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Hound of Tindalos

Andros Morino's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 35 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters.


Thanks for your input GMs. :)

Thank you J-Bone.

I decided to include these in the AP (as a side-quest):

First Steps, Part I
First Steps, Part II
Master of the Fallen Fortress
Dawn of the Scarlet Sun
Seven Swords of Sin
The Green Market
The Godsmouth Heresy
Feast of Sigils
Portal of the Sacred Rune
The Cultist's Kiss
The Refuge of Time
Words of the Ancients
The Waking Rune
In Wrath's Shadow
Severing Ties


And I was browsing through old thread because I was genuinely looking for GM comments on Master of the Fallen Fortress.

GV, where are these books referred in?

-Codex of the Ebon Depths
-Grimoire of Impossible Secrets
-Kargeth’s Blackest Encyclopaedia

I ask because I had kept a list of the other ones yet I did not recognize the above 3.

Wow. Blast from the past with rookie Michael Brock asking basic questions about PFS. :D Things have changed indeed since 2010, Michael. ;)

Rakshaka, thank you so much for writing this. I've been GMing this quest and I honestly saw the same problems with Book 1 to 5. And that is why I am so glad to see this thread before starting to GM Book 6.

My group was also more powerful than most because I convinced them to use the Point Buy system instead of the Dice rolls they used in the past. It wasn't easy but I convinced them with a 30 points buy... and I still had a player complaint that his stats were too low.

With the challenge difficulty not being there for most of Book 4 and 5, the players had their fun with the RPing I infused the AP with but without your recommended changes in Part 6, I'm sure my players would have felt like the final chapter is a big let down, leaving a bitter taste in their mouth regarding this AP.

Hello all!

I'm preparing to DM Shattered Star and was thinking of including 4th season PFS scenarios into the AP.

Which ones are about the runelords, the sihedron or have other story tie-ins with the AP that could enhance the SS story?


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I am GMing CoT and I love it... Because I changed it SO MUCH.

What I did. I pushed the RP to the max. I created colorful personalities for the Children of Westcrown and spending time with them or sending them on missions unlock special abilities for them. For example Rizzardo has connection on the docks allowing the PC to buy selected stolen goods for a reduced price. Amaya the glassblower becomes a bard level 1 and can then make potions for the party for free under some conditions.

To add a level of danger I killed several Children of Westcrown. Fiosa had the runecurse on her. Gorvio was killed by 2 evil PCs. Sclavo's murder appeared to be a suicide by hanging. Larko was killed by Janiven because she thought he was a traitor. Ailyn Ghontasavos was killed by shadows.

Each PC has their one motivation to join Janiven. A tiefling evil rogue PC joins the CoT as an agent of Oberigo the loyalist in book 3 and must act as a spy in the Children of Westcrown. His long-term goal is to go up the ranks. He now has the rank of Captain in the CoT because he became the leader of the Children.

A Red Mantis PC has been hired by Chammady yet he doesn't know. His first target was Arael (thus explaning why there was a change in leadership in the Children) and his second is Evander Salisfer, one of the noble loyalists the Drovenge kids want to eliminate.

A chaotic neutral cleric of Calistria is under the influence of a succubus because he accepted her Profane Gift in book 4 so she will try to corrupt him. He could become evil and all of a sudden channel negative energy.

The only good guy left the group because he could no longer be associated with such folks. The straw that broke the cammel's back was when they made a deal with an aboleth (I ran the module from Shore to Sea in the middle of book 3) and thus gave Gerlath's kid to the aboleth as a dominated slave in exchange to having more money and being taught how to unlock the powers of the Azlant magic items. Since then, he rode back to Westcrown but had a big side-quest in Belde to help the villagers from the Paracount Marcellus Thurivan.

It would be great to also have more info about the Peacock Spirit if you can squeeze more info about it in the book. The current info is pretty thin...

James, in Cheliax: Empire of Devils, it says on page 9:

Finally, a new movement is emerging, spurred by the
monks of the Third Stone Abbey in the eastern Menador Mountains: the New Ascetic, devoted to stripping out the inessential in art to focus on the bare truth. Asmodean Prelate Astrid Consain calls this a deviation from the complex interweavings of Hell, and is pushing to have the practitioners of the art chastised, but the movement continues to grow.

So... What would this new art form actually look like to be so disapproved by the Church of Asmodeus?

Thanks Sara Marie. Take your time, I am not in a hurry. ;)

Hi. Is it normal that this order hasn't ship yet?

Thank you Jessica for all your input and advice on this issue. As a guy, it made me reflect on HOW I play Pathfinder.

I've been playing for the past 2 years with 5 others guys. Themselves playing PnP games for the past 10 years.

As a roleplayer, I love telling intricate and fascinating stories. Half of my PCs are female characters and my all guys group were a bit startled by this. They would not dare interacting with my female PCs the same way they behave with NPCs female characters (ALWAYS a love interest). In RotRL, the first AP I played, a player had a douchy paladin who would spend his gold on wenches and another player developing an stereotypical macho romance relationship with a NPC witch in our party. I knew that I had joined a group where female characters would not be portrayed fairly.

