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Anthony Adam's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Marathon Voter, 7 Season Marathon Voter, 8 Season Marathon Voter, 9 Season Dedicated Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,882 posts (3,222 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. 4 wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 4 aliases.

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Sorry it's been a while, but I am now getting back to finishing the bestiary review. I will start posting those up on Saturday 3rd December.

Once that is done, I am going to gather up all my reviews and reformat them to a single page on my blog site which I will link when they are all up and done - there will be a Reviews section on there, with Wayfinder being the first subsection.

This is to allow you the comfort of reading the whole review without needing to jump around and scroll to different pages/forum posts.

Thanks for your patience.

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If you have access to a 3d printer, this site has lots of stl models of different space ships, some free, some not. All printable to whatever scale floats your boat. Enjoy.

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Snorter wrote:

Are there some new names on that list?

I do believe there are.

Indeed there are, congratulations to all and a big welcome to the new talent appearing for the first time, namely...

Baker, Kate
Banach, Matt
Breitmaier, Dave
Forrester, Jon
Hargrave, Violet
Hersh, Jeffrey
Hite, Nicholas
Jolly, Brian
Litchfield, Zack
Taft, Jeff
Watt, Calvin
Youngblood, Kelly

Now you all get to enjoy the editing experience AND the long, long, long, loooooooong wait for release day! :P

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The Shadow of Freedom
Now we have the last of the short stories for this issue, set in the mist enshrouded, cobbled streets of Maashinelle. The location, a tavern, closed, after hours, a meeting, and a betrayal. This story clearly sets out to illustrate the seedy undertones and machinations of the less than savory residents of the river kingdoms. It is dark, moody and atmospheric. There is some good character interaction in this story, and the ending left me wondering what happens next.

The art work, a top third page wide panel, depicts the three main protagonists of the story in the inn at the moment of betrayal and treachery. Although accurately representing a pivotal point of the story, it felt to me a little unfinished...

– the bartenders apron, flat and monotone with no shading to depict the flexibility and undulation of such a garment, it looks like a flat cardboard panel hanging from the trouser belt
– the blue cape on the lady, the inside should have deeper shades the closer the cape is to her body to give that sense of depth
– uniform lighting from a single candle, there should have been deeper shadows and shades the farther out from the candle
– maybe some shadows being cast on the floor by the individual nearest to the light source.

These niggling things gave the impression that time was running out for submitting the piece and that final shading and detailing pass of art didn’t get completed. A shame, it showed real potential to be a magnificent piece.
Article: 8/10, Art: 6/10

The Witch-Tree Sacrifices: A Side Trek Adventure
And now a side trek adventure by one of the magazine’s editors no less! Rolls up sleeves :P

Actually, there is a very great deal to interest players and GMs in this offering – I love the idea of a town clock causing a town to fade in and out of existence, that really grabbed me from paragraph one.

It is very fey based, so those with a love of all things fey will truly get a kick out of this adventure. Time has also been considered in the design, a race against a time limit is a great way to add tension to the party as they race to save the day.

This is a fine example of a well constructed adventure, it has a reason why the adventures would get involved, it has time and elements built into the encounter areas and the adventure as a whole. It introduces some commonly used fey along with those not used so often and uses them in surprising ways.

My only concern, minor though it is, was with the selection of creatures on the ritual sacrifices tables – now, it did use Bestiaries 2, 3, 4 and the Game Mastery Guide and NPC Codex – all of these entries readily available via the on line PRD


One of the creatures was from an Adventure Path – which may not yet have made the PRD bestiary lists. I would expect that most people taking the free magazine might not have access to all the bestiaries, adventure paths, modules, setting supplements etc., so do please try to ensure any creature you use is easily found on the PRD online or detail them enough to run them as part of the adventure.

In this case, the table is more an order of sacrifice / scene setting list, so isn’t quite so important, but do consider your selections and try to satisfy the broadest audience you can.

So we have an excellently constructed adventure, did the art meet the challenge laid down by the words – oh my yes. The maps are gorgeous, beautiful renditions of clearings in wild places, the trees marvellously rendered and all subtly different – no cut and repeat paste on these trees. The attention to detail is quite breathtaking.

I am not going to spoil the adventure for players reading this article, but suffice to say, next time someone asks me how to construct an adventure for Wayfinder, I know which one I shall point to.
Article: 10/10, Art: 10/10

Wow, another 10 out of 10 for words and art – this issue is rocking it!

Review running total so far: 49,997 characters, or 8,721 words. 40 articles have now been reviewed in depth. There is just 1 article remaining to be reviewed – the bestiary selection.

For this last article I intend to review each creature in turn rather than as a whole article thus providing some feedback directly to all of the authors whose creatures got selected. I will score the bestiary as a whole as well, purely for my index sheet ;)

There are 8 creatures in this issues bestiary. These reviews will follow shortly.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

My thoughts... I'm with the Doctor....

Dinosaurs! ... On a Spaceship!

Bring it on.

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Sound of a Thousand Whispers
I wasn’t quite sure how to categorize this next piece. It comprises three linked parts consisting of a background short, a new haunt and a magic items section. The whole article centers on a nymph who defended the wilderness of the Thousand Voices. I think here that too much was being attempted in one single article as the background felt too short, I wanted more of the history of the nymph and maybe some of the things she did to protect the wilderness. The haunts and magical items dovetail nicely into what background there is.

I think if the magic items had been separated out into a separate, we could have had a good background for a nice haunt and separately, a supporting article of items (with maybe a couple more items added for good measure). This would have needed prior agreement with the editors though, so I suspect the single submission word wall hit this article hard.

The art is very dark and moody, and so very fitting for the background of the article. My only concern with it is that there are two competing light focuses in the composition. This drew my eyes alternately between the hand and the moon and was quite distracting – I think had the moonlight been more subdued, the desired effect would have been achieved.
Article: 7/10, Art: 8/10

The Hut: A Tavern by the Sellen River
Next we have a very nicely detailed riverside stop-over. The Hut of the article is unusual for most taverns as there is more focus on providing good food and a family like company to visitors. In addition to detailing the proprietress in detail (albeit without a stat block), the thing I found to be missing was a map of the hut. I desperately wanted to see the layout, how many tables and chairs, how big the kitchen, how many berths and rooms available for overnight stay, and so on. With the rich tapestry painted with the words, the lack of map feels like a missed opportunity.

