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Andrew Turner's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 4,170 posts (4,715 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 58 aliases.

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Superior; extremely realistic


This is a fabulous product. If you've been cutting broom straw into itty-bitty pieces, and trying to paint or dye carpet fibre to look like a hay bale, pick up some GF9 'Parched Straw.' You will be amazed at how realistic it looks.

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A Good Campaign Option

****( )

The art throughout the book is a combination of traditional art, with some very nice watercolors, and computer art. There are some nice new magic items and spells introduced, shell magic (it’s a costal setting) and lots of item magic centered around the idea that many normal items carry a latent magical signature from Before the Fall that must be “awoken” by the user. Also included are a few new monsters, some are pretty cool, like the Sharae, humans twisted by magic during the Fall, similar to Deep Ones. Tangleclaws are super-creepy spiderlike aberrations, but they don’t seem to have any purpose in life, despite their high intelligence. There are some really exciting locations, like the Haunthills Portals, and the idea that adventurers travel to the Mourna via estemels or magical gateways; the trick is getting back to whence you came, as the gates are one way! One of the best aspects of this book is how NPCs are written up: they get a basic stat block (Uldrinath Sedmond, NE Male Human Cleric 12 of Haelarr CR12) followed by an amazingly interesting and detailed description and a large, character-rich portrait. There’s a great, detailed and long timeline in the back of the book, very interesting reading. And, best of all, there’s a large fold-out map in the back that you don’t have to tear out. The setting is large, but all coastal, and could be dropped into any un- or under-explored area in your setting. All-in-all, worth the money and time.

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Extremely and Surprisingly Useful


Initially, I was skeptical that these cards were worth the expense versus anticipated use, then I received an 11-card pack. The GameMastery Item Cards aren't a game, rather they're a game aid---I'm not talking about the Three-Dragon Ante type of game aid, (an actual, playable game that stands alone or can be used as a part of an adventure)--no, these cards are physical, graphic representations of actual items acquired throughout an adventure. Take the 'Ring' card, for example: one side shows the artist’s representation of a simple ring, the opposite side gives a very brief description of the ring, and best of all, includes a small blank space for DM or Player notes regarding the item! I use this space to annotate my group's code system. In the case of the ring card, I've placed a small piece of transparent tape over the blank space and written in alcohol pen 'R14b', which allows my group to cross-reference our campaign journal for a more thorough description of that particular find. These cards allow the DM to give the player distinctive representations of special items gained. There’s no wheedling months down the road when the sorcerer declares he has a ring of giant strength +2—he either has his item card or he doesn’t. Additionally, it’s a great way to manage loss of items-- just take up the item card when the scroll is used up or the sword is swallowed by the purple worm. Suggestions: 1) Use a pencil on the blank spaces or a thumb of transparent tape, then write in with an alcohol pen; it’s a small space, so codes work better than paragraphs. 2) You may not want to use a card until you have duplicates—duplicates are a good way of sight-management, as whatever you give a player, you have a like-copy in your books, which helps when the player loses the card or claims to have something you didn’t give him…

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