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Andros Firewind's page

60 posts. Alias of sunshadow21.

Full Name

Andros Firewind




Druid 1








Common, Primordial

Strength 1
Dexterity 1
Constitution 2
Intelligence 0
Wisdom 3
Charisma 0

About Andros Firewind

Appearance & Personality:
18 years old; average height and weight; brown hair, black eyes; well tanned skin with a scar on left cheek; simply dressed; a bit jumpy and constantly watching his surroundings; mild mannered and quiet, but lighthearted and filled with youthful optimism and vigor.

Having recently finished his formal training, Andros has been sent out by his mentor on a spiritual quest of sorts to find his strengths and weaknesses in ways that formal training could never reveal. He has settled into the region around Sharn, helping the outlying villages, and even occasionally wandering into town, looking for work and signs all the while.

STR 13 CON 15|DEX 13 INT 10|WIS 17 CHA 10

AC: 14 = 10 + 2(Con) + 0(1/2 level) + 2(Leather Armor)
Fort: 13 = 10 + 2(Con) + 0(1/2 level) + 1(race)
Ref: 13 = 10 + 1(Dex) + 0(1/2 level) + 1(race) + 1(class)
Will: 15 = 10 + 3(Wis) + 0(1/2 level) + 1(race) + 1(class)

Init: +1 = 1(Dex) + 0(1/2 level)
Speed: 6

Passive Perception: 18
Passive Insight: 18

HP: 27
Bloodied value: 13
Surges p/day: 9
Per surge: 6
Temp hp:
Action points: 1

Basic melee attack/damage(mace): +3 = 1(Str) + 0(1/2 level) + 2(prof); 1d8+1 damage; versatile (+1 damage 2 handed)
Basic melee attack/damage(dagger): +4 = 1(Str) + 0(1/2 level) + 3(prof); 1d4+1 damage; off hand, light thrown
Basic ranged attack/damage(dagger): +4 = 1(Dex) + 0(1/2 level) + 3(prof); 5/10 range; 1d4+1 damage; off hand, light thrown
Basic ranged attack/damage(crossbow): +3 = 1(Dex) + 0(1/2 level) + 2(prof); 15/30 range; 1d8+1 damage; load minor

Wis based powers +3 = 3(Wis) + 0(1/2 level) + 0(totem)

At will powers:
Call of the Beast (charm, implement, primal, psyhic)
Area burst 1 within 10 squares; each creature in burst; Wis vs Will
can't gain combat advantage until the end of your next turn; target takes 8(5+Wis mod) psychic damage on it's next turn if it doesn't attack your ally closest to it
Grasping Tide (implement, primal)
Area burst 1 within 10 squares; each creature in burst; Wis vs Fortitude
1d6+3 damage, until end of your next turn, if target leaves the area of effect, get an secondary opportunity attack (Wis vs Reflex, target is prone)
Flame Seed (fire, implement, primal, zone)
Ranged 10; one creature; Wis vs Reflex
1d6 fire damage, adjacent squares become a fiery zone until the end of your next turn that deals wisdom mod(3) fire damage to any enemy that enters it

Wild Shape
Savage Rend (beast form, implement, primal)
Melee touch; one creature; Wis vs Reflex
1d8+3 damage, slide target 1 square; melee base attack

Encounter powers:
Defender of the Wild
Mark of Thunder
Wall of Smoke (implement, poison, primal)
Wall 5 within 10 squares; each creature in the wall; Wis vs Fortitude
1d10+3 poison damage, slide the target one square; wall lasts until the end of your next turn; area is lightly obscured; any who pass through take 2(Con) damage

Daily powers:
Earth Roots (implement, primal, zone)
Area burst 1 within 10 squares; each creature in burst
hit: 2d8+3 damage
effect: zone of writhing roots that last until the end of your next turn; any enemy that starts in the zone is slowed until the end of its next turn
sustain minor: zone persists, and you can slide an enemy within 2 squares 2 square into the zone


Acrobatics +1 = 1(Dex) + 0(1/2 level)
Arcana* +1 = 1(Int) + 0(1/2 level)
Athletics* +5 = 0(Str) + 0(1/2 level) + 5(trained)
Bluff +0 = 0(Cha) + 0(1/2 level)
Diplomacy* +0 = 0(Cha) + 0(1/2 level)
Dungeoneering +3 = 3(Wis) + 0(1/2 level)
Endurance* +7 = 2(Con) + 0(1/2 level) + 5(trained)
Heal* +8 = 3(Wis) + 0(1/2 level) + 5(trained)
History* +1 = 1(Int) + 0(1/2 level)
Insight* +3 = 3(Wis) + 0(1/2 level)
Intimidate +0 = 0(Cha) + 0(1/2 level)
Nature* +10 = 3(Wis) + 0(1/2 level) + 5(trained) + 2(background)
Perception* +10 = 3(Wis) + 0(1/2 level) + 5(trained) + 2(feat)
Religion +1 = 1(Int) + 0(1/2 level)
Stealth +1 = 1(Dex) + 0(1/2 level)
Streetwise +0 = 0(Cha) + 0(1/2 level)
Thievery +1 = 1(Dex) + 0(1/2 level)

15 gp in components
Animal Messenger(1/day no components)(10 gp) Nature
Create Campsite(15 gp) Nature

Class Features, Feats, Background:
Class features:
Balance of Nature
Primal Guardian: Use Con to determine AC when not wearing heavy armor
Wild Shape

(class bonus) Ritual Casting
(racial bonus) Defender of the Wild
(1st level) Persisting Thunder

Background: Farmer (+2 Nature)
Theme: Primal Guardian

Money and Equipment:
3 gp

Leather armor
Crossbow; Bolts - 20
Standard Adventurer's Kit
Ritual Book

Primal Guardian options:

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