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Andrew Turner's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 4,136 posts (4,673 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 58 aliases.


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Liberty's Edge

It's purely my experience; and I suppose it's advice that I personally follow.

I'll be the first to admit that no instance in my life has ever put me in a position to ever need to follow that advice.

I've never experienced or personally witnessed (obviously, I'm not counting videos on the news, etc.) anything remotely resembling police brutality or abuse of authority (by law enforcement), and I've never met anyone who themselves personally witnessed or experienced the same--I'm not trying to imply that it doesn't happen, only to indicate that I have a very, very limited frame of reference.

With this in mind, I can have an opinion but I can't contextualize that opinion or qualify it: I never meant anyone to understand that I believe the victims of police violence or abuse of authority caused their own problems.

Liberty's Edge

A lot of [fairly sarcastic, but sometimes sincere] incredulity regarding my previous post: this is why I wrote 'my experience' and 'my opinion'.

Liberty's Edge

Nancy Kress explores this topic, albeit obliquely, in the Sleepless novels. Beggars in Spain, in particular.

Liberty's Edge

Arnwyn wrote:
I'm wondering - how did (do) you feel about Resident Evil (notably RE 1-3 and CV)?

I have to admit I've never played a Resident Evil game-- love the films, have read many of the novels, I even have an Umbrella Corp parking decal on my front windshield, but I have never played one of the games.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My experience with police forces in the US follows.

My opinion:

When you're polite to an officer, they're polite to you. 1% of the time this isn't true.

When you're belligerent with an officer, they're belligerent with you. 99% of the time this is true.

What some Americans (and internationals) are calling fear of the police, I call respect for authority (which I have).

Simple rules, from my point of view:

If an officer engages you, be polite and respectful.

If an officer issues a directive, follow it.

When an officer says, "Hands up!" don't start walking toward them! Put you hands up and be quiet.

When an officer asks for ID, don't invoke the Constitution or Patrick Henry, just show them your ID.

When you've broken the law, no matter how trivial or what circumstances you believe mitigate your offense, be contrite and respectful--that doesn't mean you have to admit you did or didn't do anything, but don't be deliberately stupid.

When an officer tells you to calm down, or stop cursing at them, calm down and shut up: the officer's demand was explicit and black-and-white; there is absolutely zero chance that they actually meant for you to teach them all the profanities you know, and in as loud a voice as possible.

Liberty's Edge

O! My Buttery Jesus! I Finally made it to the end of Chapter 10! I spent an hour trying to beat the boss only to discover that it was more a waiting game and a lot of running in circles to get past it (Laura the Spider Queen).

The animations in this game are awesome the first couple times, but like in Thief 4, they get on your nerves after awhile. I've died so many times waiting for an animation to cycle: often times, you learn, playing this game, that the only way to get through it is to die a few times so you can learn the timings, including the animations! I've literally been writing down the number of seconds it takes so I can time a thing the next go-round.

And yet...I keep playing. That has to say something for the game; it says nothing about me, because I've certainly quit games for good in the past.

Liberty's Edge

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Money allows people like me, with no hunter-gatherer skills, no craftsman skills, and no manual skills (I can't hunt or fish; I can't grow a garden to save my life; I can't build anything; and I'm not physically awesome enough to labor at a task), to exist without being royalty or indigent. I'm able to trade my soft skills (writing and programming) for credits (called dollars in my country), which I can then give to someone else who has the products of hard skills (the frying pan I need to cook my dinner).

My skills aren't easily bartered to my inter-local group, but they are very easily bartered through a middleman to an extra-local or remote group. Without money and the system thereof, people like me would die off.

Liberty's Edge

So...while I wait three days for Dragon Age to download, I thought I'd give this game another chance.

I wish we could rename this thread: "So, you wanna play The Evil Within? Get ready to get full-up intimate with game frustration, yet find yourself drawn to continuing: it's like not being able to look away from the two-cup video..."

I made it to Chapter 6, so it is definitely playable; and it's still a lot of fun, just frustrating. After a little while (and after playing in a completely dark room, which helps to dispel the letterbox effect), you learn to control around the giant protagonist eating a third of the screen--but that's OK (if you enjoy being frustrated), because the inconsistent and illogical sudden control malfunctions (they're not malfunctions, they're design 'features'), like suddenly I can't run; suddenly I go from crouched and hidden to standing in full view; suddenly I go from standing-to with the shotgun to standing-to with nothing and the empty pistol the next available activated item...