The article ends with a goodly selection of rumors, a collection of tiny plot seeds for the GM to pick up and run with. They all seamlessly integrate into the lore and legend of the Hut of the article.

The art piece is a rendition of what you would see as you are welcomed in through the main entrance. Looking through the doors and windows of the art, the expected volumes of trinkets and decorations seemed to have been missed – this is a shame as the description of the inner decorations was really flavorful in the article itself. Man, why wasn’t there a map…
Article: 9/10, Art: 8/10

“Steady As You Sail”: A Song of the Sellen
Next up we have a song/poem about travelling the river Sellen. I really liked the consistent metre of the stanzas, and the short but catch chorus between stanzas. What was also impressive was that by following the song, you can with map follow the journey of the song along the river. Very nicely done indeed. As is usual with a well-constructed piece, you are left wanting more, and with only the one song of the article, I felt like I needed another one or two at least.

The accompanying art is a wonderful water color style piece of life rafting along the Sellen. It represents the beauty and peace of life on the water and none of the hazards. I liked it, it may not be to everyone’s taste in style, but for me, it fit the article perfectly.
Article: 9/10, Art: 9/10

Review running total so far: 37,946 characters, or 6,606 words. 31 articles have now been reviewed in depth. There are just 10 articles remaining to be reviewed. These will follow in shortly.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Hendric’s Journal: The Echo Wood Expedition
The next article falls fully into Pathfinder Journals territory, detailing a selection of entries found in a travelers diary. Set in Echo Wood, near Deadbridge, the presentation is a traditional gothic horror mystery that is very evocative of childhood fears. One of the shorter fiction pieces in the magazine, but dripping with atmosphere, I wouldn’t read it by candlelight if I were you.

The accompanying art is a greyscale rendition, not so heavy with lines as to prevent coloring it in if you enjoy such activities. The image portrays something trying to get into the inn room, but just like the story, your imagination gets to fill in the gaps.
Article: 9/10, Art: 8/10

Side Trek: Encounters at the Creek Crossing
Next we have a couple of small encounters of low CR level, helping making journeys between locations a little more planned and interesting for your players. Both encounters take place at bridge crossings, to spice it up, you can swap out the rivers or roads being spanned and instead have the bridge over a nice chasm with a nightmare drop – these offer high utility and a great ease to just drop into ongoing campaigns.

The first encounter is heavy on roleplay, dealing with problems for those living around the locale of the bridge whereas the second encounter deals with what lies below the bridge.

The accompanying art draws from the second encounter, full page and full color, it’s a nice piece that could be shown to the players while running that encounter. I tell you now, that is no ordinary hungry toll-demanding troll under that bridge… that’s down right creepy.
Article: 8/10, Art: 9/10

Weal or Woe: A Matter of Honor
Next we have a weal or woe, presenting two more NPCs for your players to interact with. These particularly fire up the latent swashbuckler in me. I love the stories of the musketeers and the legends of dueling at dawn, and these draw heavily from those. Both NPCs presented are excellent combatants, excelling in swordplay and having enough detail to present their personal ethos and beliefs very well. Running them will be fairly straightforward and easy to incorporate into an ongoing game.

Each NPC receives its own accompanying art, and everything is there that you would expect to see of the swashbuckling flamboyant sword masters. Both are full body drawings, both in full color and both of similar style and execution that I couldn’t decide which of the two I preferred. Suffice to say, I liked them both.
Article: 9/10, Art: 8/10

Songs of the River Kingdoms: New Bardic Masterpieces
Some bard love is now available for the bardists amongst us. Only those who use the PRD or have their own copy of Ultimate Magic will use Bardic Masterpieces, but that say, there is enough detail in each of the seven for GMs to be able to use them off the cuff.

I think my favorite is the Dagger River Shanty, which I can see me using with my river pirates against my players, and my least favorite was Melancholy of the Landlocked Sea. I can’t put my finger on exactly why that one didn’t inspire me so much as the rest, but one thing that contributed was that the name didn’t hint at the duality of the effect for me.

The art renders a full body, pixie like and very mischievous looking bard playing a stringed instrument. I think it might be a rendering of the Dagger River Shanty due to the goodies rendered at her feet. I wasn’t so keen on the mono color background as with the theme of the magazine, I would have preferred to see some sort of water/river based backing to the character.
Article: 8/10, Art: 8/10

Armies of the River Kingdoms
The bulk of the next article provides ready-made army stat blocks for the major regions of the river kingdoms. There are some gems in here and the occasional oddity – for example, Tymon’s entry, drawing from a pool of gladiators who have won in the arena - I personally wouldn’t have gone for a gargantuan army. The life of a gladiator is normally short and intense, so I wouldn’t expect so many to still be living.

A new army tactic is also detailed, the art of assassination of an army’s leadership, and new army resources for moving upon the waters of the river kingdoms are also presented. On the whole, the article provides enough ready-made army material for any GM to have their river kingdoms explode into war on many fronts.

The artwork is one of my favorite pieces of the issue, a shark riding sahuagin/lizardfolk. It just oozes fun and nasty at the same time, full color and just cool, really cool.
Article: 8/10, Art: 10/10

Review running total so far: 34,595 characters, or 6,002 words. 28 articles have now been reviewed in depth. There are just 13 articles remaining to be reviewed. These will follow along shortly.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Set wrote:
Timitius wrote:
I'm a bit surprised, though. I figured Numeria was more popular than River Kingdoms.....maybe not. Maybe just more "weird".
I would have expected imaginations to run wild with tech items and alien monsters or alien PC races of funky types (like an ooze race), particularly with Starfinder fresh on people's minds.

I had a look at doing some items, the problem was that they either ended up being too magical in nature and not very Numerian or they went to the other extreme of being too technological with little to no magic about them.

