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Amzu Imdugug's page

6 posts. Alias of Rob Dutkiewicz.


Shadow Lodge

OK so I totaly messed up the URLs in that post. Sorry for the crappy formatting. My appologies for messing that up.

Here is the proper link to our community site.

Auraxian Pathfinder Society.

Shadow Lodge



We are starting an online Pathfinder Society gaming group and are in search of beginner players and GMS that are looking to play and learn the game together. I am looking for beginner or novice players or Advanced players that are willing to help us with the rules via our groups website.

I am hoping to run one scenario a month starting with 1st level characters, ideally with as many of returning PCs as possible for a cohesive meta plot. We may expand to more than one game a month if we can get enough interest and additional GMs.

Currently we are using with Teamspeak for communications. (teamspeak is more reliable than the comms) Our first session will be coming up Season 5-01: The Glass River Rescue.

Slots will be filled on a first come first served basis with people who played the previous session having first right of refusal and hopefully with a few reserve players in-case we have dropouts and don't fill the table on game night. Games will be scheduled when by the GMs availability aiming for Friday or Saturday Night (8PM-?AM EST)Sessions.

The current members of this group are all Beginners so know what you are getting into. We are looking to learn the game together.

So if you would like to play, GM, or even just join our conversation and lend some advice and help please join our groups website:


Shadow Lodge

Hey guys

Thought I would throw this out there to see if I can get some tips. . . I have started building a few PFS adventures in Virtual table top and I'm trying to find artwork for tokens and handouts.

What sites/ tips/ tricks do you guys use to find artwork for the game? I want to try to keep it in a similar style if possible so that it does not look too hodgebodge.

I'm tired of using Google image search. I wish Paizo would put up a section of their store that is digital artwork where they catalog it for type etc. I would be totally happy to pay 50-99c per picture if it made it easy for me to find the right tokens and handouts for a game.


Shadow Lodge


I would be very interested to jump in on your Friday night PFS games, if you don't mind a 35 yr old married guy that has been playing since 2nd edition.

Do you guys play on or off campus?

Shadow Lodge

I have been thinking about getting a PFS game going at the Griffon. I would love to play and or take a shot at GMing.

I believe the upstairs game room is open at the Griffon on Friday nights 7PM- midnight.

You would think that with ND in town we would have enough college age kids that would be interested in playing.

I might take the initiative this fall to try to get a monthly game going. Gonna have to find time between the three kids and a wife with a crazy work schedule so may or may not happen.

Shadow Lodge

My GM just bought the hardback of Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition at Gencon, and now our group is super excited to run it. . . problem is we are Virtual Table Top (VTT) because we all live in different places.

Does anyone have advice or suggestions on how to get the maps from the hardcover into digital format for use in a VTT (we use I-tabletop).

I'm thinking about getting the map folio for him in pdf but reading the reviews it does not seem to be a complete map pack for the adventure path.???

He is really busy so would rather not make him scan all the images from the book.

Would it make sense to purchase the pdf of ROTHRL for $40 even though he has already purchased the hardback? Would this make it easier for him to get the maps and image assets he needs ? (sure wish Paizo would allow you add the pdfs to your downloads for free (or at least discounted) if you buy the hardback)

Any suggestions, insight, or advice on how to get maps and imagery from print APs into VTTs would be very appreciated.



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