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Queen Abrogail II

Aphin's page

36 posts (1,210 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 12 aliases.


He was already a 25 point buy, what should he have been? Or did you modify it because I see a bumped to seventh level journal entry, did you do that too? and assign all my skill points? I am a bit confused.

Hi everyone. I look forward to joining you. I don't think I will import my Balani character directly, but I wouldn't mind trying the ranger/rogue again so if that fits, and pending coordination with markofbane, I will create a character and present her later today hopefully.

My condolences as well to you and your family Chris.

Can you please add a back to top and a bottom of page button so we don't have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the new posts on the PBP and then scroll all the way back up to go to the discussion page or anything else located at the top. The pages get really long and it seems like an easy add to make our lives so much easier. Thank you.

Merry Christmas all!

My apologies for screwing things up.

Sure, but let me know what you have so far so I can work within that framework.

Yeah I figured, but it is fortunate.

Haha, the non materialistic monk has greed :)Maybe you should have stared out with the rich trait!

An arcane spell caster would be great Matt.

Lord oKOyA wrote:
Rennyn would be game for a fling. :)

I would imagine that elves would be fairly casual about that sort of thing being so long lived, but a paladin? ;)

I will readjust my gold to whatever the class should have.

Yeah, I checked the aliases to confirm who it was because I hadn't seen that name before either. I can understand Matt not knowing. My favourites, or never closed tabs as the case may be, link right to the campaigns as well but the mail is still visible at the top.

I am leaning towards oracle.

Who all is in and does anyone have a particular class they want. My first thought was a halfling bard before I read the AP players guide but I'm open if that makes anyone want to split someone's skull.

I am fine with whatever is decided. I don't have as much invested in this campaign as the rest of you so I have no problem starting something new, but we might as well go out in a blaze of glory! Unless of course that last hit did some real damage...

Is there anyway to get email notification when something new is posted?

Sorry again, I kept checking and then completely forgot. I will set a reminder in my calendar. I am here though.

Just noticed the new posts! Will be eagerly checking multiple times a day again :)

I'll keep checking back to see if anything happens.

So, is the campaign going to continue?

Thanks Sansa :)

Wishing everyone a lovely holiday as well!

Sorry for the delay here. I volunteered at a Casino for our community league and didn't get home until 2:30 am Thursday morning. Needless to say was not fit for much that day and only now has brain started working sufficiently enough to remind me to check the campaign:/

Glad to be going again!

Amara looks at the council, they seem so distant from the people she has known from a baby. Her mind screams that something is not right and is darting every which way in an attempt to find a way to diffuse the situation.

"Corvina, I believe the council is under some sort of enchantment, can you break it and stop this before more action is necessary?" she hisses under her breath to the strange girl.

Well I hope you at least have some gratuitous reason to enjoy a giant turkey dinner sometime :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Mine was last month :)

Is Rook still playing? I'm hoping Amara doesn't continue to vainly scan the sky ;)

I concur! :)

Haha, nice...I know it's not just me. They seem to have royally screwed it up. Can't even easily go between campaign threads anymore. Last post I see is Elarya's, but have to assume if new posts show up here they will on gameplay thread as well. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit though...

This thing is no longer showing any dates for me and keeps saying 4 new in the gameplay section but when I go there nothing is new but it still says 4 new. Not sure what is going on... will try again later.

You inspired me to read the article as well and I must concur with the previous comment, crap.

I am somewhat apprehensive about the new GM avatar pic; I'm getting a sense of foreboding. ;)

I am in Canada, Alberta to be more precise. (MST)

Amara carefully puts some of the shells in her pouch while she makes her decision. The promise of something new and exciting in sleepy Solace outweighs her love of archery by a fair margin. "Ah Samel, I know it will be difficult but I think it's time for a challenge!" she gives him a nudge and says with mischief in her eyes, "We don't want you getting rusty now do we?" She examines the area around the nest closely looking for, but not expecting, any clues.
knowledge nature: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
"Where did you find the mother?" she enquires while continuing to inspect the area. "Maybe we could start there."

agree! the posting was fast and furious and would be hard to maintain but we have some great stuff to work with now which is awesome.

Whoops I just noticed the half starting gold thing. I started with 150 gp so I will have to adjust my equipment. probably just my bow.

Is completely fine with me.

For your consideration.

Rench - half-orc barbarian

Rench, the product of the rape of a barbarian female during an orc raid on the tribe, was very much an outcast. This was only exacerbated when, at the age of 4 his mother was killed during another orc raid. He was one of many tribe orphans but had no other relatives willing or able to take care of him so he slept in doorsteps and was thrown scraps.
He was fully welcomed into full training with the other children after showing extreme abilities during another raid at the age of 7. After killing 2 raiders himself (human not orcs this time) his training began. At the age of 11 another group of orcs raided the tribe's village and slaughtered everyone. He and 2 other children who were deep in the woods completing their manhood training were the only survivors. When they returned and discovered their tribe destroyed they attempted to travel to the nearest friendly tribe. Unfortunately the dangers of the 3 week trip cost the other two boys their lives only Rench's exceptional strength saved him.
He eventually discovered a caravan fighting off a group of bandits. Hoping to gain supplies and a ride from a grateful caravan master and eager to loot the dead robbers, he quickly joined in the fray (love of battle may also have been a factor). His ferocious fighting soon brought the fight to an end and a grateful but wary caravan master allowed Rench to travel with them to the next town. Rench kept to himself but earned a measure of respect coupled with fear from the others in the caravan during the further attacks they faced. Although Rench was still a boy he was already as tall as an average man and as muscular as any fighter; the caravan master agreed to hire Rench on a trial basis (at a reduced rate, of course). Rench travelled with that caravan for the next three years learning all he could.
When he was 14 he decided he needed bigger challenges to hone his skills and hired on with a group of mercenaries. After three years with them their leader was killed in a skirmish and the group fell to bickering over who would be the new leader; Rench left. He recently joined a caravan travelling to a place he has never even heard of but hopes to find a challenge when he arrives.

I have never posted on here before so please bear with me...

I curently play pathfinder on table top and by email but my group is veeerrrry slow and I am interested in joining another group as well. This style of campaign seems very interesting and I would like to submit a character. I have no idea how to hide this info so that you have to click to see it, but if all PCs know each other anyway I don't think it would be a spoiler.

Amara Sontan - human ranger

Amara has spent her entire 16 years in this picturesque town and all the people here are familiar to her in the way of small towns. Her father and brothers are fisherman, and the constant smell has ensured that she has spent as much time in the forest, away from fish guts, as possible. Being the youngest, and the only daughter, her parents indulged her and she was left pretty much to her own devices. She soon discovered another like-minded citizen, Samel Berit, who shared his love of the forest with her and taught her its secrets. He has guided her in the ways of the wild and strengthened her ties to the old faith.

Upon returning to town after spending a few peaceful days in the forest she is soon made aware of the newcomer who seems to be spouting some such nonsense of no interest to her...

If you want actual stats please let me know and I will do a full character roll up. If I have done it all wrong also please let me know :)

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