I personally found it very difficult to strike the magic/tech balance, and I wont submit something I am unhappy with - Wayfinder and its readership deserve only my best work.

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Uringen Advancements in Alchemy
Now we have an alchemist archetype with oodles of Uringen flavor, and a healing chemist vibe. It provides an interesting supportive healing to magical healing. The only power that struck me as odd was replacing poison use with avoiding attacks of opportunity when performing heal checks in combat. The reason it struck me as odd is that many medicines, and some healing techniques are based on the poisons they counter, so taking that away from the healer to simply avoid an attack felt out of place and a little out of balance.

When designing archetypes, one of the hardest things to do is swap powers at equitable level of utility and power. I think this poison swap is possibly detrimental to the aim of the archetype, but that is just my gut feel.

There is also a collection of new discoveries suitable for all alchemists, and not just the archetype presented, each making sense and giving more diversity and flavor to an alchemist character.

The artwork clearly represents the archetype in the process of ministering to a patient, almost mixing the unguents at the moment of application. I loved the dressing style of the alchemist in the art, a mix of swashbuckler and gunslinger replacing blades and guns with vials, potions and chemical pouches.
Article: 8/10, Art: 8/10

The Rats of Canboulon
This next article was quite fascinating, taking ratfolk in an interesting spin – to that of river gypsies, plying trade and mischief along the waterways of the River Kingdoms. Considering the word count limits, the article provides a surprising amount of detail including the vessels they sail in, their society and government, their culture and the antics they get up to. I enjoyed this article immensely and will definitely be introducing these creatures to my players.

The art accompanying the article took me back to my childhood Peter Rabbit books days, it felt like something I would find in those illustrated children’s books. I found this added to the article by depicting how innocent they might look to a newcomer, perhaps aiding them in their acts of mischief or trade.
Article: 9/10, Art: 9/10

Magic Items: Heirlooms of Fallen Kingdoms
And now some river kingdoms inspired magical items for treasure piles and arming up the NPCs with – hey, my NPCs use the treasures! So we have three wondrous items and a magical weapon.

The first wondrous item is a magical hat inspired by a witch’s black pointed hat. I licked this one as it was also on theme with the cackling of our legendary witches.

The second item messes with luck, something very difficult to do and get right. I think for the effect, 1 minute duration is a bit short and limits the use of the item to moments of combat – it could quite safely have been increased to a more useful and impactful duration beyond combat by making it an hour.

The third item I felt would have been more fitting for an Ustalav / Horror themed issue as it was based on carved pumpkin lanterns – especially as the effect is decidedly creepy.

The weapon is a trident that can pin targets, causing bleed every round the target is pinned. The amount of bleed is quite small and as the wielder has to maintain the pin, I am unsure if being “taken out of combat” each round is worth the bleed – I tend to use pinning for capturing opponents alive, so this just didn’t feel right for me.

The accompanying art is of the trident – beautifully rendered from the description, I particularly liked the shaft of twisted steel. I also liked the dried blood effect, almost rust like, on the trident tines.
Article: 8/10, Art: 8/10

Review running total so far: 29,978 characters, or 5,200 words. 23 articles have now been reviewed in depth. Still plenty of the issue left so more review to follow shortly.

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Ok, the sheet is now complete with issue content, so back to reviewing for me :)

Please use the link above as google drive is not syncing properly still, so I had to recreate and re-link the share - gah!

Here are some extra fun and interesting tid-bits...

15 issues... the summary ;)

541 written articles (excludes pure art and cover submissions).
168 of these articles written by 49 RPG Superstar contenders (from Top 32 placers through top 4 finalists and winners).

366 individuals have contributed written work, art or both (which is why this number is slightly smaller than the total of the next two).
258 individual authors of the written word...
126 individual artists providing visual candy...

Top 7 writer credits...

20 credits Spicer, Neil
19 credits Lee, Jeff
13 credits Turner, Ian
11 credits Costello Jr., Ryan
11 credits Crenshaw, Paris E.
11 credits Fox, Guy
11 credits Gimmler, Christoph

Top 7 art providers...

43 credits Torreblanca, Carlos
38 credits Courts, Liz
27 credits Mallon, Dave
25 credits Moore, Alex, J.
25 credits Sperry, Ashton
24 credits Solis, Hugo
20 credits Frasier, Crystal

Most popular submissions...

102 articles Fiction: Short
55 articles Setting: Gazetteer
41 articles Setting: Weal or Woe
37 articles Rules: Items
27 articles Encounters: Side Treks
27 articles Rules: Archetypes

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Some fun numbers for you - 10 out of 15 issues now in the sheet.

So, for the first 10 issues - how much free stuff is there to delight you?

Articles (inclusive of foreword and cover art) - 368

Top 10 Article Types:

075 articles Fiction: Short
034 articles Setting: Gazetteer
027 articles Setting: Weal or Woe
020 articles Setting: Pathfinder Journal
017 articles Bestiary: Creatures
017 articles Encounters: Side Treks
017 articles Rules: Items
014 articles Rules: Prestige Classes
011 articles Rules: Archetypes
010 articles Miscellaneous: Poetry

And how many people have successfully gained credit in this august publication's first 10 issues?

Unique named Contributors - 259

Top 6 writer credits so far...

14 credits Spicer, Neil
13 credits Lee, Jeff
10 credits Costello Jr., Ryan
10 credits Fox, Guy
09 credits Gimmler, Christoph
09 credits McAnulty, Jonathan

Top 6 artist credits so far...

28 credits Torreblanca, Carlos
26 credits Courts, Liz
23 credits Sperry, Ashton
22 credits Solis, Hugo
17 credits Mallon, Dave
17 credits Frasier, Crystal

Will these contributors still be top after the last 5 issues are added - can't wait to find out, grin?

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

The ever so nice anniversary update for Windows 10 really messed my Office registration up (repair and re-register was needed) and my file shares on google docs. Grrrrr.

All sorted now after much hair pulling, but you will now need this new link to the sheet!