So, Chapter 6: "Go ahead, buddy; I'll cover you from this rooftop with this awesome sniper rifle I just picked up!"


Proceed to run out and get shot at by numerous, high-ground positioned snipers; and no cover fire from my partner, who just f@$$ing stands there looking 'helpful'.

Liberty's Edge

I really wanted to like this game, but, three chapters in and I'm quits. The problem is not necessarily the huge black letterbox bars top and bottom, and more the third person perspective: the detective simply takes up too much of the available screen. Imagine taking your TV and taping paper over a third of the screen, and then further taping paper over a third of the remaining screen.

I can't see below or above myself when climbing ladders (which IRL, it's pretty damned easy to look down or up); I run into door jambs all the time because the character is on the left of the screen, but my center-of-focus is, well, in the center; I run around objects all the time because they are slightly hidden, and disappear when I get far enough away to see them; the same when I'm right on top of them.

Rather than challenging, the whole control setup and FOV is frustrating.

Four Stars for Potential; One Star for Execution.

Liberty's Edge


I'm enjoying this game, so far...however, there are issues:

Third Person camera: The dude is always IN THE WAY! Sometimes I almost want to reach out and shove him aside. I catch myself constantly, as I get more and more into the game, literally craning my neck trying to see around 'my' back!

Letterbox: Rather than being mostly unnoticeable the more you play, the letterbox (along with the Detective WHO'S ALWAYS IN MY WAY!) is a virtual obstruction: I catch myself literally trying to see above and below it, like it was two planks of wood; better, it's like walking around in a slit-visor helmet.

Controls: I've tried various sensitivities, all to no avail. It is positively infuriating to run circles, or dance left-right-left around an object in an effort to pick it up.

Inconsistent character actions (when compared with cut-scene actions): What?!? Really?!? Why in the hell couldn't I do that a few minutes ago? Really? In a cut-scene I can do flying double-kicks while shooting foes to both flanks!!??!! Meanwhile, in actual gameplay, I apparently can't sprint more than 30 meters without becoming so winded that I collapse to my knees in exhaustion.

Odd default actions: Wait: I can instantly incinerate foes using a torch, so why in the hell would the default action be a kick, which allows the enemy to get his licks in, instead of torching the MoFo? What? A single smack by a foe takes an entire syringe's-worth of life?

Inconsistent enemy actions: A flash-bang blinds the enemy and allows me to actually sneak up on him, even after he saw me, and knife him in the head? But literally blowing an enemy's head half off--eyes gone!-- and he can still chase me down???

Liberty's Edge

Rynjin wrote:
...Maybe. It's basically Halo with a less coherent story, less tight gunplay, a MUCH less well balanced multiplayer, and an expansion on the Armor Abilities idea.

By 'tight gunplay', are you talking abut the controls? I thought the controls were a nice refined version of the Halo controls, but maybe I'm just getting better at FPSs (or the game is too easy).

Also, sad to hear about the eventual requirement to join with others---I'm not being unsocial, it's just that while I really enjoy these games, I recognize my skills and limitations: I'm not skilled enough (or consistent enough) to be an asset in a co-op.

Liberty's Edge

the Evil Within official website.

Chapter One/Tutorial walkthrough.

Actual full gameplay is best seen beginning with Chapter Two

Survival Horror; Mikami-directed.

I just picked up this game over the weekend on a Black Friday sale at the PS Store. It's been out for a little while now, but I initially avoided it due to the third person camera-style (which I tend to dislike). Anyone playing?

Technical note/TTP: I eventually set the screen grain down to 0. It defaults at 100, which I think is weird. At 0 the blacks are very black and graphics actually look worthy of being corralled in the Next Gen category. On Full Default grain, there's a lot of white shading in the blacks, distant objects are blurred and sometimes completely obscured.

Liberty's Edge

I really enjoyed the first chapter, and my first visit to the Tower. When I returned to the Cosmodrome, there were suddenly all these other //players// jumping and sprinting and phase shifting all around me, and Fallen that were impossible for me to beat on any setting. It took a little while for me to understand that I could choose to interact with these other gamers, that it wasn't a requirement--I'm no fan of MMOs, but I had just spent $70 for this game based on the demo (which included no other //players//), and was determined to give it a thorough run before chucking it.

