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Aranna's page

2,597 posts. Alias of Min2007.


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It was a dark and stormy night when my PCs came up with the cruelest of plans; They frequently played each side against each other in a paranormal cyberpunk game which featured a war between 3 BBEGs. I had this super annoying girl (think of Miranda Sings) NPC who was one of the groups main mission givers. They set her up on a date with their least favorite BBEG (the vampire lord) and sat back to watch the fireworks... it was a lot of work for me but everyone was laughing their ass off.

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Planning is better than not planning. Just don't plan yourself into a corner or the only way out will be railroad tracks and we know how dangerous those are. The best planning is for what the bad guys are trying to do and how they will react to various things; NOT planning for what the PCs will do.

With any luck she will come out the better in that confrontation. Remember supposedly Vader's motivation was to protect the ones he cares about... I think he cares about "snips".

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I am very happy now.

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blood_kite wrote:
Aranna wrote:
I once built an intricate maze of rooms with all manner of clever puzzles and guards. The players were sent in after a well known crown which was stolen. First thing they do when they get inside? Cast Locate Object... when I reviewed my map it turns out the only safe path through was exactly the path shown by the spell... They just waltz right to the center, grab the crown, and wander back out... game over. ~sigh~
I don't think Locate Object or Find the Path work like that.

Sure it does... the direct straight line path between the entry and the crown was the safe path.

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I once built an intricate maze of rooms with all manner of clever puzzles and guards. The players were sent in after a well known crown which was stolen. First thing they do when they get inside? Cast Locate Object... when I reviewed my map it turns out the only safe path through was exactly the path shown by the spell... They just waltz right to the center, grab the crown, and wander back out... game over. ~sigh~

Jerry Wright 307 wrote:

You have excellent taste in systems...

Except maybe Cyberpunk, but I think my negative reaction to it had more to do with a GM who insisted that only evil people live in that reality, rather than the game itself.

Thanks. There will always be bad GMs for any system no reason to discount a bunch of heroic medical techs who rush into bad situations to save people, and you can tell your GM that. :p

Kalindlara wrote:
Jerry Wright 307 wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
and I have three other campaigns to prep for. Just make it harder. :/
When do you sleep?

Too much. :)

For those who are curious, the schedule is:

Reign of Winter every other Wednesday (as a player).
Serpent's Skull every other Monday.
Wrath of the Righteous every other Friday.
Carrion Crown every other Saturday, although we try to schedule extra sessions sometimes.
Council of Thieves as a solo campaign over Skype, whenever I can be bothered.
I may be starting a campaign at a local LGBT network/ community center soon. Definitely an AP, not decided yet.

I'm a busy girl. :)


I did something similar when I was unemployed. I was in eight weekly games. Yes eight. I still wonder how I stayed sane. Although I only GMed one of those. Hmmm... 9 games if you count the "Magic School Bus adventures" I ran for people as spur of the moment things when we were all there and bored.

Lets see if I remember the 8 games: Heroes Unlimited (young heroes), 3.5e D&D (my amazing world campaign), Paladium Fantasy (invasion from another dimension), Cyberpunk (medical emergencies in Night City), Rifts (refugees in Chi-Town's shadow), Ninja's & Superspies (X-files game - one of these days I should actually locate and watch X-Files), 3.5e D&D (Munchkin's Evil Empire game), and Spacemaster (Mr Sexist tries a Lost in Space scenario). "magic School Bus" adventures was just whatever system people felt like and had characters ready to go for, Rifts, D&D, V&V, anything goes...

Ok I watched the silly video Peter...

