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Lantern Bearer

Aramil Nightbreeze's page

9 posts. Alias of DMRaven.

Full Name

Aramil Nightbreeze


Revenant (Eladrin)


Assassin|Warlock 1 30/30; AC16/Fort15/Ref13/Will12; Init +4; Surges: 10






Unknown, several centuries

Strength 10
Dexterity 18
Constitution 18
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 9
Charisma 13

About Aramil Nightbreeze

Character Sheet


Aramil was an Aerenal elf with little in the way to boast about. He was born in Aerenal well after the rise of the Undying Court and lived a simple, if almost boring, life as a small-time thief and pickpocket. Among the great cities of the elves, even the lowest of crimes still exist. He got involved in a complex plot involving the Blood of Vol and ended turning on the necromancers to stop their plans. In the process, he died.

However, fortunately or unfortunately for him, something about the magic in the air at the time of his death kept him from leaving this world. He lives on, not as one of the undead abominations of the Blood of Vol, but as something in-between. The Undying Court acknowledged him as something much closer to themselves than a blood-sucking undead. Rather than try to join the Court, he chose to head to Khorvaire where he seeks answers to his condition. And if no answers, he will at least finally take advantage of the gift and enjoy the second life he's been given.

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