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After browsing through this book out of morbid curiosity at my LGS, I saw it as exactly what I expected it to be - a ripoff of 3.5 with minor, bad house rules.

Pathfinder fails to fix ANY issues that can be found in 3.5, and although some broken spells (spells being a HUGE issue in 3.5) are "nerfed," the wizard is still the god of utility, and has enough save-or-suck capabilities that what HAS been thrown away is negligible.

If you want some pretty art for fifty bucks? Be my guest, because that is all this game has going for it.

If I could drop a 0 star review on this, I gladly would.

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Sound advice, valuable rules


The 4th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide provides countless pages of advice for DMs both new and old. The game really is evolving, and the 4th edition DMG is quite an engaging read, even if you aren't playing Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition.

Thank you Wizards! I tip my hat to you and your spectacular new edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game.

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Brilliant art, sound design for monsters, the Monster Manual may be packed with monsters to kill, but people don't realize killable monsters can fight alongside the party as well.

Monsters such as unicorns, angels (of the player's gods), and any of the basic race's monster statistics can help the player, while many more are enemies. However, looking back at the other Monster Manuals, most of the creatures were enemies as well.

The Monster Manual 4e makes monster design far easier, and it makes monsters far more fun to run and fight against! This edition gets it RIGHT when it comes to monsters.