I understand the maker was against spending money hence his favoring of Path of Exile (I have also played that game). But his only argument against Diablo 3 was story?! In Diablo 1 you get feed some story in books or dialog... hmmm the same as Diablo 2 or even 3, except 3 allowed you to keep playing while the tragic story is read to you. I may not have played 1 (it is before my time) but I have played 2 and it didn't have a better or more scary story than 3 did. I would clearly say 3 has a better one if you care to listen to it and not skip past. I mean in 2 your only motivation seems to be killing demons; In 3 you are fighting for the friends you meet. He does say Diablo 3 was a very well made game with addictive gameplay in his own words, and it is. And if he prefers the sort of non-story of 2 over the tragic story of 3, then that IS his opinion and he has a right to it. In his defense he seems hung up on the story of Diablo 1 which might be the REAL reason he doesn't like the newer stuff. Back then that story probably was scary and edgy. He may just be stuck in the past. He features the Butcher in his argument but The only story you get is "He tricked us into fighting a demon! Avenge us"... yep that is all of it... not much right? Ok so 3 didn't give you much more than that (Magda tricks you into fighting the demon in order to rescue your new friend), but at least the fight is far more exciting now.

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How we speak has much the same effect as the clothes you wear. It shapes how others see us and how we see ourselves. If you speak like a street ganger then it will have much the same effect around others as dressing as a street ganger. It may be perfect for when you are hanging with a street gang but would likely cost you a job in an interview. Just as speaking in proper business manner will impress at an interview but leave you looking like a sell out to your gang buddies.

I have learned that it is a simple matter to adjust my speech to match the occasion. Think of it like role playing (something we should all be familiar with); if you are at a high society party then you speak with proper enunciation with no trace of any vulgarities and maybe even spruce up your language with a few attractive and witty words... just like the gown and jewelry you are wearing. Become high society in a high society event and you will be well received, change language to match the image you are presenting at the time.

Also it is a bit revealing the language people choose to use when they are being casual. When you are in casual mode you are at your most comfortable this is the closest to the real you.

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MMCJawa wrote:
Aranna wrote:

Liking Alien Resurrection was never going to be the popular thing but then I like what I like, I certainly can't help it. I won't even try to defend it either... it was what it was.

I didn't like Alien 3... the whole movie rubbed me wrong.

I also didn't much care for Alien. It was just too typical a horror film I guess. And predictable is never a good thing for horror.

Aliens on the other hand was a masterpiece of film making. Edge of my seat kind of stuff. This will always have a place in my collection.

As a fan of the Horror genre, I find Alien to be the best film of the genre. It may seem predictable now, but really it invented a lot of the horror tropes we see commonly in genre films, especially the "haunted house in space" trope, as well as reinventing horror aesthetics and monster design.

I tend to think Aliens is not only over-rated but would have probably worked better as a unrelated movie. It was "lets make a vietnam war movie in space!". I don't think its a bad movie, but I said over-rated.

I haven't seen Aliens 3 in a long time, but I think it was an attempt to get back to its horror. Unfortunately that meant (or the director thought so at any rate) jettisoning most of the story elements of the second movie. the tonal shift hurt the movie badly. (Again, would have worked better as an entirely different movie without Ripley).

I mean really...the Alien movies are the most obvious examples of the problems of different directors and writers, with completely different styles and story interests, doing different installments of the same series.

That could be it. I wasn't really able to watch movies till like 1991... So by then Alien was really old. I actually saw Aliens first then Alien and Alien 3 when Alien 3 was released, and Resurrection when it came out. So that probably colored my opinion a lot.

Liking Alien Resurrection was never going to be the popular thing but then I like what I like, I certainly can't help it. I won't even try to defend it either... it was what it was.

I didn't like Alien 3... the whole movie rubbed me wrong.

I also didn't much care for Alien. It was just too typical a horror film I guess. And predictable is never a good thing for horror.

Aliens on the other hand was a masterpiece of film making. Edge of my seat kind of stuff. This will always have a place in my collection.

Freehold DM wrote:
Aranna wrote:

I liked Alien resurrection the characters were wonderful and while the film didn't seem very scary it did kind of remind me of how a player character group would act.


MUST we eternally be at odds?

Is my liking a film putting you at odds? I know it will never be a popular movie even in replays, but that doesn't take away it's charm.

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I liked Alien resurrection the characters were wonderful and while the film didn't seem very scary it did kind of remind me of how a player character group would act.