They came a long way since though. I became a GM a year ago and one of those players played for the first time in his life a female PC. He did feel weird when one male NPC flirted with his female character. Nothing inappropriate though. Hopefully he realized how he was acting when he was roleplaying a male PC.

A must also admit that I do like my characters (male and female) flawed in edgy settings so I am concerned about how a woman would feel at my table.

Perykin, my halfing female PC for CotCT, in her younger years was a slave to a male tiefling who eventally sexually abused her. That is why she went away and did the AP. She developped a strong hatred towards abusive male characters, and that played a big part in the first volume with Gaedren Lamm. She later developped a female romance with Laori Vaus because she let herself be more vulnerable with a female character.

Yig, my female half-orc PC from Serpent Skulls was raised by a prostitute (a nice Varisian girl who was raped by an Orc, was then shunned by her community and had her unwanted baby in a brothel of Calistria in the Shackles.) Yig wasn't raised surrounded by love. Being overweight and ugly, she didn't find a decent partner either as an adult.

Then there is Keziah, my female changeling witch PC from Carrion Crown. She has schizophrenia (hags wanting to steal her powers) and became insane due to a lovecraftian monster.

I could go on and talk about the female NPCs I roleplay as a GM in my Council of Thieves campaign, but there are too many examples. I do try to make sure that there are strong independant female characters though.

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Because James is asking for our opinion, here is mine. I love roleplaying in PF, both as a player and as a GM. I devour every article on PF lore and setting. That small shop in a corner of the city that the AP is located in? I want to know all about it and the people working in it so I can breath life into theses NPCs.

I admit that I never read the fiction part of the AP. Why? Those stories are not tied to the campaigns I am playing or running. If it was fiction based on the life of NPCs we interact with in the game, I WOULD read it because as a GM, I would want to know all about their stories. Perhaps even tell tales of their adventures to the PCs talking to me (NPC being the protagonist of the fiction section).

But if for some reason, the characters in the fiction section are not important or semi-important NPCs in the AP, I would recommend publishing more articles linked to the AP instead.

Hey... I am from this region. How can I contact this Glen to maybe play in the PFS?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hum.... I have to admit that I am confused. This player guide strongly suggest us to create characters with a cold/winter flavor. Yay! I'm excited.... until I read about the characters starting the adventure almost in Qadira, being a traveler or most likely a resident of this 171 souls village. I am finding very unlikely that this small village very much to the South would have artic druids PCs or winter witches PCs. The same goes for the campaign traits. Why are people near Qadira obsessed with cold magic and the far North? Seriously, I want to create a character with much winter flavor but unless I am missing something, it is not realistic at all.

Goblin Squad Member

I am really excited to be playing a druid, specially if he can live in the wild rather than in a settlement. He will be minding is own business and probably protect his piece of land if there is an intruder (PC or NPC).

Although I will not trust the explorers, adventurers and city folks, I would be willing to affiliate myself with other druids, and possibly the Echo Woods faction.

Goblin Squad Member

Indeed. My intention for playing this character is not to murder folks without them EVER knowing it was me. Heck.. I might not even care about their loot. All I want is to try murder someone without them knowing or perhaps they will know but it will be too late. Yet, after my kill, I will be able to play a normal roleplaying life.

I don't forsee this every happening (normal life) if my only kill label me as a murderer in the community when he resurrects. Perhaps someone with a certain "bad" flag can be obvious to who killed him while nice harvester can know who killed them because it is a unprovoked kill.

Goblin Squad Member

Thanks Nihimon for your input. It is a problem in my point of view because it will be quite impossible to lead a double life, which would have added more depth to our characters. In my PF games as a DM and a player, I'm not a fan of black or white characters...

If truly, we cannot disguise our characters and killing or attacking someone means that you are labeled for life (in the community) as an assassin or evil guy, I will have to rethink my aristocrat character and just plainly be a mean and cruel evil crafter without any nuance. Not a bad character but less fun for me to play.

Goblin Squad Member

Dario, actually, I was refering to having the assassin flag for an hour (or less!), and not for the bonus but to avoid the serious penalities. But the big problem is that the person I will kill will know that it was me who did it and my cover will be blown as soon as I raise the assasin flag and kill my first target. Unless I misunderstood the various blog posts and we can really assasinate someone without them knowing who did it after their death.

Goblin Squad Member

I agree with the concern of the last 2 posts. I am a bit concerned regarding my well liked in his community aristocrat with a leaning for poisoning a few number of people. Regardless of if i assasinate the target with a bounty on them or not, I will put up my assassin flag and possibly showing my evil alignment. Yet, how am I supposed to keep my poisonous activites from my community? Even if I only devote 5% of my time poisoning people, 45% crafting and selling and 50% socializing, the normal part of my life (95%) will suffer from people knowing about the assassin flag and the alignement showing.

