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Andrew Boscardin's page

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Autographed Hardcover Unavailable

Hardcover Unavailable

Gus and Duncan have done it again!


This time, they give you a comprehensive look at the making of many of your favorite vintage Star Wars action figures and toys with tons of huge photographs detailing each stage of the production process. With examples from their own collections, the authors step back through time and walk through each stage in the life of action figures - from the earliest designs all the way to the final packaged version. Along the way, there are sculpts, test versions, and color samples, each an important phase in the production of every toy. The book is organized by movie lines, so you can see prototypes from Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Kenner's Droids and Ewoks lines.

Every collector and fan of vintage Star Wars toys should have a copy of this book, if only for the simple reason that is filled to the brim with pictures of amazing one-of-a-kind treasures we can never own ourselves. This book is the next best thing to having some of these in my own collection!

Autographed Hardcover Unavailable

Hardcover Unavailable

Move Over Tomarts - Now there's something meatier!


This book fills a huge gap in the bookshelves of Star Wars collectors. Also, you'll need a huge gap in your bookshelf just to fit it. A long time ago, Tomarts was the standard - the best guide available to collectors but it has long since gone woefully out of date. Since that time, no other book has been published to take its place.

Until now.

Gus and Duncan's Book is the new standard in definitive references for the SW collector. This thing is huge - scary huge - and jam packed with a geek treasure trove of information, data, lists, dates and prices of everything (toys are just one relatively small section). It covers food premiums, posters, clothing, you name it. Even those little Mexican Frito-Lay stickers from The Phantom Menace!

This isn't some coffee table book from Chronicle filled with hi-res images of a handful of amazing toys that you'll never own. This is a reference tome that you will be reaching for constantly when you need to figure out what to bid for that Polish one-sheet or which Japanese Pepsi premiums you are still missing. Do you have all of the bottle toppers? Do you?

If you are a Star Wars collector, you need this book. And not just because it is a Star Wars collectible itself. It is the Rosetta Stone of Star Wars collectibles!

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