Sissyl wrote:

While it's true that you can change your active skills more than the set ones in D2, the differences were not that big between the different ones available. In D2, you could build very different characters through your skill choices. *shrugs*

The new loot system sounds good. I do think, however, that there is too much single-class loot around in D3.

I am not sure what you mean by the differences were not that big? Just look at Rynjin's disintegrate wizard vs mine which used fire spells and arcane torrent; very very different paths. BUT if either of us want to try something else, we just respec at our convenience. In D2 you needed to start a whole new character.

Sissyl wrote:

Having played D3 single-player a bit, I would say this: The graphics are far better than D2, of course. They bloody well should be. The story has its ups and downs, but that has always been true. The bosses are... well, losers. The gameplay is decent, but never reaches the level of D2. The characters are okay, but lack the complete customization of D2. The random rewards are not where they should be, I felt. All in all, it feels like a glitzed-up sequel that Doesn't Quite Get It, but is sort of competently done, if that makes sense.

You do not, though, HAVE to play with others, use the auction houses (if they have them at all nowadays), or delve into the MMO:ness, if you don't want to.

Oh my, the game has changed a lot since you last played. The auction houses are gone, but they are replaced with a FAR more generous loot system that now favors your class rather than the crazy system D2 and the old D3 system used that favored other classes. I LOVE the far better customization offered by D3 over D2; you can completely respec your skill choices at will allowing you to completely alter your build to match that cool new piece of gear you found.

The main story path is fun and challenging. I would say yes, it is very playable with just yourself. And it is pretty easy to join with others later if you decide to. Or even join our PFS guild.

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Actually I disagree on the spellbook thing. Your starting level is 1 so you only get the free spellbook if the first level class you took was wizard. If you switch to wizard after 3 levels of barbarian than you began play as a barbarian, Pretty straight forward.

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memorax wrote:

thejeff wrote:

Like playing Skull and Shackles with a character who's got no interest in pirating. What are you doing there?

That kind of player behavior has not happened to me very often. But even I would not work to hard to incorporate such a player. A few months back I dropped a player who was pretty much the defination of a "lump" playstyle from the GMG. He loved playing Palladium rpgs and when it came to those rpgs he would come up with the best backgrounds. Any other rpgs he was lazy as heck. Simply stating "make me a character". No input or help. After a certain point I had enough.

That being said I do wish posters would stop using such extreme examples. Really how often does a player join a pirate themed campaign with the intention of not playing a pirate.

Actually there is a sizable number of players out there that do just that. These entitlement players often think that even though the majority of the group wanted to play one theme they will go out of their way to try to make a character that forces the game in another direction completely. Fortunately most of these players are online players, making them easy to ban and replace... unfortunately that anonymity means they can get away with simply making a new account and playing that way. ~sigh~

I have to say I am with thejeff on this. If you can't be bothered to explore the why of your more unusual choices in your build it only advertises the fact that you don't want to play a "role" playing game, instead you want to play a wargame with a unit size of one. Which while it may be fun for some people, it isn't what I want to play.

It is a bit of a game of luck...

Thank you Blayde, Ashram is awesome in a dark way.

Thank you R_Chance, I wish I was more familiar with Captain Akuh. I may have to add it to my watch list just to better think of you.

I guess the rest of you don't really identify with character's in a show? Cool, maybe this is why there is such a difference in how people react to shows? Either they are relating to different characters or not to any of them?

As with most things my tastes change... BUT for the most part I prefer a more serious game over a big joke game. I mean I love humor as much as the next girl but I do want the theme to remain serious in a campaign. Now one shots are a whole different story, feel free to ham it up in a less than serious one shot as much as the rest of the players want to. Even there I would stop it if it was ruining peoples fun... like too much Monty Python in a game that is supposed to be Gothic Horror in theme as an example.

I don't know anything about Titania; Is this "Girl Power" thing unlike her? I just assumed when I read that she was some 'feminist' flavored villain. The part with Freyja seemed in character though, she was letting this new Thor know she had allies... and enemies.