Following your kind suggestions and feedback, thanks, you now have a new table added containing article and art credits so you can see who the prolific repeat writers/artists are.

Also added columns for scores and links to my reviews, the first review for Wayfinder 1 pasted in to illustrate.

Issues covered are now 1 thru 7.

Yeah, my name will appear in the contributors list soon, my first appearance in the magazine is coming up! :P

1 person marked this as a favorite.

More review coming soon - just had a crazy week overruling all my plans. Sorry.

In the interim, I was populating a spreadsheet with my reviews and realised what I was building was a nice, useful article index...

* furious copy paste to a new sheet to hide the evidence :P *

So, for your patience, on this link is a handy dandy reference to the first five issues. I will keep adding the issues in when I get a spare moment, I thought it might be a good idea to seek feedback and suggestions from those interested enough to download it, in case of major changes needed before I get too far into it.

Shared by google docs, which doesnt seem to offer all the filtering etc I put into the sheet, but does allows you view the data in your browser if you dont have excel.

Sorry, it is an excel sheet with table formatting - meaning if you are using excel and download your own copy then you can filter by issue, by content type, by author, by artist, you can also sort alphabetically by clicking the sort buttons.

This should also allow you to quickly find that favorite article or read everything by your favorite authors, find the art/eye candy from your favorite artists and so on.


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Old school - Star Frontiers!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Absalom station was actually the destination of ship that crashed into Numeria (it was on auto pilot, thought it was on docking course and was not expecting the station to be wrapped in Golarion the plant).

The station had experienced some long forgotten disaster resulting in it falling silent for eones, it's body mass and gravity well attracting space matter around itself, eventually forming the planet Golarion with the station becoming the core of the world.

When the gods spirited Golarion away, the space station got left behind and the rays of the systems star started to power the station again as it returned to life...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

On the subject of "seems" - it is basically a short form of "appears to be". Now there are times when it would be okay to use these terms, when your item has an appearance that is disguised in some way, however, the templatefu says

"Don't tell me what it is like, tell me what it IS"

Your wordcount is precious, seems and appears to be are great word wasting constructs as to me, and as a designer, they indicate the writer is unsure about what they are describing.

Be definite, let me know what things are, not what they may be. Be bold and confident - it gets you noticed.

I broke this habit at last, and I am sure it was a contributing factor in achieving Top 100 last season :)

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Kosmonaut Ivan Rûski wrote:
Odd thought; how does one go about brewing in zero gravity? Certainly the station will have some sort of artificial gravity, but if it fails? Ivan must have his vodka!

Maybe the station is of sufficient size and density that it naturally generates a gravity sufficient to be normal Golarion gravity.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

This post completes my review started in the review section… yeah, I blew the character limit again! >.<

So, let’s continue…

The Sweetest Fruit
A Mwangi diversion now greets us, a moody short story that keeps you guessing right until the end. Speaking of the end, this story suffered a little I think from the impending word limit wall, it felt slightly rushed as up until the last few paragraphs, there was a slow well-paced build to the story. The twist at the end leaves you guessing. The artwork depicts the main baddie revealed in the story, although the angle of the head seemed off slightly to me.
Article: 8/10, Art: 8/10

A CR10 plant creature! One thing I loved about this creature is its ability to dominate creatures it implants with its seeds. This explains how the plant creature can survive and be tended by these minions and also provides additional forms of defence for the clever GM to spring upon unsuspecting players. The art work gives a very thistles on rose bush appearance that fits well with the creature description and abilities.
Article: 9/10, Art: 8/10

Shadows of the First World
Now we have another bloodline, Shadow. The theming on this one is very much tighter and coherent than I found in the Ancestral bloodline previously reviewed. The article continues with a shadow themed prestige class that is a great fit and has high synergy with the Rogue classes, and caster classes that invest in the stealth skill. The accompanying art renders the prestige class in extremely high details, I loved it.
Article: 9/10, Art: 9/10

The Blood-Slicked Mantle
Wow, a whole page magical item – I love magical items, and this one is an actual artifact! There are a lot of costs, benefits, and powers for both player and GM to keep track of, but such is the nature of old school artifacts and this one feels so very old school. All of the powers make sense and are related in various ways. I liked this item and can see a lot of roleplay opportunity from it as well. The artwork shows a super depiction of the shoulder throw that this item is fashioned like.
Article: 9/10, Art: 9/10

The Mwangi Expanse – Senghor
Something different again, this magazine continues to delight and surprise the reader. Now we have a setting article that fleshes out the Mwangi port city of Senghor. The bulk of the article tells of two major NPCs that the party can meet and interact with – each giving some history to various aspects of the city’s formation. I definitely see this article as the precursor to the now featured Weal and Woe articles of later issues. The line art is simple yet effective.
Article: 8/10, Art: 7/10

From the Rookery
At first the title made me expect a bestiary of avian fowl-ness – yes, managed a pun in the review, grin. What I found however was an awesome selection of avian based spells – covering the cleric, druid, paladin, sorcerer and wizard classes. Some spells seem apt to me for the advanced classes, I can definitely see the oracle and witch making use of some of these, especially Plunging Hood. The artwork shows a flacon mistress of elven descent, and is a nice line art that begs for my coloured pencils to begin their work.
Article: 9/10, Art: 8/10

The Gallery Below
Next we have an article about a hidden gallery with a quite extensive list of content. This article would be of great use to any GM in populating a treasure room or gallery with “art fantastique” for the players to encounter and then try to trade away. The banner artwork for this article depicts many of the items listed for a corner viewpoint looking into the galley room itself.
Article: 9/10, Art: 8/10

Too Small to Notice
And so, the closing article, another journal styled story set in artic like conditions. Shorter than the previous journal items, it is a refreshing read and a nice way to close out the issue. Again the journal ends at a point where the reader is left wondering what happens next, but I think that is the nature of lost journals when found, the writer has indeed met an untimely demise leaving the PCs to finish their task. The artwork clearly indicates the freezing conditions by depicting so much fur around the story protagonist.
Article: 8/10, Art: 8/10

In summary, this is a simply stunning first issue of any community produced magazine I have ever read in my 43 years of gaming. The amount of love for the setting, and for the game, by every contributor, be they writer or artist, simply shines through. This magazine set a very high standard for the issues that follow and I can tell you now, those following issues continue to raise that bar ever higher. A magnificent first issue that every Pathfinder GM and Player should acquire and read. Overall, I score this first issue as a whole…
Articles: 9/10, Art: 9/10

And award it a well-deserved 5 stars.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

For those who like a more spiritual sci fi... might I suggest trying Enya and Clannad?

