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Ambrosia Slaad's page

6,951 posts. Alias of Slaad-Barr.

For which 3PP Pathfinder products would you like to see more support, both from the original publisher and from other 3PPs?


Legendary actress Lauren Bacall has just passed today from a stroke at age 89. :(

I've trying to download the new Pathfinder Chronicler Anthology, Vol. 3. I click it once and it updates the page with the usual "Personalizing... Click link again in 10 seconds to download" message. When I click it again, the page seems to refresh... and nothing else happens; usually the little Windows dialog box appears asking me what to do with the downloading file.

I've tried it using Firefox 30.0 and Opera 12.17, both for Windows 8.1, with same results. Javascript is enabled, and AdBlock is turned off.

Any ideas what to try next?

P.S. Just tried Anthology, Vol. 2, and it downloads fine/normally. Maybe it is just Vol. 3 that has the problem?

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{in Attenborough voice:} "Similar to the drow silent hand signals, he uses various facial expressions of horror, fear, and disgust to communicate orders to his diminutive clown pugwampis... who then creep amongst the games tables and recharge the bad luck in the unsuspecting gamer's dice."

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Yay for Tim, Paris, Dain, all the writers and artists who contribute, and all the unsung modrons who help edit, proofread, and layout! And special thanks to former Primus, now apotheosized Gninja, Liz. :)

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Just heard of this today... Guillermo del Toro's and Chuck Hogan's vampire trilogy has been adapted into a 13-episode show. The Strain premieres July 13th @ 10PM Eastern on FX.


Now that the new (and original) Talented Classes products will be coming from Rogue Genius, I thought a new discussion thread was in order.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
...A revised Talented Monk should be appearing soon as an update of the old book, with a bunch of errata and new art. Then, late in December or in early January, Talented barbarian will be coming out, followed not too long after by Talented Ranger...



So, is anyone here watching it? Whataya think of it?

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Woo-hoo! Go Mike go!

Greetings all, green-thumbers, apprentice blight druids, and everyone in between. I know there are a couple gardeners here on the Paizo boards, and wondered if any of you were interested in sharing your successes and not-so-successes and plans for the coming growing season?

So, I'm wondering how many of us there are now... Are we officially a Legion yet? Can Urizen write us off on his taxes as dependents?

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Apologies in advance for MOAR POLITIX! thread...

If you are eligible to vote in the U.S., please take a moment very soon to go here: Can I Vote?. Please verify that you are still eligible and your information is correct. I don't care if you are a Dem or Repub, Conservative or Progressive/Liberal, or somewhere else on the spectrum: Your voice is important; make sure it will be heard this election.

And then remember, of course, in November to get out and vote. :)

Is there any way you can delay shipping this order until you receive my print copy of Wayfinder #7 from Tim?

This may have already been covered, but I didn't see it in searches here or skimming Goblinworks' site...

What about an option for playing online like a tabletop? Meaning, my few friends and I want to play our own private/invitation-only game, similar to playing PnP Pathfinder at someone's house. So can we create our characters and play in own little "alternate reality" campaign world in Pathfinder Online, where everything else is the same, but it's just us as the only PC players? Our game wouldn't (and shouldn't) effect the shared-world canon/events/timeline, and of course the server+game engine/PC client would be the GM, but it would just be us few in our own little world with no interaction from the hordes of other real world players.

So, NBC belatedly gave Community a renewal for a fourth season, even if it was to be only a half-season (13 episodes) in a death slot on 8:30PM on Friday's.

Except now the last original writer, Chris McKenna, is leaving. And Sony/NBC just fired the heart and soul, Dan Harmon. And the Russo Brothers are out. And writer Megan Ganz maybe leaving too.

{dons felt goatee} This is now The Darkest Timeline.

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Whether you remember it fondly or have never played it before, you can now get the original Fallout game FREE from It's compatible with WinXP, Vista, and Win 7, it has no DRM, and includes bonus materials. Get it now before it goes back to it's regular price in less than 48 hours.

Looks interesting.

