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Darius Finch

Alric Morgaine's page

274 posts. Alias of JAF0.

Full Name

Alric Morgaine






HP 32/32, AC 18, DR2/armor, F +2, R +7 W +4, bab 3, melee 3/6, ranged 6 CMB 3, CMD 17, init+2, perc +14


M 5'9, 150 lbs


Common, Elven, Goblin, Varisian, Giant, Shoanti, Thassilonian

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 13
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Alric Morgaine

Character for Rise of the Runelords Campaign:

HP 32/32, AC 16, DR2/armor, F +2, R +7 W +4, bab 3, ranged 6 CMB 3, CMD 17, init+2, perc +14

Hero Points:

special abilities:

Archaeologist’s Luck (Ex) Fortune favors the archaeologist. As a swift action, an archaeologist can call on fortune’s favor, giving him a +1 luck bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls. He can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + his Charisma modifier (7 rounds). Maintaining this bonus is a free action, but it ends immediately if the archaeologist is killed, paralyzed, stunned, knocked unconscious, or otherwise prevented from taking a free action to maintain it each round. Archaeologist’s luck is treated as bardic performance for the purposes of feats, abilities, effects, and the like that affect bardic performance. Like bardic performance, it cannot be maintained at the same time as other performance abilities. This bonus increases to +2 at 5th level, +3 at 11th level, and +4 at 17th level.
bardic knowledge +1 to all knowl checks and can use knowledge untrained
Clever Explorer (Ex) At 2nd level, an archaeologist gains a bonus equal to half his class level on Disable Device and Perception checks. He can disable intricate and complex devices in half the normal amount of time (minimum 1 round) and open a lock as a standard action. At 6th level, an archaeologist can take 10 on Disable Device checks, even if distracted or endangered, and can disarm magical traps.
This ability replaces the versatile performance ability.
Uncanny Dodge (Ex) At 2nd level, an archaeologist gains uncanny dodge, as the rogue class feature of the same name. She cannot be caught flat-footed, nor does she lose her Dex bonus to AC if the attacker is invisible. She still loses her Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized. A rogue with this ability can still lose her Dexterity bonus to AC if an opponent successfully uses the feint action (see Combat) against her.
This ability replaces well-versed.
Trap Sense (Ex)
At 3rd level, an archaeologist gains trap sense +1, as the rogue class feature of the same name. This bonus improves by +1 for every three levels gained after 3rd, to a maximum of +6 at 18th level.
Rogue Talents At 4th level, an archaeologist gains a rogue talent. He gains an additional rogue talent for every four levels of archaeologist gained after 4th level. Otherwise, this works as the rogue’s rogue talent ability.
low light vision
ancestral arms: scimitar
keen senses +2 perception
arcane training: +1 lvl to use spell trigger/completion items


vagabond child: +1 disable device and it's a class skill
Lore Seeker: +1 know arcana, 3 spells on your list are cast at +1 lvl and +1 DC for saves vs those spells.
campaign trait for RotRL: Scholar of the Ancients +1 know arcana, +1 know history, r&w Thassilonian

acrobatics 8, bluff 7, diplomacy 10, disable 12, knowl arcane 9, history 9, dungeoneering 8, local 8, planes 8, engineering 8, , geography 8, nature 8, nobility 8, religion 8, linguistics 9, perception 14, perform oratory/acting 6, spellcraft 9, stealth 9, UMD 8


Chivalrous Courtesy - -4 on attack against creatures of obviously opposite gender.

Restricted Sorcery - Choose two restricted schools of magic. You can
never learn or cast spells from these two schools, you cannot choose divination as a restricted school. (Necromancy, Enchantment)


Skill focus: perception,
weapon finesse
lingering performance
skill focus: diplomacy

scimitar +6, 1d6, 18-20/x2, S
short bow +6 1d6, 20/x3, P

backpack, leather armor, scimitar, short bow 20 arrows, flint/steel/tinderbox, thieves' kit, explorer's outfit, 50' silk rope, 16gp


cantrips: det magic, light, message, prestidigitation, spark, mage hand
lvl 1: touch of gracelessness (apg 249), grease, summon monster I, Vanish
lvl 2: glitterdust, cure moderate wounds

Alric is a young half-elf in his late twenties, fair skinned and fair-haired, taking more after his elven mother in appearance. He is of middle height and weight, fairly average looking on that score.

He tends to be friendly and open, though not overly talkative. He listens as much, if not more than he talks, and when he speaks it's because he has something he considers of note to say. (ie he doesn't talk just to hear the sound of his own voice). He loves delving into mysteries of all sorts and finding out the secrets behind them. While combat is not his forte, he can handle himself in a fight if necessary, preferring to fire from a distance if he can.