I also learned that there are other games going on all around me: the Fallen with //???// are enemies for co-ops or other solos, and they won't attack me by default (and I also can't destroy them; but they will definitely kill me if I attempt to engage).

I kind of wish I could completely opt out of the online aspect. I haven't tried it, so I'm not sure what happens if I disconnect: can I still play the game? Ultimately, it's not a big deal, and the other gamers have never gotten in the way; they tend, after a while, to remind me of subtitles--if I don't need to read them, I eventually stop 'seeing' them.

I'd say, if you enjoy Halo, you'll probably enjoy this game.

Liberty's Edge

Chris Mortika wrote:
One site discussed the difference between the CGI of the pre-quels versus the physical effects in TFA. The snapshot of the X-wings flying over the lake, with the mountains in the background, has such weight and physicality to them, as opposed to the ships and droids in the pre-quels, which seemed mass-less, and only cast shadows because someone decided that it would be better if they did.

Superb rendering! This is exactly what I was thinking but couldn't quite articulate to my wife.

Liberty's Edge

Just picked up this game last night: beautiful graphics, great sound, and absolutely awesome controls.

Reminds me a lot of Halo, but highly refined and polished.

I'm WickedTimeLord on the PS Network, if anyone wants to jam.

Liberty's Edge

I just saw the trailer. It's awesome. So, awesome that I'm quite exquisitely and deliciously excited.

But...I recall The Phantom Menace had a great teaser, too.

I really, really, really want this movie to be good.

I'm so and my First World Problems.

Liberty's Edge

Official Trailer

The above link takes you to Apple Trailers, so this is the real one.

For the extreme brevity of it; holy smoke, but it looks great!

As I watched it, well..hairs standing on end, goosebumps, eyes gradually widened, ridiculous, enormous face-splitting grin, spontaneous clapping: yes, I'm excited.

Liberty's Edge

Me, too, actually. I don't have the time or energy (or interest) for MMORPGs.

I'm really hoping to see this on PC/Console as a campaign game with side quests and a online/LAN multiplayer option.

Since this is a Korean game, though, I don't expect to see it on PS4/Xbox anytime soon.

Liberty's Edge

Here it is; the actual 'Diablo III' I was promised 15 years ago...

Liberty's Edge

Arnwyn wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

You're right! I looked in the closet this morning and they were in the box.
Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here's a nice quick Endgaget article about the game (trailer).

So...apparently, in this game, you play as a mentally disturbed (nay, insane) former elite operator on a killing spree. According to the developer, there is no logic, rationale, or motivation of any kind prompting the events in the game; it is purely, simply, mass-murder insanity.

Just my opinion, but what sane, emotionally-stable person would even remotely enjoy this?

Liberty's Edge

Has anyone tried this demo/marketing/advert mini-game?

I found it has some very nice, genuine scares, but the insane, repetitive looping (while a nice metaphor) eventually (one full hour later) became grating and...yes, boring.

Apparently, there are clues throughout your walk down the two halls, but they don't seem logical and they're definitely not intuitive.

If Silent Hills follows this model, I don't see myself playing--I don't have the patience and certainly not the time.

Anyone else? Anyone actually finish the demo?

Apparently, the demo can't be completed without a set of headphones and mic plugged in (the headphones trigger script in the game; the mic uses your breathing, which is expected to increase at certain intense moments, to trigger script, as well--I don't have these for my PS4 and I'm not going to buy a set just to see the end of the demo.

Liberty's Edge

Kthulhu wrote:
It's not exactly the first game where you have an inability to fight back. Haunting Ground, Penumbra: Black Plague, Amnesia: The Dark Descent....survival horror where you have to flee, hide, or die isn't a new concept.

This game was, nonetheless, a first for me.

Liberty's Edge

I just finished Outlast on PS4: in a word, spectacular!

This is the first horror game I've ever played where I have actually been scared. Very immersive, very effective, and it doesn't even have very good graphics.

An interesting aspect of the game is your complete inability to fight back--all you can do is sneak, run, and hide. At first this can be frustrating, especially when you have so many opportunities to appropriate any number and types of weapons, from your own fists and dropped knives, to clubs and even dropped firearms; hell, even power tools. Eventually, though (and once you understand this--I did not and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to fight before I cheated, looked online, and discovered you simply can't), the inability to forcefully defend yourself becomes the greatest challenge of the game.