Then of course we have Holst The Planets and Wagner The Ride of the Valkyrie.

And don't forget the amazing 2001 A Space Odyssey and related.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Hey all

Just so it doesnt get forgotten, please can we have postcards in future for we foreigners to send a little of Paizocon home to our loved ones. Just a simple Paizocon Wish you were here, maybe with a goblin screaming "so we can eat you". It doesnt need a number, so they can be reused every year.

Now, to more serious stuff.

I travelled 5000 miles and I made it, the journey was hard and I was very stressed on arrival due to my aspergers and being in an enclosed space with many people for a 10 hour plus flight.

I just want to pass on how absolutely amazing and unbelievable EVERY member of staff was (and those who met me who weren't staff too), especially to me - most of you knew of me which blew my mind somewhat but the thing that truly showed how special you all are is that you were all aware of my aspergers as I was very open about it in the forums before coming.

All of you, staff and public, made every effort to ensure I was comfortable and happy whenever we talked. Your gestures were overt enough that I could read them. I felt comfortable and safe, and I felt I had found a new circle of friends.

I ended up finding a support group that was unexpected and unbelievable. So much so, that even though I hate being stuck in an enclosed airplane for over 10 hours, I am going to come back again for more. You are all superb people.

I really cannot put into words how amazing you have all been, I felt like I belonged from day 1 of the con - that is so amazing to someone like myself who suffers problems in social crowds that I simply cannot put it into words, so allow me to close simply and heartfeltly (if that's a word)...

Thank you. Thank you so much.

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I was there (at Paizocon 2016) when the announcement was made - very excited and pleased that this will soon be coming to my game table!

Thank you Paizo!

Grand Lodge

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Male Dwarf Ranger 1; NG; HP 12/12; AC 16 (t 13, ff 13), +4 AC vs. Giants; F +4, R +5, W +1; CMB +2, CMD 15; Init +3, Speed 20 ft.; Heavy Crossbow, 2-hand, +4, 1d10, 19-20/x2, Rng 120'; Point Blank Shot; Traits: Easy Way or the Hard Way, Tireless Avenger

*chuckles quietly to himself in his head, always amused at Enlil's confidence, sure in his knowledge that something always goes wrong...*

The only physical evidence of his amusement are his twinkling eyes and a wry smile upon his lips.

Grand Lodge

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Male Dwarf Ranger 1; NG; HP 12/12; AC 16 (t 13, ff 13), +4 AC vs. Giants; F +4, R +5, W +1; CMB +2, CMD 15; Init +3, Speed 20 ft.; Heavy Crossbow, 2-hand, +4, 1d10, 19-20/x2, Rng 120'; Point Blank Shot; Traits: Easy Way or the Hard Way, Tireless Avenger

A weather-beaten dwarf sits, eyeing the teacups with a look of suspicion. He does not drink yet, but does sit, placing the mother of all crossbows across his lap and poses his concerns...

"Permit me to introduce myself, I am Darvful. I have some concerns, which if I may, I state openly and with no malice or intent to insult intended. If I understand correctly, the guards will react with lethal response to us as if this were a real raid, to which we may have to respond in kind for our own safety.

This does not sit well with me.

These guards are innocent and uninformed, yet we may have to maim or kill them if we are to be successful in our assault. What assurances do we have that this act will not result in us becoming the hunted... hmmm? Or are you asking us to fail in our assault in order to convey an image of success in the transport's security measures to your lord?"

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Sara Marie wrote:
Event has been updated with title and description. Good luck to the six brave souls who decide to attend.

Wow, Sara wishing luck to participants. Ok, officially scared now.

Whatever happens to the six lucky souls, remember this, you will all have a valid reason (or set thereof) to take full and active part in the blame cosmo thread forever after.

And whatever you post in that blame thread, it's all Cosmo's own doing :P

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Hey all

I dont know if this is done normally by Paizo, but just in case, and like me you need to visually see how events line up so you can plan your selections, here is a google shared event map...

I'll try and get the rest done later tonight (UK time), but all of Friday is up (so far).


Hope someone other than me finds it useful :P

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Suggestion for Paizo peeps for the future - please collate this and include as a printed mini guide found in the Paizocon attendee baggies you get at registration.

Pretty please with a cherry on top!

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RULE : Players characters are heroic and better than the norm, but they are not gods...

After creating your character, and applying racial modifiers, add up the bonuses and subtract the penalties of your attribute scores.

If the total is less than +6, the character is too weak - re-roll.

STR +2, DEX +1, WIS +0, INT +1, CON +3, CHA -2 = total +5 - re-roll

If the total is greater than +11, the character is too strong, every hero must have some weaker aspect(s) - re-roll.

STR +1, DEX +4, WIS +0, INT +1, CON +4, CHA +2 = total +12 - re-roll

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Updated sheet

Now includes entries for all Paizo modules released up to end of March 2016, and all AP's up to AP 102, Hell's Rebels 6 of 6, and finally the list of creatures in Bestiary 5 creature list have been married up to their requests or entered as appropriate.

Companions and Settings will be checked for creatures and any found added in the list over the next few weekends (there are a lot of those books >.<)

I'll go back to adding this lists requests into the sheet in the meantime.

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The countdown site I was using is broken/failing, so here is a nicer countdown for you all (I believe this one even adjusts automagically for your local time zones).

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Liz Courts wrote:

Alayern, if there are specific things that we do not address in our Event Policy that you would like to talk about, please email—we'd be happy to discuss it.

