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Andrea1's page

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Full Name





Cleric/Holy Vindicator 7/6 Init +4 HP 93/93 AC 25 (touch 12 FF25) F14,R7,W18Per+19







Special Abilities

Aura, Channel Positive 9d6 DC 22 8/Day,Dazing Touch-Daze 1Rnd 8/Day DC 15(?). Bit of Luck 8/Day,Good Fortune 1/Day


CN, but tends to wobble






Common, Infernal,Halfling


Accountent Apprentice

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 22
Charisma 16

About Andrea1

Andrea was born of a Bloodmother in the service of the Pallid Princess Urgathoa. Her swaddling clothes was a graveshroud and she played amongst
the divine feasts and rapped bones together as rattles, so joining the faith was only natural. Her views were more aligned to seeing death and disease as forces that struck down pauper and prince alike, but she was also comfortable with dining with the ghouls of the church and was a faithful child.
Andrea's goals in heading to Westcrown was her first step on a path that she decided on. Since adventurers quite often came into wealth and produced empty lairs and corpses, she seeks to direct the flow of wealth to her church and make note of the lairs and corpses to benefit her bretherin. She currently works at the Westcrown Exchange House with Gerald as her employer.
Due to falling prey to her lust, Andrea angered her goddess and was punished. She now follows Calistria.
Height: 5'7" Weight: A lady doesn't tell Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
Favored Class: Cleric(Skill, 12th level-Spell Penetration))
EXP: 51,000
Hit Points: 93/93
Fame point: 47
Init: +4
AC: 25 (9 armor 4 shield 2 deflection)/Touch 12/FF 25)
Stats Str 10 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 12 Wis 20(22) Cha 14(16)
BAB: +11/+6
CMB: +11
CMD: 21
Saves: Fort +14 Ref +7 Will +18


MW Lt. Xbow +12 1d8 x2 crit 80ft
Scourge +11/+6 1d4 x2 Disarm/Nonlethal
Longsword of the Planes +12/+7 1d8+1 19-20/x2 against Material Plane natives
+13/+8 1d8+2 against Elementals
+14/+9 1d8+3 against Ethereal/Astral natives
+15/+10 1d8+4 against Outsiders
Human Bane Dagger +2 +13/+8 1d4+2 19-20
Human Bane dagger +2 vs.Humans +15/+10 1d4+4+2d6 19-20


4 Per Level
Bluff 11 (2 Abil 4 Rank 3 FC 1 Trait 1 item)
Diplomacy 12/13 ( 2 Abil 6 Rank 3 FC 1 Depend on sex attraction, 1 item)
Spellcraft 16(1 Abil 12 Rank 3 FC)
Know-Religon 16 ( 1 Abil 12 Rank 3 FC)
Know-Planes 11 (1 Abil 7 Rank 3 FC)
Appraise 9 (1 Abil 5 Rank 3 FC)
Use Magic Device 3 (2 abil 1 rank)
Perception 19 ( 5 Abil 13 rank 1 item)
Linguistics 1(Halfling) (1 rank 1 abil) 2

Turn Undead DC 22
Improved Channel +2 DC
Scribe Scroll
Spell Penetration (+2 to penetrate spell resistance) (+7 Total)
Alignment Channel (Against Evil Outsiders)
Extra traits(Magical Knack(Cleric) and Sacred Channel(+1 Channel DC)
Improved Initiative (+4)
Extra Channeling (+2)

Special abilities:
Channel energy(Stacks with cleric)
Vindicator's shield-Standard action, +9 AC for 24 hours/until struck.
+2 on penetrating SR of outsiders

A vindicator willingly gives his blood in service to his faith, and is marked by scarified wounds appropriate to his deity. At 2nd level, he may stop or start the flow of blood by force of will as a standard action; at 6th level it becomes a move action, and at 10th level it becomes a swift action. Activating stigmata causes bleed damage equal to half the vindicator’s class level, and this bleed damage is not halted by curative magic. While the stigmata are bleeding, the vindicator gains a sacred bonus (if he channels positive energy) or profane bonus (if he channels negative energy) equal to half his class level. Each time he activates his stigmata, the vindicator decides if the bonus applies to attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, Armor Class, caster level checks, or saving throws; to change what the bonus applies to, the vindicator must deactivate and reactivate his stigmata. While his stigmata are bleeding, the vindicator ignores blood drain and bleed damage from any other source and can use bleed or stabilize at will as a standard action.

Faith Healing:
At 3rd level, any cure wounds spells a vindicator casts on himself are automatically empowered as if by the Empower Spell feat, except they do not use higher spell level slots or an increased casting time. If the vindicator targets himself with a cure spell that affects multiple creatures, this ability only applies to himself. At 8th level, these healing spells are maximized rather than empowered.

