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The assassin is ridiculously dangerous, especially at low tier. She hits like a truck and is particularly bad if you have anyone who counts as human. I downed a level full health 4 or 5 when I ran it last in a single full attack.


I have to say that I found the sniper encounter one of the single most tedious experiences of my life. Spending an hour+ having the entire group saying I double move and drop prone while well screened enemies take pot shots at us with sniper rifles from 600' away was less interesting than watching paint dry. The only worse experiences have been 2 hour+ space combats and that session of assault on the wound where I spent 3 hours saying "I move my army one hex".

I appreciate the desire to showcase other styles of combat but the reality, certainly from my experience, is that only a tiny fraction of the player base uses sniper weapons. Given the likelihood of any such players being at a table it just creates an extremely annoying experience for everyone else.

Please dont do this again.

Hi, as I mntioned none of my low level core characters are currently free and I wasnt particularly looking at making a new one. I could drop a level 2 as I have various emerald spire credit GM babies if I need to but I would rather use an existing character. Both options (Cleric 2 and Sorcerer 4) are currently in Gameday part 1 games.


Scott Young wrote:
andreww wrote:

One other issue cropped up when I ran this recently.

If the group goes directly to the site they encounter the fey. At high tier she comes with 3 allies. The map assumes these allies are large, they are not. The stat blocks, both in the scenario and on the PRD show them as huge. That both makes the map a bit cramped and makes them far more dangerous.

Saltwater merrow are Huge sized (all the better to grapple you with, dearie!) The map is small, but really it's there to set up the initial interaction/ambush. Once combat begins, you should feel free to extend the map in any direction as needed. The ice sheet goes for miles in all directions, with basically no features nearby. I used the blank side of the Mountain Pass flip map for extending this fight.

They are, however, the map shows them as being large creating a false impression for people running it who don't spot the mistake.

I did run this encounter once and had them grabbing people at range and then moving them to an adjacent square beneath the merrow, underwater. I think that is legal per the grappling rules and it proved quite dangerous. Staying underwater also helped as people weren't really prepared for that.


Scott Young wrote:
andreww wrote:
One thing I did notice, depsite apparently being "adapted to the cold envoronment" the enemies at the end hav pretty much nothing to help them against cold damage or terrain issues.

The blackfrost mummies are immune to cold damage from the environment, since as undead they're immune to both nonlethal damage and anything that requires a Fortitude save.

Yes, but this is true for all undead. These mummies were held out as being specially adapted to their environment. I had PC's using cold damage on them which just seemed really bizarre, I was expecting them to be resistant or immune to cold.


That reads to me more like the scenario author providing a reminder of the rules and getting them wrong. Scenario specific changes to the rules tend to be much more explicit than that nowadays.


James Anderson wrote:
3. The DC of the poison goes up for EVERY EXPOSURE, whether they make their save or not. I had players track their exposures without telling them exactly why.

This isn't right as per the poison Blog

2. The saving throw DC is increased by +2 for every active dose currently affecting the character. Poisons that were cured, have run through their entire frequency, or were negated with a successful initial saving throw do not increase the DC


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HWalsh wrote:

"I've got a player who did this. What do I do because nothing in the scenario can effect him? Can this enemy even touch him? He's a unique with monk abilities? He doesn't have a ki pool though."

The simple answer to this is that the onus is on the player to explain what they are doing, where it is from, how it works and why it is legal. If they cannot do so then they dont get to do it. I for one will give players 5 minutes or so to explain and then move on. I am also much less impressed with people who try to throw in this nonsense mid sessions rather than talking to me in advance. It is why I always ask for character sheets in advance when I run online.

I would be interested in core Shades of Ice but all of my low level core characters are currently in games.


Fury of the Final Blade is a rescue mission.

An utterly murderous one but still a rescue mission.


Raid on Cloudborne Keep seems to fit the bill although you arent looking for a macguffin.

Quairon Nailo wrote:
Also, i realized a lot of their bloodline powers are not very good, ie. Ancestral Surge: An action and a Spell Point for... the ability for that turn to expend another action and another Spell Point in increasing the duration of a spell in one round. What the hell?