As one of the organizers of the very first unofficial PaizoCon, along with Tim Nightengale, I am very much invested in making sure that everyone has a safe and fun convention that captures the convivial nature of that first gathering and is respectful of all attendees, no matter their background, no matter where they are from, no matter their skill level and familiarity with games. I want to sit down at a table and roll the dice with new folks, and I want people coming to PaizoCon to be able to do so as well in a safe space. Our guidelines at the show will be the same ones that guide our interactions on the forums, and we expect our attendees to follow them.

This is most reassuring.

With all the recent posts appearing on social media about problems with going to conventions, and this thread, and designers I know making dedications on social media about being safe at their table, I had started to question whether going to a con was safe at all anymore.

I have always wanted to attend a US game convention once in my life, a bucket list item. It has taken me to being 54 years old to fight my fears and my aspergers to book the trip and the one convention I thought I could manage was Paizocon due to a perceived "family" aspect of the con in all that I have read and seen over the years about it.

This is why, my one US convention is Paizocon and not GenCon - because everything I have read and seen tells me it is both safe for and understanding of people like myself.

I would like to think that the vast majority of Paizocon attendees are going for the game, to meet like minded individuals, to chat to designers and 3pps, and to meet their gaming stars (and maybe snag some autographs), that's why I am going.

For someone being 7,500 miles away from home in a strange land with different customs and is getting more nervous with every passing day and that impending flight, I truly appreciated your reassuring post.

Thank you Liz.

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Lol, and my brain is now going - EMP museum - better not take my gadgets there!

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Here you go - no pressure!

Maybe I can prise the RPG Superstar start date from one of the staff and create a clock for that too when I am there! :P

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Oh my goodness this is so complicated ...

And this is why I took 9 seasons to break Top 100! :P

So I do understand and empathise totally - keep practising, every new item brings new lessons and shows improvement.

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Crafted of bone implies it is made solely of bone with no wood, so yes, I would call it a "heavy bone shield" and maintain consistency with the wooden 10lbs weight.

Some might argue it should be 15lbs, but I just don't think bone is as heavy as steel so for me, 10lbs feels right - and as with the public vote, if it feels right it gains votes.

This change eliminates all the confusion on the shield construction :)

Line of sight is definitely the better term to use.

I thought harder on the max range and decided I was wrong - we have a limited rounds of animation which implies a max distance but this made me realise something else is missing... it flees at maximum speed... so... what is the speed of an animated weapon?

The animate spell doesn't quote a speed, so that doesn't help. Gah! But joy, quoting a speed takes the animation a little more out of SIAC territory. Yeah, specify a speed for the animated weapon when fleeing.

One last one, what if the weapon targeted is an active dancing weapon - would the rounds of animation supersede the remaining rounds of dancing animation or would they stack?

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I might have the odd bar or two with me each convention day, so if you seek me out and my supply hasn't run out (or I failed my Will vs Resist Chocolate DC), you may sample some Galaxy - or if you are really lucky, I may even have some mini Lindt bunnies left over from Easter!

Basically, because I am seriously dieting and exercising now, I will be putting all my chocolate gifts into the Paizocon supply for you all to save me by eating it for me.

I know Paizocon will be a struggle with a banquet and nearby Thai food and the Crab Pot restaurant and your wonderful smokey BBQ restaurants, so I am giving away the chocolate to feel less guilty about all the other food :D

In case you are wondering, since July last year, I have swum the equivalent of the English Channel 5 times already and have lost steadily a small amount of weight weekly, now totalling 30 lbs. gone in a healthly way (just under 1 lb. a week - but it was higher, it's just that time spans Christmas food time! >.<)

I need to lose about the same again to get back to my marriage weight of 32 years ago ;) - ambitious, but I am half way there.

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Well proofreaders, be warned that with so little food being provided by Season 9 entries of RPG Superstar that when I review this issue, I will be doing so while being VERY HUNGRY!

You have been warned! :P

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Liz Courts wrote:
Jeff Alvarez wrote:
Hugo Solis wrote:
Darn be the dollar's worst historical exchange rate... Have lots of fun everyone!
Sad news Hugo but understandable. We will miss you!


No froggy for us. :'(

I got hungry, so I ate him!

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Paris Crenshaw wrote:
Paris Crenshaw wrote:

Okay, so we've discovered something that we need as many of our writers as possible to be aware of. I'm going to post it here, and we'll be including it in future submission guidelines. This is REALLY IMPORTANT for people who use open-source software, like OpenOffice and LibreOffice, and save their files as .DOC files. There is a mismatch between file types when trying to open the .DOC files in versions of Word from 2013 and up. It results in losing the last few lines of text. Those lines can only be viewed on Word 2010 or earlier.

If you use these programs, you MUST put one or two carriage returns after your last paragraph before you save the document as a .DOC file. Otherwise, we will have great difficulty being able to read and edit your submission.

Please spread the word to others who may not see this post, in case they are already working on future submissions.


I've done some fiddling with files and it looks like there may be a "fix" for this. If you open the DOC file in Word, save it as a DOCX file, then close and reopen the file, the text comes back. Although this seems to work consistently, it's still best to follow the directions above if you're going to use open-source programs to prepare your submissions.

From an IT bod... docx is commonly referred to as exchangeable document format and has become the industry standard for most word processors as the file to use between mixed platforms.

However, if you google "microsoft word viewer" and install that (it's a Microsoft free app - they also have viewers for powerpoint and excel sheets) you can use it to check your saved files open correctly in word as it uses the same word dll's as the full word app uses, it's just read only. Hope that also helps.

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Pat Luther wrote:
Majuba wrote:
Template Fu wrote:
SpeediShuttle confirmed from Seattle Airport to Hotel

Assuming you're staying at the convention hotel, there is a complimentary 24-hour shuttle service provided by the hotel (to travel the whole 3/4 mile to the hotel). You just follow the signs for Taxis/shuttles/etc out across an enclosed skybridge (walkway) and down to a long loading area. There you call the hotel (via code there) to let them know which section you're at. Quite simple in practice.

Last time I took it, when you called the number there was just a recording telling you it was running every 15 minutes.