Goblin Squad Member

My main will be a neutral human druid living in the forest. He will likely harvest but be very protective of his hidden property with a "Get off my lawn or I'm gonna shoot you" attitude.

My twin will be a human aristocrat/rogue from one of the noble families in Westcrown. Likely Neutral Evil with a tendency to poison folks to get rid of them but that is his secret identity. Most people will know him as a very good jewelry crafter and he will be living with my PnP players in our guild settlement.

Goblin Squad Member

Carbon... GW should not interfere with those settlements. In due time, if they cannot defend their settlement against a larger guild, they will lose it.

As someone who paid good money for a Guild pledge, I am going to do what I want with mine.

Freaking fantastic. I received my box in the mail today and I am so glad to have all 55 figurines. Missing one would have been disappointing. The intricate details of the painting is incredible. When I compare those to the ones our regular GM has... the quality doesn't compare. My only problem was to assemble the Dragon. The tail but mostly his left wing would just not insert fully into the hole. I had to use a blade to trim the inserted tip. It worked in the end perfectly but I am still uneasy to have to do this to a $40 figurine. So my advice: Make sure the parts fit without having to use a blade.

3 figurines broke but nothing some glue will not fix.

Goblin Squad Member

CaptnB wrote:
J'imagine que vous êtes basés en France? Ça complique les choses pour les québécois côté horaire...

CaptnB, mon groupe québécois de jeu sur papier de Pathfinder a acheté un forfait Guilde. Nous sommes 6 et nous prévoyons surtout jouer ensemble aussi sur le net.

Nous ne faisons pas de recrutement pour notre Chartered Company mais je ne vois pas de problème à inviter un autre québécois orphelin à vivre avec nous sur notre Hex.

Nous nous appelons The Way, the Mount, the Burn, the Link and the Death (nom temporaire).

James, in the Cheliax Guide, I wonder if House Napaciza is mistaken for House Narikopolus.

Page 10-11:

"House Napaciza, the famed archers of Cheliax, have sent some of their best trackers and bowmen to the hills to eliminate the slaves. There’s a story in there, but Narikopolus won’t confirm that their enemy is the last scion of the family that used to rule the city of Kantaria, where Narikopolus rules now."

Moreover, in a recent thread, you quoted the Campaign Setting, indicating that House Nakapolus exists. Yet, in 2009, Sean K Reynolds said:

"The name sounded too Greek to me, and given all the attention we've been giving to how Cheliax is more Venetian, I made the change. Nothing wrong with Greek, but it stood out strangely in my mind compared to the other material we've been working on (even though that's the name from the PFCS), so I changed it."

So, what is canon? Are they separate Houses with similar names or House Nakapolus in the Campaign Settifng should be replaced with House Napaciza?

Goblin Squad Member

I still read my news on google reader and was disappointed to not find one in the first place. Posting news once per 2 weeks (on a Wednesday I believe) made it easier to know when to go on the blog though. But best case scenario: RSS feed.

James, in the Cheliax Guide, I wonder if House Napaciza is mistaken for House Narikopolus.

Page 10-11:

"House Napaciza, the famed archers of Cheliax, have sent some of their best trackers and bowmen to the hills to eliminate the slaves. There’s a story in there, but Narikopolus won’t confirm that their enemy is the last scion of the family that used to rule the city of Kantaria, where Narikopolus rules now."

Goblin Squad Member


I'm a different kind of video gamer. I usually don't play MMO. I have never played WOW, UO or Eve (don't appeal to me). In fact the only one I played was Myst Online (...and played on a daily basis). Yes it failed but I see a lot of similitudes between Goblin Works and Cyan, regarding the kind of immersive world and community you want to create.

If you have some time, I recommend taking a look at what happened to them and learning from their successes and mistakes.

By the way, I am a big believer in your project. I donated $100 in the first KS and $500 in the second.

Goblin Squad Member

Thanks for the fantastic PDF. I only wish that I could play the game right now and not have to wait a full year. :D

Goblin Squad Member

Ryan, thanks for the blog post. An advice though: Don't talk about "sexual preference" but choose instead "Sexual orientation". The latter is more appropriate and the LGBT gamers will appreciate it.

There is a mention of the "Shining Son" in the book as one of the great old ones. Is there any other mention in the Pathfinder or Lovecraft mythos regarding this being?

Thanks a lot you guys for clearing this up. :)

I have a similar question. Can the belt of physical perfection +6 stack with wish spells (3) bought to increase my strenght +3?

I'd like my Cave Druid to eventually be able to morph into a shoggoth. Considering that this ooze is Huge, I'd need the spell Beast Shape V. It doesn't seem to exist. I'm just wondering if such spell could exist and what would be the requirements to gain this spell.

BTW, I can use the Beast Shape III for oozes at the 10th level and the IV one at the 12th level. There is got to be a way to have the V one between the 12th and the 20th level...

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