Anyone else playing? I just started the DLC. Quick question (and I've looked online and no one else seems to be having this problem):


DLC cannibal cook section; he tosses me in the crematory and says, "Stay in there and cook!"

I head to the back of the oven and begin striking the wall; the bricks begin to give way. At the fifth strike, I am suddenly unable to hit the wall. I can still move around, but striking the wall is no longer an option. I’ve tried all three controller layouts, but I experience the same issue every time.

I’ve looked online and no one else seems to be having any trouble. I’ve watched several walkthroughs of this section of the game, and everyone else tumbles through the broken wall after five strikes.

Any suggestions?

Liberty's Edge

This year I have a long list of books, but they're all old tried-and-true favorites.

Any new volumes from the community for this deliciously dark Autumn?

Liberty's Edge

Newest Trailer



...what? You know you loved it.

Liberty's Edge

5 people marked this as a favorite. the time of your very first post your 10-year-old was only an 18-month-old...

Liberty's Edge

I've seen the movie three times now, and I love it. Some parts don't stand up to the 'oh, really' test, but it's a sci-fantasy movie with sentient alien robots that split their lives between humanoid bipedal forms and mechanical conveyances like semi trucks and Chevrolets--what do you expect?

If anyone has the chance to see it in 4DX, you should definitely go for it: water and smoke effects, the chairs move with camera overflights, rattles and shakes of fighting--when Ratchet gets stabbed, the seat back punches you in the kidney. It's worth the $18 ticket price.

Awesome transformation effects, great fight scenes, very cool cinematography, great sound, Optimus riding a T-Rex: the best of the series.

Liberty's Edge

MMCJawa wrote:
It's going to be really hard to top Tim Curry as Pennywise.

It is getting a remake as well: here's the link, which mentions the hand-off to NLC and the plan to split the book into two films.

Liberty's Edge

Lords of Mars by Graham McNeill. It's the second book of a planned trilogy. Excellent work, especially if you're a fan of the Mechanicus.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
GreyWolfLord wrote:

I find it hard to believe any game would train you to shoot at people.

I think someone who's had basic gun training in basic training probably is better at that than someone who's only played a game. AT least the person in basic has an idea of how to actually hold, carry, load their own weapon, and shoot properly.

I find it very hard to believe any game could teach those basics, much less more advanced gun training....

The US Army requires everyone to go through an EST (Engagement Skills Trainer) before actually firing on a range.

The EST is essentially PS Move or Xbox Kinect with a real firearm.

The Army has found a 100% increase in qualifications when exercising with the EST before range firing.

Liberty's Edge which I mean--it's time for your kids to continue movement toward the Singularity with their own computer.

At what age do you (Paizonians with children) plan to allow a computer in your child's room?

Liberty's Edge

So, it seems The Stand has a director, Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars), and it's gone from three movies to three hours and the promise of an all-star A-list cast. Then again...Spielberg has been making The Talisman for 12 years now, so who knows what will actually happen in the next couple years.

At any rate, I usually re-read the novel every three years or so (it's one of my absolute all-time favorites), but I only recently re-watched the 1994 miniseries. It's probably been 15 or more years since I last watched it, and I was surprised, after viewing it on Netflix this weekend, how many scenes I was absolutely sure were in the movie that weren't--so much so that I spent no small amount of time looking around on the web to be sure I wasn't watching some truncated and poorly-edited version.

Something else I noticed was that the movie was actually quite a lot of fun, and very accessible--if you've read the novel. If you haven't, then despite its six-hour length, it feels like hours of scenes are simply missing: watching the movie with my brother-in-law this weekend, who's never read the novel and hadn't before seen the film, found him constantly peppering me with questions about why this was happening, and when that had happened, and what caused this character to do that and that character to do was difficult, in a word.

So, I wonder how such a long and complex cross-country novel, with so many characters and subplots, could possibly be digested, effectively, into a single theatrical release.

What do you think?

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Fallout 3. I've been playing it since 2009.

Liberty's Edge


Liberty's Edge

A year ago I wrote this:

Maybe we need a 'Hot Button Nuclear Death Plague' section of the message boards.

Enter at your own risk, no holds barred, etc.

Personally, though, I appreciate how civil the Paizo boards are compared to the rest of everything. I also like the way the Mods delete our occasional jerkier moments, which saves us the embarrassment of explaining exactly what we meant after we've cooled off and can't remember at all exactly what we meant.