It increases the DC of the spell you use it on.

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One thing I would like to see is sorcerers getting free heighten on their bloodline spells. They are supposed to be iconic to that bloodline, being forced to take them again as spells known at a higher level is very annoying. If they are inherent then they should scale.


Ferious Thune wrote:
That is, as noted, what the previous guide technically required. But it has not been enforced by the campaign since the campaign began. Individual areas may have enforced it, because that is what they wanted to do. The point being that a) the crackdown was targeted at the online region instead of being directed at everyone, and b) the crackdown was not necessary, because the issue in that situation lies with the player not filling out their chronicles, not with the GMs.

In my experience the success of such a crackdown is about as effective as trying to make people do it for face to face games, which is to say not at all. I can probably count the number of fully completed chronicles I have received from any GM on the fingers of one hand.

I would be GM star relaying so happy to sit oout in favour of zer0darkfire.

I would rather wait a little bit for a 6th. Maybe until the weekend?

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Pretty muc this. I recently ran a level 10 test with an elite stone golem. Pretty muchh no-one could make the DC34 athletics check allowing it to trample people three times per round.

Between level 7 and 9 I can provide:

Psychic 7
Alchemist 7
Druid 8
Sorcerer 8
Inquisitor 9
Magus 9
Occultist 9
Alchemist 9


I wouldnt drop a blizzard on the players but I would see any issue with using ice or snow rules in the various encounters.

One thing I did notice, depsite apparently being "adapted to the cold envoronment" the enemies at the end hav pretty much nothing to help them against cold damage or terrain issues.


One other issue cropped up when I ran this recently.

If the group goes directly to the site they encounter the fey. At high tier she comes with 3 allies. The map assumes these allies are large, they are not. The stat blocks, both in the scenario and on the PRD show them as huge. That both makes the map a bit cramped and makes them far more dangerous.

I would be interested, I have a lot of character options between 8 and 10.

I have run and played this previously so would need to burn a GM star on it. If you prefer to take someone who isnt replaying then obviously that would be fine.


As every else has said your GM is wrong if just going by the rules. I am not clear from your post whether this is a home game or a PFS group. You are posting in the PFS section of the forums and PFS GM's are required to run according to the rules, at least the rules as they best understand them. Sometimes, where things are ambiguous, you will find variation on how the rules work. This really isnt one of those times. Your character has darkvision from their bloodline.

If this is a home game then it is up to you and the GM to agree things between you. This really should have happened when you took the sorcerer level.

The Pakalchis are in league with Citizen Dread, the chief Grey Gardner. They are controlling the undead creatures although how is unclear as they have no way of doing so.

As drwho's GM he got unlucky as the group killed the Pakalchis first. The entire party had death ward from a void kineticist so they ignored the other threat and when the last one went down it sang out. It didnt help that their wizard was unconscious from wisdom damage.


James Anderson wrote:
The first round and a half are brutal fighting, as the big guy moves up and then fixes one hole. And then every mummy turns their attention on him, and the combat ceases to be an issue.

I am prepping this at the moment and this looks like it is only an issue in low tier. High tier tactics have them ganging up on people to get flanking.

EDIT: Looks like this is contradicted by the body of the text.

One thing I have noticed is that Encounter C seems to lack a 4 player adjustment. That could be particularly bad for low tier parties where the beastie is really quite dangerous.


Doug Hahn wrote:
I ran it without as I couldn't find where, exactly, it says alchemist bombs get sneak attack.

You cannot sneak attack with splash weapons outside of certain class abilities however NPC's often break the rules annd given her tactics make explicit reference to it I am inclined to run it as intended.


I have played this and run it once at high tier. I will be running it again on wednesday.

Its an enjoyable scenario with a lot going on to keep track of but there do seem like there are some issues.

Ilchok looks incredibly dangerous at low tier. With a +5 bab, power attack and favoured enemy human he is hitting against human targets twice per round at +9 for 1d8+10 damage. That's pretty brutal.

