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Anorak's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber; Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 369 posts. 18 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.

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Not as detailed as I hoped

***( )( )

I have been waiting for a longtime for a Numeria book. When I got this, I started looking at it immediately. Maybe I overhyped myself because when I finally started reading the book, I was a little disappointed by it. Perhaps the Linnorm Kings, Distant Worlds and Worldwound guides setup my expectations because that was the same quality of content I wanted to find in Numeria. I wanted Thundarr the Barbarian mashed up with Conan and Golarion. I don’t feel like that is what I got. Maybe I haven’t read far enough into the book, but I found the information on Starfall, the Technic League and other places a bit bland. This could be because the stuff I am looking for will be in the Technology Guide.

Another issue I had with the book was the lack of Starfall information. As a Campaign setting sourcebook, I expect that kind of information to be in the book. I mean why the change from Rule of Fear, Linnorm Kings, Osirion, Irrisen, etc. I guess it was due to that info being in the Iron Gods AP. If so that irks me as I now have to buy two books (three if you count the Technology Guide) to get all the campaign information that should have been in this book.

Last was the bestiary. While as a GM I appreciate the addition of NPC’s, I really was looking for something more that captured the theme of Numeria. Still what was offered wasn’t all-bad. Maybe in the next Bestiary Hardcover, we will get additional aliens, weird monsters and critters.

Still, overall I liked this book, but I hope when I get back to reading it, the material will inspire me.

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Red Sky at Night...

****( )

First, let me say thank you for bringing back the map! They were greatly missed and the $1 increase on price is worth it in my opinion. Second, I love Magnimar, much more so than Sandpoint. I will be on the lookout for Easter Eggs!

As for the comic itself, I’m excited that this first arc seems to be an adaptation of one my favorite Pathfinder modules. The BBEG in the module terrorizes my players to this day. It will be interesting to see where the writer takes the story.

Regarding the art, Leandro Oliveira does a superb job with the characters and the setting. The style is very detailed and while not as dynamic as Andrew Huerta’s art, it is still pleasing to the eye. The same cannot be said of Ross Campbell’s coloring. I’m not sure if it was just this comic, the process or what but I found the coloring to be boring, almost to the point of ruining Leandro’s efforts. The characters just seemed so lifeless. Here is to seeing a bit more vibrancy in the next issue!

Last, the dialog was hit or miss for me. Perhaps Jim Zub can read Douglas Adams, Judy Blume or Elmore Leonard for dialog tips. Regardless, there seemed to be little in the way of catchy conversations and even less characterizations. A great example of some truly unforgettable characters and witty dialog can be seen in Rat Queens, a dark fantasy comedy comic by Image of four drunken death-dealing female adventurers that would give Valeros a run for his coin!

Overall, I was happy with this issue and quibbles aside, even more excited to see where the story goes!

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Seven Mounting Heavens of Salim


James L. Sutter delivers another excellent Salim Ghadafar story with the Redemption Engine. From the wonderfully strange city of Kaer Maga and its equally weird citizens to far off planar locales, this story never slows down. Oh. Be on the lookout for two characters who in my opinion almost stole the show. To sum up, I really love this story, its characters and its locations. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. You will not regret it!

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Decent but lacking

***( )( )

Inner Sea Gods arrived Monday. Lots of win but a few misses too. Mainly Milani, Groetus and so on should have got full pages. Moreover, the Custom Summon tables should have been included. All in all a solid if bit overpriced product.

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Great Story!


While I miss the map, I collect the comic for the story of Pathfinder in comic book form.

Now that out of the way, I have to say that the art in this issue is a big step up from the first six issues. So much so that I can tell what is going on when all the characters are grouped up.

I'm also looking forward to the reveal of the creature as I thought it was going to be something a bit more devilish!

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