MESBASE: 102/a
DATE/TIME: 00:00:01/12-24-11
SUBJECT: <unknown>


Good morning world. Welcome back. Play nice.


There is a thread in the OTF that, while positive and affirming, contains a lot of very personal and potentially "self-incriminating"/blackmailable information. I know this is The Internet and we take our risks when we post anywhere, but is there anyway you at Paizo can list the thread as something not to be crawled or cached by web robots?

So for those with Android-powered hardware, what programs are do you consider "must haves" or "higly useful/fun"? RPG related would be nice, but anything you might recommend could be useful.

Has anyone purchased or used an Acer Iconia A100 tablet (A100-07U08U)? It appears the Best Buy is running a Black Friday special at $189.00, which would make it practically a steal.

My budget is extremely limited, the Kindle Fire is too limited hardware-wise, and the new Nook Tablet looks promising but not until it has been successfully rooted.

If you're in the US, and if you can spare it, please leave some non-perishable food in a bag at your mailbox today for your USPS mail carrier to pick up. Every little bit helps.

More info.

Dear Me,

Hey, whats up with the leaving the keys in the door all the time? C'mon, I was standing right there to unlock the door; why couldn't you have taken the keys with you when we went inside? Now we look like an even dumber two-legger in front of Bitey McNibbles... she already doesn't respect me, and now I'm sure she's moved up the timetable to kill me and eat my corpse.

So, me, why can't you please do a better job Covering-Our-Ass?


It seems evident from the number of daily mentions of them that we need a apace to discuss the awesomeness that is Joss Whedon, Alton Brown, and Tim Burton. If you can spare a moment, please share with the other Paizonians how these three titans among men have made your life More Awesome. :)

Only Crystal could make otyughs cute. :)

OK, now I want a half-otyugh template or "otyugh-touched" character race in Bestiary III or an AP. :)

Dear LPM,

Recently, I've come to suspect that a senior White House official is
actually a Bug in a human suit. Are the recommended ways for determining
if this is true before he becomes Mayor of Chicago?

Chaotic in Seattle

PS Are poodle bugs too?

Liberty's Edge

Heya Lil Poods,

Recently, I wore a dress made of meat on TV 'cause I needed the
attention. Now those stupid PEETHA people are criticizing me!
What's up with that?

So my question is: for my next big TV appearance, I'm planning
to strap live dogs to my naked body. Should I use poodles or
terriers? (I've heard greyhounds can be difficult to work with.)

Yada-yada, you-know-you-love-me,

If you look back on your gaming experiences, what would you nominate as the most horrifying, most unsettling, and creepiest monsters? What was it that makes them so memorable (unforgettable?) to you?

* From any RPG or CRPG

Augh! He's his own Mirror Universe counter-part! :)

Argh, more taunting us with sneak peeks! :)

Also, along with an order for a plush Beaky the Unluckiest Owlbear, I'd also like a plush Goblin dressed up in a Dragon costume.

John Scalzi wrote:

You write a 400 to 2,000 word fanfic about the picture above. Come at it from any angle you like to explain, illuminate or otherwise bring to life what's going on in the picture above. Our only request is NO slash fanfic (please). But other than that, knock yourself out.

When you're finished with the story, in addition to whatever else you do with it (hey, it's your fanfic, we hold no claim to it), send a copy of the story to by 11:59pm Eastern, June 30, 2010 (one entry per person), with the text of the story in the e-mail (no attachments, please). When you do, you'll enter your fan fiction into a contest.

If your fanfic of the picture is chosen by our Jury of Awesomeness, your story will appear in a special electronic chapbook about the picture, with other stories written by me, by Wil, by Norton Award winner and Best Novel Hugo Award nominee Catherynne Valente and by Patrick Rothfuss, best selling author of The Name of the Wind. You will be paid for your story at the rate of ten cents a word (twice the SFWA minimum professional rate), and you'll receive a special prize pack of books from Subterranean Press, which will publish the electronic chapbook later in the year.