When we played this we kept Bosk alive for the full 5 rounds. Our GM gave us a warning about uusing magic following a high heal check although the scenario doesnt seem to provide for that. We also used speak with dead afterwards and it would havve been nice if that was addressed somewhere.

I liked the GM handouts, the timeline was particularly helpful as the narrative description of it is less than clear. The map showing travel times was also invaluable. When we played we had a skald with the song that lets you hustle without risk which cut down time significantly. We still went the wrong way and lost Ramyla.

On the difficulty issue the fungi can be dangerous but the rogues just are not very threatening. The high tier lot can do a chunk in an invisiblity initiated surprise round but after that they are toast. They lack the defences or damage against level 4-5 PCs.

I have run Cladara as getting sneak attack with her bombs even though it is not supported by the rules. Not that she managed to do much, as she lost initiative, threw her poisoned dagger and was promptly surrounded by 6 melee characters. Hitting her morale condition I decided not to provoke 6 opportunity attacks drawing a cure light potion. It would have been nice if she had something like spider climb to give a bit more survivability.

TOZ wrote:
andreww wrote:
Why on earth would you do this?
Because it allowed members of the community to see everywhere a player has played PFS before, which is a powerful predictor of where they WILL play, and that is more information than the new EU privacy laws allows. We are hoping to see it return in a more controlled and legally compliant manner.

Sessions were never visible to other people. VO's might have had access to them but ordinary members certainly did not.

No, heighten isn't free which is what you seem to be trying to do here. Apply heighten first then anything else on top.

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Heya! This change to remove the sessions tab from /people pages was intentional and came from a view different vectors. Sessions are still viewable from your My Organized Play page.

Why on earth would you do this? The sessions section was one of the easiest ways to check that organised play games had actually been reported and that things were attached to the right character. The generalised list option is pretty awful as he search function is pretty much useless.

Same problem here, it often obscures the Submit Post button which makes PbP extremely awkward.

I will decide on final character post Gencon.


Also +1 it is a great idea

A level dip into oracle taking the deep one curse will reduce your base land speed by 5 but give you a swim speed equal to your base land speed.

I don't know if you've seen the saves the NPCs are rocking but they're high enough that on my mystic I'm not even trying: I'm sticking with summoning speed bumps magic missile and removal of starfinders deathspiral conditions. Thats with a SAD class, much less one where you need strength dex con and charisma. Crowd control isn't a fight ender, you can't go oh well and try next round. Above all things it needs reliability.

This has not been my experience with the mystic so far. My spells are pretty reliable. It isn't quite PF1's they only save on a 19+ levels but control spells can still reliably swing an entire fight. I find fear particular useful.

Paizocon UK is this weekend, It has a large number of starfinder games listed so I thought I would do a quick run through the warhorn to see how many people appear to be playing solarions.

Slot 1:
Live Exploration Extreme: 2|16
On the Trail of History: 2|15

Slot 2:
Ashes of Discovery: 3|16
Star Sugar Heartlove: 0|10

Slot 3:
Save the Renkrodas 2|12
Dreaming of the Future 0|20

Slot 4:
Scoured Stars 0|47

Slot 5:
Dreaming of the Future 0|6
Reclaiming the Time Lost Tear 1|5

Slot 6:
Ashes of Discovery 2|8
Star Sugar Heartlove 1|7

Now, not everyone has put in their classes but most have. Out of 162 characters being played only 13 are declared as Solarions, about 8% of the overall population. Its a relatively small sample size but the group also consists probably of the more committed Starfinder players in the UK.

Given there are only 7 classes it certainly seems that this part of the community isn't that interested in them. I will be curious to see how many I see at Gencon, my experience playing SFS online is that they are very few and far between.

You can check the Warhorn details for yourself HERE

Slow s pretty terrible for melee monsters, especially if they lack reach. I plan on taking it as my first level 3 spell on my mystic.

I have a level 8 and 9 sorcerer or a level 9 magus as my most likely ones for this.

I would be interested in Rebels Ransom, I have a lot of characters in the high tier available.

