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April Bowen's page

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Freehold DM wrote:

Okay. Thoughts on the movie. Warning. This is very, very long.

** spoiler omitted **...

I felt the same way about Loki until I realized Loki wasn't a chump; this has all been a Xanatos Gambit. Loki actually got what he wanted: access to Asgard and to the gauntlet in Odin's vault. Thanos might even have helped him set this game up and the heroes fell for it; they think they won. And yes, he played Natasha like a violin. He wanted her to know part of the plan because Hulk was the weakest point for the group, and he wanted them busy fighting each other. Hench the smirk we see when Loki hears them fighting. In the end everyone didn't worry about what Loki's real motives were. Big mistake. Thanos might not know about the gauntlet, but Loki does.

Check this out: -in-the-avengers/

Like a stage magician, Loki spent the movie obfuscating everything with paper thin lies, and our heroes were too dumb to question him suddenly trying to take over earth (except for Tony whom Loki immediately distracted when his line of questioning got close to the truth). Coulson and some of the others (Tony) gave hints they realized Loki wasn't serious or something fishy was up, but no one tried to find out what that was. Thor should have realized something was up, but he didn't.

Loki is Marvel's consummate Xanatos Gambler. When he's wandering around acting all vulnerable, it's usually a lie. He's not known as the god of lies for no reason. He lies most of the time. Nothing he said was his goal was really his goal in this film.

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