We have plans for the chapbook: We're going to sell it online, and the proceeds of the chapbook will go to benefit the Lupus Alliance of America, an organization dedicated to finding the causes of and cure for lupus and providing support, services and hope to all people affected by lupus. As folks who know and love people affected by this disease, this a cause and foundation we believe in and want to help. The donation will go through the Alliance's Michigan/Indiana affiliate.

More info

So after years of snark and tyranny, Sebastian is now a movie star?! Granted, it's a small and non-speaking part, but he tackles it with the skill of Chaplin or (Buster) Keaton: 2011 Oscar-worthy clip

He does look weird with the pink-and-white colors instead of purple-and-white. And the Lee Press-On(tm) alicorn is just wrong. But sometimes these concessions must be made to launch a career.

The Mona-esque mini-onions look promising too.

"It's so FLUFFY!!!"

If this has been already covered, please forgive my search-fu for failing to find it.

Since Vudra seems to be "psionics central" in Golarion, would it be possible to cover them both in a single hardcover? Maybe the first 2/3rds of the book could modify/rebuild psionics to work in Pathfinder (and address Mr. Jacobs' and others' concerns with the 3.5 XPH/SRD implementation), and the other 1/3 of the book could have a Chronicles-style coverage of the background and major locations in Vudra? Then any psionics-weilding NPCs and baddies in the Vudra section could use standard stat blocks or 1-line descriptions without the need to cover paragraphs of psionics mechanics.

It's been my impression from the boards that most of the people interested in Vudra are also interested in psionics for Pathfinder... would this approach work for the developers at Paizo? Would it work for the Paizonians out there?

I heard a rumor that the next reprint or so of the Campaign HC would include changes beyond just typos and errors.

Would it be possible to instead include any Campaign changes in a ~100pg softcover "yearbook?" Maybe also include changes from the first three or four APs with brief (mostly) spoiler-free descriptions of changes to the "canon" setting. For instance, in Korvosa's entry,

CotCT stuff:
mention that there was a brief uprising, XXXX is the current ruler/regent, the Grey Maidens are disbanded or reorganized, yada-yada-yada and maybe throw in some nebulous "reasons"/hooks for the changes.
For the real story, PCs who haven't played CotCT can still play the APs without the DM making too many changes.

Plus, a separate Chronicles-sized softcover would mean that nothing in the original HC would need to be cut for space, and there would be plenty of room for "new" new stuff... a PrC or two, some new organizations, gobs of hooks and ideas, and other neat stuff like horse-/dog-breeds or beers/wines of Golarion or whatever is most wanted.

Bonus: I won't have to buy a new Campaign HC, just the softcover. ;)

Say you've got a team of 3 or 4 PCs laying the smackdown on some mid-level evil outsider that was gate-ed in. Thanks to tactics and dimensional anchor, it can't return home. As soon as you "kill" it on the Prime Material, it'll just reform back on it's home plane and will soon be ready to plot it's revenge.

So, without wanting to follow it to it's evil-aligned plane to kill it permanently, how would you finish it off on the Prime Material?

Just curious...

For those with artistic abilities, the One organization is looking for a new design for a t-shirt. For more info, including templates, and an entry form, go here. Deadline is November 3rd, 2009 by 5PM.

There doesn't seem to be any cash renumeration involved, but it could be a nice boost in visibility and a notch on a resume to any of the very talented Paizoian's still struggling to breakthrough as an artist.

For those with strong political opinions about the One organization, please don't clutter up the thread and get it nuked. My intent was only to give some of our very talented artists an opportunity for greater exposure. My email is in my profile, so please send any flames or anti-One statements there; thanks.

Paizo mods: If this post is against policy, I apologize.

Sczarni Dedicated Voter 2014

Under D&D of old, mindflayers and dopplegangers went together like PB&J (well, eeevillll PB&J). Since the facehuggers aren't OGL, has any new race taken over as the dopplegangers' preferred bosses in Golarion? Intellect devourers or neothelids or even aboleths (oh my!)?

Apologies if this has been covered before, but my search-fu failed me

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