Alric was born in Cheliax, the son of a Chelaxian merchant and his elven wife. When he was very young, his family moved to Magnimar to manage the Varisian end of their family trading empire. To the dismay of his parents, he very quickly learned Varisian ways. He proved to be a quick study among his young friends in Magnimar and rebelled against his strict Chelaxian upbringing.

When he was still a youngster, his father considered sending him back to the main body of the family in Cheliax to try to reverse the damage done in the free environment of Varisia. He overheard these plans, packed a bag and ran away from home. His first shelter was in the homes of his friends in Magnimar. But soon, word would get out to his parents where he was and he’d have to find a new haven. Finally, he realized his only true freedom would be in leaving Magnimar and finding his own way in the world… somewhere new.

He found himself a berth as a cabin boy on a boat to Korvosa. By the time the boat arrived at Korvosa, Alaric was fairly committed to staying on with the ship. He sailed for thirteen years on the Mermaid's Promise, growing from simple cabin boy and learning to defend himself from the advances of sailors and officers of both genders into a strapping young half-elf with the rank of boatswain. He’d been well-trained by Captain Duncan and could have stayed on and eventually become First Mate, but he chose finally to go looking for his parents, knowing he was now old enough to choose his own life.

When he arrived back in Magnimar, it was to find the family compound managed by his uncle. His father had been called back to Cheliax in disgrace over some mishandled funds and shipments. Saddened, but having no desire to travel to Cheliax in search of family, he found himself at a loss for what to do with his life, and still young for a half-elf.

Alric had been feeling the call of magic for some time and felt pulled in that direction, so with the remains of his earnings from his years at sea, he bought himself into the Acadamae of magical arts in Korvosa. He studied there for some time and came to the conclusion that while magic was in his blood, the study of magic itself, ie wizardry, was far too slow and pedantic for him. He learned a lot while he was there – other things than magic were hoarded in their library and he studied everything he could – but in the end, he left and traveled around with various caravans, learning to fight a little better, and cementing his knowledge of history and the arcane with some more practical skills.

Eventually, he found himself in Sandpoint, where the theatre inspired him leave his vagabond life and to join thespian society. Though he started as a simple stagehand and grip, he worked his way up to playing bit parts in minor productions. Since moving to Sandpoint, he has been fascinated with the Sandpoint light and studies it in his downtime.


the main contents of the Journal:
The raid went about as planned. Few Thistletop goblins perished, and we were able to secure Tobyn’s casket with ease while the rubes were distracted by the rest. I can’t wait until the real raid. This town deserves a burning, that’s for sure.
Ripnugget seems to favor the overwhelming land approach, but I don’t think it’s the best plan. We should get the quasit’s aid. Send her freaks up from below via the smuggling tunnel in my father’s Glassworks, and then invade from the river and from the Glassworks in smaller but more focused strikes. The rest except Bruthazmus agree, and I’m pretty sure the bugbear’s just being contrary to annoy me.
My love’s too distracted with the lower chambers to make a decision. Says that once Malfeshnekor’s released and under her command, we won’t need to worry about being subtle. I hope she’s right My love seems bent on
going through with it — nothing I can say convinces her of her beauty. She remains obsessed with removing what she calls her "celestial taint" and replacing it with her Mother’s grace. Burning her father’s remains at the Thistletop shrine seems to have started the transformation, but I can’t say her new hand is pleasing to me. Hopefully when she offers Sandpoint to Lamashtu’s fires, her new body won’t be as hideous. Maybe I’ll luck out. Succubi are demons too, aren’t they?

treasure found:

List of treasure since the glassworks

Things we might want to consider selling if no one especially wants them or can use them to good effect:
masterwork flute
silver earrings (25 gp for the pair)
10 pp (total 100 gp)
6 pouches of gold dust worth 50 gp each (total 300 gp)
8 pouches of silver dust worth 5 gp each (total 40gp)
masterwork ranseur As a replica of Runelord Alaznist’s signature weapon, the ranseur is a work of art as much as a weapon. It’s worth 400 gp.
prayer book dedicated to the worship of Lamashtu, worth 100 gp.
wand of shocking grasp (28 charges) ~375 gp
tiara worth 50 gp
obsidian unholy symbol of Lamashtu worth 10 gp
black silk gown worth 25 gp

Things that might be useful and either have or could be claimed by party members - if no one wants some of them, we can sell those items:
potion of cure light wounds
ring of protection +1
masterwork thieves’ tools
small composite shortbow with 20 arrows
scroll of flaming sphere (CL 5th) (taken by Cerin)
+1 longsword
silver dagger, size small (taken by Cerin)
masterwork handaxe
scroll of burning hands (CL 3rd)
+1 cold iron returning dagger, size small (taken by Cerin)

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