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Mind Flayer

Ansalander's page

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Scarab Sages

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I think there is a lot of over thinking going on in this tread.

14 16 14
22 PC 14 ----->
14 14 14

Each two digit number is the CMD of the enemy that square. PC wants to flee. He decides to move in the direction of the arrow. All 8 enemies threaten the square he is in. He has to roll 8 acrobatics checks. The DCs for each are Enemy CMD + 14 (7 additional enemies) except for the one whose square he is trying to enter, which is +5 on top of that. If he wants to take his full movement rather than 1/2, then each DC is 10 higher yet. He decides to settle for 1/2 move and rolls an acrobatics check against CMD 14+14+5 (33) first, because if he fails that, he doesn't leave his square and therefore doesn't provoke the others. Half his 30' movement is 15' so if he escapes the encirclement, he will be adjacent to 33 since the occupied square costs double. If he managed to do this on his first move action and live, he could take his second move action to increase the distance from the circle by 30'. If he failed to beat the initial 33 on his first move action, he could try again with his second move action. In that case, the enemy whose space he is trying to move through would NOT get a second AoO. None of the enemies get a second AoO at any point even if they have reach, combat reflexes or whatever because you can only provoke any given enemy once per round for movement through threatened squares. The DC of each of the 8 checks is:

28 30 28
36 PC 33
28 28 28

Interestingly, he cannot necessarily do this by moving diagonally, since each diagonal square of difficult terrain costs 3 squares movement. He'd end his move action in an occupied square which is illegal and would force him back to the last legal square he was in. Say he goes toward one of the 28's. he'd have to beat 28+5 (33). If he succeeded on his first move action and lived, he'd be obligated to use his second move action to move further. If he was rebuffed on his first move action, he would be foolish to try again until next round because even if he succeeded, he'd run into the ending his turn in an occupied square illegality. He could avoid this problem by using his full movement and beating 28's modified CMD of 43 (+10) for full movement.

Also, for each enemy whose CMD he fails to match or exceed, their attacks would be against his AC +4 if he has the Mobility feat. All will attack at +2 because they are all flanking (barring certain class features e.g Uncanny Dodge). Sneak attacks may of course apply as well.

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