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Mendev Crusader

Andre Girard's page

259 posts. Alias of Misroi.

Full Name

Andre Girard




Paladin 3 [HP: 30/30]







Special Abilities

Cure Disease 1/week, Detect Evil 60' (concentration), Protection From Evil 10' Radius, Lay on Hands (heal 6 hp/day), Turn Undead (as Cleric 1)


Lawful Good


St. Cuthbert




Common, Lawful Good, Halfling


holy crusader

Strength 14
Dexterity 11
Constitution 12
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 15
Charisma 17

About Andre Girard

Andre was born into the Theocracy of the Pale just over twenty years ago. As with nearly everyone in that region of the Flanaess, his family indoctrinated him into the litany of the Blinding Light early. For several years, he spent his life working on his father's farm, never truly questioning the strict dogma the Pholtans espoused.

On his eleventh year, he heard the sounds of battle coming from the forest nearby. He crept around until he found the site, and fear overtook him. A settler's wagon had been attacked by orcs, and a man in plate mail wielding an oaken cudgel was fending them off. Orcs had been a problem in the last few years, as the Pholtans had spent more of their time searching out their lands for impeity than protecting against the humanoid encroachment. This man, however, struck down the greenskins, driving them off into the deeper regions of the forest.

Andre gasped when he saw the folk he had been protecting - Rhennee, little more than travelling thieves and rapscallions. The man refused payment, and was striding off into the wilderness. Andre followed him for a time, and the man - a wandering knight of St. Cuthbert named Sir Alamidas - discovered that he had someone tailing him. Andre explained that he saw Sir Alamidas fight, and after a short discussion, Andre realized that Pholtus' dogma was far too strict to truly be the true path. St. Cuthbert's simple message - good must actively strive against evil - struck a chord in his heart, and his conversion began that day.

Andre spent several years as Sir Alamidas' squire, and was sworn into the order of the Chapeaux, dedicated to bringing new converts into the faith, as well as fight St. Cuthbert's enemies. He traveled far from the Pale, coming to the aid of the helpless in the mean streets of Greyhawk, fighting against the daily injustice found in Dyvers, and even smiting the blasphemous worshippers of Iuz in the Archclericy of Veluna. Such deeds are not unnoticed, and when the Viscount of Verbobonc required someone to deal with increased banditry along the roads to Hommlet, Andre's name rose to the top of the list. Now he strides with the confidence that comes from knowing St. Cuthbert guides his hand towards Hommlet, prepared to bring his cudget upon the brows of those that promote wickedness.


banded mail, +1 large shield, longsword, short bow, quiver with 24 arrows, oaken cudgel, 50' hemp rope, wooden holy symbol of St. Cuthbert, hooded lantern, 5 pints of oil, flint & steel, satchel, hammer, iron spikes (12), waterskin, whetstone.

Weight: 108.5 lbs



Aimed Magic Items (rod, staff, wand): 13
Breath Weapon: 14
Death, Paralysis, Poison: 11
Petrification, Polymorph: 12
Spells for Unlisted Categories: 14

Other Stats:


Experience: 12,157
Armor Class: 2
Hit Points: 20
Main Weapon: Longsword (1d8/1d12)
Backup Weapon: Cudgel (1d4/1d3)
Ranged Weapon: Short bow (1d6/1d6, 2 shots/round, Range 50')
Turn Undead: Turn Undead as a cleric of two levels lower (current=1)

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