Also, you can take the light rail directly from the Amtrak station to the airport to catch the shuttle. That's what I've done in the past.

Noted for next time, as it's my first solo trip and I suffer from Aspergers - enough to make it a very scary solo trip but not totally debilitating - I booked a shuttle service so that I don't have to approach strangers and ask around too much.

Not operating very well in crowds and social situations can be a real bind at times, and in a different country altogether, I decided to have someone wait for me with sign and vehicle to make things as easy for me as possible.

That's one of the great things about RPGs/Pathfinder - I get to hear players describe how the character acts and feels and I don't need to "read their body language" to work it out - it allows me moments of "fitting in / being normal" - which is quite a precious feeling.

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Just paid for my 4-day pass and banquet ticket...

TemplateFu is coming to the USA!

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Hold on to your hats everyone!!

Hotel Booked and Paid - single occupancy with mountain view and a bath tub instead of a shower - YES!

Flights Booked and Paid - Virgin Atlantic - all direct - night flight return to London so I can be better rested for the journey home from the airport!

Look out USA, TemplateFu is on his way!

Just need to get me the Paizo con tickets left now - can't wait for them to go on sale.

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Decided to bite the bullet and have booked a 10 day slot around the con - arriving on the Wednesday 25th May around 1.30pm US time, leaving around the same time on Friday 3rd June getting back to the UK in the wee hours of the morning local UK time (urgh!)

Yes, TemplateFu is checking off a bucket list item - coming to a US games convention... and he chose... Paizocon!

Now, just need to wait for the Paizocon ticket sales to open and I'm all set. I might even splash out for the dinner option if it's available this year! :D

Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Marathon Voter Season 8, Dedicated Voter Season 9

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Jarrett Sigler wrote:
Russ Brown wrote:
@Jarrett, can you give an example of a feat with the semi-colon?

Yes, I will go ahead and give a few that I have found.

Arcane Talent

Artillery Team

Banishing Critical

Breadth of Experiance

Confounding Tumble Deed

Detect Expertise

Heroic Leader

Dimensional Disruption

Those are a few. I think there are more. I know it's not exhaustive.

Make sure you reference the PRD for Paizo formatting, sometimes the d20pfsrd is not the same.

I think these examples are ok, for example, click the breadth of experience link here on the prd

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Hey all

I would just like to wish Paizo and all my fellow forum posters a very happy holidays and a wonderful new year.

I would also like to, for the first time, offer a thank you for the year:

Thank you to Paizo management for controlling the good ship Paizo for another year, bringing us loads of new Beasts, the 100th AP, Season 9 of RPG Superstar, and many items of gaming goodness.

Thanks to the RPG Superstar judges, IT clever souls and everyone participating in this Seasons competition, making Season 9 a warm and wonderful place to learn and compete in.

Thanks to the Technical Bods and WebSite Maintenance people - our forums remain a friendly and spam free place. This is down to each and every one of you keeping things running, so you definitely deserve this moment of appreciation. Good job all!

Thanks to the Web Store Ninjas, from the Grand Ninja Masters and Mistresses down to the lowly trainee Ninja - all of my products arrived in good time and condition as usual. All my questions (not very many) answered with good cheer and wonderful promptness. You all all customer relation gods and goddesses.

Thanks to the development team, for pushing through the edits, rewrites and all things development. You have certainly earned your holiday time this year, so feet up, relax and have a nice break. The whips can crack again on your return! :P

Thanks to the coffee runs, doughnut supplies, cake bakers, and treat suppliers who kept everyone's sugar levels at hyper production levels.

And thanks to anyone who I may have missed in that summary.

Happy holidays one and all!

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Just a quick pop in to the Superstar forums so that TemplateFu can wish everyone the very best for the holiday season!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Promises he has been good and not eaten too many Superstar entries this year!

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And the review finally draws to conclusion - wow, reviewing is actually more work than you think... but it's also more fun than you think too!

Moving on, we have a poem/song collection with Thorns in the Heart. The first, Road and Oak, I think is my favourite, followed closely by War Mother - which I can see both as a funeral dirge as it was intended but also could be used very nicely as a Goblin war chant! The artwork is a nice rendition of a winged lady reading a book that has just surprised or shocked her.

TemplateFu scores this article 8/10, the artwork 8/10

Next a collection of Side Trek Seeds. The first is a lizardfolk and Aspis Consortium entanglement, easily dropped into a campaign in the Mwangi Expanse. A good solid plot that allows the PCs the freedom to choose sides and live with the consequences of their choice. The next one is a location based plot, a mine infested with spores. And the third is a drop in plot involving the much loved land sharks, the bulettes! Two pieces of art accompany this article, the first a cowled medusae - I really like the innocent style of the cowl hiding the medusae within - it may end up in my game very soon! ;) The second art is that of a bulette bursting from the ground - a good rendition full of energy and action.

TemplateFu scores this article 9/10, the medusae artwork 9/10, the bulette artwork 8/10

Next we have the last short story of the issue, Evil is Your Wingman. A story full of imps, demons and downright nastiness - I loved it. It is yet another story from the creatures viewpoint, but like the previous stories, is well written and full of action. A good closing story for the issue. The artwork made me recall meeting Diablo in the original Diablo game for the first time - and hence I really like this one for the feelings it evoked.

TemplateFu scores this article 9/10, the artwork 9/10

Finally we have the issue Bestiary! A goodly collection of nastiness to spring on your players.

First up, at CR 7 is the Disembowled Prophet. A really nasty take on undead trolls. The abilities and theme make sense and the artwork is quite brilliant for this creature. Another of my favourites from the issue!

Next is a CR 6 air dragon, the GaleWyrm. A creature that uses the force of gales and wind as the core o its design. The abilities are consistent and the design tight. The artwork is lovely, full of dragon sinuosity and grace. I loved this too, but I love dragon art full stop! >.<

Now we head to late mid game with a CR12 Grim Harvester. An undead humanoid wielding a greataxe! This one really isn't very nice to meet but great fun to plan to run against your party! ;) I though the art was a superb rendition and only heightens just how malevolent and creaapy this creature is.