Divine Wrath:
Divine Wrath:At 4th level, when a vindicator confirms a critical hit, he may sacrifice a prepared 1st-level spell or available 1st-level spell slot to invoke doom upon the target as an immediate action (using the vindicator’s caster level). The save DC is increased by +2 if his weapon has a ×3 damage multiplier, or by +4 if it is ×4. The vindicator can also use this ability in response to being critically hit, even if the attack incapacitates or kills the vindicator.

At 5th level, while a vindicator’s stigmata are bleeding, his blood runs down his weapons like sacred or profane liquid energy; when he uses Channel Smite, the damage increases by 1d6, and if the target fails its save, it is sickened and takes 1d6 points of bleed damage each round on its turn. The target can attempt a new save every round to end the sickened and bleed effects.

Channel Smite As per the feat
Bit of Luck:
Bit of Luck:Bit of Luck (Sp): You can touch a willing creature as a standard action, giving it a bit of luck. For the next round, any time the target rolls a d20, he may roll twice and take the more favorable result. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.(8)

Good Fortune:
Good Fortune:6th level, as an immediate action, you can reroll any one d20 roll you have just made before the results of the roll are revealed. You must take the result of the reroll, even if it's worse than the original roll. You can use this ability once per day at 6th level, and one additional time per day for every six cleric levels beyond 6th.

Versatile Channel:
May channel in a 30 foot cone or 120 foot line in addition to 30 sphere

Conspiracy Hunter (+1 Bluff, Bluff is class skill)
Charming (+1 Bluff/Diplomacy on appropriate gender +1 Spell DC on Language dependent spells)

Gear and Money:

Cloak of Resistance +3
Dagger +2 Human Bane
MW Light X-bow
Light Crossbow(home)
12 Bolts
Leather armor(home)
Longsword of the Planes
Light wooden shield +3
Ring of Protection +2
Pearl of Power (1st)
Minor Ring of Inner Fortitude (1 point of ability loss avoided)
Minor Crown of Blasting (Searing Light 3d8 1/day)
Wooden holy symbol
Spell component pouch
3 Days rations
Handy Haversack
5 Sheets paper
Ink vial
Torc of Positive Channeling (+2d6 channel)
3 Potions Lesser Restore
1 Potions CMW
2 Potion of CSW
Wand of CSW 12 charges 3d8+12
Wand of CMW (31) 2d8+3
Teaset, toys and storybooks for the Dolls of Delvehaven.
Wand of CLW (50) (Given to Ziz)
4 Bless Weapon oils (2 level 1 2 level 5) (1 Gerard, 1 Aurelio)
4 Silversheen vials (1 Gerard 1 Aurelio)
5 Antitoxin (1 to everyone)
1 Soothe Syrup (No more barfing!)
2 Anti-Plague
+2 Breastplate
Armored Kilt
Wand of Restoration 11 charges
Headband of Mental Prowness (+2 WIS +2 CHA)
5 scented tonics (home)
Flour bomb
Calistria prayer book
2 Scrolls Resist Energy-Communal (Level 5)
3 Scrolls Death Ward (Level 7)
scroll of Remove Disease
1 Scroll Remove Paralysis
Scroll of Remove Curse
Scroll of Break Enchantment(10th)
Scroll of Silence(5) -Given to Fiosa
Scroll of Breath of Life
Scroll of Restoration
Scroll of Daylight
Block of Incense of Meditation
Grulios Gate Coin
2 Flasks holy water
Masterwork gold ring (Given to Fiosa)
Set of false identity papers, each marking the bearer as Chelish nobility in good standing with
House Thrune. Even though they are vastly outdated, the papers still provide a +2 bonus to any Bluff checks made against the dottari, Hellknights, nobles, or other Chelish authorities. Each set of papers is worth 300 gp

16928 GP, 1893 SP,3387 CP, 115 PP

Spell DC 16+level
0.Stabilize,Light.Detect Magic,Guidance
1.Blessing of the Watch(cast),Liberating Command(x2),Remove Fear(cast),Divine Favor,Murderous Command,True Strike(D)
2.Lesser Restoration(Cast)Lesser Restoration,Silence(cast),Sound Burst,Spiritual Weapon, Aid(D)
3.Magic Circle against Evil(cast),Resist Energy-Communal(cast),Dispel Magic(cast),Invisibility Purge(cast),Searing Light(cast),Protection from Energy(cast)(D)
4.Death Ward(cast),Blessing of Fervor(Cast),Summon Monster 4,Death Ward(cast),Confusion(D)
5.Pillar of Life,Flamestrike,Wall of Stone(cast),Scrying(cast),Charm Monster(D)
6.Greater Dispel Magic(cast),Blade Barrier ,Mislead(D)

Andrea feels stifled by the tight-fisted nature of the government and has noticed that taxes and 'gratuities' the counting house must pay have increased and knows that greed is behind it rather than need. Plus the increased number of corpses in the morgue that have been mutilated; jaws smashed, tongues ripped out and eyes plucked as if someone does not want the dead to talk and this has piqued her interest about why this is happening.

