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AnthonyRoberson's page

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I am running a game for a Pathfinder Game Day at my FLGS here in Toronto (Markham to be exact) and I wanted some advice. I am thinking of using the Beginner Box for character creation and setting the game in Sandpoint. I also plan to use a slightly modified Crypt of the Everflame as my dungeon crawl, setting it in the Sandpoint area. The PCs will be just coming of age and the flame ritual will be the same, etc.

Does this sound ok? I am likely to have a mix of experienced players and newbies. Should I discuss the Pathfinder Society? I am honestly not very familiar with it. I want to promote the game in an honest and earnest manner, both for the store and Paizo.

I just picked up the PDF and I hope that they 'tile' oversized items like the pregenerated characters in the future. I am finding them difficult to print.'

The only real irritation I have with the APG so far is the inclusion of new magic items. I just don't think they belong in a book aimed primarily at players. But I am old-school so what do I know...

As a side note, can someone from Paizo get Amazon to update their picture of the Gamemastery Guide from the placeholder image? Just saying...

Just posted my review of the Gamemastery Guide on the product page. Keep in mind that I was limited to 400 words or so...

The only dissapointment that I have had so far with the book (unless I have missed it somehow) is there is nothing that addresses the biggest problem I had with 3.5 - handling high level characters. I would have liked to see any of the following topics addressed:

- balancing/running high level encounters
- tips for running smooth encounters/combats with high level NPCs
- challenging high level PCs, with a focus on how to deal with particular high level spells and magic items

James Jacobs wrote:
Sounds to me like what's going on is that Adobe's got weird spacing issues rendering a font or something like that. The words look fine in the print version of the book.

That's what I am thinking too James. Awesome book BTW. 50+ pages of NPCs at my fingertips? *SNIFF* You do an old, harried GM's heart good!

Erik Mona wrote:
How about one reference so I can see what you're talking about?

Ok. Look at page 143 under the section titled "Where can I sell this loot?" The first word in the paragraph, Assuming, has an unusual amount of space between the 'A' and the first 's'. Maybe it's just the font but it looks strange to me.

Ok. Scratch that. When I zoom the text in Acrobat from 79.9% to 100%, the spacing issue goes away. Very weird...

I am reading thru the Gamemastery Guide PDF and is it just me or does some of the text look 'funny'? I am not talking about the variable spacing between words (I understand justification). I am talking about the variable spacing actually within words. Some letters look 'scrunched' together and some appear to be too far apart. There are too many examples in the text to list. Not a huge deal for me but I'm just wondering why it looks this way.

0gre wrote:
If it's going to be a mixed water/ land adventure I might give them some other disadvantage to offset their huge advantage underwater.

Good point. I might give them Vulnerability to Fire to balance things out a bit more.

I am thinking of adding a Sea Elf race to my upcoming Pathfinder campaign that will be set in a tropical archipelago. Sea Elves will have the aquatic subtype with the amphibious option. To offset this, they are required to immerse themselves completely in seawater for at least two hours per day or be subject to the rules for thirst.

Does this sound balanced?

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