I however was totally confused when Thor struck down Titania AFTER she had surrendered. That doesn't strike me as the sort of person worthy of the hammer... unless the hammer's standards are more villainous than virtuous.

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CN is often used by players as CE in disguise.
They frequently forget that 'N' means something.

If they are going to include a romantic interest for Peggy then I would certainly hope they would spend more than a matter of minutes on it; and that is all that they really have to do so in the one episode they have left.

Perhaps one of you could answer me why Frejya is Odin's wife?
This seems to be a huge change from myth.

Although the comic does give a better list of who could be wielding the hammer then I came up with... did anyone else notice Loki was on the list of women Thor was romantic with?

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Aranna wrote:
So will you share who you identify with?
Hmm, this will take some thought, if only because my anime consumption is prodigious.

I look forward to your answer.

In case it isn't obvious, the version I play is the computer game version which came out within the last year or so. The AI has been getting better with each patch and the computers no longer alchemise their entire inventory when given the chance. In fact they now actively work against you and each other making them far more exciting to play with.

I was watching No Railgun again and it strikes me how much I identify with Misaka Mikoto, and it got me wondering is there an anime character you identify with? And why?

In my case the why is on many levels. While it is pretty obvious we aren't the same (I am not super powered for one :p ) I do have that compassion, the same "I will be your opponent" thing (although in my case it tends to just be in forum or face to face arguments), that willingness to overcome obstacles, we both have a not so normal best friend (in case you were wondering from other posts I made how a born again Christian girl ended up in a LGBT meeting), we are both basically nice to everyone regardless of their social level, we both were late bloomers.

Still I suppose Mikoto is pretty level headed compared to me at her age...

So will you share who you identify with?

Sissyl wrote:
Con survival can be pretty harsh...

Nonsense I usually have a great time at Cons. A cute outfit and a friendly smile can get me all kinds of free or discounted stuff. And for the encounter with the hygiene challenged a handkerchief scented with perfume hides any discomfort till the offender checks out some other table. And caffeine gets me past the long hours gaming.

And yes Dottie is really creepy, I bit my lip in apprehension of what the bread offering meant. I do wonder why she needed to swipe her room keys, isn't she trained in lock picking?

You mean the bullet wounds on her shoulder?

I agree with ElterAgo. In far far more cases this explodes in everyone's faces. Can it work? Sure it can if everyone is mature AND they have a method to deal with the eventual alignment conflicts that ARE GOING TO HAPPEN.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I like the window into Stark working with the Russians, that was the background for Iron Man 2 right? Stark and his Russian counterpart going their separate ways.

Ok wiki is a big help.

So the list is:
the Enchantress
Jane Foster

This doesn't sound like either Enchantress or Lorelei based on my limited knowledge. And Brunnhilde seems too unlikely.

So the new Thor is probably Sif or Jane Foster
Either one has potential.

Well... I was surprised, I thought for sure since issue 1 that Thor was Frejya... Now obviously I was wrong. But I know nothing of Male Thor's comic history... who was he romantically involved with? The list of potential hammer wielders can't be that long can it?

This is easy to fix. First talk to everyone except the trouble maker and see if they want to kick him out. If they do then boot him, simple. However if they don't then start a new group and only invite the ones you like from this one. I would suggest you find a new GM as well, this guy is a total doormat and that isn't going to end well.

Scythia wrote:
Talisman, the hours long RPG board game (did anybody play without houseruled leveling?)

There were house rules for leveling?

Actually I am addicted to Talisman now. Can't get enough of that computer game... learning all the ways to level and what items are best.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I try to avoid grinding gears... but when I do it's probably because I am trying to drive my brother's manual transmission car.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ok I am going to watch the no Index / no Railgun series in chronological order. Wish me luck!