And then, joy of joy, a CR 1 ooze - the Jungle Ooze! I wondered if this needs bumping up to CR 2 though, not only is it vulnerable to something a first level party will have little to no access to, but also uses poison, very deadly to first level party saving throws. This ooze is quite vicious at CR 1, so do take care if you use it. The artwork represents it well once again.

Next a CR 3 tinty magical beast, the Mediogalti Devil. A low CR creature with one attack that confused me. If a claw deals 1d2 minus 2, then as the minimum damage for a successful hit is 1, then the claw attacks always do just one point regardless of the die roll. Also with Str being 6, there are even worse negative modifiers on its main attack resulting in a very limited damage output potential for a CR 3 creature. The artwork though is super nice.

Another CR 3 beast next, the Roperling. A humanoid creature sans skeleton that has rope like appendages, A weird and wonderful aberration with reach that is sure to creep out your players. The artwork represents the visuals I imagined very well.

Back to mid game CR 8 now with the Shepherd Devil. An outsider bardic devil who is the antithesis of inspirational bards, instead sickening its foes with its performances. The artwork is very moody and definitely brings forth the oppressive vibe of this creature.

Next a CR5 swarm, The VoidWasp Swarm. I hate wasps, if I hear so much as a buzz, I leave the room like a little girl... which I guess is why i found this design so decidedly wicked and evil. The artwork gave me the shivers too.

And closing the issue is a delightful CR 1 creature, Wechselkind. A small fey that has so many situational options that it will catch out your players time and time again. This one is going to get heavy use in my campaigns. The artwork clearly showing how evil can be found in the most innocent of looking things. I really like the possibilities of this one.

TemplateFu scores these beasties:

Disembowled Prophet - article 9/10, artwork 10/10
Galewyrm - article 8/10, artwork 10/10
Grim Harvester - article 9/10, artwork 10/10
Jungle Ooze - article 8/10, artwork 9/10
Mediogalti Devil - article 8/10, artwork 9/10
Roperling - article 8/10, artwork 8/10
Shepherd Devil - article 8/10, artwork 8/10
Voidwasp Swarm - article 9/10, artwork 9/10
Wechselkind - article 9/10, artwork 10/10

And so my review completes with an overall feeling for the issue as a whole...

It has both great diversity and great utility across many regions and campaigns. I think this is one of my favourite issues so far from the Wayfinder stable and I dare to think it may even be better than the Ennie award winning issue!

TemplateFu overall scores for this issue are: content 9/10, artwork 9/10

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And the review box isn't big enough :P

My review continues here... Sorry for any inconvenience.

Primitive and Deadly next, a collection of four magical weapons that giantkin would use, consisting of a greatclub, greataxe, earth breaker, and longspear. A nice variety of weapon types that allow players to find something of use. There is incosistency in the tagging of sourcebooks it looks like, one is PF84 (I think means p[age 84 in the core book, and the other is ACG but no page number. Ooops, channelling the TemplateFu too much there - grin. The weapons are mean and mighty, and the greataxe artwork is very nice indeed.

TemplateFu scores this article 9/10, the artwork 10/10

Next we have an article in the realms of army based campaigns and events. A collection of special abilities for armies of specific races (boggard, gnoll, goblin, hobgoblin, kobold, orc and giant). Your players may scoff at a Kobold army before, but the crunch and options herein might just catch them by surprise! The goblin army art accompanying the article has a real pathfinder Golarion feel to it, you can just picture them singing their weird little songs. Definitely an article to squirrel away and spring on players when there is an army based event in your campaigns.

TemplateFu scores this article 9/10, the artwork 9/10

Next, we have a short story presented as a pathfinder report. The Oiv'heur'eihr - please don't ask me to pronounce that, I'm useless at tongue twisters! The whole tone of the story keeps a filed report style that lends great authenticity and realism to the details. Again, I won't spoil the plot, but will say you should enjoy reading this immensely, I know I did. The artwork was a little cartoon like for my tastes and the face of the pathfinder seemed rather simian to me than human, I'm not sure if that was intended, but it did throw me as it was unexpected.

TemplateFu scores this article 9/10, the artwork 7/10

Next, a cyclopean themed collection, Remnants and Relics, consisting of 3 Barbarian Rage Powers, A witch archetype, 3 combat feats, and a couple of magical items. The witch section felt out of place and tacked on when reviewing the wealth of combat oriented options provided. I think it would have felt a tighter focused article if that had been dropped in favour of an extra magical item or feat. The cyclopean artwork is super, really good lighting effect from the source of light - a huge spear of light and lightning!

TemplateFu scores this article 8/10, the artwork 9/10

Next up, Cache of the Ravener King, a collection of 3 wondrous item treasures and a minor artifact! I found the minor artifact to be very intriguing, lending itself to different plant and damage type combinations to easily create variations to suit different campaigns. I love easily adaptable things, so this scored well with me. The artwork is serviceable, representing 2 of the four items, one of which is the minor artifact in question. Personally, I would have rendered a finer gold chain to emphasise the delicacy of the flower being held, but that's just my own personal tastes.

TemplateFu scores this article 9/10, the artwork 8/10

Articles remaining to review: Thorns in the Heart, Side Trek Seeds, Evil is your Wingman, Bestiary (each creature to get a summary review). These will be coming soon... in this thread of course! ;)

Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Marathon Voter Season 8, Dedicated Voter Season 9

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One tip for effect clarity, you will love this one...

Get Wayfinder 14. It's free.

Read my article on a creatures essence - a creature design article that actually starts with putting away the books!

Yup, that's right. What the article tries to do is illustrate how really concentrating on your design theme and identifying what you want it to do first, that the wording is clearer after.

Quite a lot of woolly wording comes from feeling your way through what you design as you design it, so put away all the stat blocks, the books and start with a simple shopping list of effects and abilities.

Once you pare that down to a cohesive set, the writing part should follow a lot cleaner and it should fit easier into the templates.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm about a third of the way through the issue, and have posted a review on where I have got to so far. I will add more review once have read a little more.

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