enjoy ALL the content in as completionist a fashion as I can manage.
3rd time is the perfect run aimed at the exact ending I want.
4th or more is the time to play alternate story elements; like trying renegade, or alternate romances, or different play mechanics like biotics.

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The Doomkitten wrote:

Hmmm... I'm not an aficionado (I'm not one of those people who play through multiple times, since I feel absolutely HORRIBLE whenever I do a Renegade playthrough on any game, and the choices that aren't binary Paragon/Renegade don't really impact the plot much), but here's what I've heard:

** spoiler omitted **...

~reads list~

Hmmm? I hadn't considered Thane. Probably the whole dying bit made me exclude him. I also don't recall any romantic dialog options with him... I hate to spoil a relationship with him by reading how online, but I wonder how to start it... Maybe I just missed the start point somehow.

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Well as I near the end of my 4th Mass Effect play through I wonder if the romance options will be better in Andromeda?

My pathetic history at romancing in Mass Effect:
Infiltrator1: Started in a natural relationship with Kaiden and really fell for him. But when I went running to him at the first opportunity in ME2 and he literally destroyed my feelings I was hurt. I spent 2 and 3 with no romancing.

Infiltrator2: Avoided a romance in ME1. And I was still weighing my options with Jacob in ME2 when I was surprised by a dialog choice that let me start something with Garrus... I decided to give the crazy bird a try. And I regretted nothing. He was amazing from 2 through 3.

Soldier: I wanted something stable and different... So with much reluctance I tried Liara. I stuck with Liara all the way through 1 to 3. A good couple... I found myself dreading any sex scenes however. Guess I better stick with guys.

Sentinel: I wanted to see if the game would let me end with a child on the way or some such (and not little blue children). So that meant human males only. I started with Kaiden but couldn't wait to do the Treppa thing and off him before he could dump me in ME2. I had to drag Jacob into a relationship in ME2 so I was kind of happy it didn't work out in ME3. So... Vega was my last hope! And I was eager after all his flirting. But he NEVER does anything more than flirt... and to top it off I get drunk and wake up with Javik... Ugh. No luck at kids in my 4th time through.

When I get to my 5th play through (right before Andromeda) I will maybe crawl back to Kaiden as distasteful as that is and see how it goes with him... ~sigh~

Is the ONLY good romance option Garrus? That seems way too limited for SO MANY characters.

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Syrus Terrigan wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Yep. They switched it around. So those of us who mastered the game decades ago run the risk of being conquered by whippersnappers because the pieces are all backwards.

"My 2 beats your 3!"
"No, old man! 3 is a higher number, so 3 beats 2!"
"That's not how it works in Stratego!"
"Look at the rules, old man!"

Just one more instance of people mucking around with that which needs no mucking . . . . sigh

Fortunately, I have one of the old sets, so if I ever get around to teaching the nieces and nephews the game, they can learn it as it was first designed.

RE: everclear --

Yeah . . . . 6 beers, 4 Dark & Stormy, and a half-liter of everclear (chugged) . . . . Drove home that night. Hmmmm.

Sure glad I've moved past some of my stupidity.

If I drank all that I would be dead before I left the bar.

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I like taking Asia more than North America, it's a little harder to get, but just as easy to hold and once you do hold it for a couple turns you gain control over every continent except South America.

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captain yesterday wrote:

Risk is the board game I totally get, haven't lost yet.

I also haven't played it in fifteen years or so.

But I should be fine as long as they still have Asia and Australia.

Wait... There is only one type of player who always wins Risk... The table smooth talker. You know the guy who can always convince people the OTHER guy is the real threat. He builds and betrays alliances with ease and no one ever suspects him till he conquers it all. Man that guy is hard to play against.

My most memorable scythe crit was during a neverwinter nights 1 game while playing a high level paladin weapon master specializing in a scythe when I slaughtered an entire great room full of giants with crit after crit as they charged me. Not a single one of them actually landed a blow on me and I one shot killed most of them. It didn't hurt that my holy avenger was a scythe.

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Plus, I paid $15 for lunch. And it was worth about $3. Rassa-frassa shylock convention cooks..

Take the walkways to the mall and eat in the food court there, or try one of the local eateries.

Patrick Curtin wrote:
I did, well, a few. I'm mostly in seminars. But that's all good!

Have fun!

Oh and I agree with Treppa, you should have pre-registered for games first. Seminars are easy to get into at the last minute games are not.

David M Mallon wrote:
Treppa wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:
Silly David, MEAT is for frying! ;P
Yes, but it's also expensive (outside of store-brand hot dogs). Mustard greens are 78 cents a can.
Canned greens? There's your problem. Fresh or frozen (fresh is probably cheaper). Canning ruins greans.
I honestly can't tell the difference. Also, around here, canned is often cheaper than fresh.

The process of canning removes pretty much all nutrients from the veggies.

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Tacticslion wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Is TL OK? He posted that he had a headache yesterday, and now he hasn't favorited anything in almost 24 hours!

I am deeply concerned...

Hah! Thanks for checking up on me!

In truth, Windows 10 has forced its way onto my computer, and I've spent days shutting off all the spyware helpful features and am still quite paranoid that it's collecting PID and passwords and stuff...

As a result, I'm relegated to my phone only, at present.

Also, Windows 10 is both advertising at me (in the Start menu, no less - not to mention the irritating ads in the new Word) and seems quite slow. Also they named their Siri-alike after a homicidal AI from Halo.

There is a download out on the web that turns the Win 10 start bar into a Win 7 one. I found it very helpful to remove that annoying one and get the old one I liked back.

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Treppa wrote:
My day today.

That looks great! This is a link I can click happily.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Is there a wrong way to derail a thread?

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