Ok my boyfriend doesn't apparently have Kino's Journey... he can get it. Is it better in sub or dub?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

14- Characters start out as members of the community they live in rather than murder hobos. This means they get a package of extra abilities, skills, traits, and feats to represent the occupation they held before becoming an adventurer. An appropriate list will be provided by me suitable to the setting and level your characters will be starting. This also includes free occupational gear.

I think a Choir of Bards
a Tribe of Barbarians
an Order of Monks (or Paladins)
a Squad of Fighters
a Denomination of Clerics
a Sect of Oracles

Although I do love a Murder of Hobos from above.

ElterAgo wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Hama wrote:
I think that making emotional judgements based on prior bad experiences and reading too much into what someone wrote aren't good things.

But very, very human things.

Extrapolating from past experience and guessing at what people mean when they might not be saying the exact truth is a big part of what we do.

Especially when it comes to avoiding bad experiences. I'm sure most of the GMs that led to those bad experiences weren't up front about how bad they were going to be.

Hama, I can agree with you in the abstract. That's part of why I didn't want to start throwing accusations.

Consider. If what someone says/writes agrees almost precisely with your 'prior bad experiences,' how likely are you to decide join their group? Or might you just decide to pass on them and find a different group who says things the match up with prior good experiences?

As I said, a few words along this line are not enough by themselves to cause me to get up and leave a table. But it is a red flag that does get me thinking along that line and watching carefully how things are going to proceed.

I can absolutely guarantee you that not one of those 'prior bad experiences' said they were going to try see how miserable they could make my gaming experience. However, that's pretty much what happened.

I personally have a moderately limited amount of time that I am able/willing to devote to this hobby especially face-to-face gaming sessions. They aren't always easy to work into my schedule.
Therefore I will put that time into a situation that seems most likely to be fun rather than not fun. How do I go about making that decision? The only way I know of to make an evaluation like that is based on what I have experienced in my life.

I have had one GM say she was going to see just how horrible she could make the game for me... Such upfront honesty was indeed a unique experience however.

ElterAgo wrote:
Mark Hoover wrote:

TheJeff: yes, you're right. This is why I've stipulated over and over that the GM

1. Not be a jerk about it
2. Work with the player


My point is that sometimes GMs modify backstories. Sometimes these modifications are a beautiful thing. For this reason I am ok with a GM working with me on mine and I hope that my players will let me work with theirs.

I think the parts I bolded are the really important parts. I would have no problem with a GM that was even attempting to follow those.

Many of us have experiences with GM's that won't even consider those to be a valid points or even a think to even be thought about.

One or two of those up thread certainly sound like they wouldn't consider those valid points.

May I ask, which posters gave you that impression?

It doesn't sound like a done deal yet. It is quite likely that Disney will say no considering their own push into TV.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Trigger Loaded wrote:

Along this theme:

158: Jump off hundred foot cliffs onto sharp rocks because they can't be bothered to find another route down, and it'd take too long to climb down anyways.

I can honestly say I have never encountered this. Usually by the time they can survive a 100 foot fall onto sharp rocks they have easy access to magic that lets them reach the bottom without harm.

Thunder Strike? What was this?

As far as the movies are concerned I agree completely; just recast the role and keep going forward. So maybe on one level thejeff is right. If you are NOT going to care about continuity in your shows or books anyway then neither rebooting or retiring seem like good ideas. I love continuity... and so I hope they NEVER do a reboot with the MCU. A big part of the MCU's charm for me IS the continuity on display not just in one movie and its sequels but rather all the way across the entire line of super hero films. Because of that continuity I would be horrified by a reboot. If the actor gets too old either retire them in the show and let a new person inherit the role OR recast them; but PLEASE never reboot.

Oh and this goes for Thor and Ms Marvel as well, I hope they never reboot those books. I had never heard of an inhuman before Ms Marvel so when they did the inhuman thing on Marvel Agents of SHIELD I suddenly was excited "Hey this is like Kamala, I can't wait to see more". Someone above mentioned Thor being included in the new reboot... I really hope they are wrong or I will be very disappointed in the comic industry as a whole.

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