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Anthony Adam's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Marathon Voter, 2014 Marathon Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,122 posts (2,243 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 4 wishlists. 4 aliases.

Full Name

Anthony Adam


Human (with grumpy dwarf tendencies)


Level 52 Dad




Medium Large


52 (body), 14 (mind)

Special Abilities

RPG Superstar flop-meister


Neutral GM with Evil tendencies


The Wife


Suffolk, United Kingdom


English (UK)


IT Professional (work), GM/Player layabout (evenings), Gardner (warm evenings), and Budding Games Designer every spare second of the day!

Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About Anthony Adam

A little about me? Born to be a dad, born to play DnD, love whippy (not tub) ice cream cornets (snow cones?), love strawberries and other soft garden fruits, home brewer of wines and beers, love to cook, love to eat.

I am now striving to become a freelancing games designer/writer as my recent run in Wayfinder below attests. Well known as the nice Template Fu in RPG Superstar, you can always find me posting there. :)

I have been playing role play games since 1972. I don't think I will ever stop now, at least not until I meet the Grim Reaper and fail my Fort save.

Known by alternate names, the more polite being

Template Fu - RPG Superstar Most Rounds Alter Ego
Map Fu - RPG Superstar Map Round Alter Ego

Books: Eddings, Tolkien, Morpurgo are my top at the moment, but trying to educate myself with some Hardy and Shakespeare, and of course hitting those Pathfinder novels.

Games Design/Freelancing related activities and samples of my work:-

I have been assisting SKR with an online games design course he is devising to help those, like myself, who would like to break into freelance writing in the gaming industry.

We are approaching the end of this course now, so as my coursework is signed off, I will post it at the end of this profile as samples of my work.

RPG Superstar : entered 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014... to be continued :P

Related Achievements - many reviews, template in detail forum thread, archetypes index forum thread, superstar songs thread, and "Blazing 9" participant 2012, 2013, 2014.

Credits & Contributions:

  • Contributer : Wayfinder #8, Paizo Community : Wondrous Item : Inflamed Stitcher
  • Contributer : Wayfinder #9, Paizo Community : Archetype : Darklands Scout
  • Contributer : Wayfinder #10, Paizo Community : Side Trek Adventure : Pairi-Daeza’s Abode

  • Reviewer : Flotsam of the River Realms, Above Average Creations : Archetypes and Items reviews

    Submissions/Current Activities

  • Cooking - - it's a sunny summer at the moment in the UK, so I am trying out some amazing BBQ recipes found here.
  • Wayfinder - #12 - submitted a flavor article and a feature creature, just one submission allowed left - hmmm, what to do, what to do...

    OK, Paizo and 3PP, some samples of my recent work in addition to the items above as promised (this will grow slowly over the next few weeks)

    Thistle Spike Pod (237 words)
    Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th
    Slot none; Price 500 gp; Weight
    The deep purple thistle skirts of the highlands of Celwynvian inspired the elves of the region to create this magical simulacrum of the large thistle heads growing there.
    A creature crushing the pod is encompassed in a cloud of enchanted pollen, resulting in their body erupting with two-inch long needle-pointed spines that last for 1 hour, granting the creature a +1 enhancement bonus to their natural armor. At the end of the duration, the spines harmlessly fall away.
    Any creature attacking a spine-covered target with a natural weapon or unarmed strike takes 1d6 points of piercing damage. The spines also grant the target of the grapple a +2 circumstance bonus on its CMD to avoid being grappled.
    When a creature successfully grapples a spine-covered target, the target may spend an immediate action to attempt to break free. The creature grappling the target takes 1d6 points of piercing damage each round they maintain the grapple.
    Any creature swallowing a spine-covered target takes 1d6 points of piercing damage each round the target remains swallowed.
    Throwing the pod up to 60 feet with no range increment as a ranged touch attack affects the target on a successful hit as if they had crushed the pod. The pod shatters harmlessly on a miss.
    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, thorn body (Advanced Player’s Guide); Cost 250 gp

    Inkspell Glove (267 words)
    Aura faint abjuration; CL 5th
    Slot hands; Price 4,500 gp; Weight
    This glove, made from woven spider silk, is so pure and brilliantly white that it emanates a subtle nimbus.
    Placing a gloved hand onto a scroll animates the writing, the words leaping from page to glove, writhing in a macabre dance to the palm, leaving behind a pristine clean parchment. At the center of the palm, the words merge into a wriggling, pulsating ink ball. One ink ball may be created and held at any one time, lasting as long as the wearer holds it in the gloved hand.
    The wearer may throw the ball up to 30 feet as a ranged attack with no range increment, or make a melee touch attack with the gloved hand. A successful hit releases the absorbed spell’s energies against the target dealing 1d6 points of damage per spell level. If the absorbed spell deals damage with a damage type, the damage dealt by the ball is the same type, otherwise it has no type.
    If the absorbed spell would normally heal the target, the ink ball heals the target instead of harming it, except it heals 1d6 points of damage per spell level instead of the spell’s original amount.
    A held ink ball is discharged harmlessly if it is released in any other way from the gloved hand.
    The glove can only absorb a spell if the wearer’s character level is equal to or greater than the caster level of the spell.
    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, explosive runes; Cost 2,250 gp

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