Maybe it really is a matter of transitional perspective.

Liberty's Edge

I think I lurked for around a year, then made my first post December 2005 (about one of the Dungeon adventures).

I once posted a dozen and more times a day, but over the last couple years, not so much--sometimes a dozen times over several months :-(

I [qualia] feel/believe [/qualia] we used to have such discussions here. Maybe we still do; maybe I'm just getting (am already) too old.

Liberty's Edge

Wow, seven pages when I expected something like seven responses.

Liberty's Edge

Just started Lords of Mars It's been close to a year since I read Priests of Mars, but it surprisingly has stuck with me. I really enjoying it so far. The next book is scheduled for sometime this summer.

Liberty's Edge

Andrew Turner wrote:

Are we really such intellectual cowards that the engines of discourse perforce must drive debate that is only flawlessly, precisely, undoubtedly inoffensive to anyone in any way?

What's happened to us?

LazarX wrote:
You can always go to 4chan for the kind of threads you're looking for.
Matt Thomason wrote:

Quite. Lets remember this is Paizo's message board, and not a public service. Whatever goes on here has to be justified to management, and "giving gamers somewhere to verbally rip each other's insides out in the name of debating fascinating topics" doesn't sound like a good business case to me.

Think more sitting around in comfy chairs, chatting to each other over a coffee, and less heated debate with people standing at podiums hurling insults at one another.

[eyeroll] 4Chan is completely and categorically the opposite of what I'm talking about; take a look at my posting history and you'll see what I mean.[/eyeroll]

Yes, the boards are Paizo-land, which is why I love them--I've been posting here since 2005. My OP was not aimed at Paizo or the Mods (who have atrociously difficult jobs; and I'm pretty sure Moderating is an additional duty that gets in the way of real work).

The OP was aimed at all of us--some of us are intimidated by rigorous discourse, some of us are debate pros, and some of us are total imbecilic trolls; and we've gotten so bad at the two extremes--ultra-sensitive/ultra-trollish--that we've backed the Mods (and our beloved Paizo) into a corner labeled 'this thread is so contentious and such troll bait, we need to lock it before it starts'. We're our own worst enemy.

As to the Best Boards on the Internet (aka, Paizo Boards), and how they contribute to business at Paizo--I'm an example of a Boards-User who enjoyed the experience so much he morphed into a Regular Customer (I've spent thousands of dollars here over the years).

Liberty's Edge

Hej! We made it five pages!

Liberty's Edge

I don't rinse, per se, but I do clean them off into the garbage disposal.

Liberty's Edge

This was a great subplot in an older episode of Dexter.

Liberty's Edge

Three favourites in a row!

Liberty's Edge

Signed edition signed edition signed edition

Liberty's Edge

Where's the $50 or $60 signed edition...?

I'd bet there're a slew of us who'd happily pay quite a bit for signed editions (I would pay quite a bit for a signed edition).

Liberty's Edge

At this point, scanning the posts, I tend to think that if it gets locked it will be the result of a deliberate attempt to have done.

Personally, as long as we don't start throwing profanities and perjoratives at each other, there's absolutely nothing any of us could say to get it locked, but I'm not in charge.

Liberty's Edge

If you don't want to participate in debate or dialogue:

-don't make contentious posts;
-don't be surprised when you drop a bomb, back off, see it explode; and don't be disingenuous about the whole process, e.g.:

'I didn't want to start an argument or participate in a debate, I just wanted to make a patently contentious statement and leave it at that. Can't we simply tell each other what we think and forgo all the opposing opinions? Don't we all prefer intellectual echo chambers over intellectual broadening and development?

Liberty's Edge

Fergie wrote:

Next time I bring up climate change-

Instant thread lock!

But really, it was just a throw away example, not worth derailing the thread over.

Gems are gems--some of the best discussions here are the de-railings!

Liberty's Edge

Auxmaulous wrote:
Irontruth wrote:
The science of chemistry and physics coul......
thejeff wrote:
Just out of idle curiosity, is there any topic where where you'd consider a "no debate" mentality appropriate? If we had a Flat Earther in here, for example?

If a FE adherent began discussing FET, wouldn't that be an implicit invitation for debate?

For that matter, isn't anything written in these Boards a kind of participatory dialogue? Otherwise, why post anything at all.

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