If going bard then I might consider Lore Oracle 1/Bard for the rest. Get Charisma to knowledge skills, AC and reflex. Take noble scion and get it for initiative as well. Go thundercaller bard for a decent small aoe damage effect with the potential to stun enemies as well.

If he wants to stick with cleric and have decent skills I suggest either herald caller or cardinal. Herald caller gets 4+Int skill points, Cardinal 6+Int but Cardinal does give up a lot. I would go the heavy wisdom route for extra spellcasting and better DC's along with the Empathic Diplomat trait to use Wisdom for Diplomacy.

The DC's for many starfinder skills scale automatically with CR or expected opposition which makes dropping a few points here and there a waste for at least some checks.

Take acrobatics as an example. A level 10 character with a couple of ranks, a dex of 16 and acro as a class skill is rolling at +8. The DC to tumble is 20+1.5xCR. You aren't tumbling past anything even vaguely threatening even on a 20. The DC to escape a grapple also scales as it is based on enemy KAC so you are very unlikely to succeed.

However, the DCs to balance are fixed so you may get some value out of a couple of ranks here and there. Overall though its worth looking at how the DCs work before deciding what to use your skill points on. If you want to reliably succeed however then maximum ranks and having a decent stat is probably necessary.


Fire Dancer wrote:
Ouch! I haven't encountered any "grar" on my Flame Dancers (I actually have two) - is there some out there? I don't even recall any on the boards (and there always seemed to be someone offended by EVERYTHING on the boards).

Flame dancer plus obscuring mist, fog cloud, eversmoking bottle or similar is basically an autowin in 90%+ of combats you are likely to see in PFS. It is very tedious from the GM side of things.


Fantus1984 wrote:
If the player return to town with the drain, the player would need to get a restoration to remove the drain (2PP or 280g)

Restoration costs 380gp, there is a 100gp material component cost as well.

and also then remove disease (1pp or 150g) to attempt the d20+5CL vs the diease DC. (390g if done by a CL13 to gurantee the remove disease, can the PP be any CL?)

Prestige purchases are at minimum caster level. They could buy a higher caster level cast with gold although they wouldn't know the DC. If they want to be sure they could spend 660gp for a Heal spell which automatically removes all diseases.

What happens if the player doesn't have either enough gold / PP to pay for these services? Do I as a GM sign off the players has taken the 2 con drain and then at the start of the next session the player needs to carry it over along with the disease. I am concerned that any amount of days can take place between sessions and the player will slowly die to the disease and needing 2 cures in a row.

You cannot carry over the diseased condition, it must be resolved. Any stat damage will just heal naturally. You can carry over drain but you mark it on their chronicle.


Int 3 animals still require handle animal checks even if they understand a language so I would say this spell doesn't change that.


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Mike Bramnik wrote:
So, apparently I missed it when I was prepping this scenario for the table I ran at InConJunction this weekend...but was "Precautions" intended to be a red herring? Seeing as the book isn't mentioned after being acquired, I could see that being the case. Alternatively, was it supposed to have a mechanical benefit (which is alluded to but never outright stated)?

I asked about this and several other things a while back but got no answer. As much as I really like this scenario the editing is pretty horrible.


You decide where to place it. The location is not fixed.


Scarab Sages missions tend to feature undead quite often.

Scenario recommendations:
Beacon Below, Ancients Anguish and Salvation of the Sages should all have what you want.

Also there is

[b]the entire run of Feast of Dust, although that also has a lot of outsiders[/spoiler]


Mike McKeown wrote:
Matt Lewis wrote:
Sorry to bring a long-dormant thread out of hibernation, but was this ever resolved - either clarification on using a season 8 EN boon in season 9, or the release of a season 9 version?
I printed out a Season 8 and wrote Season nine at the top and filled out that.

I did the same and plan to do likewise for Season 10 as I don't expect to see a new version released.

This scenario was supposed to be released this month. However, it seems to have been added to the unavailable list rather than the available one.


I am not sure you can buy any. The archetype may give you a starting gun but on its own doesn't open access to anything else. I am not even sure it would let you buy ammunition.

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