Andrea has changed her clothes to go with her new life. She wears a light brown blouse and a brown skirt when at work, but changes to pants when off work.

Gerald Andrea's employer at the counting house who was contacted by her church and keeps her as an apprentice. He appreciates her ability to charm the pants and purses off people and thinks she might be better suited as a tax collector or other suitable profession. He has stated that he will convert special items and gems for 20 gp
Nathaniel Morgue Worker. He has a good eye for the nameless unfortunates who end up in the big cooler and has been aware of those who get 'vanished' because they crossed the wrong person ("Oh yea, Larry the watchman was just a little to honest last night when that trouble went down. Wanna chat with him for a bit *rubs fingers*)
Tracy Prostitute that Andrea often solicits when she wants to enjoy herself. Often stops by a well traveled tavern/inn for food, they often chat and eat before heading off for other activities.
Fiosa Andrea's lover. A halfling that works with the resistance and has helped halfling slaves escape or lends her aid in other ways. Has a MW chain shirt and +1 small short sword and 5 clw potions along with a wand of CLW(50 charges)as gifts from Andrea. As well as a MW gold ring,+1 ROP,+1 Cloak of Resistance potion of Hide from Undead and a potion of Invisibility

Special people the party has met:
1. Various Grulios members and household members.
2. Three dottari - Maurice, Kenswick, Swift.
3. Merchant - Theo Libane, haberdasher. Missing left foot and toes on right foot.
4. Fighter - Rusty Harbin, missing his right hand
5.Emily. Orphan girl Andrea rescued along with her friends. Helps Andrea at the counting house and is being taught her numbers and letters

New Life for Emily fund:

Money paid to Areal:
300 GP

Wavedoor treasure:

Edited list of Wavedoor treasure found

Parchment - see the description I put in the campaign info thread. I need know religion or planes DC35.

a scroll of sunburst (Walcourt)

(Given to Orsin)

A key ring

Reincarnate Ermolos Fund:
2600 gp

Bring Duncan back to life fund:
2892 gp

Equipment in stash:
40 Mithril crossbow bolts
Silk rope & Grapple Rope (Walcourt)
10' Pole (Walcourt)
3 Sunrods
MW Longsword
1 Alchemist Fire (Walcourt)
Wand of Rusting Grasp (5 charges) (Delvehaven) (Given to Imp)
Dottari Locket
Dottari Cloth
3 vials drow poison
2 vials blue whinnis poison
+1 silver dagger (Walcourt) (Jarvis)
+2 cold iron hand axe
Wand of Restoration 9 Charges (Walcourt)
Wand of Secret Door Detection 8 Charges (Walcourt)
Key to Stiglor's Chest

Glyph of Warding keyed to Summon Monster 3(1d4+1 celestial dogs) on apartment and Safehouse door.
Time of worship: Dawn.
Lantern Bearer Group start-up funds: 1700 GP
Glyph of Warding with Summon Monster 3(1d4+1 Celestial Dogs) on Fiosa's room.

scrolls that need to be identified:

5th level - false vision, break enchantment, mage's private Sanctum
4th level - phantasmal killer,
3rd level - dispel magic, Daylight
2nd level - arcane lock, protection from arrows
1st level - protection from good (X2), alarm (x1), Hold Portal

38 stakes
HP 93/93
Current Saves: F14R7W18
AC: 34/T21/FF34
In hands: Wooden shield+3,Sword of the Planes
Current BaB: +12/+7
Spells in Effect: Blessing of the Watch on everyone(+1 Bab/Saves vs. fear 12 hours),Silversheen on dagger+2,Magic Circle against Evil on Aurelio(+2 Saves against evil in 10' radius 120 minutes)Protection from Energy-Fire on Self(120 points 2 hours) Resist Energy-Communal(cold/Fire) 10 points on everyone except Gerard 10 minutes)Remove Fear on Aurelio,Gerard,Euphemia(+4 vs. fear 10 minutes
Channels 4/8
Bit of Luck 6/8
Good Fortune 1/1

Walcourt Treasure remaining

Staff of Healing Party use
+4 Plate Mail of Abadar Keep this?
Thesing's copy of Six-fold Trials This has got to be worthless.
Philosopher's Stone What do we do with this? Turned into True Resurrection oil
Treasurer's Seal Should we keep this for defense?
master key to locked doors in Walcourt
(5) smoke sticks
2 set of ivory dice
3 vials of a black smear poison

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